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Article posted Aug 15 2012, 12:24 AM Category: Geopolitics Source: The Guardian Print

Julian Assange will be granted asylum, says official

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa has agreed to give the WikiLeaks founder asylum, according to an official in Quito
Irene Caselli

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa has agreed to give Julian Assange asylum, officials within Ecuador's government have said.

The WikiLeaks founder has been holed up at Ecuador's London embassy since 19 June, when he officially requested political asylum.

"Ecuador will grant asylum to Julian Assange," said an official in the Ecuadorean capital Quito, who is familiar with the government discussions.

On Monday, Correa told state-run ECTV that he would decide this week whether to grant asylum to Assange. Correa said a large amount of material about international law had to be examined to make a responsible informed decision.

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Posted: Aug 15 2012, 7:02 AM

121217 Chris its wonderful to see Julian Assange re Ecuador President on your sight. This is a beautiful example of when and how a Gov't can be wonderfully good for its people.
A Gov't that can take on the powerful elite (including the oil companies and their American CIA friends). Make them be accountable for their misdeeds, MAKE THE WEALTHY PAY THE TAXES THEY ARE MEANT TOO the vast majority of people WITHOUT the scary . Without his Gov't the oil companies would leave them poor but now thanx to their.
Time to rethink your ideological dogma Chris and see that GOV't does not HAVE to be only ALL BAD.
And perhaps you can gain some optimism that folk like Julian and others are a new frontier that can help make Gov't transparent and accountable as never before.
Watch Julian interview Rafael on RT. Great guy sure gets my vote.
And educate yourself a little with '' - search Ecuador.
The real challenge for you though is to listen and learn and not twist it with ideological fundamentalism, I wonder if you can?

Posted: Aug 15 2012, 8:05 AM

I'm against government because of its inherently criminal nature, I don't believe you can have an organization created to protect people's rights which must violate people's rights in order to exist. For example, police claim to protect people, yet in order for them to get a paycheck they need to steal the money first from the citizens they claim to be protecting, to get around this inconvenient fact they merely use euphemisms like "taxation" and claim to be "public servants" and "representatives" acting "on behalf of the public" for "the public good," etc. etc. The same holds true for every government "service." Every "service" the government provides is in reality a criminal monopolization/nationalization of services which would and could be provided voluntarily by consenting individuals engaging in voluntary trade for mutual benefit. Instead, a monopolist gang which calls itself "the government" nationalizes said services, bans anyone from competing, then forces everyone to pay for said "services" through extortion. That's why I'm against government, it has nothing to do with any particular government's merits or demerits, it's that the institution itself is inherently criminal.

Posted: Aug 15 2012, 8:11 AM

121217 Opps that should be "MAKE THE WEALTHY PAY THE TAXES they are meant too, so the vast majority of the people benefit, WITHOUT the scary doomsday scenarios befalling them as peddled by NEO CONS and ANARCHIAL LIBERTARIANS alike. Without his gov't the oil companies would continue to steal and leave them poor, but now thanx to their Gov't they are now deemed the second most popular country in the world to retire too".

Posted: Aug 15 2012, 9:26 AM

121217 Chris your 'theory' is logical in a 'manly' sort of way but as my wife reads it she laughs simply because its utopian nature is not based on reality, its just another hypothetical theory based on "would be, could be" not unlike Marxist theory.
For you as an American its deep in your DNA to be so verilently anti institutional/anti-Gov't Remember the ones that left Europe were the ones NOT doing so well in Europe, not just only the brave and the bold as you have told yourselves.
If you say all institutions are inherently evil and therefore you can not believe in them, then what of humans Chris? you surely can't believe in them either, as by the same logic they are inherently evil too. But this is where your utopian idealism gets the better of you.
REALISM understands that humans are fraught with good and evil and that naturally human institutions are fraught the same. But with inspiration, awareness and vigilance at play, both humans and institution can be wonderful. Rafael and Ecuador are wonderful examples of this I hope you will give Ecuador as much coverage as you have Mexico.
Your a good man Chris and contribute wonderfully to vigilance but awareness is lacking

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