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Analysis posted Aug 05 2012, 9:11 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Video: Cop Stands With Feet In Path Of Ferrari 458 Spider, Allegedly Gets Foot Run Over, Goes Crazy

Chris | InformationLiberation

UPDATE: All charges were dropped against the Ferrari driver. No evidence existed proving the cop got his foot run over; in other words, it was all a fabrication by a psycho with a badge. Despite their lies crumbling, the cop was not charged for fabricating evidence, false arrest, nor for illegally damaging the man's car. The cop in question, named Felix Recio, was also later arrested for committing a DUI. Additionally, he tried to cash in by suing the Ferrari driver in civil court for $10 million, that too went nowhere. - Chris
A New York cop who was inexplicably writing a ticket to a man for having his Ferrari temporarily "parked" in a hotel's valet zone (with the hotel's full permission) chose to aggressively stand with his feet in front of the man's car as he wrote him a ticket. When the man inched forward with his car, rather than move out of the way, the cop chose to move his body to the side, but position his feet directly in the path of the Ferrari's wheels. When the man tapped the gas again to leave in protest of what he felt was an unjust ticket, the cop again chose to stay positioned right next to the vehicle, and he allegedly got one of his feet run over. It's not clear in the video if the cop actually got his foot run over, the car did not appear to be moving at the time, and his foot was clearly not trapped under the wheel. Regardless, the cop claimed he ran over his foot and then chose to try and smash the man's driver side window, yelled curses at him repeatedly, flung the Ferarri's door open into a random adjacent taxi, then grabbed the man and violently pulled him out of his car, then shoved him and challenged him saying, "You want to assault a f**ing officer?!" A second cop arrived and the two took the man down to the ground, where the man laid for some time before being hauled away in a police cruiser.

Here's the description from the uploader on YouTube:

I was walking around Soho, NYC today when I stumbled upon this Ferrari 458 Spider with a cop writing a ticket next to it. I started to record the situation because I thought it'd make a cool video, little did I know what I was in for. As soon as I started recording the owner of the car appeared and got in it. He slowly started moving since he refused to accept the ticket (the car was parked in a hotels valet zone and the hotel valet had the keys, I myself don't understand why the cop was giving him the ticket, it was approved by the hotel that the car was parked there.) The cop then told him to stop but he proceeded to move forward. Now at this point I believe the cops foot was under the front drivers side tire. Yet again the owner moved the car forward and apparently he somewhat ran over the cops foot (or at least that's what can be made out from everything in the video, others at the scene claimed otherwise.) This triggered the cop and he slammed his hand into the drivers window and proceed to open the door (notice how many times he bumped it into the taxi cab) and pull the driver out forcefully. The driver was then thrown on the ground and handcuffed and arrested. The owners girlfriend seen in the video is also Stephanie Pratt from the MTV hit show, The Hills. The car did suffer some damage, paint chips on the door from when the cop slammed it into the cab and some scuffs by the engine bay shown in the last scene of this video. Pretty crazy situation, I was definitely at the right place at the right time!

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Posted: Aug 05 2012, 12:04 PM

67220 Perhaps the police had a notion that they are not the enemy, the people that can afford to drive Ferrari's fill that role.

Posted: Aug 05 2012, 12:20 PM

216166 "Perhaps the police had a notion that they are not the enemy, the people that can afford to drive Ferrari's fill that role."

Are you kidding me? Having enough money to buy a nice car makes you the enemy?
Ok comrade.

Posted: Aug 05 2012, 1:15 PM

24193 First off, having money doesn't make you the enemy.What bothers me is the fact that the police officer thinks he can actually stand in front of the car to continue writing the ticket. No one should be allowed to prevent anyone from doing anything unless someones life is in danger, and based on the information from this article, the Ferrari owner had the right to park there. Fuck the police officer in this video, he clearly feels he is above the law by stating "You want to assault a f**ing officer?!" If he hadn't stated this and said something more understanding such as "your on my fucking foot", he would be looked at as an equal. The fact that he mentions that he is an officer automatically shows to the world that he feels that he is above the common people and that it should never happen to him.

Posted: Aug 05 2012, 1:26 PM

72223 FYN 4719

Posted: Aug 05 2012, 2:20 PM

72223 Another day, another celebrity engagement!

Today itís former star of The Hills Stephanie Pratt. Her boyfriend popped the question over the holiday weekend in Las Vegas. He wanted to start 2012 with a surprise and by the look on his future wifeís face thatís what he got.
So who is Stephanie going to walk down the aisle with? Heís a bit of a mystery man. Itís believed her husband to be is an actor/promoter called
David Osokow.

Dave Osokow, Director of Nightlife Promotions for SBE.

He was getting a legitimate ticket (NY VTL Sec. 306(b) - Failure to Display Inspection Sticker, NY VTL Sec. 403(1) - Evidence of Registration to be Attached as Prescribed by Regulation) which he was trying to run away from. In the process, he assaulted a police officer with his vehicle. (NY Penal Law Sec. 120.11 - Aggravated Assault Upon a Police Officer or Peace Officer, Class B Felony, Minimum 5 Year Sentence, NY Penal Law Sec. 10.00(13) - Vehicle included in definition of deadly instrument) Then when he was told to get out of the vehicle and pulled from the vehicle, he resisted arrest. (NY Penal Law Sec. 205.30 - Resisting Arrest, Class A Misdemeanor) That's one of those things you get thrown on the ground and cuffed for. The level of force used to gain compliance was clearly proper, as judged by the suspect's willingness to injure police officers.

Posted: Aug 05 2012, 8:03 PM

69115 Pigs suck. He deliberately stood in the way to start trouble.

Posted: Aug 06 2012, 2:00 AM

124244 stupid american

Posted: Aug 06 2012, 2:47 AM

9814 "No one should be allowed to prevent anyone from doing anything unless someones life is in danger"

You, sir, are an idiot.

Posted: Aug 06 2012, 4:36 AM

9921 All I see is a [cop] standing in the middle of the road with his head buried in a clipboard. Then the [cop] throwing himself all over the car incl. foot when it started moving forward. The foul language of the [cop] from the get go tells a lot about what is really going on.

Posted: Aug 06 2012, 6:24 AM

8455 kristen stewart is a whore.. no wait...she is a white trash skank...
thanks for your attention.

Posted: Aug 06 2012, 7:22 AM

50104 If you thought that the cops are there to "protect and serve" this should remove all doubt that you are wrong. If you thought the cops are "the enemy" but weren't sure, this should remove all doubt that you are correct.

They beat people and they incarcerate people with impunity and for profit. Still, we let this continue.

NO ONE deserves to be assaulted. Not like that. The cop purposefully moved so he would be run over and so he could have justification to assault the driver.

...and then they wonder why more and more of these degenerate assholes are getting killed on the job. Stop acting like jerks and asking people to hate you and maybe you will live longer.

Posted: Aug 06 2012, 4:16 PM

5032 Yet another reason not to visit NY city. This guy should be fired.

Posted: Aug 06 2012, 11:02 PM

9893 If I said what I think should happen to him I might get a late night visit and never be seen again.
This is a shame of the highest order a pure disgrace to what America has become. All the men that died to found this country would call us a bunch of cowards for not standing up and using our guns to put and end to this Injustice. Why have the right to keep and bear arms if your not going to stand up to the tyranny. The government has fucked us over and we didn't do anything about it. What a shame!!!!!

Posted: Aug 07 2012, 7:57 AM

166147 All y'all bozos are forgettng a couple of things. 1. You don't ignore an authority in a situation like that even parents would have a problem if their child had tried to walk away from a discipline. The driver is not seen or heard asking politely what the problem was, he didn't ask the policeman to move politely, he arrogantly (as it appears on the videowhich could have been in the middle or end of this whoole scene) attempted to run from the officer. 2 when the officer stood there the driver attempted to force the situation into his favor and escalated the problem( if this had been a small child if front or an elder petson walking in front of this driver and he had tried this everyone would have crucified the driver as a rich, spoiled, uncaring and arrogant). As to the crazy person that thinks unless someone was hurt the policeman was.

Posted: Aug 07 2012, 10:27 AM

64124 This is common practice of the police these days and this is clearly a cop who isnt having a good day the cops foot is placed knowningly by the cop right under the area of the tire but its clear that the cops foot never gets ran over and the cop goes nuts punching the car window flinging the car door open and into a cab which insidently is double parked so why isnt the cop giving a ticket to the cabby as well anyway this cop needs a suspension without pay for about 90 days I'm sick of these guys misusing their authority this was wrong and the cop should be in with a shrink

Posted: Aug 07 2012, 11:28 AM

69245 If you are dumb enough to stick your foot in the path of a tire you get what you deserve. The officer in question should be reprimanded,and or fired in this case. If this went to court it should be thrown out and the officer needs to have more chimp training about proper stop procedures.

Posted: Aug 07 2012, 1:14 PM

142196 Cops.... "To Protect and Serve?" LOL

You have to answer, "Whom?"

Obviously THEMSELVES? When did you ever see that slogan followed by the word "Citizen, American, Human Being?"

I'm surprised the NYPD didn't try to invoke some procedure to impound that sweet ride, push for a indictment, then use that Ferarri as a bargaining chip, or just steal it outright through seizure "laws".

"You don't ignore authority" WTF does that mean? The cop didn't say a word to the guy, in the Spirit of the motto on the side of their own patrol car, "courteous."

The cop was a total dick. He didn't ask for the gentleman's attention, speak to him with consideration and respect to let the citizen know that he was being cited. He didn't engage the citizen in a civil dialog. No, he just did his dick act and make his authoritarian stand -- and standoff with the guy.

He's exerting his so-called authority over a man who obviously has resources beyond what that cop will ever have -- enough to be driving a Farrari. The cop is envious, agitated, and there to prove that he's got power however someone who's clearly got more going for him some bore with a bad and a gun.

Cops think like this... "How does this guy get off parking here in this Valet zone (don't ask, just assume). "Obviously, he's up to no good to have the cash to afford this kind of ride--must be a drug dealer, schemer, or criminal, especially being so young." "I'll show him that you can't park your Ill-gotten Ferrari any you please, just because you have money." "I'll show you by creating an incident, then taking you down to the ground like a street thug."

Cops suck.


Posted: Aug 08 2012, 12:02 AM

6845 The cop wants a golden ticket. Phony bitch.......

Posted: Aug 08 2012, 6:10 AM

67188 NYPD employees are the absolute worst, most corrupt, "public servants", anywhere in the so-called "free" world. Imo, the police officer instigated the event not only by placing his foot under the front fender (he's another NYPD officer with an "S" on his chest) but by being a quick-tax collector for the state. Writing tickets is probably the most important "job" that officer has - this is stealing from the public using bogus contracts like the "commercial" driver's license (scam). Or "commercial" registration, which is another adhesion contract that makes contractors liable to "code" violations.

Posted: Aug 08 2012, 11:23 AM

173246 The cop asks him many times to stop and the bastard didn't.. This brain dead deserve to go to jail, he has no respect and he learns his lesson! Good for him.
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