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Analysis posted Jul 23 2012, 7:27 PM Category: Commentary Source: InformationLiberation Print

Why Does No One Care The Government Financed The Dark Knight Shooter's Attacks?

Chris | InformationLiberation

It came out days ago, yet it got very little coverage. The Dark Knight shooter, James Holmes was collecting unemployment checks.

It hasn't been reported for how long he was collecting the checks, but it was reported he was looking for work for two years, over that time he could have collected unemployment not just for 6 months, but for a total of 18 months thanks to Obama and congress extending unemployment benefits for another 12 months. Depending how much he was receiving, if he got a conservative $400 a week, or $1,733 a month, the government would have given him a war chest of $20,800. That would explain how a broke college student may have had the money to amass potentially $10,000-$20,000 worth of guns, ammunition, armor, and bombs. The government may have literally financed his act of terrorism.

Where is the outrage? All over TV they're saying we need to ban guns as they enabled his attack, but where are the calls to ban welfare which enabled him to buy his guns?

This is someone who truly did not "get there on his own," he was paid by the government for not working, and the money he received went towards financing his mass murder. Maybe if he actually had to work for his money he wouldn't have spent it all on killing people.
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Posted: Jul 23 2012, 9:44 PM

193200 ban all unemployment benefits - that people pay for with tax money.. - just in case someones going to go on a rampage? - thats your argument?

hmm 20% of americans with no legal income, and they all have guns.. a mans gotta eat ya know..

after you take out food and accomodation.. how much is left of that war chest?

if youre going to have a government, they have an obligation not to let people starve when they are unemployed, especially if they have been paying taxes while they were working..

they should be entitled to work, or a benefit.. if there are no jobs, just what do you suggest people do? eat each other?

lol- youve got some really weird ideas.. you should write an article of the kind of society you think would be best..

lets see.. no laws,, right? no government.. no welfare.. what else?

Posted: Jul 23 2012, 10:23 PM

"lets see.. no laws,, right? no government.. no welfare.. what else?"


Posted: Jul 23 2012, 10:25 PM

"lol- youve got some really weird ideas.. you should write an article of the kind of society you think would be best.. "

See "The Market for Liberty" by Linda and Morris Tannehill, just ignore the part on IP.

Posted: Jul 23 2012, 10:31 PM

I object.

A whopping $21,000 a year?
Who can LIVE on that?

If he was living at home with his parents and saving all his
money he might come up with a war chest, but I seriously
doubt that is the case.

IF this was staged, as has been suggested repeatedly, it has nothing to do with unemployment.

If you work for years and find yourself unemployed

If someone in the theater would have shot back,
it would have been a lot less tragic.

If the government wasn't screwing the people and destroying the economy, most of these issues would be mute.

I don't doubt this was staged for a minute.

Posted: Jul 23 2012, 10:56 PM

i actually agree with you.. theres not much i despise more than government, IMO anarchy FTW! - but the way things are.. suggesting that people shouldnt get an unemployment check in the system as it is, is totally unworkable.

i think he was also given a college grant of some sort.. still government money, your money.. but that would qualify as more something he worked for than welfare i think.

instead of picking on people who are struggling to feed themselves by denying all an unemployment check..using this latest outrage as some sort of perverted justification, as 9877 says, that they paid for anyway - your outrage would be more justified and less absurd if it were directed at the dishonest amongst you..

like ive said earlier.. somalia has no laws, no government.. if you want freedom so much, why havnt you packed your bags yet?

if this was a staged event - it wouldnt have made any difference if he was on welfare or not.. it wouldve gone down regardless, and it still wouldve been your money.

im sure you have your heart in the right place, but some of your arguments are not only patently wrong, they go beyond ridiculous..

exagerating stories and focusing on non issues is not the way to bring about this freedom you seek.. i applaud your efforts to inform people - but it defeats the purpose if youre going to just make shit up...

Posted: Jul 23 2012, 11:16 PM

193200 why does no one care that the official story doesnt add up?

that means the government is going around shooting up movie goers.. not this fella... - that should generate more outrage than a few pennies he got from welfare.. if youre truly outrages about mis spent tax dollars.. i think the very first place to point the finger is that 54% of all your tax dollars goes towards killing innocent people in other countries..

fact is.. most people dont even care about that.. and thats TRILLIONS!

why you think people should be outraged over $20,800 is beyond me :)

Posted: Jul 23 2012, 11:42 PM

75166 most absurd ridiculous argument ive ever heard. utter stupidity. unemployment should be banned because the people who get it might not spend money wisely. pure unadulterated stupidy.

Posted: Jul 23 2012, 11:53 PM

Really, the idea unemployment should be banned because the people who are given taxpayer money for not working might spend the money on committing mass murder is the "most absurdly ridiculous argument" you've "ever heard"?

If you were a parent, and your child was spending the money you gave him on heroin, would it be "absurd" and "ridiculous" for you to cut off his allowance?

The difference in these two examples is the parent is not forced at gunpoint to pay for his child's heroin habit. "Taxpayers," or producers of wealth, are forced to pay to support someone else's drug habit, murder spree as in this case, or for some random person's groceries.

How the money is spent is irrelevant to the fact the money is stolen from Peter to pay for Paul. That's pure unadulterated logic.

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 1:04 AM

193200 i am a parent.. and my kids have worked and earnt their own money since they were 13.. paid for their own tertiary education themselves

the amount i wouldve paid them in allowance wouldnt have got them enoough spare change to buy a packet of aspro.. let alone heroin.. much like the unemployment checks.. after food and rent.. you dont really have much left over to "live it up"

if they spend it on heroin, you should be pleased, at least theyll live a shorter life and wont be sucking on the public teat so long.

if you work and pay taxes.. and then are unemployed, theres no robbing peter to pay paul, peter and paul are paying themselves - via taxes they paid.

expecting people to be more outraged over 20,000 dollars rather than the slaughter of a dozen innocent people, or the slaughter of millions overseas, or the theft of trillions of dollars to fund that slaughter... is pure unadulterated stupidity. - your trying to somehow link this shooting with an argument for no government but your arguments are poorly thought out and confused.. you talk a lot of shit.

so why dont you answer why you havnt moved to somalia yet.. the truth is because you are actually quite comfortable here in this governed society, and the fact is you wouldnt last a week in somalia..

fucken grow up. this is not utopia, there is a government.. there are taxes.. etc etc etc.. you can just simply say, there should be no unemployment checks in the society as it is, what the hell do you think the result would be?

honestly.. the more you argue about ANYTHING - the more stupid you always make yourself look.

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 1:07 AM

193200 you actually remind me a lot of a packet of aspro - a slow working dope...

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 7:12 AM

81161 Chris, you need to spend some more time with Reich instead of having your brain polluted by Libertarian Market-fundamentalists .
It may be that you would consider a lawless society 'free' ..
Yes, like in the jungle 'free' .
I however, would consider it an un-free Hell-hole .
Where's MY right to 'freedom' in your ideological crusade ??

Nowhere, 'coss YOU have all the answers and solutions to the problems, anybody who disagrees with you is 'just a Statist'

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 9:07 AM

For the record....

I am outraged that our government is destroying our lives.
Every single thing they touch turns to shit.
I'm sick of innocent people being used and abused.

I am outraged that the people don't stand up and take this country back.
I am even more frustrated that so many people have NO CLUE there is even a problem!

The focus should be on the BIG ISSUES, like arresting every government official and banker involved in this giant scam, and taking back our freedom.

The only thing government has given the people are false flags, lies, and taxes. WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' GOVERNMENT.

But to split hairs over welfare or unemployment when millions are starving to death, being jailed over bullshit, or tortured and killed is pure nonsense.

SO many of us and so few of them, yet they are still in control...
When will we stand together and put an end to the tyranny?

How do you explain to young people that they have no rights left,
when they are taught from birth to 'obey'?
They don't miss anything, they never experienced the freedom we had.

Yep... I am outraged....and most people just don't give a shit.

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 9:29 AM

Chris, your "where are the calls to ban welfare which enabled him to buy his guns" argument is so fallaciously absurd it makes anarchism look ridiculous.

Big Fail.

Please try to be more sophisticated in the future.

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 10:43 AM

193200 public health care is just more THEFT from the government too - isnt it chris..

this guy deserves nothing right? only in america can you die from a lack of medicine because they fear public funded health care

american govt literally throwing their citizens on the rubbish dump

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 10:45 AM

193200 "Yep... I am outraged....and most people just don't give a shit."

and worse still... re the apathy.. not a single fuck was given

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 11:01 AM

Yes, unfortunately all anyone seems to care about is getting welfare which they're "entitled to."

The line calling for welfare to be banned was a hypothetical to illustrate the hypocrisy of calling for guns to be banned, I never called for welfare to be banned.

That said, I of course do think it should be illegal as it's a theft based wealth redistributionist scheme. Perhaps I have to be the one to break it to you, but the government stole your money when it forced you to "pay into" the welfare system. You didn't really "pay into" it, you got robbed and the excuse given for the robbery was it's being "payed into" some "insurance" fund. That's all a big fat lie, you got robbed, an excuse was given to justify the robbery. Case closed.

You either choose to believe their lie, or you recognize you were looted by force. I choose the later, therefor I think the whole system of taxation should be abolished as stealing from people is a criminal act no matter how many people "vote" for it to be done.

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 11:31 AM

"...this guy deserves nothing right?"

First off, notice he is getting treatment? That's because people who did pay into the system raised enough capital to provide tons of people who pay nothing with "free" health care. They get stuck with a bill afterwards, but they're not required to pay it, you can legally discharge the debts in bankruptcy, the hospitals know this so they will lower the bill etc. so you can pay.

People buy insurance with the hope they won't have to use it, if everyone who didn't buy it got to receive it, there would be no point in buying it. That's how it's going to be now under Obamacare, hence it's guaranteed failure. Though that's also why our current socialist system is failing as well, as it does the same thing through different means.

That said, they've already started a charity to raise funds, so they will probably be able to pay off their bills without robbing their neighbors at gunpoint, though of course to you that's the "compassionate" thing to do.

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 1:04 PM

124171 case closed? what fucking chutzpah! who ordained you the final arbiter of anything?

ive never voted in my life.. i refuse to give anyone my authority to be ruled over..

fuck you and your retarded logic.. charity blah blah blah.. .. yes hes getting treatment.. like others get treatment.. that they either pay for, or the charity pays for, or they go bankrupt..

lucky they have national exposure so all the handwringers can get behind their cause.. what about the poor widow with cancer and half a dozen kids to feed - whos not on the news.. you donating to her so she doesnt have to rob her neighbours at gunpoint?

like i said.. you never make a credible argument for anything.. just give up.. youre too stupid to live actually.. there should be a charity for you and your retard fucked up views

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 1:30 PM


well guess fucking what..

the biggest mass murders in american history have all been done on the public purse..

lets see you get some outrage on that muthafuka!

Posted: Jul 24 2012, 1:31 PM

The case is closed, you clearly chose the later, to believe the lie to make yourself feel comfortable.

The people paying predominantly for the treatments for those who cannot are those who are insured, they pay for it through higher premiums and higher prices for all medical services, that's part of the reason health insurance/health services are so expensive.

"what about the poor widow with cancer and half a dozen kids to feed - whos not on the news.. you donating to her so she doesnt have to rob her neighbours at gunpoint?"

Why did she have a half-dozen kids if she couldn't afford to feed them? Should the responsible person who chose to have no kids be stolen from to pay for her? Why is it socialists don't give a damn about responsible people who actually take steps to take care of themselves, but the people who make all the wrong decisions in life need to be bailed out by those who sacrificed by doing the opposite? Why should responsible people who actually sacrificed to buy health insurance be punished and forced to pay for those who chose not to?

It's so funny how you statists think you can just throw out some sob-story and justify mass criminality as a result. What about all the people "your" government kills in wars and drone strikes? What about all the innocents rotting in "your" government's jails? What about all the innocents murdered by "your" government's police? You don't give a damn about them, but you'll throw out your made up examples of "cancer stricken windows with half a dozen kids!"

I laugh at your socialist drivel.
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