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Article posted Jun 26 2012, 4:51 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Libertarians "Nullify" Police State Checkpoint in Pennsylvania

Via The International Libertarian/CopBlock:
The problem with these checkpoints is that they’re warrantless, arbitrary searches. This goes against all standards of civilized behavior and is not tolerable in a free society.  Not only are checkpoints violating our rights they’re not effective. “Traditional police patrols are three times more likely to locate genuinely impaired drivers than these suspicionless checkpoints,” according to James Babb, founder of the Valley Forge Revolutionaries. “So not only are these checkpoints blatantly immoral and illegal, they’re also a waste of police time and tax dollars. It’s long past time someone took a stand for fiscal responsibility, the rule of law, and plain common sense.”  That’s exactly what happened on Friday night.

A note on staying out of trouble and keeping the activism going, don’t talk to the police. Stay alert for the tricks they use to provoke a problem that they then use as an excuse to arrest or threaten to arrest activists for. I want to thank my fellow checkpoint nullifiers for having the discipline and level headedness that kept us all safe from the police.

Check out the original post for a few more pictures.

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Posted: Jun 26 2012, 1:04 PM

76124 Thanks for posting my video.

Posted: Jun 26 2012, 1:44 PM

Hey Darren, thanks for making it! Great vid!

Posted: Jun 27 2012, 4:45 PM

76193 The New Bolsheviks. Same as the Old Bolsheviks.

Posted: Jun 28 2012, 1:08 AM

20934 This is so cool.

It never occurred to me to just stand there say *nothing* when confronted by a cop.

You can see the befuddlement on the cop's face. He desperately searches his mind for a way to generate a conflict he could claim to be a "threat", but can't think of one. I love it.

Whomever these protesters are, Kudos.

Posted: Jun 28 2012, 7:23 AM

81161 Doughnut station ..
Can you imagine the amount of doughnuts required for this ?

I nearly laughed myself to death ..

*You speak English Sir *

(Seriously, that pigs name is Staufenberg ?)

Darren, please stop, you are KILLING ME : ) :)

Posted: Jun 28 2012, 7:25 AM

81161 *It never occurred to me to just stand there say *nothing* when confronted by a cop.*

I've tried it once when they 'invaded' my 'hood ..
And this copper lights up a CIGARETTE !!!

Go arrest yourself, deviant weirdo drug-addict !!

Posted: Jun 28 2012, 2:06 PM

72223 Sheriff Joe Arpaio does this all the time in Maricopa County, Arizona.

If your Brown your going to Jail Downtown.

Posted: Jun 30 2012, 1:17 PM

71224 Peter, don't hurt yourself. :-) I noticed the Staufenburg too. I wonder if he's related to the hero that tried to kill Hitler.

Posted: Jul 04 2012, 11:11 AM

84228 C'mon you guys. These searches have been ruled legal by the Supreme Court. You should go after the immigration checkpoints within 500miles of the border - now THOSE are illegal under the constitution.
Gabriel J. Reed

Posted: Jul 04 2012, 12:30 PM

7161 I love you guys! You see through the BS! All police checkpoints ultimately aim to arrest those in possession of drugs, not DUI. This was a drug operation.

All cops care about these days is job security, and their willing to violate our inalienable rights to do so...

What township was this in? How can I join?

Posted: Jul 04 2012, 12:36 PM

75165 If you've ever seen a fatal traffic accident caused by a drunk driver you might change your thinking about these check points.

Posted: Jul 04 2012, 1:15 PM

6780 Bravo ! And Thank You .Real americans.

Posted: Jul 04 2012, 1:21 PM

6780 btw car crashes happen for many reasons. Those who surrender their liberty for {supposed} security, shall have neither. I challenge anyone to see how ,many illegals kill americans everyday

Posted: Jul 04 2012, 3:58 PM

17444 This is so AWESOME!!! Thanks Darren and all others who were there. We need more of these kinds of activities across the nation.

Beautiful. It made my frigging day and gave me such a good laugh. :D

Posted: Jul 04 2012, 4:16 PM

68122 These checkpoints were never about getting drunks off the road but are to get you serfs use to living in a police state.

Posted: Jul 04 2012, 4:58 PM


Get off the DUI nut for crying out loud, WAKE UP.


Because when its too late you're REALLY going to have something to whine about, and no one will be able to do anything to change it.

Comments 1 - 16 of 16 Page 1 of 1

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