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Article posted May 08 2012, 2:54 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: Will Grigg Print

'See My Fists? They're About To F**k You Up': The Motto of the Fullerton PD

by Will Grigg

Recently released video captured by Fullerton, California surveillance cameras last July 5, shows officer Manuel Ramos, and exceptionally well-fed Fullerton, California police officer, assailing Kelly Thomas -- a much smaller homeless, schizophrenic man -- with profane abuse, eventually snapping on latex gloves and threatening to "f** you up."

Contrary to the much-repeated claims of the Fullerton Police Department, Thomas at no point presented a threat to anyone, especially the girthy, heavily armed Ramos whose voice and mannerisms were those of a sadistic bully, rather than a conscientious peace officer fearing for his safety.

Professional photographer and civil liberties activist Carlos Miller narrates what follows:
Thomas is standing while Ramos is ordering him to get on his "f*cking knees," Fullerton cop Joseph Wolfe, who is not charged in the case, walks up and starts beating his legs with a baton.

Then Ramos gets into the act and Thomas takes off running, moving out of the frame of the camera.

The camera, operated by a dispatcher at the station, then moves toward the beating, showing Ramos and Fullerton cop Jay Cicinelli on top of Thomas as Thomas repeatedly apologizes and telling them he is unable to breathe.

The cops keep telling him to put his hands behind his back and lay on his stomach, but they are both laying on top of him, making it impossible to even breathe, much less move.

As the video continues, one of the cops can be seen kneeing him.

"Please, I can't breathe," Thomas pleads as the officers keep telling him to put his hands behind his "f*cking back."

The cops keep telling him to "relax" to which he responds, "I can't, dude."

More cops eventually arrive and a little more than four minutes into the video, they start tasing him.
Five minutes into the gang assault, a few additional cops arrive, prompting one of the initial assailants -- who had likely grown weary of beating and tasing the victim -- asked the new arrivals to "help us." Had an actual peace officer been on the scene, he would have intervened on behalf of the victim. The Fullerton Police Officers, however, eagerly joined the thugscrum, which eventually numbered at least a half-dozen and as many as nine officers -- an aggregate weight of more than a half-to of armed, tax-fattened humanity focusing its aggressive violence against a pitiful, sick man who weighted less than 150 pounds.

In familiar fashion, the assault was frequently punctuated with the refrain "Stop resisting!" -- a demand made only by rapists and police officers. In his death agony, Thomas called out for his father, retired Orange County Sheriff's Detective Ron Thomas.

"Dad, they're killing me!" moaned Thomas as his life ebbed away.

"His death was gang-involved, the way I see it," declared Ron Thomas after viewing the mangled body of his 37-year-old son. "A gang of rogue officers ... brutally beat my son to death." This act of gang violence was inflicted as "street justice" for the unforgivable offense called "contempt of cop."

The video was unveiled at the preliminary hearing for Officer Ramos -- who instigated the lethal assault -- and Officer Jay Cicinelli -- who was the first to join in, both of whom face charges of murder and involuntary manslaughter. In keeping with standard procedure, Ramos lied about the incident, telling forensic investigator Dawn Scruggs that Thomas "would not stop fighting" and the the heroic effort to subdue a helpless man whom he outweighed by at least 100 pounds was "the fight of his life."

After beating Thomas into a coma from which he never recovered, the officers responsible for the atrocity, standing in what was described as a "pool of blood," chatted among themselves, indifferent to the condition of their victim. Capt. Rob Stancyk of the Fullerton Fire Department testified that when he arrived at the Bus depot where the gang assault took place, seven or eight Fullerton police officers were standing around ignoring the battered and nearly lifeless body roughly 15 feet away from them. "Nothing was being done," Stancyk said on the witness stand.

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Posted: May 08 2012, 3:59 PM

213251 The cops says, I ran out of tazer so i took the end of it and smashed his face.


Posted: May 09 2012, 12:00 AM

2498 this is why people hate the government, i hate them, and i really wish i could have 15 seconds with the pieces of shit in this film, id make them cry like little bitches, then give them a little more than that

Posted: May 09 2012, 1:58 AM

24141 This sickening episode of American culture proves what many have always believed: Hitler Youth are all grown up now and continue to eliminate those who do not conform to the Nazi idea of the "perfect race."

When are legislators, judges, district attorneys going to finally and once and for all send a message to these Nazi thugs?

Record any and every interaction with police! If it's not you, record it for your fellow citizen. He or she - or you - could end up like the p[oor bugger in the video.

Posted: May 09 2012, 12:27 PM

76193 It's instructive to understand that most police officers are being trained by ISRAELI companies now.

This is a microcosm of the jewish-run New World Order and what they intend for everyone who resists.


Posted: May 09 2012, 1:51 PM

@Typical, no, the old world disorder is satan's seed/blood-line. notice that cain isn't listed in adam's lineage? notice how the insane laws in the Bible, began in Exodus 21, just as the insanity started with agenda 21? their "master race" (g.m. humans) has run amuck.
the programmed "free-thinkers" haven't realized their minds have been hijacked, but, they do know they hate the gov. and want it brought down. while i don't agree with their motives for doing so, (it is because they want to control the matrix), i'm not going to stand in their way.

the masses in israel are under the same mind-control, fighting for slavery sold as "freedom," against fictitious enemies; when we ourselves are our own worst enemy.

the media's faces are giving away the game, ann curry's especially. i suspect it's only a matter of time, before they start talking/telling what they know.

before i realized all this madness was to hide the truth -- that their is a God, i'd written on this site, that the gov. would destroy themselves. funny, because at that time, i don't think i believed in God.

oh, and info. lib. the "time table" that you're banking on has a flaw.

Posted: May 10 2012, 8:36 AM

7414 Equality before and under the law is paramount and mandatory.
What would be the sentence if a gang of citizens did this to a cop?

Posted: May 12 2012, 12:31 PM

209204 Photos of the pool of blood can be found elsewhere.
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