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Analysis posted Feb 25 2012, 7:41 AM Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions Source: InformationLiberation Print

John Bolton dodges question from anti-war vet about blowback, insults him; Fox edits out the audience booing and replaces with it applause. [Updated]

Chris | InformationLiberation

"I was in the audience for the taping. Bolton was booed when taking the stage, at which point one of the show's producers hissed at us and said something about "allowing a fair debate". In spite of that, he was then booed overwhelmingly after giving his back-handed insult of an answer to the young vet at the microphone. You can hear a bit of her hissing and shushing again during the clip when the boos start up." - Via r/Libertarian

Note, this isn't the first time FOX was caught editing out boos and replacing it with applause, one year ago FOX was caught editing footage from CPAC where Ron Paul won the straw poll and was cheered, they edited the cheers out and replaced them with boos! They later said it was a "mistake" and they just so happened to have edited in footage from the previous year.

UPDATE: Stossel just released the full unedited video of the question at hand. It shows the vet was edited out of the clip and John Bolton was not cheered, but it does not show he was booed after his response was over.

In the unedited clip you can hear a slight hiss/murmur after Bolton's response at which point the vet responds saying, "Nothing was violated sir, that's what I'm saying.."

Stossel cuts him off and says, "Well, we can't debate this whole thing now, let's just go on to one more questioner, thank you."

At that point there was some applause which seemed to me to be directed towards the vet, whom Stossel just thanked, and not Bolton. (This was all cut, regardless, but Stossel seems to think this was the applause edited into the footage which actually aired, it wasn't.)

Another person in a black shirt then gets to the mic, this is the person seen in the edited video above leaving after the vet's question was asked, he asks a different question on internet freedom which Stossel says they cut due to time, Bolton is applauded after it (he gave a populist response) and Stossel announces the end of the segment and teases the next one. (This is the footage they seamlessly edited in which gave the impression Bolton got applause. It should be noted Fox overlaid applause before Bolton's response was even done, where there should have been silence while he was finishing his statement, there was instead applause. [1:44-1:45])

The two videos frankly give a very different impression, while Stossel says it was an edit due to time, which is believable (and certainly, much more believable than Fox's claim from last year they accidentally edited in footage from the previous year's CPAC), the editing still gave a very different impression from what actually happened.

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Posted: Feb 27 2012, 2:42 PM

17377 "That's another reason I get my news from the Internet, uncensored, plain as day, out there for all to see, unbiased, and not edited except for typos or sources. "

um, you actually think news on the internet is uncensored and unbiased?!!?

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 2:56 PM

98229 Anonymous99,
>Government controls what networks put up, not a surprise to me at all.

That is wrong on so many levels it's not even funny. Fox News is a "news" network and corporation owned by an Australian guy. The government doesn't control nor regulate it.

They don't manipulate the facts because that's what the government tells them, they manipulate the facts because that's what their PAYCHECKS tell them to do.

This isn't Illuminati crap. This is the 1% as always.

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 3:55 PM

6654 >17316

"Irregardless" is not a fucking word. Stop using it. Idiot. Use regardless or irrespective. What you meant to say was "Regardless".
kinda Anonymous

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 4:28 PM

7254 irregardless is not a word.

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 6:36 PM

69166 As someone that served with this piece of shit I can say that he was a disgrace to 3rd Ranger Battalion. This guy couldnt make it in the unit and was kicked out of the Army. He tried to steal government equipment from his fellow Rangers before getting kicked out. This guy has no credibility and if I ever see him again I'm going to personally beat the shit out of him for bringing one of my fallen brothers into the media to further his bullshit cause.

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 8:17 PM

82113 Congrats you were in a battalion that went around and killed innocent people! Great fucking job.

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 8:35 PM

98227 Everyone please share this on Facebook and get the word out! The general population has to start waking up! Sooner than later .... I hope.

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 8:40 PM

67190 I hate you god news

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 9:23 PM

98117 Yeah, I was in the audience when all of this went down. He got boo'd like a bitch.
Your king, your master, your GOD!!

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 9:32 PM

9240 I think that this john bolton has a bit of a point (bear with me here) the american and European armies are in iraque to get rid of terrorists and whatnot including confiscating weapons etc. so the armies beings thugs is a bad thing and the soldiers shouldn't do it. But then again those soldiers were ORDERED to do it so when john bolton goes on about the soldier being bad he is not taking into account that said soldier was ordered to do what he was doing. (I dumbed that down a bit)

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 10:15 PM

17462 I was true member of the Ranger Regiment! This piece of shit was in my company and did nothing but half ass and quit everything he ever attempted. Disregard anything that comes out of his mouth. Bullies huh? How about heros you asshole. I don't even think he was honorably discharged. Just because you couldn't hack it with us doesn't mean you have to try and mak us look bad. I hope someone finds you on the streets one day.
Youre a tool

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 10:49 PM

70249 Funny that Stossel has put up the whole video unedited and none of your claims seem to be correct. It is always cute when someone tries to make a ridiculous claim and then cant back it up. Well done jackass

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 11:10 PM

211114 The allegations made by this website and others are false. Here is the unedited version of the question and there were no boos and some applause at the end of Bolton's response. Once again the far left digs it own hole. Completely shameful Informationliberation.

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 11:31 PM

6591 17316: "irregardless", huh? That's cute.
10892: not anonymous? Then put your fucking name there, jackass.

Anyway, it's all blowhards shouting from their armchairs at other blowhards. Blah blah blah you want to make this country better? Go out and be nice to somebody. Fuck's sake people

Posted: Feb 28 2012, 12:10 AM

207181 1. Bolton is truly a bad human being. How can you mock a military soldier?
2. Fox new is the worst.

Posted: Feb 28 2012, 12:31 AM

99157 they all lie.

Posted: Feb 28 2012, 12:41 AM

166250 Funny how all the guys that are trashing this idiot who claims we were "thugs" are from the unit this guy served in and got kicked out of. Truth is, the only reason I even know this website exists is because of all repeated "shares" on facebook this feed got from members of 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

You know how I know this guy is a shitbag? Because I was in 3rd Ranger Battalion, and I, like many before me, served in that unit with distinction for years before committing an infraction that resulted in an RFS (getting kicked out of the unit). I, like many before me, still look back at Regiment with pride, still have the respect and friendship of the guys who we served alongside, who knew our reputations and stood by us even though we made mistakes.

A lot of guys make mistakes, and as the old adage goes, "it's harder to stay in Battalion, than it is to get into Battalion". Fact is, most guys who end up RFS'd continue to remain friends with those who didn't, continue to serve the military with pride, have honorable discharges, and DO NOT turn around and sell-out the guys to their left and right.

This guy has none of that. No honorable discharge, no pride in military service, and no respect from his former comrades. Everybody that used to know this guy is blasting him within the Regimental social network

For me, this has nothing to do with FOX or politics, it has to do with the fact this asshole embarrassed his country, not once, but twice and appears content to continue to do so in the future. It's about being a proud vet.

So fuck him. Oh and 6591: Fuck you, too. Nothing worse than a hypocrite.

Are we supposed to be nice because it'll make the world better, or because you're calling people jackasses and blowhards? Good one.

Posted: Feb 28 2012, 12:58 AM

17371 is that a lollipop in his mouth?

Posted: Feb 28 2012, 1:55 AM

174141 166250: well... yeah, good point. I don't think I'm a hypocrite, but could have chosen my words more wisely

Posted: Feb 28 2012, 7:05 AM

83160 Fuckin retards at fox censoring the news, isn't the news supposed to be neutral and just give the registration of what happened...
instead of making it seem like it it happened, tampering with news as it happens should result in getting your license pulled
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