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Article posted Feb 21 2012, 12:52 AM Category: Big Brother/Orwellian Source: Take Part Print

You May Already Be an FBI Terror Suspect: 85 Things Not to Do

By Allan MacDonell

Keeping America safe from totalitarian ideologues is a big, big job, too big in fact for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the entire Department of Justice to handle on their own. The DOJ commands a $27.7 billion annual budget, and the FBI employs 35,629 full-time foes of evil. Their business is to protect the United States from bad people. Those bad people might be 15-year-old computer punks; they might be sophisticated zealots who hate America's freedoms with such vehemence that they want to blow us all up. And the bad people just might win, according to our country's law-enforcement elite, unless we, the American public, help.

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Posted: Feb 22 2012, 3:40 PM

108198 Informants here, Informants there, Government Informants Everywhere

The Bush II Government proposed recruiting one in twelve Americans as informants. If one in every twelve Americans were a government informant, how would criminal defendants find a 12-person jury of his or her peers not contaminated by an informant? Hiding behind National Security, Bush II proposed government informants would not be required to disclose in court proceedings they were government informants. When the Nazi Government was in charge of Germany and countries they invaded, persons on local juries often feared other jurors might be Nazi informants—would report them if they didn’t vote to convict innocent defendants deemed undesirable by the Nazis.

U.S. Government’s (psychosis), obsession to spy on Americans, recruit neighbor to spy on neighbor, may in the future— make it impossible to find a jury that doesn’t have a police or government informant. When this resulted in Nazi controlled jurisdictions—innocent defendants plead guilty to crimes they did not commit rather than risk a greater prison sentence if their case were put before a jury stacked with government informants. FBI Wasting No Time Building National Network of INFORMANTS

A New FBI Flyer is being distributed to U.S. merchants that says Paying For A Cup Of Coffee With Cash is potential terrorist activity and urges Coffee Chop Owners to report customers.

Ridiculous? Since the real estate crash, the ascendancy of the “Lesser Depression” and near record unemployment, millions of Americans no longer have credit cards, bank accounts or debit cards to pay for their coffee and other inexpensive items. Are these millions of Americans to be considered potential terrorists according to the FBI because they paid cash for a cup of coffee or cheap store item? On the surface the new FBI merchant Flyer appears absurd: if one in 50 coffee shops reported a customer paying cash for a cup of coffee, an already under staffed FBI would be crushed responding to calls. The new FBI Flyer provided merchants fails as a propaganda vehicle because it is absurd to think in this economy small business owners are going to report customers paying cash for inexpensive items—“as potential terrorists.” However looking below the surface, the FBI has done something "brilliant" here that even the East German Secret Stasi never thought of to develop an army of national informants. It took the Stasi two decades to build an army of neighborhood and other informants to spy for the communist government. The FBI flyers that ask merchants and businesses to inform, to report customers paying cash for something so small as a cup of coffee will (definitely attract Americans) that want to be government informants; the FBI won’t have to spend years like the Stasi Police coercing Citizens, shaking the bushes to find informants to build its U.S. network of American informants. The Stasi developed an army of several hundred thousand informants; neighbors spying on neighbors, workers reporting workers. It got to the point East German married couples were afraid to discuss things inside their home and would leave the house to talk. Is this the direction America is headed?

Most Americans haven’t awaken to the fact they are subject to an array of recently passed Fascist Laws including The National Defense Authorization Act and perhaps soon—the Enemy Expatriation Act that U.S. Government can unleash against the public. Congress gave U.S. Government the power to arrest and indefinitely detain Americans without probable cause or bringing charges. Detained U.S. Citizens now have no right to an attorney or trial or right to learn the charges against them—if any. If that isn’t Fascism what is?

Each day it is increasingly clear U.S. Government in the future, will use (vague) new Police State laws—to arrest and indefinitely detain lawful Americans that exercise 1st Amendment and other Constitutional Rights e.g., for allegedly supporting or being involved in terrorism or being a belligerent—to shutdown public dissent. Soon there will be 30,000 drones in U.S. air space photographing Citizens’ movements, recording what Americans say on the street, inside their homes—then facilitating arrests on mere suspicion because of what someone said—and or forfeit their home and other assets under Patriot Act Section 806.

Are Americans powerless to Stop an America Police Surveillance State? If U.S. Government told you tomorrow there would be no Congressional Elections, what would you do? Without elections how could Citizens elect new representatives to change a “Police State Government?” U.S. Government is now on the threshold of having surveillance cameras and drones most everywhere; and TSA Checkpoints. Government intends to monitor without warrants—journalists, U.S. Citizens’ emails, phone calls, Internet Activity, and faxes. Soon Americans won’t be able to arrange a 1st Amendment meeting, business or doctor’s appointment or other activity without government knowing about it in advance. It is foreseeable Americans under constant government surveillance may be afraid to attend peaceful protests and political meetings out of fear they may be arrested or lose their job, especially if they work for a government agency or contractor. That happened in Nazi Germany.

Considering the Fascist direction U.S. Government appears headed, it will not be a surprise to see Americans that write on the Internet or verbally express an opinion against any entity of U.S. Government or coalition partner—arrested under the Patriot Act or Defense Authorization Act—deemed by U.S. Government (someone likely to engage in, support or provoke violent acts or threaten National Security) to justify incarceration of American writers, publishers and ordinary Citizens.

Americans should ask who are the players behind getting passed the Patriot Act, The National Defense Authorization Act; that caused Introduction of the Enemy Expatriation Act and similar recently passed legislation that has brought America to the edge of Fascism.

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