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Article posted Dec 01 2011, 6:38 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: Wendy McElroy Print

Even Police Dogs Enjoy A Double Standard

by Wendy McElroy

Police are routinely judged by a different standard, a double standard under the law that allows them to pepper spray peaceful by-standers, to beat into unconsciousness unresisting 'suspects' and, generally, to violate every civil liberty protected by the Constitution. The police do so with impunity. They can (and they do) get away with murder while the the average, non-uniformed person is tossed into jail for forgetting to pay a traffic ticket.

A recent news story illustrates how deeply embedded this double standard has become. An "off-duty" and unleashed police dog was enjoying a walk with his partner when he spotted an 8-year-old boy playing hide-and-seek with his cousin. The dog attacked the running child, dragging him to the ground, shredding his sweatshirt, puncturing his T-shirt and leaving marks on the boy's arm.

What is the police response? They praise the dog's record as a crime-buster and drug-sniffer. No mention is made of sanctioning the police officer or taking the dog off the street. Any other dog would be 'put down' for attacking a child without provocation; any other owner would be liable in civil court. But this dog was excused with the explanation that he could not distinguish between a fleeing suspect and a playing short, the dog was just doing his job.

"They're [police dogs] trained that anything running could be a potential threat, and all he's doing is reacting and doing what he was trained to do," explained Sergeant John Rusnak from the Campbell Police Department.

The Agitator makes an interesting observation: "And if someone had come to the kid's defense and shot the dog, as on- and off-duty cops routinely do, that person would be in custody right now. Of course, the problem isn't the dog, it's the handler. And when cops kill the family pet, the problem also usually isn't with the dog."

It is my understanding that no police dog attacks without a verbal command. If I am incorrect, then every police dog out there is a standing menace to every child it encounters. Clearly this dog is a vicious loose-cannon and this officer was negligent. There is no mention of any sanctions or repercussions for the officer. Apparently leash laws do not apply to everyone. As Orwell observed in Animal Farm, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." Orwell was speaking of the pigs. So am I.

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Posted: Dec 01 2011, 11:15 AM

i was in a conversation recently and i said something like 'tony blair was the most honest politician i have experience of'. the words just slipped out so i had to think of this as to whether that was correct or not. as it is different from a later tony blair presented to the public i don't presume there is only one but as an image the words and actions were similar, to take everything he could, naked politics, what it really is. this included not only overt and covert global warfare from then on. for an example of an initiative, it was to have police march people directly to cashpoints and take their money. no pretense of going through the hall of shame etc, just take the money.

i talked to a chap today, a soldier back from foreign fields of warfare, the poppy fields of afghanistan. he showed me the scars on his arms, he explained when he killed women and children he would cut his arm and it wouldn't hurt any more. that he showed me suggests otherwise. he said he didn't like doing it but it was his job, whatever they ask him to do and wherever, next year he plans to return.

Posted: Dec 02 2011, 9:38 AM

lying in state - pretty much the game including honouring dead liars

in the case of tony blair, the issue came into the public domain as to who owned him. the counter claim he made was that he didn't know who the sponsors were, it was a blind trust. this is one of the mechanisms of how drug dealerships fronted by the crown operates, blind trusts are set up in one of their incest islands (keep it in the family) so no one knows who the real owners are. i have noticed that some people who have inadvertantely penetrated the hoax of state or given the grand tour, such places as the cayman islands and bahamas for example.

when i was out in new mexico i visited the casinos with a friend. similar to the house of parliament and house of windsor, the game is rigged so the house wins. i didn't see any happy faces but in high rolling venues, cashing in the chips is a simple way to launder drug money as with Clearing House Interbank Payment System. i read that casino royale was the autobiography of james bond 1, a bit too hooked on the gambling there was a need for fresh income and writing books on the capers and aspirations of empire (as encouraged by 'orwell') was a quieter means to ready cash. flamboyancy and austerity would make for a hard sell. i was told these casinos belonged to the native american indians, likely that is what people were told but b*ll*ks was my first and only thought. i was staying on the reservation and the people had nothing, just another of those island games i presume.

if there are police enforcers of the will of the state, that is a police state. some may use the conscience bypass that police state is ok, just as long as it isn't in their face. that would seems to imply as long as they go after other people. compartmentalisation (dissonance) tends to create such views in each mind, as 1984 was intended to do using psychological terror, the photo in this article fits with that game and animal farm, the dogs being out.

Posted: Dec 02 2011, 10:02 AM

naked warfare with physical munitions is the ultimate demonstration of politics. i was talking to a former member of the brass of the british military asking what it was really like. 'no one likes war' he said and added just as a catchall 'excect for the psychopaths'. he said that people wouldn't understand the terror, people trying to kill you. he sat there in tears as he spoke of it, he was still at war. he said 'it never leaves you'. i chipped in the occasional comment or two and he said 'it is all war'. with his position in signals intelligence, ie handling raw intelligence, he was in a position to know some.

yesterday morning i had the routine experience of police assaulting homeless people. i kind of figure behind the reich 4 nonsense that each call through on the radio invokes a sequence of money transactions, commission to police and some military front like northrop grumman or similar. it is about money and the emergency services were running a big advertising campaign in the town centre.

one of the things said in the assault verbage was 'people will see you and presume the worst'. i put this to the next person i spoke to see how they took it. they said 'people would want to pretend it isn't happening'.

experiences of public haven't been a major problem. what happened in exeter is that the 'shot team' would come out, a few days later the police helicopters then some official would come out and ask you to move making sure they stormed you while you were sleeping. here in plymouth it is called 'path' who go out hunting people down and they turn up with the police. that is to say the people who run the feeding centres are also the assault teams, publicly this has deniability but the evidence is made in plain view.

the same story would apply with feeding providors, last night the soup run being provisioned on the streets by the lyons and the council, the lyons having been outed by mi6 in their daily telegraph only recently. they didn't look very happy, that is perhaps to be expected at this stage of empire. screwing the entire world doesn't seem to be a happy enterprise and perhaps all the more so that i don't have misery, just the discomfort that everyone is still being screwed even during collapse and rollback.

people are supposed to fear being poor. the path team kept saying to me 'you can't stay there, it is too dangerous'. they and other parts of the power matrix were dangerous but i am used to those critters, some of them with minds so blown dialogue isn't possible. talking to people frothing with ingsoc doublethink is mad and whether it is practicioned conciously or otherwise it is still mad. in once instance the vitreole was such a stream i returned the hogwash. they said i had to sign a contract with the government or they wouldn't feed me. as i declined this progressed to 'we will detain you indefinitely'. i called that one in, that is catch 22. if you are working for government, their heading being leading everyone over the edge, it would seem fair to assert that is madness. with catch 22, you can only leave the military (gov is enforced dictatorship therefore military) if you are mad. if you choose to leave it is proof you are not mad therefore cannot leave. well i call that one in physically, off on travels tomorrow.

Posted: Dec 02 2011, 10:38 AM

8067 Dogs are fascists.. Have you ever seen a police-cat ??

Posted: Dec 03 2011, 7:06 AM

The Matrix and the US Constitution

Posted: Dec 04 2011, 12:46 AM

2436 Two legs bad, four legs, bad.
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