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Article posted Nov 26 2011, 5:00 AM Category: Commentary Source: InformationLiberation Print

Who Knew The Zeitgeist Movement/Venus Project Imploded A Few Months Ago?

Chris | InformationLiberation

Wow, I don't know how I missed this! Apparently, the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement have imploded due to Jacques Fresco's egomaniacal insanity.

[Video replaced, the original video was taken down.]

This is too rich. Peter makes the guy famous, then, of course, the idiot communist who doesn't believe in private property and says no one should be allowed to own anything, says Peter is "stealing" his intellectual property (the only type of property which doesn't exist!) and is not giving him enough credit for "his" ideas! Is there anything more laughable? Meanwhile, as they say in the audio below, he copied many of his ideas from Buckminster Fuller and the utterly deplorable B.F. Skinner (who no doubt developed their ideas from others as well).

Apparently, TVP wanted to raise 20 million dollars for some stupid movie, and Peter Joseph, who has worked in the film industry for 10 years, said he thought it wasn't a great idea, was highly speculative, and would probably not work out, especially in this economy. Therefor, they completely turned on him.

I'm not a huge fan of Peter's views on most issues, but there is no question his first film was absolutely superb and the second one threw it all away by promoting Jacques Fresco's crazy version of communism with magic robots. I really feel sorry for Peter, but this is an absolutely epic socialist fail.

Here's the full audio, it's astonishing to listen to. The Venus Project lady is a complete and total control freak lunatic who feels no one should be allowed to advocate for The Venus Project except through their website, she is literally against having The Zeitgeist Movement advocate for her movement because they're not 100% in lockstep parroting their BS (and dead set on funding their $20,000,000+ film). She even forbids them from using any of their material, completely ignoring fair use law, not to mention their communist philosophy that no one owns anything. Jacques, she says, wanted to take part, "but he was sleeping." Yeah, sure. You have to love the way these communists are total control freaks and absolutely hate freedom and free association.

[Skip to around 55:00 if you don't want to hear it all.]

Here's Peter's podcast after this all went down.

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TVP and Solution Advocate

Posted: Jan 02 2014, 6:23 PM

50202 Hmmmm... Not quite accurate. We've more members and are more productive than ever! Just released the World's first software system of its type. As a matter of fact, we've more NASA scientists than before too!

Go stymie solution and make that dollar-dollar bill, yo! Go get some belief for that tiny little dumb brain of yours...

Cheers, stupid idiot,

~Sincerely, a guy with an IQ past the double-digits.

Posted: Jan 03 2014, 2:38 PM

67160 I have read through most of these pages and there certainly are different modes of communicating. It is frustrating when people disagree but I am more interested in reading comments that are thoughtful rather than nasty and name calling.

This is a very serious issue, after all. We are talking about the future of our culture, our friends and families, and ourselves. I've just begun exploring the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus project. I think the ZM movies explain the way our monetary system works quite accurately, consistent with other research I've accessed. The Money Is Debt videos are drier but also good for explanations.

The power of the ZM for me is the integration of government, corporations, religion, media and money. I tend to see things holistically and presenting the issue as a complex system makes sense to me. It also explains how easy it is for us to get caught up in one segment and miss the interconnectedness of the other aspects.

One of the most important points in the ZM movies is how effective it is to get people hating one another. It is a great distraction. Instead of working together and making meaningful change, we get angry at one another. We can see this in the conversation that has taken place in this thread.

The Venus project raises an intriguing idea. It seems to provide a new way of viewing the world. Whether we will ever see the new city as it is now portrayed in the VP is doubtfull. However, the ideas and perspective is worth looking at.

One thing we might want to consider is that each of us is a resource. When we allow people to suffer and die we lose their creativity, insights, and contributions to our human experience. This is a social tragedy as well as a personal one.

I hope we can continue to think about how to create a world where all of us can experience joy and peace. Thanks for caring.

Posted: Jan 11 2014, 10:48 PM

67246 I don't see how "greed" will ever be wiped out or deprogrammed out of the minds of those who seek MORE. This zeitgeist show with Jacques is idealistic, even utopian. It doesn't really speak to the human animal's desires(which will always be disproportionate to a group's), or at least MANY humans who seek more. Power is something not surrendered easily, and I doubt it would be eradicated in a resource, technological society. Would this simply be trading one kind of control for another?
I was hoping they would have discussed WHY greed has run rampant for so many thousands of years in the hearts of MAN.

Posted: Jan 26 2014, 2:26 PM

70192 David, the Australian guy, not sure if you're on here anymore, but I'm curious what 21 century 'integral philosophy' authors you've been reading. I am interested in the light that may shine and would like to know where to start. I extend this out to any others who may also have an interest in this who could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Posted: Feb 04 2014, 9:00 AM

18136 Hello Chris,

It is good to bring subjects like this to discussion, so thabks for that. My personal oppinion on TZM, Addendum and MF is that besides what your oppinion is on TVP, the 3 movies give the people a very detailed explanation on how the world works today, how resources are controlled and deliberately lacked to create crisis and control people. There is not a real lack of resources, there is just a very bad administration of them, only benefiting a little group of powerful people. TVP is at least a good initial plan, that should be revised, of course, and also improved in many points. But the idea of an economy based in resources is the real solution to the hunger, and crisis the world is living right now. Think about it like this: Is it fair that 1 man has more money than whole countries and there are people dieying on hunger every day in africa, for example... something is not right! Maybe you would say that the one with more genious would make more money, and yes that's the way it is, but is not fair... you would understand if you would live in a poor country with limited access to basic resources like water, food, energy and even clean air.
Just an American

Posted: Feb 07 2014, 9:20 AM

17328 There is not a single thing that They advocating with "The Venus Project" that can't be dispelled with just a little common sense! I know people get tired in life and sometimes and may feel as though they've been kicked around, but please don't fall into this UTOPIA trap, it doesn't work, it's never worked.....

Let me ask the believers just a couple of simple questions:
-Do you believe that there has only been strife in civilization since the advent of money? The best cut of meat or the freshest vegetables will become the new currency
-If you do away with government (and it's representation of the people), who makes all of the divisions? Governing is not a static proposition, things change around us all of the time that require new decisions.
-If we were to all eat and medicate ourselves from the same resources, where would our regional diverse disease resistance come from? One only has to look to history and the potato famine in Ireland that nearly wiped out the population, one crop controlled by the government (or the so called collective), and a unforeseen potato blight that nearly killed half the population.

I could go on but I just hope that I can you followers to think this through a bit!
Anthony Scarpuzzi

Posted: Feb 11 2014, 10:31 PM

70192 Even though I was born in 1978, TZM is something to consider. Being born in Avenue, NJ, it has really opened my eyes. Yea so what that I had to register of being a sexual offender.That helped me realize that this world really needs people like me. From my opinion...I am going to start a documentary for all brethren sexual offenders that we need to take a stand and show the world onour side of the fence. That documentary will be like TZM except it will be about my kind.
Eunice Parker

Posted: Mar 01 2014, 5:38 AM

7282 Hello Everyone! I have listened to Jacque, Roxanne and Peter, and I have come away with the thought that the TZM and TVP are not on the same page. And rightly so. The TZM appears to be a movement to expose our current monetary system and the hidden agendas. Along with some suggestions as to begin to breakdown the system by non-participation. Maybe when the powers that be, see that we will be changing things, they will change too.

TVP is a better way for the entire world to use the worlds resources and build a better way of life for all, by using the resource based economy. If any nation is welling to invest in having their nation to be restructured to include all its citizens and opt-out of the current system, then they can do so. Unless I am wrong and need more understanding. TZM is global and TVP can be.

Posted: Mar 06 2014, 12:28 AM

7120 This plan assumes we can 100% change the motives of every single human being to want to do good for others, eliminate human nature to veer towards greed, insanity in place of power, and morbid self gratification. This, and every other 'perfect world order' will always be perfect in theory alone. We can never have a perfect system, never have a peaceful world, because humans in general are not peaceful and you can never rid of human evils and stupidity. To do so would require severe restrictions on freedom if not the complete loss if it...which puts the one in control in a horribly dangerous position of power...and lands us back to the issue of greed and hunger for power.

Posted: Mar 18 2014, 5:57 PM

20865 Look at the growing economic gap between the rich and poor. Do you honestly think that america is doing well in its current state? the venus project is the only viable solution to the state of the world, it is the only way to end this corruption, and I stand behind it 100%

Posted: Mar 26 2014, 8:39 AM

173255 Some amazing insights, brought upon by a terribly researched article.

I'd just like to say, after being 'woken' up to the reality of our economic woes, which have affected our society, infected our morals and dissected our environment to the point of destruction, it is so incredibly heartening to observe so many people interested in finding real solutions.

Whether the answer lies within TZM to promote clarity and critical thinking, or TVP to give us something to strive for, improving it as we go along, it's just plain awesome that humanity's passion for life and need of survival have reached a critical point, where we're finally starting to see the forest (interconnectedness) for the trees (the individual).

There is hope after all.
"Phoenix Scarletneck"

Posted: Apr 02 2014, 3:13 PM

20469 Chris, if I was you I would read all that was said. You contradict yourself several times. I heard of the Venus Project through a very intelligent organisation out to help humanity, and from how she speaks, I believe dear laura is one of them. Dont be a fool, Chris. Things like this are perfect for our world. Humanity, no, the world needs this. This wont be the end of global scarcity. In fact, it is the beginning of the end. If this project is a success, it could spread elsewhere. The Black Gryphon's my group, is hoping to one day support things like this, but for now we are nothing but a gaming/social group, but plan to help humanity in ways Mr Frusco tries to.....Have a nice day and life, Mr Chris....

Posted: Apr 10 2014, 1:00 PM

1200 "idiot communist who doesn't believe in private property and says no one should be allowed to own anything, says Peter is "stealing" his intellectual property (the only type of property which doesn't exist!) "

ideas are less real than items apparently. materialism ftw.

Posted: Apr 26 2014, 6:04 AM

17422 There just has to be some thing better then a system that causes more problems than it solves. IT is a fact that poverty is the cause of more crime, death, sickness, and war than any thing else. I believe that the mane reason why so many people fight over resources is because we choose to use what we have in the most short sited way possible. No one needs more then they need any thing more is just a waist.

Posted: Apr 27 2014, 3:59 AM

67255 From reading these posts, it appears people do not understand many things about the Venus Project

1, That there is no government, only logic. You realize all of our problems we face in this world are technical. There are objective problems, with objective answers. No need for manmade rules, interpretation of rules, and therefore bias or self-interest. There is only information.

2. Obviously, it's not going to fully see the light of day in our lifetime. In our children's lifetime. It'll probably be several generations before an idea as big as the Venus Project is fully realized. Because humanity as a whole has been conditioned to the free market system, and the greed that comes with it.

You can't expect people to all of a sudden conceptualize the idea of no property overnight and behave accordingly with no problem at all. It doesn't work like that. Fresco might be guilty of selfish desires himself, because he was born into the system we currently have. I'm sure all of us in this day and age are selfish and competitive to some extent because of the economic system we have.

3. Fresco has admitted it's not perfect yet. It has kinks that need working out. But it's for all intents and purposes better than the system we have now. Because it's based on empirical thinking and principles- unchanging laws of nature that are right in front of us.
Run for your lives...

Posted: May 02 2014, 3:33 PM

101172 The Venus Project. It's not as it appears.
TVP are a cult focussed upon manipulation
of everyone they come in contact with to
fulfill their highly questionable world vision
without question. It world be good were
George Orwell & Aldous Huxley able
to speak to us about the likes of TVP now.
I feel they would object. They seemed to
advocate for human rights & being a positive
force within a democratic & free society.

I knew one of their people from the
past & this person is out for themselves
& not even Frescoe & his side-kick realise
they are being manipulated. So,
there is much the general public can't see
even if their material was interesting in improving
the conditions we live with as human beings.

Frescoe ignores the fact that there is always
someone above or below him & it is not his
jurisdiction to insist we all are dependent upon
his vision to have a healthy society. He is from
his videos unconvincing, his side kicks are scary
& accusatory if we don't follow his "word".

We are a democracy. TVP therefore will never
be voted for because it is not democratic. Look
at these possibly sociopathic personalities & the
spiel. They want your money! Then they want to
take your money away from you so they can
control you & their own lifestyles. It doesn't matter
all the pretty pictures, all the scientists chiming
in, all the technologists that they angle with
the Frescoe vision. It's all his way. Frescoes.
But even he is being manipulated by a more
expert con artist. They are hiding many motives
& plans.

They are not spiritual people. They are not
even caring people. They want your money
si they can devise a system to deny money to you
for you own good. And if it fails, they are ok,
they've got your money to live richly within the
current framework. They do not deserve your
consideration & should be possibly banned like
a cult that has no regard for human rights, democracy
or freedom.

Please don't take TVP seriously. One of them
is only out to become rich, powerful & famous.
They all sound like robots because they are not
interested in human beings being allowed to govern
themselves, even if there are people above or below
us in all aspects of life.

We need to consider moreover, balancing those who
have unlimited resources with those who
have little resources. So we have freedom
& opportunity for each individual. Not just Frescoe
& his cronies. I wouldn't let them take care of
my cats much less my world!

Wake up everyone! Do a background check & analysis
of TVP and everyone who's getting paid by the

Thanks for giving a forum for the discussions
as I've been unsettled by these people's
anti-democratic behaviour & views. And their
postulation that they have the package all
organised for the collapse of the worlds' current
systems, happy to take over & shepherd us
lambs, to the slaughter... for the greater good!
Tell the Venus Project they will have oppostion!

Run for your lives...

Posted: May 02 2014, 4:02 PM

101173 And a further thought, Frescoe is aged 97. His
patner & sidekicks will no doubt go alon with him
until he passes away & then sell his works to
gain money for themselves. I don't think they
believe in his work just in what is in it for them.
Their security & comfort is assured if they can
generate funds & income through his work.
Frescoe as a leader is coming to a natural end
of a very full life span. I would hope after they
have made enough money they will go away &
hopefully stop trying to get more money out of us by manipulating
people with this doomsday vision & painting themselves
as our rescuers...for a price!

Posted: May 03 2014, 4:44 AM

10842 @Laurie Simons, my initials are: "L.S." as well - imagine that.....

Your last comment is nonsense. A government that invented health(hell)care, plays no role in health care....(?)

..."a law passed in 1984....." You're a node, as well as, a kiss-ass.

I'm pretty-much hating humankind right now. In other words: tell TJ I said "hi"

Posted: May 11 2014, 9:25 AM

70194 I think you all want improvement, but instead are arguing about who is right. Just think how much improvement could be made if you allow others to make mistakes. That is how we learn and they should be seen as opportunities to grow. Quit picking on each other and start reiterating that a movement away from greed is where we need to go. While all of you have negative discourse the elite are reassured that you won't succeed because you can't get along. You are not each other's enemies. If a parent took this attitude with a child then they would grow in an efficient manner. Likewise, you guys are working against each other.

Posted: May 11 2014, 9:26 AM

70194 *Not grow in an efficient manner.
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