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Article posted Oct 31 2011, 11:59 PM Category: Politics/Corruption Source: Washington Examiner Print

D.C.: The lawyer capital of the world (One in 12 residents is a lawyer)

By: Brian Hughes

One is probably sitting near you when you Metro into work. And eating lunch at the table next to you. And one, if not many, likely lives on your block on Capitol Hill or Georgetown.

Sure, D.C. is the mecca for politicians. But it's a more clandestine army of professionals that defines the District -- lawyers.

An astounding one in 12 District residents -- by far the highest rate nationwide -- is a lawyer, according to American Bar Association and census figures. Put another way: The nation's capital accounts for just one-fifth of 1 percent of the U.S. population but one in every 25 of its lawyers.

[...]Coupled with the cocoon of a massive federal work force, an abundance of litigators has catapulted the Washington region to the wealthiest in the nation, where the typical household banks nearly $85,000 a year.

According to a recent survey by the National Association for Law Placement, the median salary for an associate lawyer in the Washington region with between one and eight years of experience was $186,250, eclipsing the national median by $63,000 a year.

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Posted: Nov 01 2011, 9:18 AM

the entire industry a fraud but it is politics that cannot stop itself, they want business, a few words and the police make it happen. weak people with power and if challenged, they cannot easily be fired as the police prevent this. the pantheon they live in work in is currently a monetary system, the question i raise for thought is should money go?

in britain judicial scams raised today included prohibition of alcohol, bodies must be of prescribed weight, sex must be approved by state and if people form groups they should be taken to court regardless of not doing anything.

the judicial system, power, is always the most profitable as others work for you, you just tell the man where to dig even if it is just to tire him out.

with their media, though much of what they are up to is on show there as they must pattern people's minds to control them, the real and vital stuff is what they are not telling you.

Posted: Nov 01 2011, 9:27 AM

banking remains key and the judicial system the most profitable, the judicial mafia just helps itself as i saw celebrated on a park in atlanta which was stolen by the judicial system. when it comes to banking, britain, a global corporation no one is safe to share the same planet set up the bank of england in 1694 to provide a blank cheque for war. the public working to pay back the compound interest which is impossible but new fiction schemes allowed for growth way way beyond reality which is a different realm.

war time measures proliferate at this time, where a problem there are means to stealth them. though people can be identified remotely, to conquer a man and have him work for you, you want some level of compliance. there aren't just passports, various id schemes but there is approval from the british academy in the form of certification. certification was a global offensive in the all important control territory of IT and was piloted by microsoft, a company whose logo provides a shadow mask for the swastika. symbology and subliminal programming is no small issue, it is a means of bypassing consent and destroying human beings.

i was in IT for some years, went to financial companies to repair their systems when down and it was welcomed that i wasn't certified. i was there to actually fix things not entering a political system about money, despite the contradiction, finance people wanted their systems up or the money stops flowing. this gives some hint of the seperation of interests of human beings and money.

Posted: Nov 01 2011, 9:37 AM

can individuals change all this? that is how it happens and it is happening that way. it is standard practice in cult management like the military to exclude any individuals or it busts the cult. an exception is say with corporations like nations as the civil service is so closely controlled by police that to put someone in there is a prison where the mob can be turned on you by a media story and much of the media is written by the police.

if i asked someone if they want society, 'want' being a topic recently discussed here, what should i make of verbal responses? if they are statists then they could be schizonphrenics, the normal pyschopaths where there are at least two minds in each human and the fake one of them speaks for the state. people running the state often have multiple alters, many personas per human. some want to be running the state, a conflict of interest. all are subject to police assaults of one form or another, are told there is a gun to their heads so all official talk in britland (or their american plantation) would be of questionable value.

this in the background of a police organised demonstration outside St Pauls. if you want to watch, the valuable stuff is what they are not telling you and St Pauls is a serious investor in brainbusting, that has is what their cult was set up for so it is perhaps core business, the archbishop openly an occultist. we have seen much of that ritual magic, the entire 20th century something of a magical war.

Posted: Nov 01 2011, 9:43 AM

some people survive wars. it is exceptional for people to survive society. that isn't something i say sitting down thinking, i do that, but i went out and walked and experienced as reality what it is like to have almost all of society bearing down on you. politics is about gain so it is the sale of poverty. i was surrounded by statists, enemies were legion. money is war and if people thinking there isn't violence on a global scale likely that is one of the blinker systems in play on which society depends. that violence is society.

a common state tactic the story of the rotten apples. if there is a barrel, e.g. society, everything rots.
Former DC Resident

Posted: Nov 01 2011, 3:20 PM

2473 This explains the extreme anti social nature of residential city life. Apart from being incredibly transient the denizens of the District project an air of unfriendliness unique to it's own.
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