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Analysis posted May 13 2011, 12:11 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Straight-A College Student Faces 125 Years In Jail For Producing Fake IDs

"I never saw this type of case unless it was somehow connected to terrorists"
Chris | InformationLiberation

Should a young entrepreneur who helped students get around the government's retarded 21st century prohibition laws spend life in prison for providing his friends with a voluntary public service? That's the question we're faced with in the case of 20-year-old Theodore Stephen Michaels, a straight-A student at the University of Maryland, who is now facing a maximum sentence of 125 years in jail for the "crime" of producing fake IDs. In a just world, this young entrepreneur would be celebrated for his entrepreneurial spirit, in our world, he's facing a virtual death sentence.

The Baltimore Sun reports:
While some college students consider fake IDs a rite of passage, the Maryland U.S. attorney underscored their illegality Thursday, announcing federal charges against a scholarship winner accused of making and selling phony driver's licenses from his College Park dorm for a few months in 2009.

Theodore Stephen Michaels a straight-A, triple major at the University of Maryland who goes by "Teddy" could face decades in prison if he's convicted of the 16 counts returned against him. [...]

"I'm frankly surprised [by the indictment]," Kupferberg said. "I don't see how this particular case is any more or less significant than what you find in College Park every day or on any college campus, for that matter." [...]

"I never saw this type of case unless it was somehow connected to terrorists or illegal immigrants," said Steven H. Levin, a former assistant U.S. attorney under Rosenstein who's now in private practice in Baltimore. [...]

Kupferberg described Michaels as an unsophisticated, straight-A student throughout both high school and college who, as a university junior, has already earned enough credits to graduate.

He's a member of a biofuels group dedicated to solving the energy crisis, according to online records; is a triple major (accounting, finance and economics) according to a university spokesperson; and he won a scholarship this school year from the Ernst & Young Education Excellence Fund.

"This kid is extraordinary," said Kupferberg, who was hired by Michaels' parents. "His background is exemplary and virtually unblemished."
Getting around idiotic government laws is a public service. This young man has the exact type of entrepreneurial spirit from which the greatest in humanity are made of, this could be the next Mark Zuckerberg, yet our stupid government would rather he be rotting in a cage.

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Posted: May 13 2011, 5:13 AM


Posted: May 13 2011, 8:34 AM

9870 Geeez, the government forges documents everyday... shouldn't THEY be in jail in 125 years?

Posted: May 13 2011, 11:07 AM

<shouldn't THEY be in jail in 125 years?>

poacher become gamekeeper

i can see the sentiment but who would staff the jails? I was born into a world based on circular logic, an exit for which requires closing the jails. i say closing them, if kept open as museums so that people got to see what they were, people would be asking questions like 'how could this happen'.

i have often encountered people who choose prison. it has some merits, government stalking in the form of bills cease as it would look stupid charging a man without money who is already in prison. at the comparative level, it can be more free than the outside prison. that is an indictment on all of us.

the article is twisty, it is the baltimore sun so twisty is expected.

Posted: May 13 2011, 2:52 PM

13488 Kid broke the law and is being punished for it. If he's a straight A student, he should have known better.
Milo Nickels

Posted: May 13 2011, 4:47 PM

7465 This kid produced fake forms of identification so that fellow classmates could illegally consume alcohol, and he is facing a life sentence. I wonder what's going to happen to the people who produced Obama's fake-as-hell birth certificate, so that he can illegally serve as the most powerful man in the world?!?!?!?! That crime seems way more severe than voluntarily consuming a beverage...

Posted: Oct 19 2011, 5:55 AM

7985 omg, those idiots would have jailed dick feynman!!!

Posted: Jan 13 2012, 1:45 PM

198109 Okay, yeah. He's a criminal (I'd prefer he wasn't promoted as an entrepreneur) in the sense that he might have contributed to hypothetical tertiary harm but probably just disrespect for the law.

I also understand the logic of stopping a problem at its source.

But c'mon! Life in prison for *this*? Are they insane? Can't they just give him tons of community service, or one or two decades at most for this white collar crime?

Was there even any auto accident or drunken altercation (or, you know, "suspected terrorist activity") related to these particular fake IDs?

Oh and as for the birther 7465, I'm curious, what's the standard birther response to the 1961 birth announcements? Is it that he was already destined to be president? Because that's a much bigger conspiracy and the one you should probably be "telling the sheeple to wake up to."

Or is there some "real" Barak Obama out there who got his name stolen by some guy from another country?

But if it turns out you're right, I do agree that 50 to life is an appropriate penalty for conspiring to put a particular person in as president - not for producing either a fake driver's license or birth certificate.

Posted: Jan 22 2012, 1:19 PM

The U.S Inc. is giving us false information at every turn. The
courts systems in this country/corporation are private. They
tell the people that the courts operate within the rules of the
Contitution. This is a lie and the Judges/Bankers and the
American Bar Association know it. The Federal Reserve Cor-
poration is owned by the IMF/World Bank , which is owned by a
group of European Bankers, the largest being the Rothchild
Banking Family. These banking criminals make their blood
money from starting and financing wars all over the globe.
Through International Commerce they claim to own the world
by way of debt. These International Banking Criminals run the
court systems in the countries they control. Everything they do
is fraud and a lie,therefore criminal. This young man is going
to be tried for creating false documents. But the banking criminals
get away with creating Wars-For-Profit , which has caused the
death of " MILLIONS" of humans all over the planet. When will we
put them on trial for " Crimes Against Humanity? Under the
Common Law there must be an injured party. The Constitution
operates, judicially, within the realm of the common law. If there
is no victim/proper platiff then there is no crime. I hope that this
young man is let free. But most of all I hope that " WE THE
PEOPLE " will awaken and change this world for the betterment
of all of Humans and animals on Planet Earth.


Posted: Jan 22 2012, 5:22 PM

Dave: "contradiction."

Because if you can hold it, touch it, see it...It's real.

Posted: Feb 08 2012, 8:55 PM

20056 mossad not muslims did 9/11/01

Posted: Feb 09 2012, 4:29 AM

9517 Obviously this kid is being made an example of.
He should have known better and that only the FEDs can forge documents.

If you ask me this kid would be better off doing communisty service in
the government.

Perhaps he can forge a "Get out of jail, free" card.
Nunya-Goddam MF Bizness

Posted: Feb 22 2012, 4:24 PM

71194 Really, this kid would be a perfect candidate for government office.

Posted: May 24 2012, 4:35 AM

820 Too young to drink a beer but old enough to die in pointless wars.
In the UK this `crime` would be no more than community service.

Posted: May 29 2012, 7:11 PM

This is what happens when one makes bad choices in life. He could have used his straight-A grade to help out humanity.

Posted: Jun 21 2012, 12:30 AM

69106 Stupid greedy kid got caught. He's not an entrepreneur for selling a need that is illegal. How many people are spending hard time for selling drugs in the ghetto? But if his last name was Bush the attorney general would be apologizing to him.

Posted: Jul 17 2012, 4:18 PM

108249 Prosecutorial discretion needs to be eliminated.

Posted: Jul 26 2012, 2:34 AM

8341 2 words
Jury Nullification

Posted: Aug 26 2012, 4:46 AM

96232 Case in point ... they're effectively administering martial law, and laying down sentences upon us which go beyond the bounds of all reason or human justice (to make a point that we're slaves at their whim). They themselves are urged to excesses of violence, praised and given raises and promotions for it, while we're bullied, beaten and dismissed for noticing their evil behavior.

This is to push us into revolt, so they can openly and officially lay down martial law, effecting the coup. But if we fail to rise up and stop this, they'll lay down worse conditions for us, but profitable for them ....

There aren't any laws to bring us back to normal social interactions, after executive orders have instigated martial law. We've relied on the assumption of good character, goodwill and trustworthiness in our leaders, WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING FOR US, because this quality is missing in the cutthroats, traitors and posers vying to dominate now.

C.C.A. (Corrections Corp. of America), who's partially owned by Wells Fargo -- same corporation that hired the Pinkertons to murder the Western farmers and sheepherders -- has proposed a 250-million/48-state deal to the cash strapped, almost bankrupt states, saying they'll manage their prisons and prisoners, and probably will charge the extras (another income stream for CCA, but it looks cheaper to the states continuing on with it, who no longer have a budget to pay for it, or tax revenues), PROVIDED THEY WILL GUARENTEE CCA A 90% Occupancy Minimum!!!

Understand where they intend to put us 99%? Into jail, to keep their end of the CCA deal, cut their state budget liabilities and expenses, and keep their cushy bureaucratic jobs, their houses, and their gym memberships and cars. They'll make sure they give you jobs (that pay 23 cents an hour, or less) -- or you could be beaten by the prison gangs, spend the rest of your time in solitary, and die broken and alone. That's their plan for you. And they intend to keep us there for life, or until we die ... same difference.

That's why the long sentence ... understand? Now, what are you going TO DO ABOUT IT? If you're in it already, pray, ask God, and keep His counsel to you on the QT ... and move quickly on what He tells you.

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