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Analysis posted May 01 2011, 11:21 PM Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions Source: InformationLiberation Print

Osama Bin Laden Has Been Dead For Years

Chris | InformationLiberation

Now that Osama's dead body is being trotted out to boost Obama's approval ratings, er, because he was just killed in a raid or some nonsense, it's worth taking a look back at the researchers who concluded Osama bin Laden died years ago. David Ray Griffin wrote an entire book about it. Mike Rivero also wrote the article "Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government," where he cited numerous heads of state, CIA agents, intelligence officials, etc. who all concluded Osama has been dead for years.

Here's a run down of some of the evidence detailed in David Ray Griffin's book from an article he wrote in October, 2009.:
Objective Evidence that Bin Laden is Dead

The objective evidence includes the following facts:

First, up until mid-December 13, 2001, the CIA had regularly been intercepting messages between bin Laden and his people. At that time, however, the messages suddenly stopped, and the CIA has never again intercepted a message.

Second, on December 26, 2001, a leading Pakistani newspaper published a story reporting that bin Laden had died in mid-December, adding:
“A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement . . . stated . . . that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial.”
Third, bin Laden had kidney disease. He had been treated for it in the American Hospital in Dubai in July 2001, at which time he reportedly ordered two dialysis machines to take home. If you have ever wondered what bin Laden was doing the night before the 9/11 attacks, CBS News reported that he was being given kidney dialysis treatment in a hospital in Pakistan. And in January of 2001, Dr. Sanjay Gupta said – based on a video of bin Laden that had been made in either late November or early December of 2001 – that he appeared to be in the last stages of kidney failure.

Fourth, In July of 2002, CNN reported that bin Laden’s bodyguards had been captured in February of that year, adding: “Sources believe that if the bodyguards were captured away from bin Laden, it is likely the most-wanted man in the world is dead.”

Fifth, the United States has since 2001 offered a $25 million reward for any information leading to the capture or killing of bin Laden. But this reward offer has produced no such information, even though Pakistan has many desperately poor people, only about half of whom have been supportive of bin Laden.

Testimonial Evidence that Bin Laden Is Dead

In addition to this objective evidence, we had considerable testimony in 2002, from people in position to know, that bin Laden was dead, or probably so. These people included:
• President Musharraf of Pakistan;

• Dale Watson, the head of the FBI’s counterterrorism unit;

• Oliver North, who said: “I'm certain that Osama is dead. . . And so are all the other guys I stay in touch with”;

• President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan;

• Sources within Israeli intelligence, who said that any new messages from bin Laden were “probably fabrications”;

• Sources within Pakistani intelligence, who “confirmed the death of . . . Osama Bin Laden” and “attributed the reasons behind Washington's hiding news on the death of Osama Bin Laden to the desire of the hawks of the American administration to use the issue of al-Qaida and international terrorism to invade Iraq.”
For this reason, perhaps, the stories about the demise of bin Laden largely came to an end in the latter part of 2002, when the United States was gearing up for its attack on Iraq. From then until now, there have been few such stories.

Recently, however, two former intelligence officers have spoken out. In October 2008, former CIA case officer Robert Baer suggested in passing during an interview on National Public Radio that bin Laden was no longer among the living. When Baer was asked about this, he said: “Of course he’s dead.”

In March of 2009, former Foreign Service officer Angelo Codevilla published an essay in the American Spectator entitled “Osama bin Elvis.” Explaining his title, Codevilla wrote: “Seven years after Osama bin Laden's last verifiable appearance among the living, there is more evidence for Elvis's presence among us than for his.”

This is an excellent article, with only one serious flaw. In 2007, Benazir Bhutto, being interviewed by David Frost, referred to Omar Sheikh as “the man who murdered Osama bin Laden.” Codevilla cited this statement as further evidence that bin Laden is dead. But Bhutto had simply misspoken: She had meant to say “the man who murdered Daniel Pearl,” which is the standard way of referring to Omar Sheikh. That she misspoke was shown the next day, when she told CNN: “I don’t think General Musharaf personally knows where Osama bin Laden is.” Ten days later, speaking to NPR, she reported having asked a policeman assigned to guard her house: “Shouldn’t you be looking for Osama bin Laden?” This flaw aside, Codevilla’s article provides good support for his claim that the widespread belief in bin Laden’s continued existence is not backed up by evidence.
The evidence Osama has been dead for years is overwhelming, people have been predicting for years his dead body was going to be trotted out as part of some PR stunt. Absent the presentation of some overwhelmingly compelling evidence to the contrary, it looks like that's what we're witnessing right now.

Update: Another lie exposed: Disposing of Osama's body at sea is NOT in compliance with Islamic law

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Posted: May 04 2011, 11:45 PM

246 All of you people who think this is some big conspiracy theory are just plain silly. First off, asking people to prove that he's been dead for years is as silly as asking people to prove he was just killed.

Citing evidence like all communications stopped on x/x/2001 isn't objective. It proves that all communications stopped on a given date. How does that prove he's dead?

Use your common sense:

1. It's pretty likely he's dead (regardless of when he actually died), because we'd have some serious issues if he was spotted alive.

2. If he died years ago, it's hard to believe that the Bush administration wouldn't have brought it to light and taken credit if it credit was due.

3. The reason for burying him at sea wasn't solely "out of respect for Islam". It's so that there couldn't be a physical shrine. That's not too far fetched.

4. If some newscaster uses the term "virtually 100%" that doesn't mean those are the words the white house used. I think close to 100% is a lot better than there not being a match. If it was said it was a 100% match, you wouldn't believe it anyways.

5. The government can claim whatever it wants and isn't obligated to prove anything. Even if it wanted to, short of showing everyone a body in person, how would it do that?

6. Saying a $25m dollar reward has gone unclaimed isn't objective evidence. It just means it was either unclaimed or it wasn't paid out.


Posted: May 05 2011, 1:32 AM

173150 There is a ton of video footage out there showing everything BUT the body (which would be disrespectful to show a dead person with the side of their face blown off... but I'm sure eventually Obama will be so tired of idiot naysayers making up theories that eventually he will release a photo like he finally had to do with his birth certificate)....and, in spite of all the evidence that shows that this DID just occur, instead people want to believe conspiracy theorists that have NO evidence other then just SAYING he is dead?! Morons! Oh, and THANK YOU to the mother the pointed out your daughter can do a DNA analysis in her high school lab, because we did the same dang thing in my school...that's why if you read the official statement about it they said the DNA was 99% accurate in spite of not using 'more popular' techniques (which in other words means sending it to a fancy lab). Yes, you're a moron to not believe the theory with MORE evidence (which would be the President's account) in favor of one with LESS evidence.
so obvious

Posted: May 05 2011, 10:44 AM

207115 of course he died in 2001. It's not rocket science guys and you definitely don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

Posted: May 05 2011, 10:57 AM

20473 Anonymous - except your IP

Posted: May 07 2011, 2:59 PM

24164 We have compiled a partial list of several problems with the official story of Osama Bin Laden's recent death. There are several other theories and observations that can be made, but we feel the below is a great start to expose this fraud that is being sold to the American people and the world. Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years.

Posted: May 12 2011, 2:35 PM

6779 thats gooooooooooooooood info

Posted: May 17 2011, 1:46 AM

1075 either way...F bin laden
Barack Hussein Obama

Posted: May 25 2011, 2:46 PM

6536 I love Penelope Cruz!<3

Posted: Jun 14 2011, 11:38 PM

2102 yeah there are lots of government paid idiots on here signing on as anonymous to confuse people. going along with the governments (of hidden elites) agenda such as 6412,64210 and the like. denying clear evidence time and time again, thinking all of us are dumbed by watching the dv.
seek for the truth from the interne

Posted: Jun 14 2011, 11:41 PM

2102 yeah there are lots of government paid idiots on here signing on as anonymous to confuse people. going along with the governments (of hidden elites) agenda such as 6412,64210 and the like. denying clear evidence time and time again, thinking all of us are dumbed by watching the
Anonymous 777

Posted: Sep 11 2011, 12:46 PM

686 I agree we need proof. But on the same note, where is the proof that he has been dead for years? Before we make silly statements either way lets review evidence.

We do know he is dead, just not when he was killed. If his recent killing was a hoax why didn't the republicans use it to keep office? They attacked Iraq with no provocation, so a hoax would not be beyond them right? They didn't use it because once he was proved alive they'd be in trouble.
Anonymous 777

Posted: Sep 11 2011, 12:47 PM

686 One thing that DOES sound strange to me is that the team that killed him all died in a helicopter crash
Anonymous 777

Posted: Sep 11 2011, 12:49 PM

686 I'm not a government paid idiot by the way, just a regular private citizen idiot. Want to note that for that anonymous conspiracy smeller lol
Anonymous 777

Posted: Sep 11 2011, 12:50 PM

686 Anonymous 1075 has it right...Either way F Bin Laden

Posted: Sep 11 2011, 1:33 PM

184222 So conveniently Osamas body is diposed of at sea only seen by the SEAL team. Patreus gets nominated as director if the CIA, and now....the SEAL team that caught Osama is dead. COME ON...who really beleives this bad set up?? The SEAL team was either really disposed of because they knew the truth of this bull shit, or, they were made to look dead and now they are CIA or NSA spooks. It's like a cheesy video game.

Posted: Sep 11 2011, 3:19 PM

74235 The CIA was with him when he was on dialysis in the hospital in 2000. If they wanted him dead, they had every opportunity.
Research it, its true.

You'll notice a pattern of repeatedly sending our troops after him...
in the opposite direction of where he was reported to be.

He was hired and trained by THIS country. Everything they say is somehow manipulated for their own convenience.

Who gives a damn if he's dead, or in a cave somewhere.
HE was NOT responsible for 911.
His family was dining with Bush Sr. at the time of 911.
I'm sure they had some kind of agreement to use him as a scapegoat to further their own agenda.

The Bin Laden family was the ONLY family flying on those horrendous days... doesn't that speak volumns?

The Bin Laden family has been financing the Bush family bullshit for the past 30 years to the tune of millions.
THAT should speak volumns.

We need to educate the public, and we need to stand up and take this country back from the assholes who's paychecks come from OUR HARD EARNED MONEY.
If they can't get a real job, they are a danger to all of us.
WE don't get paid for sitting around getting rich at the expense of others, why should they!

Keeping us in a constant state of war and fear is an old tactic.
When we will stand up and say ENOUGH?

The government is NOT your friend, or mine.

Posted: Dec 30 2011, 4:09 PM

69110 Yet Osama Bin Laden out lived statistics for 20 years in a cave in the mountains on the lam? Do all you seriously believe that crap. In case proven studies almost all patient on kidney dialysis lived on 2 years. Only 2 years. Wow was Osama Bin Laden was a walking miracle? Osama Bin Laden was part of the Bush family murderers. Osama had nothing to do with 911 unless Bush and his evil cohorts patsy-ed him up. Proof is when we bombed Iraq did we let up? No. So ask yourself when our supposed enemies had us on our knees wonder why they stopped attacking instead of going all out Jihad on us. Please use common sense we were vulnerable and they gave us a break. No enemy would be that kind, we were not that kind to Iraq when Iraq had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH 911. We bombed the mother of all war bombs. So why would our mortal enemies stop attacking us? Let me guess no more planes in the world, no more bombs in the world? No our leaders only wanted to put fear in the people of the United States that is why in 15 years there has never been another attack, not because they are alert but because our leaders attacked America and murdered our citizens. Further proof fire does not evaporate human flesh. only 2 things known to man will disintegrate, or pulverize human flesh. ONLY 2 THINGS IN THIS WORLD. 1. A MORTUARY CHAMBER THAT TAKES 2-4 HOURS OF 2500 DEGREE HEAT AND NUCLEAR BOMBS. There is absolutely nothing know to man that disintegrates human flesh. Osama Bin Laden had neither of these instruments. All 5,000 bodies evaporated in 12 seconds in the Twin Towers. Fires only burned at most 90 minutes. It would be absolutely impossible for human flesh to pulverize, disintegrate due to a fire. No humans have completely disappeared from the earth due to diesel fire in the history of mankind.

An investigation by ProPublica found that kidney dialysis patients die or require hospitalizations each year because of catastrophic hemorrhages during the procedure, the nonprofit journalism organization reported. In fact, 1 in 5 dialysis patients die in the United States each year; that's nearly twice the mortality rate of other industrialized nations.

In the study of more than 3,500 people with kidney failure, those who underwent dialysis at for-profit dialysis centers were about 20% more likely to die during the study period than those treated at not-for-profit centers. Patients at for-profit centers were also about 26% less likely to be put on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, an operation that can significantly improve quality of life, according to a team of researchers led by Dr. Pushkal Garg of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. The difference in death rates may stem in part from attempts by for-profit facilities to cut costs, Garg and colleagues believe.

Posted: Dec 30 2011, 7:58 PM

69110 We need a group that is unbiased and absolutely not part of the government to watch the watchers.

we need a group of investigators that are not part of any police or military unit that will give a true report.

We need watchers to watch the watchers.

Posted: Dec 31 2011, 5:46 PM

69110 Reply to Anonymous:
Well Anonymous, it don't take a whole lot of intelligence to show proof so here it is. 911 was done by our government, not some stupid Arab on dialysis (that was the new Oswald patsy). Prove this statement wrong. Name one fire anytime in the history of mankind that totally dissolved, disintegrated, pulverized human flesh. No fire on earth has ever blown bodies into disintegration.
IT IS A FACT BODIES WERE DISINTEGRATED ON 911. Now this is a fact only 2 things absolutely known to man will disintegrate human flesh.
1. Crematory burning one body at a time in an enclosed chamber for 2 1/2 to 4 hours at 2500 degrees.
2. Nuclear bomb.
Fact the Twin Towers burned for a total of 90 minutes each. 5,000 bodies of which 2500 were missing or in parts so small to be unidentifiable.
5,000 people pulverized, disappeared, or disintegrated in each tower in 12 seconds per tower.
This is an absolute impossibility with jet fuel or high octane gas of 190 octane. Which will not as of today totally disintegrate human flesh. Proof being that almost all bodies of plane crashes are recovered an identified.
The intelligence of destroying the Twin Towers was of high military intelligence of which some stupid Arab on dialysis in a cave, in a mountain, on the lam could have ever had the technology to do this. Should Osama Bin Laden have had this technology then why when America was on its knees would any sane or insane enemy stop attacking, and having this powerful diesel fuel not hit every major city in America.
Our president Bush and his Vice President Chaney, and out military are the real murderers of U.S. citizens.
No force on earth can prove diesel fuel was the catalyst to disintegrate human flesh. It is an absolute impossibility. Prove me wrong.
Our leaders are satanic evil demons that are in the process of destroying all humans.
TRUTH is the mortal enemy of a lie and rogue governments.

Posted: Nov 05 2012, 3:19 PM

6780 Im just going to point out some interesting facts, just the dots, you come to your own conclusion. Im allergic to lies, it makes me itchy.

Have you ever seen Seal team members go on TV (FOX of all places) and disclose sensitive information? They're trained to withstand torture and interrogation so that they never speak a word of their activities even at the cost of death, they're not gangbangers who brag about their kills. Seal team members are highly disciplined, suddenly a Seal team member is chatty Cathy, it looked like an interview on Oprah, something is not right here.

(Months later 22 of the Seal team members die.)

If you killed Bigfoot would you dispose of the proof? Why tell us at all? A government that is meticulous about evidence gathering would never throw away the body, thats absurdly stupid, makes me itchy. Most of us thought he was dead already. If most of us thought he was dead already then it would mean we didn't believe what we were being told, we were starting to think on our own (cant have that), so they had to own it because it was getting away from them, control. Also provides a small moral victory at the cost of Obama's judgement, the Seals couldn't break the news so Obama had to be the one to do it because everyone is quick to defend and forgive him. Perfect. If the Seals came out and said it would have been highly unusual, if Obama does it then they can chalk it up to the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, sop.

Do you really think a government would allow its own officials to tarnish the image and mental judgement of its own leader? At a time like this? Thats weakness, that doesn't happen on its own, Obama did not text message the press at a whim to go on TV because he couldn't contain his excitement, presidents do not make mistakes, they have the brightest minds plan out every detail, every subtle nuance right down to being self-conscious about micro-expressions. Obama does what he is told. He is the perfect figure head, racially experimental.

The funding behind this makes me itchy. The videos that suddenly sprang up with intelligence officers and various figures in government expressing their anger and disappointment in Obama for disclosing sensitive information. They went all out to make me believe that these people are genuinely angry about this farce that never actually took place, OBL has been dead for years. Its reinforced propaganda. It has CIA written all over it, the speed at which it all unfolded is indicative that it was planned with military precision, step by step implementation. It makes you think to yourself "Maybe he wasn't dead for years, otherwise why would all these people be so angry?" Thats its design, its purpose. The incompetence falls on Obama in this scenario, everyone blames him (thats okay, who cares, he can't exactly get fired) while simultaneously showing you that the government/military is still doing its job and concerned about your wellbeing and safety, we're taking our this serious! Don't leak info! Ok, why tell the people? Tell Obama! They're telling *YOU* (we are the focus, a big put-on) making an ass out of themselves in the process. To other countries we look like we're in disarray and unorganized. Imo this whole scheme was a mistake and unnecessary, these rich and powerful figures are so disconnected with the rest of us that they don't realize most people don't care, its sad but true, they're too preoccupied with the new iPhone and Steve's death. I have to wonder, why was it so important to let us know OBL was dead all of a sudden? It didn't help Obama, it divided people, it didn't do anything except raise eyebrows. Tying up loose ends somewhere, emergency clean up of some sort, something had them spooked and they took precautionary measures.

(There is already a movie about Seal team 6 and the downfall of the mastermind terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Got to make a movie about it, never pass up a chance at propaganda.)

What do you actually know about OBL? All we know is what we've been told, I've never heard him say anything that really defined his character, all I know is what the news told me, year after year, same old story forced down your throat, thats brainwashing. That infamous video of him sitting down speaking of America, ok. It is out of context imo, you could take parts of what I wrote right here and use it to make me sound fanatical. All I truly believe for certain is that he is from a wealthy family, he was trained by CIA, was friends with the Bush family leading right up to 9/11.

*IF* OBL was this terrorist leader with immense power and charisma then it occurs to me he would have made more videos expressing his fanatical views taking credit for deeds showing you that he is in fact alive and still fighting. He took town two towers and killed thousands then he just vanished, a ghost. It is likely he has been dead for years, OBL the man (whoever he really is) and OBL the maniac sociopath presented to us on TV are two different people, one of them I don't know anything about and the other one is very carefully crafted, repetitive bombardment of TERROR, nothing else. It feels like I heard tons about him but really its just the same thing over and over and over. Thats brainwashing. Its safe to say he served some purpose and from all this we can deduce OBL the terrorist isn't real at all, he is too perfectly crafted, the terrorist image of OBL was created by the CIA. To swallow everything you're being told without questioning it is an act of submission, you've lost already.

None of the puzzle pieces fit, everything I've said is common sense and logic, it cannot be torn apart or cross examined or trumped. It is what they themselves claimed.
Comments 41 - 60 of 64 < Page of 4 >

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