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Article posted Mar 01 2011, 8:28 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: WXYZ Print

Forfeiture Abuse: Cops Caught on Tape Discussing What Property to Steal from House

"They based the search on an anonymous tip and a marijuana stem they said they found in his garbage."

LANSING (WXYZ) - An Action News investigation is breaking new ground after two state police officers have been criminally charged.

Lt. Luke Davis, Lt.. Emmanuel Riopelle and Monroe County resident Lawrence Dusseau face dozens of charges. Davis headed the undercover narcotics unit that operated out of a non-descript house in Monroe County. The indictment alleges he and the others sold off drugs and confiscated goods for their own profit.

The Action News Investigators have exclusive audio reportedly of the rogue cops caught on tape during a drug raid. The audio comes from a local man, Rudy Simpson, alleging heavy handed and unprofessional police tactics. Simpson says he was a victim of these tactics in a drug raid on his home.

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Posted: Mar 02 2011, 6:01 AM

some are mad, some are made mad, some are mad this is being happened

by official account, the synthetic guardians of the empire at the guardian that is; <in the case of juveniles. "The best study we have on the effect of prison," says Sherman, "suggests that the first time an offender goes to prison it triples his offending rate, so the advantage of [termporary] incapacitation is quickly lost.">

society is a prison which creates an asylum. to enforce acceptance of this altered state physical prisons are required that the hegel creates denial of self. as a masterplan (22) it is 'bloody good business' and historically bloody it has been.

flattening the layers

it (the altered states) is a crime factory all round, this is so if you swap police (organised harrassment) with those they (harrass). there is a solution in there somewhere i suggest.

pre-emptive strikes (thoughtcrime)

this is all being twisted, truth as propaganda, as in 'rather than all of you thinking we will be the thought police that you don't and arrest those that know or otherwise threaten the prison, do not deny the prison and recognise / act on reality (insurgent). 'resistance is futile' is the blag, never has this been so.

fake guardian dialectic break down

hi tavistock, sorry guys, pesky blighters you may be but it isn't for me whether the model is wrong or the programming wrong [that control is failing], it all is wrong/nuts/blag of course. push too hard and i will stand back while you feast on each other. as a ps, no you can't have it, life says that (as you should know) and i throw in my vote which goes to the same.

Posted: Mar 02 2011, 6:19 AM

following the script (fake leadership)

<Forfeiture Abuse: Cops Caught on Tape Discussing What Property to Steal from House>

this was 1984 Pace Act in blighty, the legal muffins went to decriminalise wholesale theft of life and property by faking legitimacy for the same (what was already being done in the business). this with a switch from physical control (beatings etc) to psychological assault (which is of course part of the physical but with greater penetration and persistance (injurious).

if you are beating people up as a card carrying member of the party or as someone just out there with life difficulties, there seems to be an implicit suggestion from life that you should talk to each other. i specifically do not refer to 'PACT', the fake consultancy (dictator/delphi style) under the auspices of 'community policing'. that would be a lie.

i walked into a police station a few days ago and read all the notices. some very nice sales lines but as the 's*t is hitting the fan' my romantic views are on compulsory indefinite leave and i read the last line first. it goes something like 'if you have any complaints, please go to your local police station'. in woody allen terms this con is called 'shall i report to the furnace' (occult mafia flame), in crown terms this is called meeting 'extreme prejudice', in their crown courts it is called just_ice but the sting will you tell you have just been raped with more to come.
in plato terms it was 'who will polis the polis' (fooled you all). i have a few choice words of my own but i figure we all have and with different unlife experiences, for different reasons.

Posted: Mar 02 2011, 6:36 AM

pyramid scams/ mirror systems

i perhaps should mention something on a group of salivating **** known officially as 'lawyers'. i don't see it so much about 'control', they are given vast sums of money to practition the con. that money represents 'freedom in the prison', an easy life. that they follow it is concurrent with being human in a world that is designed to prevent it.

society is based on profit and loss, the design to disguise what it is, what is required for its maintenance and when all else fails for the deployment of force. this force when noticed is sometimes called war, asymmetric war. there is a catch as the system which enslaves is the provider, that is also a release as it tells us that if we don't think about what we are actually doing we could be fighting each other simply because we didn't think.

Posted: Mar 03 2011, 4:50 AM

altered states

i was using a biro at the library and noticed the ink filament had been died the colour of the ink. this brings new meaning to the term 'my glass is half full' as it was a case of 'my pen appears full' when it is completely unknown. these things are sent to try and deceive us, people are noticing these things and determining who and why they were sent.

i wanted to post a bit more on unlife and the multiverse, particarly in relation to meta prephysics that the programming is visible even when it isn't. meta prephysics, salesmanship tavistock style if you will, a distinct possibility of humanity not being dominated if you don't.

there are attempts to compartmentalise people on an individual basis, plugged in by a range of means, most visible when via a remote device. this is perhaps taking plato's cave to the limit of the argument.

Posted: Mar 03 2011, 4:59 AM

spitting images

the 'security' apparatus presented in near human form at tescos was a case in point, whe was a walking spitting pre-emptive strike. this was represented on tv in a series called sptting images, puppets representing the visible players spitting their venom.

the pod people - one person one cave

there is an explicit meta prephysical example at exeter shopping guildhall. it is a statue marking where once stood the magi)strates court and plato's polis shop. now stands a statue entitled 'looking forward' by Peter Thursby. The statue was commissioned by exeter city council to commemorate the queen's silver jubilee in 1977, the found stone of the site laid in 1337. i quote:

<it depicts a 'podman', who appeared in a series of peter's sculptures during the 1970s. the podmen were 'little men on scaffolding constructing buildings. they appeared to be framed in boxes, like peas in a pod.' - peter thursby - fellow of the royal british society of sculptors.>

the brand 'royal' was expected and it was referenced more than once with a mention also for 'queen victoria'.

prison franchise

<The British Empire has advanced to a new conception of autonomy and freedom, to the idea of a system of British nations, each freely ordering its own individual life, but bound together in unity by allegiance to one Crown, and co-operating in all that concerns the common weal. - duke of york 1927>

in '1984' this was expressed as 'freedom is slavery'. to quote 1984 directly:

<the two aims of the party are to conquer the whole surface of the earth and to extinguish once and for all the possibility of independant thought.>

Posted: Mar 03 2011, 5:06 AM

i can't fault tavistock on trying, they have and they are. it is like the surface of the earth is covered by goo bubbles, you stick them with a pin and nothing bursts and the slave mason bees go round filling the cracks. filling the cracks includes covering up thing that obviously happened but officially didn't happen on account of the benefit to all that could materiallise along with the truth.

i quickly skimmed through a book at the library, i think something like 'the grand design'. in it there is quite some magic, re-writing reality done and dusted if one is to believe what is said.

philosophy is dead it tells us, it is now all physics and an array of competing theoretical physical beliefs are presented. we are told this by a professor and editors. i interpret that as guff though defer to thoreau in this instance:

'there are now-a-days professors of philosophy but not philosophers' - thoreau

there speaks a philospher.

more than once upon a space-time were philosophers and physicists. it would seem tavistock in each instance has attempted to render a fake substitute.

Posted: Mar 03 2011, 5:12 AM

it is entirely natural and what senses do for humankind to connect and interact with the environment, exploring territory and using appropriate measures when something nasty is encountered. with ipods, computers, tvs, implants, a whole range of devices have esoteric and exoteric functions, the esoteric being clandestine, political and life destructive. thus madness is officially normal, sense is dysfunciton and never the twain shall meet. assaulting as many senses as possible is tavistock stock in trade, a trade where business is life and life is death.

we are demerging from the last 'new age'. AD, anno domini being 'in the year of our lord'. year? a new financial year each year and it has spanned over two milleniums. QE2 might have had an annus horribillis in 1992, the absurd plight of humankind is something else though all too often related.

thus it is despite all the weather i have seen in britain when i pass tescos and meet the staff it is not 'shall i compare thee to a summers day'. thou art something else.

Posted: Mar 03 2011, 6:28 AM

gamekeepers and game

i found myself walking behind a new control layer yesterday, it said on the chap's back 'civilian enforcement officer' so i am expected to believe this creation. he is in black and white uniform issuing parking tickets. the mouse in the wheel is taxed if it stops and taxed if it moves if not taxed to death. i see him as a roman soldier, he is the equivalent of the embassadors in atlanta except america is run as a plantation so the presentation is different.

to complete the picture, i am homeless, overtly so with worn out clothes and rucksack. the roman soldier is in reality (realisable truth) causing collossal sabotage and injury, a medieval thumbscrew comes to mind but, and a significant but; he like everyone else needs a pinch of salt.

i felt something should be said, i didn't know what but he stopped and turned around so i says to him 'if you find a fifty pound note on the street, it is mine'. i had seen him before, the wild mad eyes (the authority look) as he was issuing tickets. this time his response was a smile, one of those lights all on ear to ear smiles. for a moment there was humanity all round, no costumes, theatre and pretending.

it is likely humanity only escaped for a minute or two. tavistock have turned the world into a theatre, human flesh and hybrids into puppets. a game is being played on people, i think it helps to consciously say so that we distinguish what is real, what is made real that shouldn't be and armed with such distinctions people have their own navigation back in use.

Posted: Mar 09 2011, 1:20 AM

71166 Being very emotional and hating injustice, I wonder why the system we count on for justice are making horrible laws that are unfair. Seems we are more fascist then ever, a police state for sure. God help us. Where is the checks and balances? Why are our leaders asleep while being paid better than ever. God help us, please...
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