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Article posted Feb 16 2011, 8:58 PM Category: Commentary Source: Abolish the Cops Print

55 Reasons to Abolish the Police

by Andy Wright

With so much vicious police brutality today I thought I would jot down some reasons why I think we would be better off without the cops.

Some people believe cops are necessary. They think they serve and protect the people and most cops are good aside from a few bad apples. Many think cops are a necessary evil and are convinced that if there were no cops there would be chaos. With nearly everything being illegal today and militarized cops abusing, brutalizing, electrocuting, imprisoning, shooting or killing all those who do not comply with hundreds of thousands if not millions of laws, that is what I call chaos.

1. COPS ARE ABOVE THE LAW People say that some cops think they are above the law. This is not true. All cops know they are above the law. When you see brutality by the cops ask yourself what would happen if someone without a badge did the same crime. You will see that hardly and punishment or costs are ever brought against a cop. They know there is next to no punishment for them and with their buddies always ready to cover for them they literally get away with theft, vicious assaults, torture and murder. Then it is the people who are forced to pay the cop’s victim’s restitution.

2. COPS CAN KIDNAP THEIR VICTIMS They beat, tazer, spray chemicals on and then arrest their victims. Then they charge them with disorderly conduct, disobeying a lawful order or the mysteriously lone charge of resisting arrest without violence. Catch all charges for anyone who disobeys their barking orders. Arrest is a punishment and the cops use it as such. They are the judge, jury and executioner. If someone does not bow down to them immediately they quickly threaten them with arrest.

Arrest is violence against you and as you will see there is no “innocent until proven guilty”. Lets take a closer look at this punishment. Let’s say you do not comply with a cop’s demands to show your ID. He arrests and charges you with disobeying a lawful order. Without resisting you get physically manhandled, chained and pushed into a cage in the back of a car. If you did this to someone, you would be guilty of kidnapping.   Then you arrive at their building of cages with indented and bruised wrists because they made you sit on your chained hands in their cramped carcage. Then you are fingerprinted photographed and given a permanent criminal record.  Once they have finished branding you, you are then put in another cage with other victims and real violent criminals. If you honor your bond but cannot afford their extortion demands or they do not even offer you a fee for your freedom, they again chain you up, take you to a private room where you are humiliated, stripped naked, felt up, and forced to spread your butt cheeks while a gloved cop searches your every orifice (this is considered molestation if not rape in nearly every country in the world). Then they watch you shower, spray you with delousing chemicals and put you in a huge glass cage of smaller cages with hundreds of violent criminals from the streets and career criminals from prisons all over the country where 1 in 20 inmates are raped. This is where you will stay until you can pay their fee to be released. And this is just the local jail. You have not even been found guilty of anything yet. If the charges against you are dropped, which most are, and you are released, nothing is ever done to the bullies with the badges that harassed, abused, kidnapped, caged, molested and forced you to live among rapists and other violent criminals. And, you now have a criminal record that costs a fortune to expunge. If you resist this attack, they will beat or torture you with electrocution; if you defend yourself they will hospitalize you, and if you defend yourself with a gun, they will shoot you down and murder you.
3. COPS ARE MILITARIZED Flat tops, sunglasses, body armor, hand guns, shot guns, rifles, pepper spray, tazers and tanks. Cops are more worried about how to get the next weapon against us then they are about protecting anyone.  They refer to us as “civilians” as if we are in a war zone.

4. WE ARE THEIR ENEMIES Cops are trained to treat all people as a threat. In their eyes that makes us their enemy.

5. COPS DO NOT KEEP US SAFE This myth gives people a false sense of security. They not only cannot protect you they have no obligation to. See Warren vs DC.

6. COP’S JOBS ARE TO HARASS AND TAX THE PEOPLE They drive around and hide all day pulling people over and collecting money needed to support the government that pays them. The people they tax in this manner have hurt no one. It does not serve public safety to keep drivers controlled and in fear. They are revenue generators. They chase people down with their guns and demand money.

7. COPS DO NOT PREVENT CRIME People think we need cops to keep gangs from taking over. If that were true then we would not have constantly increasing gang memberships, 50,000 a year over the last decade. The cops are really nothing more than a street gang with badges. Creating a violent street gang to deal with street gangs obviously doesn’t work.


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Posted: Feb 17 2011, 5:03 AM

it is natural for people to help one another. i have observed people with unpatterned minds, young children, people who are not destroyed by school e.g. dyslexics and it tells me time and again that human nature is unlikely to hurt you unless it is itself hurt.

if people want to have a prison, an imposed society, then the more it achieves the more it protects itself. those taught the true operation of politics are told that to have a society requires a senior policeman, in essence a lord of war, on tv they have called this 'the general'.

a secret society in uniform was fairly unique in the case of the police though there are many now in uniform, in britain and america a plethora of public antagonists in occult uniforms. in order to psychologically survive the self hate that goes with abandoning humanity it is projected onto the prey.

Posted: Feb 17 2011, 6:02 AM

society is permanent war for the duration of society. in britain the government has run out of things to steal, the money people have is being harvested back just as some parasites kill their host. the 'police' therefore are defending death for what they are defending is already over.

the police come to know they are (for the posturing monopoly of power) the law, the court nonsense is referred to as 'the game'. it is a game but with the lives of us all and to the loss of us all. i met enough people in the system to know they know this but in the main they are weak people chosen for that reason.

what is called 'the police' is uniforms stuffed with all manner of different operatives depending on what impression suits the moment. they have an impossible task as they are defending a prison company when the people are being increasingly deprived of the means to spend. that is protection destruction. society has not yet survived conquest, once theft has reached diminishing returns external wars cannot be maintained and war goes internal. police are the visible front line, their business always was predatory.

Posted: Feb 17 2011, 6:15 AM

i went round to visit 'the company' very recently, the big business stuff, what the structure is all about. they all looked terrified seeing me there, terrified because they have always known what they are up to but didn't have to admit it to a population they had made ignorant of their own lives. they knew i knew what they were up to, what they were really doing, what the names meant and they were scared. i wasn't there in anger or to attack them, i had simply walked behind the illusionary constructs that are presented to people. the danger as i see it is their fears, everyone's fears. if we fear what we don't know we can go find out. that changes things as many people will be wanting to help right now irrespective of where they are labelled or not in 'society'.

viewing life as a computer program it is not too difficult to project how things go and in that mode people would be killed on mass. that would have happened some time ago but people do have conscience and consciousness. humanity lives, not in one name but from my experience in us all.

Posted: Feb 17 2011, 7:09 AM

i was reading time magazine which seems to be congratulations focus for some of the greatest cons. i read it at the library yesterday, the story was that the collective oligarchy had and were working on computer systems that would surpass supercede.

i then read the internet today, facebook, google, a whole plethora of counter intelligence fronts seen as they are. twitter a classic british con, they were i read going to take it further in creating group movements by have a site just based on the waves. by intention people are disconnected from life and wired to the matrix, mass movements are created by installing data into people's heads that they adopt as their own. it can be as simple as a sports team, a tragedy but it is latent code which can be used as a hack for more programming.

some people have followed the money behind websites which are counter intel constructs, google started near to where i lived as it happens. conspiracy was evidenced beyond reasonable doubt. at the same time wikileaks was being seen as a psyops, today i saw it labelled as 'cognitive infiltration', ie attempting to disrupt people from figuring out what is going on or to prevent it from spreading.

whilst there is a war of monopoly against humanity, a military project like the public internet which is continuously attacked by the company and their police has really activated cognition, is breaking down the dissonance. humankind has barely got up to speed and it is seeing the patterns that have been ignored for so long.

if there was competition, there are very powerful computers on the net, every pc by design works for the state but i don't see signs of intelligent life emerging from within the oligarchy, synthetic or real. the need for humankind to wake up is with us, it is happening. this will not be in the headlines though if you monitor the computer media you will see the system fighting what really is happening. like governments, everything is denied, denied by distraction, by attack, outright denied and then there is life after government.
Kaine Head

Posted: Mar 25 2011, 2:31 PM

6425 fuck the pigs!

Posted: Mar 27 2011, 7:15 PM

6844 You, Sir, are a Douche.
Recco Lee

Posted: Jun 19 2012, 4:25 AM

166216 This is how I feel I can't stand them!!! I had had a run in with a shreiff he sent me some WhitePower email lol, he tired to get me threaten him online so he send. his cop. buddies. to get me. I just told stop hiding behind your badge come see me cuz " I can show you better than I can tell you" Lmao He still remember when I knocked him out years before.

Posted: Mar 14 2014, 1:17 PM

76180 I don't believe we should completely abolish police, but we should severely restrict their size & power. Police should be called only as a last resort. We should institute a system of neighborhood watches. Also, it may be time to develop some form of heavily armed, CDF/"Civilian Defense Force", to combat poplice aggression & criminal activity like assault, theft, kidnapping, rape, murder, etc. CDF would have ultimate power to fire, arrest, convict & imprison all police under it's jurisdiction. I don't believe that police deserve or require a trial in most cases. Their crimes or often well documented w/no denial & no question of guilt. Many of their crimes or videotaped, admitted to, witnessed, formally reported, etc. Why does anyone need a trial to determine guilt, for someone who has committed a crime in front of witnesses, (sometimes dozens or even hundreds) admitted it, doesn't deny it, filled out reports about it, video taped it, etc. In certain/most (but not all) cases, police should receive only a sentencing hearing. The American people have a right to justice. They have a right not & some would argue even a duty/obligation to defend themselves & others from criminal activity. It matters not if the criminals are wearing a uniform.

Posted: Mar 14 2014, 8:57 PM

10842 @76180, which utopia did you fall from? (You'll have to forgive my being so abrupt - dave failed to program diplomacy into me). But, while you're: "I believe"-[ing]...have you ever stopped to consider that, perhaps, what you (claim to) "believe," are merely someone else's ideals, which have been instilled into you? I'm only asking for the reason, that I've read your comment many times, only, it was written by various people, not only you.

Posted: Apr 10 2014, 12:04 AM

20314 Absolute idiots. You need police officers for society to function, without police forces what do you think will stop the criminals of today? What do you think will stop murderers, rapists and robbers from doing what they do? What do you think will happen when you're sleeping at night and you wake up to a window smashing downstairs? Are you going to risk your life to defend your family? What if you're too late?

There are sick people in this world and without the police there is nobody to stop them, getting rid of the police is like giving criminals and psychopaths a free ticket to do what they want.

Police brutality is a ridiculous statement to make, the majority of accusations toward police are from people who deserve the "brutality".
Maybe if people stopped breaking the LAW, less police would show signs of "brutality".
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