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Analysis posted Feb 07 2011, 8:39 PM Category: Resistance Source: InformationLiberation Print

Is This the Best Lawmaker of All Time?

Chris | InformationLiberation

Ga. Lawmaker Proposes Doing Away With Driver's Licenses
ATLANTA -- A state lawmaker from Marietta is sponsoring a bill that seeks to do away with Georgia driver's licenses.

State Rep. Bobby Franklin, R-Marietta, has filed House Bill 7, calling it the "Right to Travel Act."

In his bill, Franklin states, "Free people have a common law and constitutional right to travel on the roads and highways that are provided by their government for that purpose. Licensing of drivers cannot be required of free people, because taking on the restrictions of a license requires the surrender of an inalienable right."

Franklin told CBS Atlanta News that driver's licenses are a throw back to oppressive times. “Agents of the state demanding your papers," he said. "We’re getting that way here.”

CBS Atlanta's Rebekka Schramm asked Franklin, “How are we going to keep up with who’s who and who’s on the roads and who’s not supposed to be on the roads?”

“That’s a great question," Franklin said. "And I would have to answer that with a question, ‘Why do you need to know who’s who?’”

“What about 12-14-year-olds who want to drive? What would stop them?" Schramm asked.

“Well, what’s stopping them now anyway?” Franklin answered.
Franklin is also behind a bill to legalize gold and silver as currency!
Franklin’s name is on the first 21 bills of the legislative session, including one that would require the exclusive use of gold and silver as tender in payment of debts by or to the state, as required in the Georgia Constitution.

“Can the state really pay in gold and silver?” Schramm asked.

“Sure, and they can write checks on it," Franklin said. "They can use a debit card as long as what’s denominated behind it is gold and silver.”
But wait, there's more!
Franklin is also behind House Bill 11, which would repeal the authority of the governor to issue mandatory vaccination orders. “I’m a firm believer that no person should be subjected to an invasive medical procedure without their consent,” he said.

“Have you ever had critics say, ‘Look, some of these bills are a waste of paper?’” Schramm asked.

“I can’t speak for what other people think," Franklin said. "I just know I took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”
As is to be expected, statist idiots who think life couldn't go on for one moment without the state micromanaging every aspect of our lives are all in a tizzy over the thought of living in a free society. The assumption is, "if the government doesn't violently enforce civility, then who will?"

Well, besides that being a contradiction on it's face, free people are capable of determining what's in their own best interests. As to a 12-year-old being allowed to drive a car, I'd rather a 12-year-old driving around than some 90-year-old senile person, but I don't see them in a tizzy over that. Besides, the likelihood of someone trusting their car to a child, who would likely have insanely high insurance premiums, is not very probable.

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Posted: Feb 07 2011, 10:59 PM

what a great guy

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 1:43 AM

9952 This is good stuff.

What a real patriot!

By the way, while you are at it why not abolish mandatory auto insurance like the free state of New Hampshire??

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 3:53 AM

76222 The main objection I would have to removing the idea of mandatory vaccination is simple, high population density coupled with a lack of vaccination leads to a strong potential of epidemics. Mandatory vaccinations would have to be government funded but it would mean that we can keep diseases manageable, especially given that some people can't receive vaccinations due to medical reasons. Personal freedom is key, however your personal freedom doesn't give you the right to endanger those around you.

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 4:35 AM

6761 I'd prefer to see him drop liability insurance first. WRT vax, fine, don't force vaccinations, OTOH, it should be perfectly legal to insist that non-VAXers are Quarantined

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 4:43 AM

7278 Finally the good men start to rise! Evil prevails when good men fail to act, so all you sitting at your computers reading this go get out and defend our rights. If you don't constantly defend them you will lose them and currently are losing them!

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 4:58 AM

<The main objection I would have to removing the idea of mandatory vaccination ...>

circular logic

<Is This the Best Lawmaker of All Time?>

erm. plato was kind of explicit in setting out publicly the power game which logically dispensed with the notion of a 'good cop'.

a couple of kidnaps ago a black and white was wanting to read me some words. i wasn't interested. he said 'but these are your rights'. i said in reply 'it is not for you to tell me what my my rights are'. by intention i was stating what was most relevant and true. no opposing argument was presented.

a key way to win an argument in power politics with minimal risk is to own both sides. if mr franklin (white square) has his own mind he will perhaps know this. plato even mentioned how it is often advantageous to offer 'victory' to the weaker side.

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 7:24 AM

the crown (tm consolidated mafia acknowledged) have imported to blighty the holding of shop adverts in the towns. i went up to one today and said 'that has got to be the most boring job on earth'. this was acknowledged. i asked 'how much do they pay you?' the chap said '£4 an hour'. i said 'but that is below the minimum wage, £5.25 per hour'. he said 'yes but i am under 18'. i said 'that would be child abuse then'. i went off and checked and this had been made a matter of law, child abuse was legal. this from the british scriptwriters of words going round robbin through europe and the eu bank that would own it from behind the scenes. sold to the public on free trade, free travel and if i remember rightly no discrimination, that really wouldn't be pc. the advert in question was 'subway', the bread part of 'bread and circuses' and from the up down arrows in the log it is an occult mafia enterprise as is the law.

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 11:23 AM

174130 I absolutely love this guy! I wish we had more lawmakers like him....people who actually take their oath seriously.

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 12:01 PM

15939 To 7278. How exactly do you propose the average person go out and defend his rights? Besides talking to your friends and neighbors to re-educate them?

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 12:05 PM

75146 Why would a driver's license stop a 12 year old from driving a car? It doesn't. That's a parent responsibility.That's missing the point. The point is that the state doesn't need to know who is on the road. But if we must have driver's licenses then let the insurance agencies issue them.

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 2:02 PM

71105 I think a license should be required to drive but instead of the DMV you would have non gov't body. For example, doctors are licensed by the National Board of Medical Examiners which is an independent nonprofit organization

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 5:02 PM

173239 OK, so let's follow this then...why should the state be able to tell anyone to do anything? Why shouldn't I be able to drive after I've had a few drinks, and I don't wanna put my infant in a car seat or wear a seat belt for that matter, and there really shouldn't be a drinking age, I mean if a 18 year old wants to go out and get a couple beers why shouldn't he be able to if his parents don't care and who is the state to say that he can't drive.
But really, since you are talking about rights, don't the rest of us have a right to be protected from idiots? Why should I get killed in a car accident with some a-hole who doesn't have a license and has no clue about the rules or is drunk or is 15 and racing down the street with his buddies, and oh yeah how come we have to have a speed limit, I should be able to drive as fast as I want all the time. Screw school zones, it'll just make kids learn to run faster, and eliminate the ones too fat to cross the street fast enough....

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 5:34 PM

20674 Most of the laws imposed on us result in our having to pay money to acquire whatever "right" we are seeking, such as driver's license, car insurance, marriage license, and on and on. The main reason for most of the laws is that it is a cash cow for government and states. For example, they take our money, build roads with it, then charge us more money to drive on the road that we already paid for. Don't you just love their logic!

Posted: Feb 08 2011, 6:26 PM

24147 OK, let's follow this: It appears 173239 dosn't know whats right and moral and what is just plain stupidity and wrong. Just because there is no law making mandatory obligation of the people dosn't mean you have free raine to do what ever you proclaim is your right. You don't steal from someone because there is no law stating you can't. You don't steal because you know it is'nt the right thing to do and you don't want someone to do it to you. Only an complete brainless idiot would drive in a school zone like a raving lunitic because there is no law saying they can't. An education does not only consist of reading, rightin and rithmatic, it also consist of being obligated to the wellbeing of your fellow man, making sure he/she is as safe in thier life as you would want to be in your own. If you go driving through a school zone and kill a child because of low IQ and no moral upbringing by responsible parents, then the people would have to take it to their own hands. If I had my way I'd cut of both your hands and feet and then say "your free to go now" hope you don't do it again, if you can. And, by the way, you get no support from the people or the state, your now on your own. Have a nice day.

Posted: Feb 09 2011, 9:47 PM

147153 i definitely agree that he is trying to pass laws rather than just blatantly opposing them, so for that i am proud of him, the thing i think would be missing if you were to get rid of drivers licenses if any means of controlling what people do on the roads, if you take away any means of identifying the person who is driving 90 in a neighborhood you run into some issues. Also a gold standard is stupid, because there are products that are worth money other than gold and silver, we have known this for a long time which is why we haven't had a gold standard anymore, it is not practical. Finally the vaccinations thing. Vaccinations are not and will never be an 'invasive medical procedure' at worst your arm is sore for a day or two, invasive is something like surgery where there will be a recovery time that actually prevents you from living your normal life. Second on the vaccinations, its been said before high population density without disease control (eg. vaccination) is a bad plan. beyond those two things however your welcome to not get vaccinated, and die, from whatever diseases you choose to, doesn't make a bit of difference to me.

Posted: Feb 10 2011, 3:18 PM

97121 "Vaccinations are not and will never be an 'invasive medical procedure' ."

Unbelievable! I guess the brainwashing is complete. When you jab a needle into someone's arm and inject a foreign substance that is, at best 30 to 40 percent effective, at best, at preventing disease, and do it without the person's consent that is the definition of an invasive medical procedure. Are you Mad?

If you have had your miracle vaccination what does it matter to you if some one hasn't been vaccinated, you're protected, right?

Driver's license: As it stands in virtually all (Corporate) states only "driver's" are required to have a license. A driver is one who uses the public roads for profit: commercial truck drivers, bus drivers etc. I won't go into why "Driver's" is possessive.

"But really, since you are talking about rights, don't the rest of us have a right to be protected from idiots?"

You have no such right. You have a right to redress but government can not and will not protect you from the hazards of life.

Some of these comments are from the minds of statist imbeciles. You have been convinced that only the state can codify and enforce moral behavior. The state is a parasite, a murderer, a thief, a slave master, a band of criminals and you want to give it free rein? May your chains rest lightly on your prostrate and broken back.

Posted: Feb 26 2011, 10:05 PM

67165 Ok, while these ideas maybe good, this is the same guy who wants to create an investigative unit to determin if miscarriages are natural or not. If the pregnant woman can;t prove her miscarriage was natural, the woman could face felony charges. Because "the bible says abortion is capital offense."
Also his lowly views and legislation on women who were raped leaves alot to be desried.
Lets not paint him as the best lawmaker just yet.

Posted: Nov 24 2011, 5:22 PM

711 24147- Not everyone is reasonable. There are 18 comments here and no two are alike. If there were a single rational way to act without restrictions, laws or government, these comments would all agree.

I don't know this lawmaker other than this article and have not conducted outside research to reaffirm the information stated in the article above. Assuming the article is acurate, my opinion is as follows:

1. A drunk driver has his right to drive revoked for abuse of the priviledge and manslaughter of civilian(s). How is he identified? The letters "DD" for 'drunk driver' Hester Prinn style? Would his right to drive even be revoked? How are citizens identified?

2. Gold/Silver standard cannot be instituted by a state. Federal Reserve mandates currency value.

3. Mandatory vaccines halted Polio. Without them, statistically, one or two commenters on this article would have been affected by it.

Personally I find the entertainment of these new laws ridiculous. There are far more pressing matters facing the United States than deconstructing useful laws.
Comments 1 - 18 of 18 Page 1 of 1

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