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Article posted Feb 02 2011, 1:08 AM Category: Commentary Source: William Norman Grigg Print

Saviors in Uniform?

by William Norman Grigg

"The army is all good men but the police, every policeman is bad," explained Egyptian demonstrator Mustafa Abdel Wahab to Time magazine. Mr. Wahab is as tragically mistaken in the first assessment as he is correct in the second.

In Egypt -- as is the case nearly everywhere else -- the police and army are what Alexander Hamilton called "correspondent appendages of military establishments." Not every individual soldier or policeman is exceptionally depraved, of course. But the institutional purpose of such establishments is to serve the depraved interests of those who control the State. This is why, as Hamilton pointed out, military bodies (which include police agencies) "have a tendency to destroy ... civil and political rights." Decades of "emergency" rule in Egypt have destroyed whatever trivial substantive differences may once have separated the police from the military.

In the late summer of 1994 I spent a couple of weeks in Cairo covering a United Nations conference on population control. That event attracted thousands of people -- politicians, delegates, lobbyists, activists, and journalists -- from around the world. In anticipation of media scrutiny the Mubarak regime made a considerable effort to prettify itself. The cosmetic changes included issuing brand new white uniforms to the heavily-armed police officers who were deployed in small groups everywhere in downtown Cairo.

I remained in Cairo for a few days after the conference ended. It was my expectation that the departure of the Important People would bring about a change in the security situation. In a sense, I was correct: The white uniforms were put away, and the heavily-armed police who prowled the streets reverted to their standard military attire. Like other visitors, I had assumed that the high-profile police presence was the exception, rather than the rule. We were wrong.

The ongoing upheaval in Egypt offers a potent illustration of the fact that government police agencies are instruments of plunder, rather than protection -- and that protection of person and property is best handled privately.

When they weren't beating people in the streets or hauling them off to be murdered, plainclothes thugs from Egypt's Central Security Service (or Mukhabarat) brazenly looted private businesses or provided protection to those who did -- deputized criminals referred to by one protester on the scene as "prisoners who have been released by that bastard Mubarak in return for their services to beat up civilians." Egyptians not employed in the coercive sector responded by creating private anti-looting patrols.

Public loathing of the government's police force is widespread in Egypt, which is a healthy development in any society. However, as Mr. Wahab's comments illustrate, the growing disrepute of Egypt's police organs organs has actually enhanced the stature of the military.

Writes Steve Coll of The New Yorker: "There have been reports that protesters are relieved to see the Army in the streets; no doubt, as in many other like countries, the Army has more credibility than the corrupt and often torture-prone police."

For 31 years, Hosni Mubarak has been a CIA sock puppet ruling through decree while maintaining a pretense of "legitimacy." Mubarak avoided naming a successor, most likely because Washington didn't give him permission to do so. In the terminal crisis of his reign, he has tapped Omar Suleiman, the head of the Mukhabarat secret police, to serve as vice president. Since Suleiman has been running Egypt's apparatus of imprisonment, torture, and murder for decades, this appointment wasn't really a promotion. And in his current position Suleiman would be in charge, even if somebody else is cast in the role of figurehead.

Ian Black, Middle East editor for the London Guardian, points out that Suleiman "is the keeper of Egypt's and the president's secrets, a behind-the-scenes operator who has been intimately involved in the most sensitive issues of national security and foreign policy for nearly 20 years."

Not only was he was the dungeon master and chief persecutor of Egypt's political dissidents, but he also coordinated rendition and torture operations with the CIA. He's also been a dutiful asset of the Pentagon, according to WikiLeaks.

A Foreign Policy profile of Suleiman published two years ago points out that Suleiman was a rent boy for both sides during the Cold War circle-jerk: He attended "the Soviet Union's Frunze Military Academy" while Cairo was a Soviet client, and then "received training at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center" at Ft. Bragg in the 1980s. As head of the Mukhabarat, Suleiman was"one of a rare group of Egyptian officials who hold both a military rank ... and a civilian office...." His most important assignment was to monitor "Egypt's security apparatus for signs of internal coups."

Unlike those who had previously held his position, Suleiman became a public figure several years ago as Mubarak -- who reportedly suffers from cancer-- became enfeebled. He and his handlers spent several years building internal coalitions and developing diplomatic contacts abroad. As Cairo-based journalist Issandr Amrani points out, "most Suleiman supporters recognize that to gain the presidency he would most likely have to carry out a coup -- perhaps a soft, constitutional one -- but a coup nonetheless."

Well, how about a "People Power" coup, orchestrated with the help of the kind folks in Washington? That appears to be what we're seeing in Egypt now, and we could conceivably see something similar here in the United States before the decade is over.

The convulsion in Cairo brings to mind Brig. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap's essay "The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012," which was published in the Winter 199293 issue of the U.S. Army War College journal Parameters -- a subject I have discussed before.

Dunlap used the literary device of a smuggled prison letter composed by "Prisoner 222305759," condemned to death for "treason" by the American military junta of Gen. E.T. Brutus. Following a series of military disasters overseas and domestic crises at home, Brutus staged a coup in the name of protecting "public order" from the corruption of the political class.

In the decades leading up to the putsch, the "Prisoner" recalled, "The one institution of government in which people retained faith was the military." Even as the public lamented the corruption and profligacy of Big Government, they had nothing but bottomless respect for the Regime's chief instrument of death and property destruction. The military retained its prestige in spite of the fact that its structural defects -- made painfully visible by a long, bloody, and futile war in the Gulf -- left it "unfit to engage an authentic military opponent."

While the military was no longer well-suited to fight and win wars, its subtle integration into every element of domestic life made it perfectly suited to carry out a coup:

"Eventually, people became acclimated to seeing uniformed military personnel patrolling their neighborhood. Now troops are an adjunct to almost all police forces in the country. In many of the areas where much of our burgeoning population of elderly Americans live [military dictator] Brutus calls them 'National Security Zones' the military is often the only law enforcement agency. Consequently, the military was ideally positioned in thousands of communities to support the coup."

During Egypt's long "state of emergency," its army managed to lose two wars abroad, while fine-tuning its skills as an instrument of domestic suppression. Granted, it has announced that it will not fire on Egyptian citizens, which is always a welcome development. But why should the Egyptian Army fire on protesters, given that the citizen uprising is helping to entrench military rule, rather than end it?

With our own economy unraveling and our political class becoming shamelessly predatory and unbearably impudent, it's not difficult to imagine a similar scenario playing out in America, with Tea Party Republicans -- for whom the military (which in our system includes our own "torture-prone" police) is sacrosanct -- eagerly welcoming a military coup as "liberation" from Big Government. Perhaps Field Marshal Stanley McChrystal -- formerly military proconsul in Afghanistan, most recently seen flogging Soviet-style "national service" in the pages of Newsweek -- could be tapped to play the role of America's Omar Suleiman.
William Norman Grigg [send him mail] publishes the Pro Libertate blog and hosts the Pro Libertate radio program.

Copyright 2011 William Norman Grigg

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Posted: Feb 02 2011, 6:49 AM

<In Egypt -- as is the case nearly everywhere else -- the police and army>

yes, this we call war, world war and by history we might feel inclined to assign the number 3. we also note that actors in britain like noel edmunds use the term 'spank the bankers' in the middle of an ongoing and escallating global economic terrorist attack. as in noel's cognitive dissonance show it is business as usual and it is war. from what i have seen you are more likely to see a banker on tv than working at the bank itself.

'police and army' misses out the hidden glue of the brotherhoods kennedy referred to only to be executed. i was noticing recently how social networking on the net was being attacked. to quote the public salesman for interpol, he said how the public had 'occupied this space' (the internet). these are lifestyle choices, developing cultures. that is free will expressing itself. from the standpoint of the occupying forces trying to externalise their own mind control problems around the world by inflicting mass casualty, i view that as ignorance. the salesman for interpol (jim gamble with whom i often spar - he sends out their media when seriously irked) fronted assaults to take the net back and likely the socially networking sites are internally labelled experiments with their intended function being to train the artificial intelligence computers (thought police included) and their human robot appendages on human relations in order to control them.

the internet has brought into view many situations which merit attention and which have simple explanations. the elite salesmen say global problems need global solutions. but that presupposes that people do not identify and address the real war and its causes.

Posted: Feb 02 2011, 10:23 AM

<Saviors in Uniform?>

jeepers creepers. here in exeter they are flooding the high street with secret police, building up networks to make secret informers of all company operatives as part of the web of deceipt. it is disguised from those pre-programmed. war busts hearts and minds allowing perpetuation of war. war creates war, debt and allows the posturing dictatorship to do things that couldn't be done in peace time. last war this included programming people for the global war now in play. global problems sometimes benefit from global solutions, no global war or war at all being a real solutions. such is not acceptable to people whose lives are programmed by history, the programmatic response of these automatrons being to create dictatorships like britain, america and egypt. one war provides the heart and mind broken people and debt for staffing the next one. ai has allowed automation of the production of human robots.

if gov was not a mafia front or regardless decided not to be a dicatorship and stopped demanding money with menaces then feedback would be in place. donations would be influenced by the merits of the administration. that presumes the counter-intelligence media was not brainwashing (brainpollution) the people as is now being done.

Posted: Feb 03 2011, 5:12 AM

with the collapse of the elite system socialism and fascism are a means to try to achieve total enslavement. it is the pathology of the bully which it is. on the streets yesterday state security was moving on someone who was begging, an offense by the words of the corporate dictatorship. government demands payment with menaces which include murder. from one person i spoke to hitmen of the state given diplomatic immunity for life at one time received a golden handshake of 300k for services rendered and continuing loyalty.

when i walk round the streets i receive evasive eye responses from people regardless of whether they are aristocracy or not, cognitive dissonance is normal as one would expect from a system which though represented by people is psychopathic. i refer to responses to issues of gravity that people already know to be true but avoid. for example, people seem to know that terrorists tend to be trained in britain but given a position like the occupation of iraq, inconvenient truths are ignored to alter the perception of comfort.

there are all manner of details, puzzles, dead stuff like history that has already happened that explains how we got here. how to deal with mafia operations like the british state is often overlooked.

Posted: Feb 03 2011, 5:14 AM

levelling the playing field - out with the toys

i have been in plenty of family situations where children have been fighting with a 'mum' present. 'mum' typically orders the fighting to stop, sides are not taken, the who started it or why is not of relevance while there is fighting and if this persists all toys are removed. the war is stopped. where appropriate individal hurts are addressed, mainly by listening though not accepted as a cause of violence.

if mum was right and violence a total failure, that blame is not an issue, it leaves wounds but the issues historical, then this perhaps provides a view on how to address the economic terrorism and burning of money in play. if it is a case of taking toys away and people are fighting over money, should the money system be removed? the occult media e.g. the guardian have labelled the assault on the public as death by a thousand cuts. would it be kinder and make more sense to pull it?

it is significant that 'mum' regularly succeeds yet outside of the home the same is not achieved by adults. government is by definition a dictatorship, it doesn't wish to talk or reason, peaceful challenge is punished by the courts and hitmen. a fundamental role of government is to prevent peace. the situation overall can be modelled as intellectually bankrupt.

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