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Article posted Jan 30 2011, 3:06 AM Category: Commentary Source: William Grigg Print

Egypt 2011 -- America, 2012?

by William Grigg

When they’re not beating people in the streets or hauling them off to be brutalized and killed, plainclothes thugs from Egypt’s Central Security Services are looting private businesses. Egyptians not employed in the coercive sector have responded by creating private anti-looting patrols. This is a wonderful illustration of the fact that government police agencies are designed to pillage, rather than protect, and the emergence of spontaneous cooperative order may be a hopeful augury for the future.


The discrediting of Egypt’s police organs may actually enhance the stature of the military. Writes Steve Coll of The New Yorker: “There have been reports that protesters are relieved to see the Army in the streets; no doubt, as in many other like countries, the Army has more credibility than the corrupt and often torture-prone police. The sense among generals and line officers that they have popular standing may influence the choices they now make.”

That observation brings to mind Brig. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap’s essay “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012,” which was published in the Winter 1992--93 issue of the U.S. Army War College journal Parameters. Dunlap used the literary device of a smuggled prison letter composed by “Prisoner 222305759,” who had been condemned to death for “treason” by the American military junta of Gen. E.T. Brutus. The junta assumed control after a series of military disasters overseas and domestic crises at home led to the disintegration of the civilian government in Washington.

In the decades leading up to the coup, the “Prisoner” recalled, “The one institution of government in which people retained faith was the military.” Even as the public lamented the corruption and profligacy of Big Government, they had nothing but bottomless respect for the Regime’s chief instrument of death and property destruction. The military retained its prestige in spite of the fact that its structural defects -- made painfully visible by a long, bloody, and futile war in the Gulf --  left it “unfit to engage an authentic military opponent.”

While the military was no longer well-suited to fight and win wars, its subtle integration into every element of domestic life made it perfectly suited to carry out a coup: “Eventually, people became acclimated to seeing uniformed military personnel patrolling their neighborhood. Now troops are an adjunct to almost all police forces in the country. In many of the areas where much of our burgeoning population of elderly Americans live -- [military dictator] Brutus calls them ‘National Security Zones’ -- the military is often the only law enforcement agency. Consequently, the military was ideally positioned in thousands of communities to support the coup.”

It’s possible to see how a situation of this kind could materialize in Egypt, and how the current upheaval could result in an undisguised military junta (an outcome that would not disappoint Washington). And it’s just as easy to imagine a similar scenario playing out in America, with Tea Party Republicans -- for whom the military (which in our system includes our own “torture-prone” police) is sacrosanct --  eagerly welcoming a military coup as “liberation” from Big Government.

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Nunya Bizness

Posted: Jan 30 2011, 5:23 AM

99141 Military Coup -- America 2012, I like it!

Posted: Jan 30 2011, 1:55 PM

10842 I don't like the idea of military coup, but it looks as though the government is leaving us little room for an alternative.


Posted: Jan 31 2011, 7:41 AM

212219 There won't be a military coup in the United States next year, or the year after that. The American people aren't angry enough yet, and their faith in the national institutions is too strong.

Posted: Jan 31 2011, 10:23 AM

216228 Cut off the food supply and declare a "bank holiday" in Amerikka and their will be a coup TOMMORROW. It's all been planned in advance, Danger-Mouse. Can't you see it coming?How else will they enforce Marshall Law full throttle if they don't create riots and other "crisis" to stir up the lazy Amerikkan sheeple to to try and fight them back in the flesh.(which is exactly what they want!)........ Ordo Ab Chao

Posted: Jan 31 2011, 1:24 PM

72158 I agree with Anon above me...this smacks of alphebet soup organizations, and thus the reference of the protesters to the US. What they fail to see is who the alphabets answer to, and how many of their people they have on the streets as part of the "protest" wearing identifiable markings so as not to get beaten up.
Order out of chaos is the soup de jour.

Posted: Jan 31 2011, 5:50 PM

67159 The American people don't have the guts to rise up like the Egyptian people.

Posted: Jan 31 2011, 10:48 PM

10842 @Anon 67159, the Egyptians are as powerless as we are. What we are seeing on T.V. is not a democracy movement, it's the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt.
I hate our president, but if not enough to embrace Sharia Law.

Posted: Feb 01 2011, 9:44 AM

72158 alphabets
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