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Article posted Jan 30 2011, 3:05 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: STLToday Print

Cop gets 25 years for raping and robbing female escorts under threat of arrest

Prosecutors said Pullen scoured online advertisements to find the escorts and posed as a customer to lure them to meetings. The escorts said that when Pullen revealed himself as an officer, he stole their money and either groped them against their will or forced them to have sex under threat of arrest.

D.S., a mother of four, has said Pullen coerced her into going to the station in July 2009 and forced oral sex upon her while she sat on a bullet-resistant vest, ignoring her yells in protest. In her statement, she said Pullen felt he "was bigger than life ... unstoppable." She said the experience left her with two questions: "How and why? Why did the city let it go on?"

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Posted: Jan 30 2011, 2:12 PM

10842 Cop personality types: women haters, man haters, dorks - with an ax to grind, and control freaks.

Posted: Jan 31 2011, 2:51 AM

89213 fbi kidnap it say, i wonder what is being protected, it will by pattern of history be an internal matter. - dave

Posted: Jan 31 2011, 4:31 AM

89213 this fits into the general deconstruction pattern. in britain there was for example the muppet show, showing the people that people watched were incompetant pupperts. this was comedy, humour is often the absurdity of truth but the truth was missed. before this was an international sabotage agent, charlie chaplin who made the hitler look like a joke, the cops look like a joke and in return the public were given a world war and chaplin himself the order of the british empire.

deconstruction by presenting the consequences (e.g. rape, pillage and murder) of having incompetant programmed puppets fooling people has a very different effect on the human psyche, they don't laugh (unwittingly at themselves), they want that undefined thing called change.


Posted: Jan 31 2011, 4:46 AM

89213 charlie chaplin connects with keystone,

<The Keystone Kops featured in a series of silent film comedies about a completely incompetent group of policemen.>

the consequences were not only millions dead back then, are not only are being lived today but are being replayed. replayed so faithfully i left to believe if the nwo are completely stuck in history with variences inspired by the imagination of the public.

doublethink litters the verbal landscape. in comedy they have british people saying in the presense of german people 'don't mention the war' which really makes fools of everyone though not the programmed puppets who are stuck in a state of mind control that hypnotises everyone else. they have comedians rushing out on the public stage at the moment in spank the bankers mode, a place where 'don't mention the current war' really applies.

Dave (login failed)

Posted: Jan 31 2011, 7:42 AM

not over in egypt but here in england the system collapsed a few years back, courts, police, councils etc. ( i mentioned this to someone today who responded it was always that way). i was in touch with a chap in gov at the time when he had just been ordered to pack his bags and get out. the ministry of war (officially defense) is in position and operating as if civilian officials though under orders the difference should not obscure the similarities of before and after. one cover for this mass deployment is 'reliance', i regularly see their cattle trucks and human cargo. if the public saw the reality of this such things would have to go into a museum to add to the long list of medieval tortures enacted by the vampire empire. this would be accompanied with questions like 'how did people allow such unspeakable things to happen?'. that question is being answered real time (again).

the official line by the mafia is that money is the means of exchange of goods and services. i don't accept that as true but it is more accurate at least to state that goods includes human beings.

'in control' begs a question when the military are armies, are mind control assemblies of themselves acting under a bank draft. we still have a problem with bankers it seems, war, perpetual war. the last war led to new money systems, e.g. decimalisation and the euro. one con leading to a new con and a bigger one and of course a vast array of falsified history that what was officially wasn't and what wasn't became 'accepted truth'.

Posted: Feb 01 2011, 4:49 AM

i posted some about the imagery of 7/7. one picture promoting the 'high command' of scotland yard. in reality the picture as with much media nonsense was them leaving a homosexual brothel. the pink swastika of ww2, in ww3 the same fascism was being fronted by ian blair and his friends at scotland yard. the top actors of scotland yard with covers blown had to be replaced, now headed i was told (unverified) by a 'freemason'. when i was looking at the footage of 7/7 i saw a number of people in police uniform who were incompatible with the uniform, e.g. long hair. that would likely have been noticed by people at the time. it is a bit like when bush broadcast the global contradiction 'you are either with us or with the terrorists'. faced with the contradiction, the trauma of 9/11 and the threats from government and media, people were in a position where they could choose to resolve the contradiction in a manner which felt most comfortable to them. to do so would be reality seperation. at the very point when people most needed their wits about them, such outlets of tavistock as the bbc were bashing people's heads with cartoon stories presented as news.

public sabotage like blowing up people and places is the stuff of knighthoods and golden handshakes, that is how it is in britain. whilst denied it goes on. this is ww3, history proves this to be so. most in view is the economic terrorism which causes war, misery and death. it is these things, it is deliberate and it is happening now.

Posted: Feb 01 2011, 5:08 AM

i was talking to a police actor a while ago, he was clearly injured and i could see his left eye was evidencing trauma, the trauma that you get when having a program upgrade from tavistock. he was conscious of what had been done to him, that he was ill but it is not something he would be talking about. this is how the layers come down, previously programmed male/female nuts working for the counter intelligence community go out programmed up in black and white uniforms.
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