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Article posted Dec 01 2010, 9:04 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: YouTube Print

Harper advisor calls for assassination of Wikileaks director

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul
In a shockingly flippant comment to a Canadian television news anchor Evan Solomon of the CBC News Network on live TV, Tom Flanagan, a senior advisor and strategist to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper today called for the assassination of Wikileaks director Julian Assange .

It is believed to be the first ever televised "fatwa" since the edict by the Iranian leadership of the late Ayatollah Khomeini against British writer Salman Rushdie in February 1989. Amazingly, although news anchor Solomon afforded Flanagan the opportunity to retract his statement, Flanagan balked at doing so and instead reiterated that U.S. President should put out a "contract" on Assange or use "a drone" and that he would not be unhappy if Assange "disappeared."

Flanagan who is a trusted member of PM Harper's inner circle of Tory strategists joins Sarah Palin in calling for the death of the Wikileaks director as retribution for the website's release of confidential diplomatic and intelligence "chatter" this week.

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jukit babalu

Posted: Dec 01 2010, 9:41 PM

124187 I`d bet my deuce coupe that Assange was set up by TPTB.

I think that males being “groomed” by the CURSOTA, cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages, to be future political leaders etc are often provided with pretty girl spooks/drugs for parties and then covertly filmed/recorded. Why? Its a convenient way to ruin their reputation in case they turn against their “handlers” in the future.
Now thanks probably to 2 lying bitches, these scum have Assange by the balls. There`s probably nothing he can do except to continue to hide! And if they catch him the sheeple will stupidly say hooray! Hopefully he`l have some witnesses but who wants to have witnesses around when they are having sex? These cowards attack when your pants are down because thats the only way they can win a fight.
Note that in Bopland where I reside, anyone who brings false charges against someone is “disciplined” by the person who was charged.
Digressing a moment, the cursota enact absurd sex restrictions for ONE reason only; to either shame or frame red-blooded males who step out of line with the rest of the house-trained herd. In other words, sex restrictions act as cattle prods to keep us ALL tense, irritable, grim and under their strict control. Experiencing pain is “in”, pleasure is “out”.
When the going gets tough and a brave man comes along who has them all by the balls, they often bring a woman in the picture to frame/shame him. If they can`t do that they snuff him.
IMO that`s what they have done to many Rock/Country musicians, eg Buddy Holly/John Lennon/Michael Jackson/Karen Carpenter/Allman Brothers/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Sam Cooke/Del Shannon and many others. Valid R an R was the greatest threat to their parasitic existence they`ve EVER had and murder was only ONE out of DOZENS of covert ways they used to cripple Rock.

Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745, said “when a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign; that all the dunces are in confederacy against him”.

The late Billy Ford an the Thunderbirds {of Billy an Lillie fame} “I`m the monster R an R”, 1958, is no doubt one of the five top Rock songs of all time;
I`m the monster Rock an Roll ~ hated by all whose hearts are old
I`m payin for everything in the book ~ it seems I got the country shook
I mention my name they throw their lids ~ an nobody luves me but the kids
I`ll let the critics throw their knots ~ the louder they shout the harder I rocks
There hopin I`m insane soon be dead ~ tryin to kill me cut off my head
But if you cut my head off son ~ two will grow where there was one
the battle was on the fight began ~ a musical war thruout the land
scratched their heads an started to think ~ the lipsync music would make me sink
Hawaiian ballads an Hillbilly too ~ they threw them all rite into the stew
ate them up an what came out ~ Rockahula Rockashout
Arockabilly Rockasweet ~ nevertheless its got the beat
nomatter how many fights they stage ~ we`re livin in the new Rock Age
I`m the monster Rock an Roll ~ the kids all luv me heart an soul
thats why I`ll never be left alone ~ when they grow up I`ll have a home
After all their shouting in the ring ~ Rock an Roll will still be king

Never mind the affliction
Bopperism is the cure

jukit babalu

Posted: Dec 08 2010, 7:43 AM

76108 Every single person calling for his assassination have committed death threats and should go to prison.

If I said that, I am a terrorist / enemy combatant.


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