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Article posted Sep 28 2010, 9:56 PM Category: Big Brother/Orwellian Source: Prison Planet Print

New Cybersecurity Bill Gives Obama 'Power To Shut Down Companies'

Businesses who don’t follow government orders would be suspended for at least 90 days with no congressional oversight
Paul Joseph Watson

An amalgamated cybersecurity bill that lawmakers hope to pass before the end of the year includes new powers which would allow President Obama to shut down not only entire areas of the Internet, but also businesses and industries that fail to comply with government orders following the declaration of a national emergency – increasing fears that the legislation will be abused as a political tool.

The draft bill is a combination of two pieces of legislation originally crafted by Senators Lieberman and Rockefeller. One of the differences between the new bill and the original Lieberman version is that the Internet “kill switch” power has been limited to 90 days without congressional oversight, rather than the original period of four months contained in the Lieberman bill.

In other words, President Obama can issue an emergency declaration that lasts 30 days and he can renew it for a further 60 days before congress can step in to oversee the powers.

The new powers would give Obama a free hand to not only shut down entire areas of the Internet and block all Internet traffic from certain countries, but under the amalgamated bill he would also have the power to completely shut down industries that don’t follow government orders, according to a Reuters summary of the new bill.

“Industries, companies or portions of companies could be temporarily shut down, or be required to take other steps to address threats,” states the report, citing concerns about an “imminent threat to the U.S. electrical grid or other critical infrastructure such as the water supply or financial network.”

The only protection afforded to companies under the new laws is that they would have to be defined as “critical” in order to come under government regulation, but since the government itself would decide to what companies this label applies, it’s hardly a comforting layer of security.

“Even in the absence of an imminent threat, companies could face government scrutiny. Company employees working in cybersecurity would need appropriate skills. It also would require companies to report cyber threats to the government, and to have plans for responding to a cyber attack,” states the report.

As we have highlighted, the threat from cyber-terrorists to the U.S. power grid or water supply is minimal. The perpetrators of an attack on such infrastructure would have to have direct physical access to the systems that operate these plants to cause any damage. The recent Stuxnet malware attack, for example, was introduced and spread through a physical USB device, not via the public Internet.

Any perceived threat from the public Internet to these systems is therefore completely contrived and strips bare what many fear is the real agenda behind cybersecurity -- to enable the government to regulate free speech on the Internet.

Handing Obama the power to shut down certain companies or businesses is likely to heighten already existing fears that the new cybersecurity federal bureaucracy could be used as a political tool.

As we reported back in March, the Obama administration's release of the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, a government plan to "secure" (or control) the nation's public and private sector computer networks, coincided with Democrats attempting to claim that the independent news website The Drudge Report was serving malware, an incident Senator Jim Inhofe described as a deliberate ploy "to discourage people from using Drudge".

Senator Joe Lieberman appeared to admit that the legislation had more to do with simply protecting US infrastructure when he told CNN’s Candy Crowley that the bill was intended to mimic the Communist Chinese system of Internet policing.

"Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too," said Lieberman.

As we have documented, the Chinese government does not disconnect parts of the Internet because of genuine security concerns, it habitually does so only to oppress and silence victims of government abuse and atrocities, and to strangle dissent against the state, a practice many fear is the ultimate intention of cybersecurity in the United States.

The implementation of the cybersecurity apparatus would represent another huge expansion of the federal government, creating an Office of Cyber Policy within the executive branch and also “A new National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC) within the Department of Homeland Security, led by a separate director who would enforce cybersecurity policies throughout the government and the private sector.”

Lawmakers have indicated that they intend to push through the bill before the end of the year, though with Congress set to leave Friday amidst deadlock on a number of issues, cybersecurity looks like it will have to wait until mid-November, providing its opponents with extra time to point out the inherent threats the legislation poses to free speech and free enterprise.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

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Posted: Sep 29 2010, 8:19 AM

prisonplanet, from what i have seen that is selling fear, be afraid of the big bad wolf, the fear of fear in which tyranny flourishes.

Posted: Sep 29 2010, 8:23 AM

the emperor has no clothes

it is not entirely unpredictable as the state runs out of means to grow it faces the opposite and fascism, pre-emptive strikes, fearmongery and tyranny should make more than a guest appearance on the stage of public theatre. a compartmentalised parasitic organism like government running out of power would automatically tend to harming and killing people. very easily things could have been far far worse than they are. now things have been seen and examined and thought on i tend to sense people tiring of war including many of those tasked with staging and practioning it.

Posted: Sep 29 2010, 8:38 AM

the weapon system called law is falling apart, people have cast light on the system to disarming effect. those practioning law are parasitic on it, a fatal contradiction whereby no case can exist hence in the uk attempts at summary justice are being made.

quite recently i was surrounded by the military order (badged as reliance), freemasons, occultists, a mafia army of mercenaries pitted against me. these situations are concealed from pubic comprehension but the truth is hidden in plain view. this was a situation where perhaps one would expect combat to emerge, i was sufficiently armed by experience to turf the entire mercenary army metaphorically out of the window. i did not do so nor did i consider it. i looked around and saw nervousness, groups of people positioned into a battlefield beyond their wit and strength. these were all slaves, none had their own authority. they were not just parasitic on oppression, they were dependant on the system of oppression for their own survival. they and i were people, the difference being they were not free.

their entire system is based on nonsense, contradictions and horrific abuse. the legal system is used for the training of puppet presidents and prime ministers, in britain we have the symbol of the lion as the beast of beasts. what use is a prime minister to humankind, part of one wealthy bloodline of power told some truths only to be used as lead buckets that the slaughter could continue.

i hold the view that the position we are in arrives through our failure, that we have only paid heed to the problems by and large when we ourselves are feeling to some extent the consequences of them. this has not been enough as we now see. that said i see people making up for lost time, that we face problems we can evolve out of rather than revolution back into. free speech is key, even when used to say what people already know as humankind has the habit of hearing things and not seeing them at all or as relevant to their lives. in the land of politics it is relevant to everyone's life.

i am in wales, the name of the country is a derogatory term, an anglo-saxon term for foreigner. alienating people is the basis of politics. the welsh people call their nation cymru. same as the story i encountered staying with a native american indian tribe. education and media have been run to erase inconvenient memory that history can be repeated again and again.

Posted: Sep 29 2010, 9:34 AM

there has been, in my experience, an orchestrated attempt to censor the internet all along. you can see it for yourself, post certain trigger words, and the bots start crawling the site, overloading the servers and effectively (tho temporarily) silencing dissent. this buys time for the misinformation specialists to think of how they should best respond to the threat (freedom being the threat that all who serve to oppress fear most). this proposed legislation won't change anything, even if it does somehow manage to get passed. they can't control what we say. they hate that. the attempt to control people's minds only partially works. as dave has said before, we are only a day away from anarchy.

i do find it interesting that the word "welsh" is a derogatory term. my half-welsh great-gramma always said that the word "sioux" meant "snake" and was the worst thing you could ever call a person. now, through the creation of shame, you have people with a false sense of pride, grouping themselves together under words somebody else labeled them with.

Posted: Sep 29 2010, 9:41 AM

reverse engineering doublethink

the government can be shut down simply by people excercising humanity, power we are endowed with at birth. information is presented to have people look the wrong way, creating blinkers via the trauma of the threat. does that not explain what this arcticle really is?

Posted: Sep 29 2010, 9:59 AM

inbounds abound

today, out of the blue, not having been employed for yonks HM revenue and customs sends me a fine of £200 saying i haven't filed a tax return. they know i don't have £200.

<Under Section 8 or 8A (as extended by Section 12) of the Taxes Management Act 1970, you were required to send in a Tax Return for the tax year ended 5 April 2007 but I did not receive it 6 months after that due date.>

Posted: Sep 29 2010, 10:18 AM

as far as "cybersecurity" is concerned, thirty years ago al gore said they would try this shit. he also told me it wouldn't work. i'm guessing an awful lot of people are really upset with him about now.

Posted: Sep 29 2010, 11:19 AM

Prison Planet - an audio-visual megaphone repeating the messages of fear.


Posted: Sep 29 2010, 12:26 PM

hi paul and friendstacy. i love to hear people who are alive, have their own minds, i don't have to agree with them and it tends to work out that each has a piece of the puzzle.

i am not suffiently knowledgible on history to be remotely competent but i have some means to examine it through the funny mirrors of official history. it would seem this island was somewhat enlightened and it was assaulted from pre-history through history by a range of groups acting for others and by christianity and trumped by banking allowing new overlords to step in rather simply. whatever was here it became one of the most established global bases of counter intelligence. the template was published in the books on 'alice'. for all the 'spookery do' the game is called cheat, 'heads we win, tails you lose', what people perhaps only see and admit as taxes and death.

this relates to the tax form. by intention you are boxed in, damned if you do and damnded if you don't. like alice too small to reach the key on the table, too large to escape through the hole, you are by intention stuck in a mystery created for you. 'there is no escape', 'you can run but you can't hide', 'resistance is futule' are messages embeded in films and songs to place fear in the back of your minds. we also have tweedle/dum/dee. if one encounters a man at the tax office he may only know that which gives rise to his actions and questioning a man whose income depends on his loyalty is likely to respond with a deflector (denial).

if you reverse engineer the situation of 'dave in the box' you might summise that the dictatorship fears it cannot endure free speech of one man, that it is that fragile.

as for me i have found value in thinking, that is what my posts are much about. someone said 'i think therefore i am'. is thinking not part of being alive. i take the view freedom depends on free thinking, it isn't freedom without freedom to think. free speech is the sharing. it is said that possession is nine tenths of law, this includes people's minds and that explains more than nine tenths of the difficulties we face.

Posted: Sep 30 2010, 5:26 AM

thinking... I do that, albeit with a mind trained by the system not to think. An ongoing battle to defeat the minds training to not work properly, to accept, to be submissive, to unthink.

Instinct and humanity keep me going, my mind follows and joins in as best it can.

Posted: Sep 30 2010, 6:37 AM

they target the child in you with trauma to bypass your thinking and prevent it as you would reflexively defend (be distracted) the child. it is tough as trauma is trauma and if you are connected you will feel the pain and if not conscious of the true context react reflexively rather than intelligently. knowledge helps, why it is done, what should be done etc. these tail wagging the dog games have gone on for a long time, so easily started but i think it is now time to tackle issues face on. people will not be ready to be free while government exists, if a brainwashing system is failing they whack in massive trauma and create a new skin. one escape from the trauma shellis simply to ask yourself questions, likely you already have the answer if you stand back and look. patterns emerge, reality can be seen even through counter intelligence like the article above.

i have posted up some of the attacks on me including attempted murder. i am human, they hurt but it is different that i know how these exploitations are played, can see the true context and where i am going which is as gentle an end to gov stuff as possible. there will be difficulties, there are many believers who make danger for themselves and others. one can but try to free their minds that they can heal themselves.

some were looking for terrorists in caves, i doubt many but government was busy building their own bunkers and space facilities. taxes are for more government and then to hide from the orchestrated mess. people were looking for secret CIA prisons, i can name two of these, one is call UK, one is called US. distraction and it can be confusing, as people who search will find prisons and torture facilities in both those locations, sometimes the same thing.

what is self evident is that these control games have worked to a point, have had people grouped up and fighting each other in the name of something for their own loss and blaming each other when it turns into a mess.

Posted: Sep 30 2010, 8:53 AM

8196 Dave.

Glad to see that you are still around.

I know just a little more now. This is good since it renders some of what you say decipherable. Many of the things you have written were, I admit, confusing. To rectify this I have buried myself in reading a lot of old histories. Some good. Some not so good. For instance, your comments here re: Wales. The high German word used for the welsh in those long ago days was "walish" (meaning stranger). If I remember correctly. I would imagine the names of "Wales" and "Welsh" evolved from this word.

What I have been looking at primarily is the means by which the Church of Rome established itself and destroyed the existing European culture. I am still digesting that information: So widespread and damaging is it. Once I found the "Donation of Constantine" it took mere weeks to find what what I needed.

What I discovered is that the hostile imposition of the EU Soviet Collective is a re enactment of the Hostile imposition of the Church of Rome. They are so similar. From the divided and unhappy Charlemagne who was one of the earliest Papist appointed Kings, to the present day, all monarchies are illegitimate. All were put in place by the Roman Bishops after the killing of the existing rightful Kings and Qyeens. The Inquisition was merely a genocide of the supporters of the rightful kings. A genocide. Cleansing. All founded upon the production of a fraudulent document. The donation of Constantine.

How tragic. History to that point was not without violence. However the violence to come proved terrible indeed. The Donation has been proved fraudulent throughout history. Those speaking this truth usually ended as high officials in the Church or dead. The last such was an American in 1924.

My reading took me as far back as 5000bc. The things I have learned have left me incredulous. Did you know that there is a cure for cancer (repressed).

It is interesting that the Plantagenets as tudors wrote false geneologies to support their claims to the British throne. Too there have been efforts to link Princess Diana to One of the old Royal bloodlines (Grail) to give William added legitimacy. Or perhaps to give him at least a little. These geneological acrobatics are all fraudulent. As are all European royalty.

But, the show goes on. The current reading matter has detailed how the Order of the Garter started life under Edward 3rd as two pagan covens. Amazing.

Best wishes. harry

Posted: Oct 01 2010, 5:29 AM

nice to hear from you harry, it is difficult to be online / survive but a quick visit. that nature of politics seems to require that everything is fraudulent, if something was real and worked for people it might endure beyond politics. if it is nonsense it plays to control and can be deconstructed by exposure as is happening now.

Posted: Oct 01 2010, 1:51 PM

the fear propaganda has people afraid of enlightenment (free from ignorance / prejudice), afraid of freedom. the nazi logo a sun symbol, the inner meaning part of the natural order, outwardly used as a rally for the faithful and a weapon of fear. the split exists by a division of knowledge, if people find the truth they find the split, fear of fear holding some back. in the name of edward iii various circles of power were created, Noble Order of the Garter, a round hall at Windsor castle, also the knights of the round table.

friday the 13th October 1307 by official history had king Philip of France and the Pope launchede an attack on the knights templar in france. the templars, global commerce and global banking. friday the 13th was in more recent history symbolised as a horror movie. the templars had a very different experience in britain from where global business in many forms became established.

Posted: Oct 01 2010, 1:59 PM

people struggle for power over their own lives, political structures struggle for power over other people's lives, what becomes a battle for power itself. if one has business people from companies sitting at a round tabloe, no matter if it is well intentioned or not, that is a cartel in the making. people in general chit chat with each sharing what news they have. secret societies share secrets with other secret societies and members and often share devisive nonsense with outsiders. thus british intelligence agencies form a long established global centre of excellence for counter intelligence, fooling the world, leaving outsiders with only nonsense to share with each other and down through the generations. again this can start with good intentions, that old adage about power (power corrupts ...) describes accurately where this leads.

people have written up that british intelligence was involved in refining the security of the vatican, a public scandal broke over the vatican, freemasons and banking, that the vatican included a bank in a recent film. when people meet the pope they kiss his ring, another ring of power.

Posted: Oct 01 2010, 2:15 PM

with a simple understanding of human life and political structures it could be seen how one could have rings of power and a lord of the rings. the symbol for the global slave trade (e.g. the UN logo) has the globe encircled in rings. the nazis promoted themselves as national socialists under their logo, something successive british and american governments have been installing whilst also heading for a fascist assault on their people. people who see enemies as nations perhaps miss the chess game.

shortage creates competition which creates politics. over the last few days brit gov announces a response to the money crisis, cut backs in welfare (war on the poorest and weakest - murder). next i hear it presented as the EU saying (another chess move) that the brit gov must pay immigrants due to equality laws and next up in political pronouncements in britain that there should be a global credit system. same old games, this one in the name of ian duncan smith who is known for his wealth, not known perhaps for what he really does. on BBC R4 the chap acting as the journalist asks if we should 'spend on welfare or spend on public services', one of those plays on words which is tradecraft for tavistock. the answer was to the effect welfare could not be afforded, public services would be maintained. ('oxymoron' someone said watching over my shoulder).

if anyone stopped to think they would notice that this was claimed to be about a government shortage of money, artificial stuff, in theory a problem that is easy to resolve very quickly. of course fixing such a problem is what a government won't do. money is in the virtual realm, if it was a shortage of food or water and the earth could not provide then we would have sleep walked into a real problem, people would be hungry for real reasons. socialism is a monopoly on jobs, what the job descriptions are, it is also a front for communism which shares much of the same template. i listened to some of the above on BBC radio 4, bbc limited being first set up by the military industrial complex, set up for selling war and today no exception. war on the poor perhaps apt, poor being a situation that arises by manipulation, britain is a very wealthy nation, indeed that is why it is being attacked so hard and life so gruesome here. business as usual at the beeb, feudal business. also as usual, what was being sold to the public (really a new attack) was already a done deal and the war was already on. people perhaps will nearly all see through the smoke and mirrors and not fall for the attempt to manufacture consent / indifference to suffering and murder. if people are forced into survival difficulty, that will be potentially uncomfortable for nearly everyone.

Posted: Oct 01 2010, 2:22 PM

harry, you mentioned william. the vatican might say in this instance 'born into conflict', the brits might say 'born with issues'. as for me i see a young man whose life was stolen from him. i doubt all the terrorism and self sabotage by governments leaves the monarchy marketable at a profit. one role has been to protect the ancient customs and traditions that specifically build and maintain power (witchcraft, narcotics, enforced poverty, assassinations etc) and also the new trick, ie the latest tricksaurus from tavistock. tavistock is in the south west harry, the spooks often name things based on where they are started. the knights templar and arthur stuff had a home in the south west. someone i met confirms by his existance it is still active.

Posted: Oct 02 2010, 5:45 AM

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. - Thomas Jefferson

courtesy of chris at:
<Lots of people hold the delusional idea in their mind the government is somehow legitimate. They see the pillars and statues of government buildings and think it's some sort of physical entity with all sorts of "powers" unto itself.

In reality, the government is hardly different than a bunch of children playing dress up.>

harry, a form arrived in the post, one part of hm gov asks questions they know the answer to but i do not (covered in 1984, torture is for torture, how many fingers etc). dave is by intention dumped down the rabbit hole into alice's corridor. they want me to prove i am me (the body copy, the real me not evidence) and to send in may passport (their fake identity only accepted as evidence). this when other parts of hm gov stole my passport, wallet, laptop etc.

the system is really joined up at different layers, it is joined up by ibm (i be master) and the mod (ministry of war) who networked the whole island, they have internal messaging like the 'ems' system and that i am known to be me by other parts of hm gov is already circulated (i saw it being done). further, as the closed shop of gov is a public illusionary front run by secret societies, programmed actors etc, they tend to know who i am before i get places, i am often an expected if not welcome visitor.

if officially i am not with status i am then perhaps presumed stateless ie free rather than a citizen (owned by state), subject (owned by crown) or customer (of the closed shop). this would mean free of law, the catch being they own (control) all the courts and everyone in them they count on unless people that count (officially) have conscience, requisite knowledge and the courage to be real. stateless would mean free to travel except the virtual company owns all the travel systems, ports, airports and authorities, it recently being disclosed publicly that an airport authority was owned by the two main airlines using it (BA and Virgin).

i am not exposing these things to mock or be frivilous, far from it. in the name of ian duncan smith, a war merchant, actor and pirate, war has been declared on the poor and defenseless people (what gov creates and does the world over). a little thinking reveals that a war against the poor is really a war against everyone, this includes against those in the state where it is particularly fierce as they would tend to be the most imprisoned, pressured and brainwashed.

gov operations are scripted, the public can think freely, use their imagination. for example one could send a freedom of information question to the local police chief asking if it was a police state. the letter would go to the people running the police state, the posture itself reveals you know and this encourages them to think. this in instances takes down the act and much of the nasty stuff that goes with it.

Posted: Oct 02 2010, 5:49 AM

<William added legitimacy - harry>

to add to the monarchy issue, william etc, legitimate has several meanings but i start with monarch (one arch) and queen (supreme ruler). power has been projected through the queen image, millions have died for this, billions remain threatened so careful examination seems of high relevance to all.

back in 1215 and king john the magna charta rolled out, the documentation creating a comnpany, dispensing with the divine right of kings and creating what they call a constitutional monarchy. woops, constitutional monarchy, a supreme rule locked in with advisors, a contradiction. 'king' and 'queen' were abolished hence 'the king is dead, long live the king' and the freemasons especially have maintained the illusion. as you may remember harry, i removed pages from my then passport (one before the last one, doing things twice tends towards proof) on the basis no one could sensibly accept what the words amounted to. these pages are now officially removed, also the inside page refers to head of state, ie the chair of UK plc appointed to the house of lords. the windsors and chums pop up at buck house on their secret undergound to keep up appearances, appearances which are disappearing like pages of what is now sold as the british passport, in my case it has been unsold without refund.

if one looks through the eyes of a prison business, eg a nation state like the uk, royalty is a brand that radiates power, ie that at some point someone did their version of 'i came, i saw, i conquered' and to preserve the power keeping it in the family (the mafia system). if one looks at history one finds how intermarriage confuses all of public history and 1984 acknowledges the position of where people for projected for power (as happens) are taken from anywhere. in the uk this is already done with the house of lords (or so insiders are told) appoints the chair of the company.

if a mass of people believe something, that is a means of power, eg people who believe in someone being queen or prince through the image. the image is controlled for control of people (aka plato's cave), also this allows the people inside to be manipulated. if someone who was sold as queen started to do what was right, that is a problem, the strawman is used. thus with charles being legitimate he must be excluded, one has an illegitimate king as he can be controlled. these are mind control threats, they are bluffs as if the true background was officially disclosed (outsiders have tried) it would reveal the control system, why projected leaders behave as they do, blow the whole illusion and game.

Posted: Oct 02 2010, 6:27 AM

the kennedies were from the irish mafia (a control). children are presented to leaders for sexual services (another control). despite interpol's fbi files on the kennedies a kennedy decides to be president for real rather than act the part. he blows the brotherhood, appeals to the media to tell some truth. none of the controls are exposed, instead kennedies were publicly executed sending the message to others not to be real. this is why i say the role of secret services is to protect the script, if the illusion is threatened by a lead actor then they terminate the actor.

this also shows the dangers of the brotherhood, a ring of power. it is a lock down, if someone steps out of line they could be in the s*t as everyone is imprisoned by the corruption, imagery, oaths etc. i have thrown light on groups not to assault people in them but to set them free. by evidence this hasn't been welcomed all round but if someone practices hate, this is to me a presentation of an internal injury. the mindwharp media frequently runs hate campaigns (also documented in 1984), they are doing some of this in america at the moment, the ubermenschen stuff, eg supremacist groups.

many people have been frightened into a fear of being real, being alive. if people accept the illusion or pretend to it creates real dangers. the game is mainly through the illusion of power, the illusions are controlled, to believe in them creates the problems we all suffer from. the hidden history of cons is like a ghost in the machine having people believe they are trapped. freedom isn't even as far as one step away, it starts in the mind.

a war requires people believing in sides and in the war. the economic reality preceeded implementation of military police states, the timelines got busted, the internet was here and the real war was exposed, the chess moves exposed long in advance. the first casualty of an organised war is the truth, the internet has prevented this as it isn't a brotherhood, people have freedom of speech here.
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