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The Conspiracy

by Tom Blanton, Project For A New American Revolution

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."

- Thomas Jefferson

The Random House Webster's College Dictionary defines conspiracy as a plan or agreement formulated, especially in secret, by two or more persons to commit an unlawful, harmful, or treacherous act. The same dictionary defines treachery as a violation of faith; betrayal of trust; treason.

Government has become nothing more than thousands of conspiracies. Almost every election and every piece of legislation entails a plan formulated in secret by two or more persons to commit a betrayal of trust. The old joke about knowing that politicians are lying when their lips move may seem cynical, but it contains more than just an element of truth.

Professional politicians routinely tell us half-truths, at best. At worst, they lie. Sadly, if politicians told the unvarnished truth, they would probably never win an election. Americans want happy talk and they want politicians to promise the impossible. So, we must settle for a government by conspiracy.

The moment a politician decides to run for office, he or she will enlist the help of advisors, pollsters and strategists to help them win an election. Together they conspire in private about what the politician will say to the public in order to win. Regardless of how wonderful a politician's true agenda may be, you can bet that the image and platform presented to the public will contain spin, half-truths, and distortions.

The candidate will have to raise funds for the campaign and will meet in private with large contributors. Of course, these meetings are private and not open to public scrutiny. At a minimum, a large contributor will expect access to the candidate once elected. Many contributors will expect even more - such as legislation favorable to their interests. The public has no way to know what deals are struck with large contributors pushing an agenda.

It is unlikely that a local politician will announce that he supports a particular zoning variance that will only benefit Acme Real Estate Company after he receives a large contribution from the owners. If it even comes to light that he does support such a zoning variance, the politician will most likely claim it is for the public good and not because he got a large contribution. He may even pretend to be outraged that a political opponent would even question his integrity.

A state delegate campaigning for office would probably not mention that he would vote to increase rates that insurance companies may charge after receiving a large contribution from an insurance industry PAC. One can only wonder if the politician running for Congress actually believes that a perpetual war against "Islamofacism" is needed to keep America free or if he merely receives a lot of loot from defense related industries that will profit from a protracted war.

No political office goes unfilled and it is certain that a politician will be sworn in to office after the election. Typically, the politician will swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution and a new conspiracy begins. With few exceptions, there is not a politician in Washington that feels constrained by the powers enumerated in the Constitution.

The legislative process may entail numerous conspiracies before a bill is actually voted on. There will be secret meetings with lobbyists, PACs, contributors, and other politicians. There will be closed committee meetings where politicians make agreements among themselves. Checks will be written, cocktails consumed, and deals made - all outside the public view.

Meanwhile, polls will be taken, political parties will spin out some talking points, and pundits will present a barrage of half-truths for public consumption - all to gain the consent of the governed. An entire 500 page bill will be reduced to a two-sentence soundbite that explains the proposed legislation. The public will not know of the secret agendas, political contributions, and vote trading that led to the proposed bill.

The public will only see a handful of politicians present rehearsed talking points on C-SPAN before the televised vote. There will be no debate. Politicians may ask rhetorical questions, but their opponents will not answer. This is the extent to which the public is allowed to see the legislative process.

So, if someone tells you they don't believe in conspiracy theories, you will know that they are helplessly naive and ignorant of the political process. Except for the rare occasions where a politician tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding a campaign or proposed legislation, the process of government is a conspiracy in and of itself.

Tom Blanton runs the website Project For A New American Revolution. Read more of his commentary here.

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Posted: Sep 25 2010, 9:07 AM

a climate of fear was created that people were afraid to use the word conspiracy, to lie rather than think (actually fear of fear) they would be the subject of ridicule (conspiracy programmed as a trigger for 'conspiracy nut').

time zero of the american government was a global conspiracy. it was creation not evolution at time zero. one trick is to tie up everyone in conspiracies by grouping them up with conflicts of interest. they are subverted by knowing and denying they are part of it, something akin to the subversion system known as freemasonry where if you rise up the ladder by the time you realise something is wrong you are part of and profiting from as poisonous a swamp as there is.

people uptake new information on the basis of perceived relevance, typically in relation to what they already think they know. the mass murder of people by UN people, nato people (called peacekeeping of course) and others is acknowledged as really happening yet people ignore this inconvenient truth. this is relevant to people's lives in britain and america, of direct relevant this is what overt taxation is used for. the milgram experiment provides a simple example of how it is possible to exact increasingly extreme behaviour from people when seperating cause and effect, hence we have tens of millions of serial killers in britain and america, all paying for war. in milgram there is a man running the experiment, in the national model there are fronts like goverment, state, society (government is a word, a mind control template but real people are behind it). in britain and america the dictator is presented as government, state, society and people fake blindness for their daily bread, sometimes with jam on it and because reality hurts so it is ignored.

the child mind people defend inside themselves may want relief, a bodge to ease pain, guilt or some other bypass of critical thinking and conscience. bread doesn't have to cost anything, nor jam and even if one is happy to work and pay someone else to make it to give money to politicison is to hire contract killers to murder people with. if you end up poor at the end of it, don't ask the gov for help, contract killing is a business, if you have enough money you can have them do it for you but they are not there to help you.

Posted: Sep 26 2010, 7:06 AM

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson

i haven't seen that quote, it states the contradiction openly. it can help to state the obvious. as governments become exposed they are moved further and further out of reach from local to national to international not to mention space stations. milgram evidences why this is the worst thing to do, unless that is you want war for war.

collossal sabotage is in progress akin to the slash and burn of a retreating army though society is a mask the brutality of war hides behind. JIT, just in time, food stocks at supermarkets reduced to three days survival. freedom is one thing but arriving there blinded by orchestrated ignorance into a world which has been scientifically sabotaged is quite some challenge for all of us. we are of necessity up for this challenge.

Posted: Sep 26 2010, 7:24 AM


troops returning from killing fields were sometimes unable to recover from the trauma we paid taxes to put them through. PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder is stating the obvious for war vets though i draw attention to the fact that PTSD creates an illness out of the reaction rather than war itself. i met many combat vets on the streets of america and britain, for many the war changed but never ended.

DID dissociative identity disorder is the citizen condition, it is part of the same war.

what goes unmentioned, what people are not supposed to talk about as good conforming citizens is what i call TSD - traumatic stress disorder. the state of human existance for many, a condition that is produced by the continuous war that government and those that hide behind it provide in order to maintain a disequilibrium of power. DID is a term used by tavistock's combat psychiatrists, it conceals the stress that induced it and maintains it. TSD, life here on planet earth, still somewhat confused.

long range penetration

we are sensitive, physically and psychologically. this allows us to be adaptable and hence survive. add on our intelect and boy life's a peach. there is a catch, being sensitive we are vulnerable to trauma, continuous trauma is arranged, the media is a key component of a conspiracy which alone assaults our senses in what some term 'the silent war'. this is war at a distance.

TSD is a condition that can give rise to behavioural characteristics that include murder, mass murder, torture and mass torture. such things can derive from involuntary relationships, government an extreme but relevant example of cause of such effects.

Posted: Sep 26 2010, 8:00 AM

i figure humankind would be better off given a bit of a boost. i wanted to build some things to give humankind a head start and dictatorships a gentle exit rather than leaving the face of government to be morphed into something else. i failed in that quest, this happens though personal experience includes sabotage by those for whom dictatorships is a reason d'etre.

i read that america dropped an extra bomb when openly nuking the planet that the russians had a working model to get the cold war under way. this is concurrent with evidence i saw. something fell, for believing in the bogeyman we all did (fear of fear).

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