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Article posted Jul 21 2010, 7:07 PM Category: Big Brother/Orwellian Source: Infowars Print

Obama Joins UN Effort to Dictate "Acceptable Behavior" on the Internet

Kurt Nimmo

The United States — along with the UK, China and Russia — have agreed to work together under the globalist umbrella of the United Nations to determine “norms of accepted behavior in cyberspace,” according to Computer Weekly. France, Germany, Estonia, Belarus, Brazil, India, Israel, Italy, Qatar, South Korea, and South Africa are also involved in the effort.

Robert Knake, a cyberwarfare expert with the Council on Foreign Relations, says the signed agreement represents a significant change in U.S. posture. Participation of the U.S. demonstrates the Obama administration’s strategy of diplomatic engagement, according to Knake.

“To achieve that goal nations will share information about their cybersecurity laws, develop international standards of conduct, and help less developed countries tighten their cybersecurity. The principles have been finalized for the United Nations, but there is no indication when they will be reviewed,” reports writes Bert Knabe for Lubbock Online.

As has reported, the threat of cyber attacks is vastly overstated. Dire reports issued by the Defense Science Board and the Center for Strategic and International Studies "are usually richer in vivid metaphor -- with fears of 'digital Pearl Harbors' and 'cyber-Katrinas' -- than in factual foundation," writes Evgeny Morozov, a Belarus-born researcher and blogger who writes on the political effects of the internet.

Morozov notes that much of the data on the supposed cyber threat "are gathered by ultra-secretive government agencies -- which need to justify their own existence -- and cyber-security companies -- which derive commercial benefits from popular anxiety."

“Our legislature is utterly supine before the national security bureaucracy, which exaggerates cybersecurity threats and consistently uses the secrecy trump card to defy oversight,” writes Jim Harper for CATO. “Benign intentions do not control future results, and governmental surveillance of the Internet for ‘cybersecurity’ purposes may warp over time to surveillance for ideological and political purposes.”

Our nation will be even more supine before a global security bureaucracy that does not answer to our elected representatives, does not respect our national sovereignty and our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced in 2009 that the globalist organization has moved to prevent “hate speech” on the internet. “There are those who use information technology to reinforce stereotypes, to spread misinformation and to propagate hate,” Ki-moon said during a seminar on “hate speech” held in June of 2009. “Look no further than last week’s shocking shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. For years, the alleged shooter was well known for spewing racist venom through the internet and elsewhere.”

The corporate media and liberal bloggers attempted to place blame for the Holocaust museum shooting on members of the patriot movement. James W. Von Brunn, the accused shooter and avowed white supremacist, “was a right-winger — a far right-winger,” David Neiwert wrote last June. “More to the point, this is precisely the same belief system that today fuels the cottage industry in conspiracy theories — promulgated by the likes of Ron Paul and Alex Jones — that the Fed is part of a massive conspiracy of ‘international [read: Jewish] bankers’ to enslave Americans and destroy the country.”

Following the release of the Department of Homeland Security’s report labeling gun owners, returning veterans, and patriot movement activists as the number one threat to national security, the corporate media launched into a concerted effort to portray “rightwing extremists” who defend the Constitution as domestic terrorists.

Obama partisans — including members of the FCC — characterize conservative talk radio as hate speech and demand it be shut down. Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, has argued that the government ban “conspiracy theorizing” and infiltrate “extremists who supply conspiracy theories” to disrupt the efforts of the “extremists” to propagate their theories over the internet.

The red herring of cybersecurity is now being exploited by the global elite in a cynical effort to tame and fully corporatize the internet and shut down the alternative media that has eclipsed the old dinosaur dead tree and televised corporate media.

The recent agreement at the United Nations signifies that the globalists are determined to take efforts to control and censor the internet to the next level.

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Posted: Jul 22 2010, 1:55 AM

98247 A fascist Internet is a Satanic Internet. That's the day I go off the Internet and the corporate world can kiss my Internet purchases goodbye. It's all local after that.

You listening, you fascist motherfuckers? No mas dinero.

Posted: Jul 22 2010, 11:35 AM

If these so called "leaders" were on the up and up they wouldn't be worried about what is happening on the net. What I see is that they are scared of the people........ as they should be. Do these morons actually think that they can control the net... ? It's laughable to say the least. If they could just do the job they were hired for they wouldn't need to concern themselves with any of this.
Ross Wolf

Posted: Jul 24 2010, 2:17 PM

7537 Obama and his Neomarxists intend to drown out the voice of Americans, enforcing new regulations that will cripple bloggers and other alternative media from disseminating information, free speech that Citizens, grass-roots organizations among others depend on to make informed decisions.

Obama’s support of the DISCLOSE Act confirmed what many Americans believed; that Obama and certain Democrats in Congress intend to strangle the flow of information. If Obama and his leftists associations get their way, our Children will be brainwashed by Obama’s one-sided propaganda at school, through Obama controlled Radio, TV and Obama media policies that restrict the free flow of information. Historically when communists attempted or took over a country, one of their first steps was to control the media and all forms of public communications to control Civilian populations. When Russia took over Hungary, it immediately took control of the Radio stations to thwart Citizen resistance and to psychologically control the People.

Considering the Obama government’s obsession with controlling all media, one might ask, are some of the persons inside and outside U.S. Government, now working with the Obama administration to push the Disclose Act and other censorship regulations, involved in causes that promulgate overthrow of the United States? While some in the Obama Government say they support dismantling capitalism, brick by brick, does their endgame call for destruction of the United States? If it does, what can Americans do to stop it? The Obama administration appears intended to curtail Americans’ right to know, restrict American’s right to communicate via the Internet and the Obama administration admits they want to pay writers in newspapers and other media to covertly propagandize their point of view. Is this not treason?

Does the Obama administration’s proposed censorship of free speech e.g., Disclose Act threaten National Security? In other countries where members of a political parties and or ideological extremists attempted or succeeded in this kind of forced censorship, forbidding Citizens to receive information, they have been arrested for treason among other crimes.

Top CZAR Cass Sunstein prepared a 2008 paper that proposed spying on Americans, infiltrating groups and organizations to obstruct Free Speech, disrupt the exchange of ideas and disseminate false information to neutralize Americans that might question government. See:

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