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11 Reasons We'd be Better Off with No Government at All

Chris | InformationLiberation

No government at all? Outlandish, you say?! After you read these 11 reasons, you'll be the first calling for shutting the whole shebang down!

1. We'd have absolutely no taxes. That means everything across the board would be cheaper and everyone would have about twice as much money.

2. We'd have no foreign wars. The US spends $1 trillion dollars a year on our interventionist foreign policy. If we shut the whole government down, that's $1 trillion dollars a year going towards computers, housing, food, technology etc., instead of being spent on bombs to kill people.

3. We'd have no corporate welfare. That means no more banker bailouts, no more handouts to the health insurance companies and big pharma, and no more subsidies for connected special interests. That translates to lower prices and more competition. Health care costs would drastically fall and housing would finally be more affordable.

4. We'd have no more drug war. The miserable drug war would come to an end and we'd stop wasting trillions of dollars to keep drug prices high.

5. We'd have no more police. That means instead of the government running a billion dollar protection racket with people getting abused left and right, we could take the billions we give to the government and instead pay private bodyguards to police our streets as an actual service to consumers at a mere fraction of the cost. The police would not be abusive for the same reason a private bodyguard doesn't beat up the person they're supposed to protect, they're dependent on you for their paycheck. Also they wouldn't have to enforce ridiculous drug laws which account for the majority of supposed crime.

6. No TSA! Let the companies themselves decide how to protect their passengers. If people want to fly in a jail cell and go through naked body scanners, so be it. If there is a market for it, the airliners could make special flights with extra security. As for the rest of us, we'd like to keep our clothes on, thanks!

7. Everyone could get a job in private industry. With private industry finally being able to keep the entirety of their earnings, everyone across the board would have more money. All corporations, big and small, would have double their current income, that means they can hire more people and put people back to work. Even a politician with absolutely no skills could get a job!

8. No more Federal Reserve. That means no more fiat money, no more business cycle, and no more inflation. Private industry could coin the money and have full reserve banks. We could move towards a %100 gold backed currency globally and give people truly sound money. No more devaluation of our money through the printing press, and no more silent corporate welfare through inflation.

9. No more artificially induced bubbles. Without the fed inducing the business cycle people would be able to invest wisely and the market could adjust faster to changes in the economy. Companies would be forced to adapt to serve consumers instead of merely adapting to gaming the system to get corporate welfare.

10. No more entrenched elite. The government's illegitimate monopoly on force is the only thing with allows a tiny group to stay in power perpetually through gaming the system and profiting off government handouts and grants of monopoly privilege. End the government, and you destroy their tool of conquest.

11. Freedom. What more is there to say? Without a government there can be no ruling class which claims powers over others. People can organize themselves voluntarily in their own self-interest, the same way we do now in almost every sector of our lives. Our nanny state system is what keeps people hobbled and dependent, remove the rules and restrictions and give people freedom and you'll see a complete societal turn around, just read this!

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Posted: Aug 08 2010, 5:43 PM

99230 It seems that this argument has existed for quite a few centuries without the anarchist faction having any practical successes to point to, where many bad ideas such as marxism or fascism have at least functioned for periods.

Within the libertarian spectrum there are some who believe that reform is possible and those who advocate for abolision of government.

Posted: Aug 23 2010, 2:54 PM

67217 Yeah because all these reasons would totally be gone without a government. I can't even fathom how stupid you are to think that we would have MORE money without one. Fact of the matter is without governments it is very apparent in the world what happens yes some things could be cut from our spending but GOVT is needed and anarchists never seem to have common sense or logic about that. Take a step back from yourself and make a list of the pros and cons I guarantee the pros for a Govt will outweigh the cons by at least 3 fold.

Posted: Aug 23 2010, 11:49 PM

7170 No government plans only talk about removing America's government. The main problem is people fail to see what we fall into without laws. All the murderist, serial killers, muslim extremists disappear in their mind when they talk about getting rid of the government. Also the countries that rely on the U.S. as a backing power, like South Korea and Israel, would probaly hate to see us stop being a country. And the last thing i have to say, is that this is america, the government does not give the people rights, the people give the government rights

Posted: Sep 09 2010, 2:43 AM

199247 67217 have you ever tried that? Do it. Post it and then your argument might actually hold some weight.

Posted: Sep 28 2010, 6:14 PM

99230 The majority of the posters who are for abolishing government are Americans...and if I had to live under that evil and corrupt system I would lose my mind...However just because the U.S. system is screwed up dosen't mean that constitutional democracy dosen't work elsewhere. When was the last time the Swiss invaded another soverign nation in a war of imperial conquest?

I live a free life in my home land of Canada. My government does not negatively impact my way of life other than through taxation. Of course my taxes also provide me with services, such as health care, public parks, emergency services, roads and snowploughs, etc.

Sure the economy sucks and jobs are hard to come by, but that is largely the fault of the private sector; finance co's, banks, mortgage brokers, etc. Even by shopping at Walmart with their credit cards average people helped to destroy the economy.

The truth is, no political system is perfect which is why so many different system have popped up in history without any really taking hold of the whole world. Some are better then others, Democracy is better than totalitarianism, At least that is what we in the west believe. Although in the U.S. with the President holding Executive Order and Veto powers it is more like a dictatorial republic then a democracy.

Posted: Oct 13 2010, 5:05 PM

208118 i hate the goverment too but if you got rid of it ,everything goes to hell .Minarchy is teh awnser not anarchy cuase anarchy = murder rape and the death of all freedom.
jukit babalu

Posted: Oct 16 2010, 4:57 AM

124177 One main reason why there is this worsening police state and such military/governmental viciousness is because personal tension among people is increasing. It is practically impossible to be alive and sane, if excessive tension builds up in your head.
Our ancestors, since antiquity, sang and danced to remove this tension to help remove grimness.
People who are not tense and grim will not join the military and fight.
So in order for the establishment to keep up voluntary military enlistment, things such as vegetarianism, literary freedom, sexual freedom, R an R, plants/herbs that produce relaxing aphrodisiac effects, must be eliminated. Now, does Michael Jackson--John Lennon`s and many other Rock star`s assassinations make more sense to you?

Incidentally, Jackson died on June 25 -2009 but it wont be until 2011 that the murder trial will take place. Why so long? To DECREASE the threat of open rebellion directed at these governmental traitors and their NON-EXISTENT justice system of their "occupied territory" disguised as the USA.

The real traitorous downfall of America started with the JFK assassination. Hear the song below which indicates that Lee H. Oswald was just the patsy, NOT JFK`s assassin.

Homer Henderson "Lee Harvey was a friend of mine" (lip sync with video of a young Oswald? ~ "they say he shot the president but I don`t think he did" ~ neither do millions of others Homer)

Posted: Nov 09 2010, 12:14 PM

72184 I like sewers, fire depts., roads, and running water. Anarchy will never work because there will always be a bigger, badder asshole who wants the power. Get rid of the govt and the mafia takes over. Taxes and cops suck, but it could be worse.

Posted: Nov 14 2010, 4:48 PM

7566 Not that i like having a government or anything but WE'D HAVE NO ROADS, SCHOOLS, OR ANYTHING ELSE OF THAT NATURE, and also since when were people good by nature... In a perfect world it would work out but we are in to deep for that now, and lots of people are good by nature but most are not and if you believe other wise take a good look at people's true selves

Posted: Nov 19 2010, 1:57 AM

99240 This is some of the stupidest shit Ive read in a while. Tell me, how long is it before your bodyguards are killing one another? Even if you eliminate public war, you will create private war, which is worse.
Why the hell am I even on this site, you people are nuts!

Posted: Nov 19 2010, 1:58 AM


Posted: Jan 10 2011, 1:30 PM

7291 whoever wrote this.....if you were any more wrong my brain would explode, you have clearly never been a working part of the real world, please feel free to never think again.

Posted: Jan 27 2011, 1:14 AM

67161 instead of private police forces, why not just renewing the old concept of every man (or, in this day and age..... every adult or even just everyone) being a member of the unorganized militia, and allowing those unorganized militiamen to form organized militias as the situation dictates..... instead of having umpteen dozen different types of insurance, why not just reintroduce the mutual aid societies that where regulated out of existence 70-80 years ago...... as far as being invaded, I think you need to consider that when Great Britain invaded the US in 1812, they didn't bother holding land, rather just razing the country side as they went, because though they had no fear of the US Army they where terrified of the citizenry.... and when Japan attack Pearl Harbor, they didn't even attempt an invasion, just an assault on a single outpost thousands of miles from the US Homeland, and once again a fear of a well armed US citizenry is why that was.

technology and economics today are both more squarely in favor of defenders over attackers and militias over professional armies than they ever have been in history, and since relying on citizen or peasant militias has worked numerous times in the past in numerous locals throughout the world, there is absolutely no reason it could not work today other than that too many people don't want to practice the due diligence required for the maintenance of liberty.

Posted: Jan 27 2011, 1:16 AM

67161 @7566

Are you serious? We'd have no roads? If you are truly so god damn stupid that you can't work with others to achieve common objectives (like, building or maintaining roads), please for the love of all that is good just die already.

Posted: Mar 24 2011, 5:50 AM

12261 We're not in a position to do away with government. As nice as it sounds its pure fantasy! Considering the majority of people are sheep - no offence - it would only take another a small handful of opportunists to seize power. The masses want a leader to follow, to organise and "make things happen." If reforms could be made by someone more altruistic, incorruptible, more interested in his fellow man, (haha do they exist) then we could make inroads into real change which requires more real education of the masses. Slowly taking them off the public tit of relying on someone else to make important decisions for them would be a good start. A no-government-society is a society for Enlightened Masters and you don't see too many of those walking around. A lack of a governing body leads to anarchy as there is only the individual relying on itself, self-governing for their own seperate interests. That would surely cause chaos. We need more transparency, and for people to have a genuine interest in their world, politics, education, reforms, healthcare; and to stop endlessly giving their power away to people “more qualified than they”. It’s a cop out. Most people want to go back to sleep, spend everyday wishing for the weekend or contemplating the next episode of Desperate Housewives or wondering what The Kardashians are up to. The more people are armed with knowledge and have the cultivated human qualities of dignity, respect and personal self-esteem, then the better chance the world has as a group. Raise the intelligence and awareness of the average person before even considering the possibility of no government. Too much of a leap. PS, who would pay for the building and maintaining of public areas, waterways, roads, education systems etc...This list is not well thought out and is purely a pipedream. Sorry, idealism is great, but baby steps are needed first.

Posted: Apr 03 2011, 11:13 PM

17424 christ... private body gaurds and private companies running the place instead of the government, where we at least have a little democratic control.. this form of anarchy is even scarier than whatever it is we have now...
Still in disbelief

Posted: Apr 27 2011, 1:10 AM

20289 Well, I was going to post something clever, witty and reasoned here. But it looks like it's all been said.

Chris has a tendency to speak from the belief that mankind is wise enough to govern itself without rules being imposed. And he demonstrated that in another posting when he wished me well with a "in fact I hope you die" good will comment after I was interested in hearing his reasonings.

And you have to admit, with fine humanitarians like Chris to enlighten us, we can be nothing but optimistic that he knows his stuff. Mankind has hope and may we all live in peace and love.

Isn't that right Chris?

(or as you put it once: /faceplant)

Posted: May 07 2011, 2:46 AM

71231 Very.....Optimistic? I guess that might be the best description.

For one Human beings are not Good, or Bad naturally. Naturally, before conditioning occurs through our parental units, Human beings are by every means out for themselves. In fact the entire concept of Good and Bad is just another outcome of said conditioning. Do babies have morales? Its pretty hard to consider them tackling something as deep as that when we don't even count very high onto the ToM before about ages 3-4(on Average). So really it would be a rather Grey situation without our Government and their morale guidances. Some people will probably kill indiscriminately for what they need(or just because), some people will band together and make their own organizations to keep the previously said people from doing that, some people will mix the two together for equally odd results.

Even with my very neutral stance on Chaos and Getting rid of the Government(Not saying it'll be hell of heaven) you have some massively flawed ideals there my friend.

1. No Taxes= Everything Cheaper? Now Taxes are by no means a bad thing, seeing as how (depending on the state) they go towards helping those of us with disabilities. Not to mention that without a Governing body to create and give value to these pieces of paper we call Money having twice the Greenbacks than before would be absolutely useless.
In probably have to revert back to a trading society.

2. No, We'd Still have those...Who Says that Just because we Over threw our government that everyone has too? A: We wouldn't have a standing military anymore...Which would be about 10x worse than what Thomas Jefferson did during his presidency...which didn't turn out so well for us or for him. Course you could say that we could come together as some sort of Populace and pay for a military but that would both taxes and a Governmental body? And isn't getting rid of Government what we're aiming for here?

3. Once again....Money=Useless in a Society without a Government backing it. The paper you're clinging to would compare to nothing more than toilet paper in the long run.

4. You're Right and wrong about this. We would definitely stop arresting people for Drugs, but I don't count arresting Pot dealers as a Drug war. Pot isn't a Drug, You can earn a Card in certain states that lets you have it. The actual Drugs that are consitute a Drug war is run by people who aren't really being troubled by our Government in the first place so that wouldn't change (well...maybe they'd stop taking back roads or something). So YAY! Columbian Gold and Heroin for everyone!

5. Now Not having Police doesn't sound too bad till you had all your Stuff jacked. Not to mention that paying for the kind of "Help" you're talking about would be impossible because Money has no value anymore. So Less you have an abundance of Raw Shiny Materials which human beings have always been fascinated with or set up your own townish Government (which would be once again...An oxymoron) with your own Monetary system (Which you would also probably want to tax) you aren't getting help. If you do however get help whats t stop guy A from taking all his guys and shooting up your Guys? Your body guards protect you, they aren't for Joe down the street. Thus the guys without any particular wealth would quickly be put under you for protection, which would be creating a gang...which would be Organization with a clear hierarchy...which would be government.

6. Silliest reason I've ever heard....the holes in that logic are completely invalidated. Corporations would quickly Jump the American ship and Find a new place to earn cash...cuz remember. OUR MONETARY SYSTEM HAS BEEN BASED OFF OF TRUST AND TRUST ALONE FOR A LONG TIME! The few who sticked with it would be able to charge you any given amount of...well...whatever really and be able to do what they want with you.

7. *cough* Money Based on trust *cough* No Government= no trust *cough* Haha

Of course Private Industry would thrive, Because you would be trading 4 dozen eggs for a new roof. Which IMO is the best private industry.

8. So...We're....getting rid of Government....To Create....a Government? Do... you not see how hypocritical it is to say "Get rid of the Government Because they control our money" then say "private Industry Can Control our Money?"....Really?....REALLY?

9. Once again...Investing....Trust....Money....Not wanting a Government. Corporations and Businesses fleeing. Half of your things seem to focus more on a Neo Communist yet Business run guiding force. Which is really not Getting rid of a Government.

10. Oh we'd still have Castes. They'd be based off of Power, Land Ownership and more than likely the occasional burst of violence though.

11. I have to Agree, We would have absolute Freedom. Unless of course you do the entire "Private Industry" owns the Cash flow thing...but thats not Anti-Government. Thats just wanting to replace our current one.

Posted: May 10 2011, 1:00 AM

2464 I actually felt myself getting dumber while reading this. Trash like this really degrades the credibility of your site.

My favorites are:

#1 - really? We would still have all our schools and hospitals, and roads and infrastructure, and we would have twice as much money? that's sweet! So the stuff that government taxes us for now would be provided for free by the private sector?

#5 - great idea! Paying for one cop per 1000 citizens is too expensive. It would be much more affordable if we each hired our own body guards. And you can trust me when I say that a private body guard employed solely by me, will treat any dispute that you and I have with the ultimate impartiality and fairness... Not like those biased police officers who don't know either of us from Adam and don't depend on either of us for their pay. On second thought, I might leave my private security guard out of it and just blow your head off myself if you piss me off. It is awesome not having cops.

Posted: May 12 2011, 9:39 PM

67159 "Human beings are good by nature..."? Do you know anything about human history?!
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