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Analysis posted Jul 04 2010, 11:48 PM Category: Commentary Source: InformationLiberation Print

Fireworks: Taxpayer Money, Up in Smoke

Chris | InformationLiberation

Is it wrong that all I can see while watching the firework shows is taxpayer money going up in smoke?

As much as I enjoy fireworks, I can't help but find it angering the way the 4th of July is nothing more than some hollowed out, almost sarcastic joke of a celebration. The whole tradition of celebrating freedom in America has turned into the government taking our taxpayer money and burning it in a spectacular show of largess on the taxpayer's dime.

Meanwhile, Joe Citizen in most states is not even allowed to buy fireworks himself! The very symbol of the celebration of his freedom has been banned by the very same government which uses our tax money to put on elaborate fireworks shows to tell us how great our freedoms are.

As with all things government, it's only fine if they do it. They are above the law and us commoners need to know our place and bow down before their arbitrary dictates.

What a wonderfully free country.

If you dare to skirt the law and set off your own fireworks you have the tax feeders in costume trawling around town for some poor sap to jail.

Some land of the free!

I'll celebrate our freedoms when we are actually free. I'll celebrate when the major fireworks shows are put on by private citizens and private companies which exist on voluntary trade and symbolize freedom, as opposed to some parasite government which traffics in stolen goods.

America is dead, the government killed it.

Maybe over the next few years the American people will finally say they've had enough and throw this parasite government off the same as the American revolutionaries did the British.

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Posted: Jul 06 2010, 12:35 PM

68152 Wrong....the government did not kill America. Americans killed America. We are still a representative Republic if by technicality and structure only. The government is not some semi-deistic, separate entity. It is chock full of Americans, birthed by Americans, raised by Americans, educated by Americans, trained by Americans, and elected by Americans. Never in our history has some alien horde from space come and planted disguised sleeper agents amongst us. Paramilitary thugs do not accost us at the voting booth and tell us to vote for anyone we choose as long as that choice is for El Presidente. The government represents us and we are the government. Look in the mirror and behold the assassin. "They" killed America because of what they wanted. You and I killed America because of either our inaction which is why we now find ourselves in the minority status in terms of freedom and liberty versus the majority that love their chains or are blithely ignorant of the chains altogether. We get the government we deserve every 2-4 years. No one to blame but ourselves.

Posted: Jul 06 2010, 3:53 PM

Which would all be true if there wasn't massive mind-control and science used to influence the public.

Posted: Jul 06 2010, 3:55 PM

The government, and the people who wear their costumes and parade around under their illegitimate banner of legitimacy, are a bunch of raping, murdering, thieving rogue criminals. They are the ones who broke the non-aggression principle, they are the ones who carried out the violence, carried out the theft, carried out the murder. They are the guilty, not us.

This is no more the government we deserve than a rape victim got the raping she deserved. We're run by a gang of criminals, that's what needs to be explicitly recognized as an indisputable fact. We didn't ask to be raped, we didn't ask to be robbed, at most we acquiesced to it out of fear for our lives. This government is completely and thoroughly illegitimate, there is no consent of the governed and there hasn't been for 200 years. All this 'we are the government' and 'we did this to ourselves' is the equivalent of saying 'we shouldn't have dressed so slutty.'

That the American people would be naively trusting and put their guard down is hardly something to be admonished. That the government would rape us is. Instead of blaming ourselves we need to do whatever a rape victim would do. Namely, admit we were taken advantage of and raped.

Posted: Jul 06 2010, 4:22 PM

I think it's erring to think in terms of groups, "we did this," "they did that," etc. The criminal government is actively committing crimes on a daily basis, stealing people's property, killing people, abusing people, these things are all demonstrably criminal by everyone's standards. You have to think of things in terms of the individual actions, the act of breaking the non-aggression principle, etc. Acquiescing to a criminal action is not a crime.

Posted: Jul 07 2010, 8:41 PM

166204 Chris your rape analogy is quite flawed. Here's why. You are correct in saying it is not the fault of the woman who dresses slutty (of course, in the eye of the beholder). However, if said woman acts both slutty AND receptive and continues to do so after the initial attack, time and time again....well....the question it really rape?

Every 2-4 years we go to the polls "dressing slutty" AND asking for it. And our governmental rapists know this and have for generation after generation. Why? Because of two indisputable facts.

One: 9 out of 10 incumbants on average get re-elected

Two: Said incumbants...even the entire government,,,know that unlike the Revolutionary generation, we will not pick up the gun and overthrow this tyrannical government. If that generation was willing to take up arms over what seems now to be quaint issues such as the Sugar Tax, the Stamp Act and the Tea Tax (all of which were just representations of tyranny) what does this say about us and the truly monstrous tyranny we live under now? Yet we just dress up slutty every 2-4 years and ask to be raped by either a Republican or a Democrat....OR....plead with a Republican or Democrat to stop the rape to no avail.

If you are correct Chris that the government is some entity outside the realm of humanity....that its existance is something other than American made...that it does NOT consists of Americans....then you are duty bound to do one of two things.....flee to another country and ask for political asylum....or pick up the gun and overthrow it.

If I am correct.....then all....must look deep inside and see the corruption in all of us and perhaps start pursuing alternative forms of governance which can contain said corruption better within this prison construct that America has become and hope and pray that others will soon follow our example.

Otherwise....just lay back and enjoy every 2-4 years.

Posted: Jul 07 2010, 9:50 PM

lol, yes I don't disagree! That's why I support secession! There isn't much to overthrow, I think all that needs to be done is invalidate the government completely, similar to the way Somalians view the Somalian "government." We can box them in politically like the old joke goes about putting all the warmongers on an island and letting them duke it out! There was a great article recently, "The New Libertarian Generation?" ( ), to quote from it:
The "politics of the libertarian mob," according to Lilla, is "[a] new strain of populism" that is "anarchistic like the Sixties, selfish like the Eighties, contradicting neither." He points out that "[h]istorically, populist movements [have] use[d] the rhetoric of class solidarity to seize political power so that 'the people' can exercise it for their common benefit." But the "populist rhetoric" of the "libertarian mob" is "something altogether different. It fires up emotions by appealing to individual opinion, individual autonomy, and individual choice."

More important, according to Lilla, this new populist rhetoric of the libertarian mob is "all in the service of neutralizing, not using, political power. It gives voice to those who feel they are being bullied, but this voice has only one, Garbo-like thing to say: I want to be left alone." This rhetoric, Lilla tells us, "appeals to petulant individuals convinced that they can do everything themselves if they are only left alone, and that others are conspiring to keep them from doing just that."

That's what's so great about this new movement, it's all about invalidating state power and raising up a voluntarist society in which the power games of the past would be viewed as some unbelievable foolish relic. Same as we view concepts like having to sacrifice virgins to appease the rain god to make things rain, the idea we need some government to boss everyone around "in order to secure our freedom" will be viewed just as ridiculously laughable.
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