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Article posted Jul 04 2010, 11:48 PM Category: Commentary Source: InformationLiberation Print

Could we get some Americans in our 4th of July celebrations?

Stephen | InformationLiberation

Tonight I turned on the TV to watch the fireworks shows.

I turned on "The Macy's 4th of July" and found the opening act, Canadian Justin Bieber singing some techno song about how he "needs somebody to love".

Then I switched to "The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular" to find it was hosted by Craig Ferguson, a Scottish late night talk show host.

Then I switched it to "A Capital Fourth" and saw Lang Lang, a Chinese national classical pianist playing "Variations on the Stars and Stripes Forever" which Vladimir Horowitz wrote to celebrate becoming an American citizen. The arrangement is great but his playing of it felt lackluster to me, being that he's not from America and not an American citizen I can't imagine that this American tune would have held any special meaning to him.

There are plenty of great American pianists, any of whom if offered the opportunity, would have probably considered it one of the greatest achievements of their career, instead we get Lang Lang who probably sees it as just another day at the office playing songs he's barely ever heard before.

I mean, before Lang Lang came on they had "Hootie" from "Hootie and the Blowfish" singing "Proud to be an American", and he's literally crying!

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Posted: Jul 05 2010, 2:57 AM

As much as i despise Lang Lang - a joke among classical pianists - this article is as misleading as mainstream articles. It's not that there were no Americans on telly for you to watch and enjoy, you chose arbitrarily to list all those that weren't American (so glad you enjoyed Hootie, though), as if foreigners didn't have the right to celebrate your "great country's" independence and "achievements in the field of liberty and freedom and general betterment of mankind." Isn't that against the idea of America?

Personally, was i an American, and did i enjoy watching telly, i would've wanted to see Ignat Solzhenitsyn instead of Lang Lang playing something else than an overrated jew's (in this case, Horowitz) condescending adaptation of Stars and Stripes designed to please the facile.

You know, my dear American cousins - people around the world really don't dislike America ONLY because of its corrupt government, its support of isis-ra-el and zionism and inhumanities thereof, and general imperialism (as our own governments we know are just as bad and have been even worse), we really dislike Americans also because you are chauvinistic, ignorant, and extremely arrogant. One thing America has always lacked is a culture of thought and humanity, which on the other hand has been less lacking in the enslaved peoples of Europe and other parts of the world. You have no moral compass save for lifeless ideologies for which you have traded your whole humanity and identity - and believing that through dead ideologies you shall express humanity - failing to recognise the utter absurdity and fatal impossibility of such a venture - you willfully remain in the state of catalepsy.

Truth is, there was a thousand-fold amount of life, and love of life and freedom, in the starving and dying idealistic communists in Stalin's deathcamps, compared to Americans "standing proud and tall for liberty and freedom" without the smallest inkling of the fact that ultimately they mean something ineffable instead of the latest theory of them from your favourite NGO-Church today.
To be sure, i would venture so far as to suggest there was more love of life and understanding of it in the 19th century serfs of Imperial Russia than in modern-day Americans trying to exhume freedom in your country. The difference is: they had their humanity left - and all without ever having heard of "free-market capitalism". i would also say that they were in essence much freer in spirit - in the only way that truly matters.

"And the fifty-two daughters of the revolution turn the gold to chrome."

But hey, AS YOU WERE.

PS: Why did you attach a picture of Lang Lang in the article? Why not Hootie? Which are you exactly promoting? Even if you find a particularly distasteful picture of Lang Lang that makes him look ridiculous thus supporting the gist of your article, doesn't it rather fall in to the field of propaganda when you ignore the fact that you can find just as, or even more, distasteful pictures of American "artistes"?
To be sure, this move seems so much like professional propaganda that i renew my accusations of this being a site of so-called "controlled opposition".

Posted: Jul 05 2010, 10:30 AM

67212 One point - Craig Ferguson recently became an American citizen, so it's as appropriate for him to appear on those shows as any other American.

Posted: Jul 05 2010, 3:20 PM

72223 Craig Ferguson is a SCAB!

Posted: Jul 06 2010, 4:56 PM

72218 You've become such a racist jerk, Chris. I can barely stand to come to this site anymore, with 1 in 3 articles being something along the lines of Alex Jones-esque "PEOPLE WILL CALL ME RACIST AFTER I SAY THIS, BUT HONESTLY, FUCK THE ILLEGALS."

You've become dogmatic and closeminded over the years, unwilling to even consider that you might be wrong in your views.

Posted: Jul 06 2010, 5:37 PM

Every 4th of July celebration in the past was about *gasp* America and Americans. This year it was all foreign nationals, you don't find that odd? Or I guess you just didn't watch? It has nothing to do with racism or some anti-foreign mentality, it's an observation at what a hallowed out joke we've become. It's as if black history month on BET was hosted by a bunch of whites, with performances by Taylor Hicks and Taylor Swift. Or some Christmas celebration hosted by Jews with Christmas carols performed by Matisyahu. It's ridiculous.
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