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Article posted Jun 20 2010, 3:12 PM Category: Big Brother/Orwellian Source: The Age Print

Obama internet 'kill switch' proposed


US President Barack Obama would be granted powers to seize control of and even shut down the internet under a new bill that describes the global internet as a US "national asset".

Local lobby groups and academics have rounded on the plan, saying that, rather than combat terrorists, it would actually do them "the biggest favour ever" by terrorising the rest of the world, which is now heavily reliant on cyberspace.

The proposed legislation, introduced into the US Senate by independent senator Joe Lieberman, who is chairman of the US Homeland Security committee, seeks to grant the President broad emergency powers over the internet in times of national emergency.

Titled "Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act", the bill stipulates any internet firms and providers must "immediately comply with any emergency measure or action developed" by a new section of the US Department of Homeland Security, dubbed the "National Centre for Cybersecurity and Communications".

Lobby group TechAmerica told ZDNet it worried that the bill would give the US "absolute power" over the internet and create "unintended consequences".

One of Australia's top communications experts, University of Sydney associate professor Bjorn Landfeldt, railed against the idea, saying shutting down the internet would "inflict an enormous damage on the entire world".

He said it would be like giving a single country "the right to poison the atmosphere, or poison the ocean".

"All our financial systems, all our security systems ... we're so reliant on the internet that if you shut it down there's a question of whether society will continue to operate normally anywhere in the Western world," Landfeldt said in a phone interview.

"By doing this they would do the terrorists the biggest favour ever because they would terrorise the rest of the world".

Landfeldt said the US would be the only country in the world with the ability to shut down the internet. He said such a move would be extremely difficult for the US to justify to other nations.

"Unfortunately, too much of the core of the internet resides in the US - let's put it this way, they cannot shut down machines in Australia, but they can completely isolate us and shut down certain core functions like the DNS ... they can render the internet fairly useless for the rest of the world," he said.

Senator Susan Collins, co-sponsor of the bill, has said: "We cannot afford to wait for a cyber-9/11."

Lieberman argued the bill was necessary to "preserve those networks and assets and our country and protect our people".

He said that, for all its allure, the internet could also be a "dangerous place with electronic pipelines that run directly into everything from our personal bank accounts to key infrastructure to government and industrial secrets".

US economic security, national security and public safety were now all at risk from new kinds of enemies, including "cyber warriors, cyber spies, cyber terrorists and cyber criminals".

Geordie Guy, spokesman for the online users' lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia, said governments around the world seemed terrified of some unidentified risk that they believe the internet poses.

"The proposal is from Joe Lieberman, a repeat offender on rights versus regulation, in a bill called Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010," he said.

"One wonders which nation Senator Lieberman considers the internet an asset of, and how proposing its destruction by presidential or homeland security order protects it.

"The internet is not a national asset of the United States, nor is it a media regulation problem of Australia. It is an international network used by millions upon millions of citizens and it needs to remain free and available."

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy did not respond to calls requesting comment.

Google, one of the world's biggest internet companies, declined to comment as it was not yet official US government policy.

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Posted: Jun 21 2010, 2:37 PM

<Obama internet 'kill switch' proposed>

i remember reading this story when it first came out. as if people don't already know it is a done deal through the public presentation of the office of president or known to some by internal title as 'pirate captain temporary'. this president, as with predecessors is a slave, a script reader under threat of death as is evedenced in american history.

some people will have read 'trance-formation', '1984' (a version of), 'the bible' (a version of even if king james) and not realised what the book was about or what has been done to them, how significant networks are in establishing and maintaining control of other people. 'satanism' is a very useful brand for the company, passing a hard rock cafe i saw a huge advertising hoarding for it, it said 'we will feed you' next to a picture of a fork. the fork had the middle two prongs bent over. the satanist sign (science of evil - live backwards), the horns. this is the same sign used around churches throughout america by bible salespeople.

a two party system is a simple trick, good and evil, democrats and republicans, labour and conservate, state and church, some people fooled by the presented choices or being crushed by the monopoly they represent.

if you can see through the nonsense, have your own senses then you can perhaps see past, present and future real time and in relation to the future make choices and changes in the present.

Posted: Jun 21 2010, 2:44 PM

i favour the satan brand, it is the most transparent. not so much so for triggers like 'father', 'word of god', 'bible', 'christ', 'sacrifice', 'testiment' and other similar tricks by which minds are split with the presentation of doing good. it is the same emporer just with a different coat. the contradiction system is revealed in 1984, the bible story being that christ died on the cross that all others are free yet christianity at the same time asks people to suffer and to be grateful they are breathing. there is a reason for this suffering, the control game requires this abuse.

as for tranceformation, mkultra etc, satanic ritual programming flourishes in the bible belt of america, i have witnessed it first hand; alters created and programmed. people are not supposed to know that downstream of the company, satanic cults like christianity have kept the power club in business for centuries.

the community police in atlanta are called ambassadors, installed during the olympics. the identity they wear on their belts says 'DID'. although there is a public version for this acronym, i am familiar with it as alter programming now called D)issociative I)dentity D)isorder to conceal that it is orchestrated. in church one has alters, alter boys, the mind fragmentation through trauma and hypnotism programmed with service routines, sometimes called demons.

the DID people are destroying the society they are presented as protection. a contradiction as is the protection racket.

Posted: Jun 21 2010, 2:50 PM

someone told me that the bible is an acronym for 'basic instructions before leaving earth', this fits from my view though i suggest that is self evident.

<According to Historical and Scriptural Sources, two totally opposite civilizations existed before the Flood. One was taken into heaven and the other was destroyed by the Flood waters.>

satan alone is rather impotent, one must divide to rule so opposing forces are created, e.g christ and anti-christ. a local advert for coca-cola shows what the writing really represents through the lighting, it is a snake, a symbol adding cohesion and strength to the brotherhood, much of behavioural psychology relying on groupthink, group behaviour, ie the cult system.

the secret societies behind fronts like church, state and other parts of the elephant are themselves duped for they are set to building their own prison, far worse even.

Posted: Jun 21 2010, 2:54 PM

the devil alone doesn't work well in behavioural sciences, something that i find the bible is about having read some of the threads. though the devil brand has two horns the english symbol of power is the lion and the unicorn. this makes sense as the devil is split to create sides (division), two sides of the same coin as with church and state, christ and anti-christ etc.

one horn for england, the lion (aggression without brains) to make the mighty roar to sell the con to people. much of this is done by the counter intelligence agency collectively known as the media which includes the internet.

the division is a construct, re-enforced if people believe or subscribe to the groups. seeing the abuse this represents helps prevent it or becoming the abuser as a reaction to the abuse as can happen with government and anti-government for example. if all of those constructs fall apart, humankind is still there, still there but free that care can roam free rather than be blocked by charity.

Posted: Jun 21 2010, 3:08 PM

i have a suspicion that many elites do not have confidence in their own rhetoric that they will get the mayhem they want while they hide in the caves. the occult mafia are pulling the system down whilst tring to have groups fighting each other that a new society can be built to solve the problems the last society created (politics relying on such contradictions). humankind is not responding in that fashion, not falling for revolution that nothing changes. the system is being seen as the problem it is for everyone.

life depends on opposing forces but dipoles are deliberately created for control, the duality systems that present fake choices and contradiction at the same time.

if 'i think therefore i am', what state is it if 'i do not think'?

chistianity is a system as with state based on 'feeding the fish'. a potent control as people are reluctant to bite the hand that feeds them. with banking there is a middleman added to the mix and what a nice con that is. imagine if i offered to give you a dollar if you gave me two back, with banks and compound interest they (the shareholders) will ultimately go for everything they can take, mind body and soul (hence the removal of shoes at the airport).

if you are homeless in atland for example the church (part of the company) will feed you only if you present ID, accept incarceration and present yourself for religious programming. object and the police are called.

Posted: Jun 21 2010, 3:25 PM

1984 discloses (hides in plain view) the contradictions that politics relies on. for an example the british passport says that by order you are not to be given 'let or hinderance'. a contradiction, you are 'required' to have a passport and it is used to harrass, censure and destroy people.

the church sends out its mind control agents as missioneries to subvert and assimilate the masses as was done to america. with freedom one makes one's own choices, not asking per-mission (subject to external authority). passport and other id cons are being pushed apace in america and britain in an attempt to present 'ye shall know the truth and truth is you are a slave'. it is a minority control system, freedom is a choice.

often people look at what is written for how elegant it is, how it marries with what they want to hear rather than what it means, if it is meant or if it is true. if people do their own thinking they will make their own decisions and all this control stuff fractures.

david stanley

Posted: Jun 21 2010, 11:55 PM

7623 Right on Dave. I have also noticed that for countiries that spread propaganda, the propaganda that they spread are always the opposite of what holds true. If they spread that America is the land of the free, the truth is that it is the land of the slaves. In the countries where they think they are the most intelligent, like in Korea, those people memorize what they are given to them and they are not allowed to think for themselves. They can only pass standardized tests but they can not innovate and create. I have noticed that whatever is spread in the country, the opposite always holds true.

Posted: Jun 22 2010, 2:19 PM

tavistock/mason twisters

'feeding the fish' is popular here (religious mind control) but today in atlanta is what presented as template tavistock, 'project rise up' they called it. it is being conducted in other states and london, based on mlk jnr; 'human rights'. by history when people buy into human rights they buy into the protection racket, the end of freedom. the park this was held out had a dedication from the american bar association to the police, i interpreted the thanks owing to the judicial cash/control cow relying mainly on police action. what was presented as for public benefit was the opposite of the truth.

there were people in egyptian clothes, orange prisoner outfits, black panther plus the media plus intel. i spoke to one of the organisers, dressed in prison garb who due to the nature of the conversation we had identified himself as a master mason. we had a genuine discussion, he confirmed mlk was a mason, that obama is a mason. i asked him why in their talk they were telling people no one was above the law. he explained to the effect that they were not referring to the laws that the public would think of as law. he discussed ma-son (my sun) history, lots of sun symbols here in fulton atlanta.

Posted: Jun 22 2010, 2:27 PM

as they were trying to get people to sign petitions i walked round the park to chat with the 'general public'. i saw someone who was clearly alive but masking it. i went up to him, i asked him 'all this bible stuff, civil rights con, how many people are there like you who are pretending they don't know?' he said 'they know big shit is going down, they do the bible bit for food. have you seen the matrix?' i replied with a question: 'do you mean the film or what people are living in here?'. it was a rhetorical question and taken as such.
Thwaps a lot

Posted: Jun 28 2010, 1:12 AM

7623 Stacy wants you to call her about a job
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