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Article posted Jun 02 2010, 6:22 PM Category: Brave New World Source: New Scientist Print

The taste of tiny: Putting nanofoods on the menu

NOTHING says summer holidays quite like ice cream. On a hot afternoon by the sea, there's little to beat the simple pleasure of a cooling scoop of your favourite flavour. Can food get much more satisfying than this?

Vic Morris thinks it can, with the help of nanotechnology. He is part of a team tweaking foods to trick the body into feeling pleasantly full long after the final mouthful - and without overeating.

Ice cream that makes you feel full could be just the beginning. Nanotechnology promises even saltier-tasting salt, less fattening fat, and to boost the nutritional value of everyday products. Nanofood supplements could even tackle global malnutrition.

...Propaganda Continues

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Posted: Jun 03 2010, 4:55 AM

90212 WHEN WILL PEOPLE REALISE............. man-made Frankenstein foods will never be healthier than what nature provides.

Posted: Jun 03 2010, 8:34 AM

Nor better. But once you start the road of science as progress this is the inevitable result.

i also disagree with the opening statement - it assumes that people are only capable of enjoying idle and meaningless delights. Truth is, no food is more satisfying than a real meal after a day of meaningful toil and activity (which does not equal "work"). Only people who have grown idle and cynical, and out of who's lives meaning has entirely dissipated, can claim ice-cream to offer anything enjoyable. And to be honest with you, i'm not sure the taste is so wonderful, either - no matter how it may seem to a corrupt palate. But then, some people actually think man-made music can be more beautiful than the sound of the sea.

Anyone who doesn't see the truth of what i say, i'll throw you a challenge: do not listen to any music for a week, but listen to the sounds of nature. And i guarantee at the end of the week you will not think the same way.

It's the same as with tv. If a person can only endure without a tv for a few days, the spell is broken and the need for it is gone - and once you turn it on again, your favourite programs will look silly indeed and you've no idea how you watched that garbage for so long so eagerly.

Posted: Jun 03 2010, 8:38 AM

Only way to fix the mess this world is in is for the attitudes of people to change. If people will start worrying about truly becoming better morally and spiritually and mentally, the world will change by itself. And before that happens any change in the system will not make one bit of a fucking difference in improving the quality of life for everyone and everything on this planet.

Once people get in touch with their true spiritual nature, everything will be fine.

Posted: Jun 03 2010, 2:17 PM

@freedom_man: I pose a challenge to you: turn off your computer for a week and go deliver your barbarist rhetoric the way nature intended--in-person to real humans. "And I guarantee at the end of the week you will not think the same way."

Posted: Jun 03 2010, 4:57 PM

72223 Solitude is impractical and yet society is fatal. ... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Posted: Jun 04 2010, 2:37 AM

scientia: Your handle says it all to me - as confirmed by your categorising of what i say as barbarist rhetoric, at which i can only chuckle. Your way of bypassing everything i argue with a clever (or at least to some, amusing) retort is also telling. However, it's effectiveness i do not doubt - and i'm sure that is a good reason for you to continue in the same line. (By way of acknowledgment, i can tell you that there are days and even weeks my computer is not turned on.)

It's really interesting to me, though, for what end do people, like you, exchange their selves and their nature and all that is been given to them by God/Creator to the lies they've been given by other men. Even when you realize you've been given a pack of lies, you cling to the most outward manifestations of their lies without daring to look aside.

The lack of integrity and honest self-reflexion is astounding. But then, isn't that what ego-syntonic behaviour is? As long as you feel good about yourself, real seeking and truth be damned.

"Most people claiming to seek the truth are only looking for a confirmation for what they already believe."

Anon72223: Promoting apathy, really. Reality, however, transcends categorical and theoretical states like 'solitude' and 'society'. The arrested civilizations suffer from neither. i repeat what i've said many times, all our problems exist because of our artificial approach to things.

Posted: Jun 04 2010, 11:17 AM


"Your handle says it all..." - Ok, I guess. I try to pursue KNOWLEDGE (which is what my handle translates to in Latin) to better my understanding of the world I live in, so thanks. And I am glad that you can chuckle at me calling you a barbarist. Your response to the article was a denunciation of such things as ice cream and music. Really? Are you that bitter as to diss ice cream? Wow! And music, what about the spiritual works that have been inspired by your boss? Bach, Beethoven, Wagner? I'll jump right on your bandwagon and denounce Lady Gaga as a talentless "entertainer" (not artist)--but to shoot down music as a whole...

"...bypassing everything I argue with a clever retort..." - Again, thanks. I'm glad you view my knowledgeable prose as clever.

"...I can tell you that there are days and even weeks my computer is not turned on." - Somebody must be ghostwriting your comments because I see only 3 days not commenting on this site in the last 3 weeks or so. This doesn't bode well for your denouncement of technology.

" their selves and their nature and all that is been given to them by God/Creator to the lies they've been given by other men." - Being that I do not have a direct conduit to "ton theon" I will agree with you 100% on this point. I cannot confirm, nor deny, the evidence, or lack thereof, of a transaction in which I received things which were mine to trade away. But to join the party, let's say I do receive things from a creator--are these things not mine to do with as I see fit? What would be the point of giving somebody a gift only to instruct them, nay, force or collude them into the only acceptable use of said item?

And to cap off me constantly berating you as a barbarist your response to Anon72223 says it all; "...all our problems exist because of our artificial approach to things." - This is where the meaningful discussions have come to a close. How can you really state that artificial things cause all of our problems? First example; where would our socitey be without generous amounts of indoor plubming? Second example; where would our entire species be without the printing press? These examples are things that you are denouncing. If instead you want to discredit Lady Gaga and texting while driving, go for it. Then you are merely attacking an interaction with a device or medium that persons are free to choose, or not choose, to purchase/consume/imbibe/etc. But do not draw a line in the sand and state that all "synthetic" things are causing our problems.

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