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Article posted Apr 20 2010, 9:59 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: Wendy McElroy Print

Cop kills two young girls, gets probation

by Wendy McElroy

In case you have forgotten the double standard by which law is applied in North America, here's a reminder. The elites of society (e.g. law enforcement agents) are held to a far lower standard than the average person; cops routinely get "a pass" or a slap on the wrist on criminal activities for which non-elites serve hard, long time.

The Illinois state trooper who killed two sisters will not have to spend a day behind bars. A judge gave Matt Mitchell a plea deal for ten years (30 months each for four counts) probation. Since Mitchell plead guilty to felony charges he will never be allowed to be a police officer again. Mitchell will serve his sentence in Clinton County where he resides. In 2007 Mitchell's car wrecked with Jessica and Kelli Uhl killing them. Mitchell's attorney says his client was justified when he was driving 126 miles an hour just moments before the crash. Prosecutors say Mitchell was sending emails and talking on his phone. Illinois State Police released a statement Friday afternoon regarding Mitchell's guilty plea: "Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families of those who were victims in this tragic incident. Now that the criminal proceedings have concluded, the Illinois State Police will move forward with the internal administrative process as expeditiously as possible, and will take the appropriate action that is warranted."

Additional details:

---The two dead girls were 18 and 13 years old.

---Mitchell was "on duty" at the time he drove across a median and killed the teenagers.

---He was not only driving full throttle, he was also "sending and receiving e-mails just 2.5 seconds before the impact....he also had been talking (with his girlfriend) on his cell phone moments before."

---He had been told approx. 6 minutes before the accident that he was no longer needed at another accident scene, which means he wasn't speeding in response to an emergency.

---He had a prior record of reckless driving; this is his 3rd major accident, one of which required a $1.7 million settlement. And, yet, he was back in the driver's seat of a cop car.

---A witness (Navy Chief Petty Officer J.W. James) claims that Mitchell had no siren on while speeding.

---This was on Black Friday, one of the most congested traffic days, during you would think a cop would be more careful than usual.

---At first, the police blamed a car that cut Mitchell off. The car was not found and the police refused to release a description. When witnesses contradicted this account, the police said 'well, may there wasn't another car. Mitchell's video recorder was either not on or not working. Another version said his car was without a Dash Camera, which is standard issue these days.

---It took over two and 1/2 years to work out the probation deal for Mitchell. Nevertheless, this is the first felony conviction in Illinois against a law officer in "a pursuit" that killed somebody. (I know the word "pursuit" is inaccurate but it is the word being used.)

---Two other people, including a pregnant woman, were injured in a separate vehicle.

---The victims' parents agreed to a plea deal on the charge of 'reckless homicide' because "there was no assurance of a conviction at trial" -- that is how difficult it is to convict a cop of anything. ---Part of the family's motive may be a civil suit for $24 million that they have brought against Mitchell and the police department; a guilty plea on his part facilitates a large settlement.

---The prosecuting attorney stated that Mitchell "will likely lose his job with the State Police"; he had relieved him of duty pending trial but continued to receive a salary. That's how they punish a recklessly homicidal cop? -- they give him a paid vacation?

---Why is his dismissal only likely. A guilty plea on a felony is not automatic grounds for dismissal?

What do you think would happen to an average Joe or Jill who killed two policemen or the children of policemen because they were texting while speeding? I suspect it would more than the 30-months probation Mitchell received. And what happens if he breaks probation? Does anyone seriously believe he would be arrested by a fellow-cop, a member of the brotherhood who saw him swig a beer?

Always remember that the police -- and not conventional criminals -- are the main threat to the safety of the average peaceful person. The police are there "to serve and protect" themselves and their employers -- the judicial system.

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Posted: Apr 20 2010, 10:27 AM

i wonder how the DOD was able to predict "30 years of rioting"...they're not giving the public much choice, are they?

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 4:17 PM

15656 A police officer at his finest moments.

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 5:17 PM

206248 [Deleted: Provocateuring]

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 6:12 PM

64198 [Deleted: More provocateuring]

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 9:21 PM

9652 I love me some wildly opinionated, totally biased news. How about reporting events without putting your little quips in there? Allow readers to form their own. opinions in the content.
This article reads like an angry child wrote it.

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 9:51 PM

How about not being an idiot? If you want to be spoon fed maybe you should stick to watching TV propaganda.

"wildly opinionated, totally biased news" *lol*

Enjoy it when it's your child.

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 10:22 PM

87118 imagine if it was a citizen who crashed into this pig, they'd be vilified in the media and treated like a terrorist!

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 10:25 PM

7551 I cannot recall the last time I experience law enforcement protect or serve the public. They seem to mostly a collection agency. People who are paid to uphold the law should be punished twice as bad as a civilian when they are caught breaking the law due to their trusted position of power, although that would probably be impossible as they are the ones to enforce it and will not turn against a brother.

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 10:51 PM

9652 Chris, you misunderstand me. News should be unbiased. TV news is biased horseshit. This article is biased horseshit. Where is a news site that simply posts the news. Slant free but featuring all the facts. Fuck all of this shit.

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 11:28 PM

No, I understood you fine. You don't want to face the facts you claim to have such a deep appreciation for so you ignore them by declaring anyone who speaks simply and straightforwardly should be 'unbiased' and be some data spewing robot. That an author dare to editorialize offends you, you want to be treated like a robot who will simply have programming programmed into yourself by an 'unbiased' programmer. You don't realize by subjugating your own responsibility you become the biggest pawn of all. I understand you, probably better than you understand yourself.

Posted: Apr 22 2010, 12:28 AM


RATE MY COP. Always remember that the police -- and not conventional criminals -- are the main threat to the safety of the average peaceful person.

Omerta as the Mafia say it. Code of Silence. blue wall. us versus them. 1.)the 'system does nothing' This was his second collision while driving a State-owned squad car. 2.)bad judgement - bad selection process. Lot of hiring by relatives and perhaps there are special 'preparation schools' - near high school dropout becomes a state trooper.

This foolish trooper, Matt Mitchell, didn't even need to respond to this accident call because it was already covered by other first responders, but for some strange reason he found it necessary to be traveling at 126 MPH on a crowded road and he killed these two beautiful children.

3.)No civilian board EFFECTIVE control. Almost like, ALLEGEDLY military rule by junta of MILITARY. The governor 'Rod Blagojevich' has NO effective control. Allegedly trying to sell Pres Obama's former seat.

4.)perjury - admits to crime, but knows that judge will give probation. In civil suit for MONEY, claims he is innocent - ALLEGEDLY. 5.)POLICE union system allows vacation pay, benefits, and retirement.When YOU get fired from your job, you have to sue the employer for your back pay - held up for processing.

6.)numerous DETAILED books. The Brass Wall by David Kocieniewski. and others.

7.)bad supervisors. Many FELLOW COPS are killed because of too many SPEEDERS rushing to the scene.

8.)DOES THE INSANITY continue? repeated INSANITY? - allegedly. 911 tapes - public and police scanner reports - ALLEGEDLY - 'someone broadcasts OFFICER DOWN.

OFFICER DOWN - crazy rush - never seen even for the

Lieutenant Governor or 2nd in command - with HIGH EXCESS SPEED respond.

Who cares about elected officials or the PUBLIC CITIZEN.

Save the fellow cop. Us versus them.

9.)Top Managers of Police - say THE GOVERNOR of the State SAY NOTHING because they are scared. Even the sentence of less than one year (YOU GET sentence of four years for carrying too much 'pot') sends a message.

THE PHOTOS are gory. Adults only. View discretion is advised.

Lastly, perhaps the Police Top Management - Governor is STUPID - allegedly. Need to get a trooper there fast? Send a para-trooper or even a lightweight helicopter. Police eat too many doughnuts and would be too heavy for the plane or helicopter?

Even if the 'bank robber' is driving at 126 mph. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY MILES PER HOUR, there is practically NO NEED to pursue and cause collateral damage to citizens.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Who cares about citizens - that's you and me!

Simple challenge: If you know friends who are cops or meet cops at vacation time (say College Spring Break - off duty) ask them!

Did you take Bob Bondurant high speed driving.

What are the common HIGH SPEED MISTAKES on the German Autobahn?

Do you play sports and are generally SLOW reacting?

Table tennis or ping pong requires hand eye coordination to be FAST.

Many police are only slightly better drivers than the average American. Simply ask the EMERGENCY AMBULANCE drivers (many who are volunteers) as to the BAD DRIVING HABITS of the State Troopers.

Posted: Apr 24 2010, 3:19 PM

7130 Fuck that goddam pig they should have fried his ass I hope he dies from cancer real slow and painful....
Cop Block

Posted: Apr 26 2010, 10:49 AM

9830 Great article, I love your pro police accountability stance. Im going to repost this blog on our site,, and will give proper credit.

Maybe you'd be interested in blogging for us too?? Check us out and thanks again.
Dr. Q

Posted: Sep 22 2010, 6:58 PM

6665 Now this guy is trying to collect worker's comp:

Posted: Nov 17 2011, 8:12 AM

6551 Ok 9652 if you think the cop is justified what is your un-biased version? I don't here you talking now.

Posted: Apr 13 2014, 3:28 AM

70196 I love the way you just throw everyone in one big basket. Law enforcement like every other profession is going to have a "bad apple" sometimes. The same way you have a bad doctor, teacher, McDonald's cashier, ect. That does not mean everyone is that way. You are so full of crap when you say that that another LEO wouldn't arrest him if he violated his probation. They would be pulling at the bit to arrest him because he has disgraced the profession and what it stands for. Law enforcement does not control the judicial system or that outcome. It's amazing how short your memory gets and forget about certain high-profile murder cases involving your "Jack or Jill" that kill their kids and get off without any punishment at all; absolutely nothing.
Take your hate rhetoric and wipe your rear with it because that is about what it's worth.
Comments 1 - 16 of 16 Page 1 of 1

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