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Article posted Mar 26 2010, 9:52 PM Category: Politics/Corruption Source: Washington Examiner Print

MoCo Jail Guards Paid Average Salary of $80,000

By Markham Heid

Eighty f*&^%&ing thousand dollars?!?!? Is there any question why we're going busto?!High salaries and benefits packages for guards drive up the costs in area jails -- regardless of facility size or inmate population.

The average cost of holding an inmate in Virginia's jails is roughly $74, compared with $140 at those facilities in the Washington region. The difference was similar in the Maryland suburbs and other correctional departments in the state.

"The biggest piece of it by far is salaries and benefits for [correction] department employees," said Mark Wulff, chief of management services for Montgomery County's corrections department.

Montgomery County pays its corrections officers an average of $80,000 annually in salary and benefits to oversee roughly 3,300 inmates and other people under pretrial supervisions, according to Arthur Wallenstein, director of Montgomery County's corrections department.

Pay rates were similarly high for those correction officers working in Northern Virginia.

In Loudoun County, correction officers are paid roughly $68,000 annually in salary and benefits to keep watch over the jail's 135 or so inmates. The county also paid out about $1.9 million in overtime pay each of the last two years.

Those personnel costs make up 78 percent of per-day inmate costs in Loudoun County, or $132 of the $169 Loudoun spent per inmate each day.

The same was true in Fairfax County, where guard pay accounts for 80 percent of the daily cost of housing roughly 1,400 jail inmates.

Compare that with the city of Richmond, where the sheriff's department pays its corrections officers $35,000 annually and spends just $48 per day on each inmate.

Richmond has taken other steps to lower daily costs, according to Sheriff C.T. Woody.

"We use inmate labor to clean the jails inside and outside," Woody said, which saves the jail system money on maintenance.

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O. Thomas

Posted: Mar 27 2010, 7:26 PM

76205 Leave the jail guards alone!!! You have to pay those kinds of wages to do two things... (1) To compensate the C/O's for having to work in a very negative and hostile enviroment. It wears you down mentally and physically... (2) To deter the C/O's from making more money by smuggling drugs, tobacco and other contraband inside the jails and prisons... Please leave us alone!!!!

Posted: Mar 28 2010, 1:24 AM

This all pales in comparison to the 27 trillion dollar bottomless looting that is the banker bailout, but when the government collapses and inflation spirals and everyone is out of work the realities of life need to be accepted.

When on the front page of they have an article saying "middle class" is now a four person family making $88,000 and yet they are paying for the salary of jail guards making 80k a piece you have a problem. That type of salary can not be sustained. It is nothing personal against jail guards, the vast majority of government workers are overpaid. If their skills were on the free market they would be making a fraction of what they do, that is not to say they are bad people it's just their skills would be more productively used in a different venue.

Posted: Mar 28 2010, 1:34 AM

W/ jail guards specifically the majority of people in prison are there for nonviolent crimes related to the drug war, jails should not be some massive industry jailing people for pleasuring themselves to death, they should only be jailing violent criminals who are a threat to people other than themselves. Of course this will only happen if people realize the government ships in the majority of the drugs and the only reason drugs are illegal is to justify the creation of a militarized police state and an all powerful federal government.

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 4:17 PM

6883 This Chris guy is obviously an idiot...

Posted: Dec 17 2014, 12:24 PM

98111 The guard I know isn't making anywhere NEAR this much. This is malarky.
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