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Article posted Mar 25 2010, 4:52 PM Category: Commentary Source: William Norman Grigg Print

'They're Cops; They’re Going to Beat You'

by William Grigg

When the victim of a criminal assault dials 911 for help, what happens if police are the assailants?

Chicago residents Matthew Clark (a Ph.D. lecturer at the University of Chicago) and Gregory Malandrucco (who is finishing his Ph.D.) can answer that question: The cops who respond to the call will eagerly join the fray on the side of the attackers.

After finishing a meal at a Mexican restaurant last February 6, Clark and Malandrucco were suddenly shoved out of the way by a large, aggressive male. The assailant was offended that Malandrucco had taken a moment to put on his coat.

When Clark and Malandrucco exited the restaurant, they were accosted by the same ill-tempered lout and two associates — one male, one female — who cursed and threatened them. They would later learn that these three truculent people, who took inconsolable offense over a momentary delay at the cash register, were off-duty undercover police officers.

Puzzled by the hostility, Clark and Malandrucco tried to defuse the situation peacefully.

“We don’t want any trouble,” Clark told them. “Let’s just shake hands and calm down and everybody’ll go home. No problem.”

By way of reply, one of the antagonists punched Clark repeatedly in the face and threw him to the ground — an assault captured by a local security camera.

“As I was laying down and getting punched, this woman that was with them is telling me, `Quit resisting. They’re cops. They’re going to beat you,’” Clark later recalled.

This was not a demand that Clark submit to an “arrest” (which in this case would have been a simple abduction). Rather, it was a candid statement of criminal intentions, coupled with a demand that the victim simply remain still and passively absorb whatever abuse the aggressor saw fit to inflict on him.

When Malandrucco tried to intervene, he was beaten as well. This divided the assailants’ attention long enough to permit Clark to dial 911 — which, as is almost always the case, made matters considerably worse.

At least three uniformed officers arrived in marked cars. Clark, who by this time was bleeding profusely from his face, “begged” the uniformed cops to help.

They were eager to lend a hand — that is, a fist, as well as a knee and a foot — to the perpetrators: As summarized in a lawsuit filed by the victims, one of the officers “switched places with the plainclothes officer who was on top of Mr. Malandrucco, holding him down and striking him in the process.” Another kicked and kneed the prone, bleeding, and helpless man.

After Malandrucco was left unconscious, the uniformed police turned their attention to Clark.

“They took a look at me,” Clark recounted to a local CBS affiliate. “I was covered in blood. I said `Please help me. Are you going to do anything to these guys? Are you going to help us?’ They said `We’re not going to do anything to these guys. You need to go home and forget about it.’ And they left the scene.”

In a sense, Clark and Malandrucco — both of whom had been beaten unconscious — were fortunate, since neither was arrested and charged with “aggravated assault” and “resisting arrest,” which is what usually happens when an innocent citizen uses his face to assault the sanctified fists of a police officer.

Rosa Torres, manager of the restaurant where the assault took place, told both police investigators and the local CBS affiliate that “nothing happened” inside the restaurant to provoke or precipitate the incident.

The absence of charges against the victims in this incident underscores the fact this was an undisguised act of criminal violence carried out by a wolf pack of tax-subsidized street criminals.

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Posted: Mar 26 2010, 2:05 PM

6846 If any pig(officer of The Law) can read this and still remain a member of The Force, then you must agree that you clearly deserve the wicked, wicked, end that's coming to you, I guarantee that anyone working any other job would quit if he knew that his company behaved this way. Sadly, this is a common daily occurrence not only in the U.S., but under any governmental system. Power over another man's life can only be used for ill, some forms are just more mercilessly honest than others.

Posted: Mar 29 2010, 10:38 PM

7465 where exactly did you get all of this information

this is nothing more than another one of this sites hippie anit authority article ment to stir up hatred for the men and women who have the duty of protecting us

anyone who belives this article should be ashamed and try actualy thinking that situation through

no cop would ever beat an inocent man for no reason


Posted: Mar 29 2010, 11:10 PM

Sources directly linked to and cited in this article:

Chicago Sun-Times:,CST-NWS-copbeat25.article
Chicago Tribune:,0,6843406.story
CBS 2 Chicago

"no cop would ever beat an inocent man for no reason"

Watch some of the videos on this Youtube channel:

Come back and tell us what you think.

Posted: Apr 01 2010, 2:22 AM

67180 both sides of the comment arguments here are stretched. To say that all good police officers should quit because some are bad is just plain preposterous and to claim that no police officer would harm an innocent person is ridiculous. There are good cops and bad cops just like there are good commenters (maybe) and bad commenters (surely). Police brutality is an old story and an important one but this article has a slant and sounds a lot like FOX NEWS type of reporting...Leaves out some info that might be important perhaps

Posted: Apr 18 2010, 7:46 PM

9642 this is the fault of the chief of police in this city they are responsible for the actions of there officers!!!

Posted: Apr 19 2010, 2:39 AM

me-ish: Disagreed - usually i find that people who go out of their way to be balanced in their views only are tring to find ways to whitewash the problem or at least belittle it.

First of all, some of the police procedures are such that no decent person should agree to them. For example, how can a decent person agree to fulfilling a quota of parking/traffic/speeding tickets? That's ridiculous. If there were any good people in the police, they SHOULD and indeed WOULD HAPPILY quit because they wouldn't want to take part in the abuse. And what about the "good" police having to work with the bad ones? What about being apired with one that shoots someone for no real reason? Do you know how extremely rare it is that the police say anything against fellow officers? Surely, if there were any significant amount of good police officers these incidents would not happen at all, because the bad ones would always have to pay for their axions because their good partners would weed them out. No, no, no. If anything, i'm afraid the problem is distorted by your way of looking at things.

Secondly, and maybe even more importantly, i don't really see how any decent person would want to become a police officer to begin with. It's a matter of debate of course whether or not police should exist (ultimately i would say no, but i'm not willing to start such a messy argument here), but what kind of people do you think become police officers?

Are you naive enough to think that people become police officers because they want to "help" other people and "keep them safe"? If so, then i would ask you, what do you think is behind this extraordinary and unusual need to help others? Anyone who wants to become a police officer is a bully at heart - they may mask it to themselves in a positive light, but anyone who wants to control people and make sure they walk the straight and narrow, IS a control freak. To me this truth is self-evident and simple.

i was once debating with a prison guard about this and could not make her see at all that it is a secondary consideration of whether or not the people in prison are dangerous or not - the point is that no decent person should want a job like that.

Nevermind such little details about how the police are trained and made to feel part of a brotherhood and better than other people etc.

In conclusion i want to say that i find views such as yours apologetic and extremely dangerous. People who are considered "moderate" and "reasoned" are generally not at all in my view, but very dangerous indeed in the face of reality - aye, reality is never moderate. Reality is extremist.
Informed Reader

Posted: Aug 09 2010, 3:19 AM

99102 You mean to tell me that 2 guys were standing in a doorway putting a coat on, the 2 off duty cops shoved them out of the way on their way out, the guys that got shoved said NOTHING, left the restaurant to find the cops waiting for them and wanting a fight, the guys offered to shake hands, and then the cops just started wailing on them and beating the shit out of them.... andnobody feels like maybe there's something missing to that story? First of all, anybody who thinks these 2 guys with psychology doctorates are being completely truthful and not manipulating the system is totally naive. Secondly, to think that they did absolutely nothing to escalate the situation into a full on ass-kicking is ridiculous. And 3rd, when you watch the surveillance video you see 2 guys beating on 1 guy (probably the dumb shmuck who ran his mouth about being bumped into (and let's be honest, that's probably what it was. People don't just full on shove people out of their way in public. He was probably just walking close and put a stiff shoulder into him because he was in the way) and then after the cops show up the off-duty cop would have most likely identified himself as police so immediately the uniformed cop would have seen the guy on the ground as a threat and asked him to stay down and stay still (which he didn't) so the uniformed cop got on top of him to hold him down and keep him still and once he was the cop let off and that was it. No punches were thrown by uniformed officers and no adverse force was used. This site is just another libertarian shit-disturbing conspiracy theory site aimed at uneducated illogical people trying to incite emotions by skewing the facts and being grossly negligent with their research. Talk about biased "news." What a sham. Open your eyes people

Posted: Sep 13 2010, 6:13 PM

70115 yeah blame the victims, go america
another man

Posted: Nov 12 2010, 12:10 AM

71224 freedom man is 100% right. Why would anyone want to be a cop and take an oath to enforce laws they may or may not believe in personally? Cops treat the law, right or wrong, with no objections like a twisted secular religion. As some of you may know, cops have no legal responsibility to protect and serve. That is a public relations lie. They are more like historically accurate knights in service to their lords to control the masses. For their service they are given praise, power and (for the ones who make the most profit) cushy overtime jobs babysitting turnpike workers.

Posted: Nov 12 2010, 4:45 PM

9965 Of course nothing will come of it. They will lie and cover each other to make sure of that. And all cops stick together no matter what; it's called the Thin Blue Line.

Too bad I'm too old and lack the balls to grab a gun and put these and other thugs like them in the ground. Since the law rarely punishes it's own it is up to the citizenry to police the police.

Posted: Nov 15 2010, 1:11 AM

6734 Clark and Malandrucco need to get CCW permits!
Joey Joe Joe

Posted: Feb 11 2013, 1:45 PM

9619 There are sincerely people in 2013 who think cops can do no wrong and that any incident of them being violent sociopaths is a conspiracy?

Fucking really?

Also sweet victim blaming, you guys are class acts. Go 'murrika.

Posted: Mar 24 2013, 7:01 PM

76177 @6734 Ya then they would be dead! Either killed on the scene or sentenced to death for killing police officers. good call though.

Posted: Mar 24 2013, 7:07 PM

76177 @joey joe joe. Yes there are people who are capable of reading a story and realizing that it is unlikely. I wasn't there, and police have certainly been known to use excessive force, but this story seems unlikely. That doesn't mean that I think that cops can do no wrong, and that is not victim blaming, it's called thinking.
James Smith

Posted: Jun 06 2013, 7:35 PM

186214 The USA is becoming a totalitarian Police state. This sort of thing is happening more frequenty every week.

Consider this:

It isn't as if any rational person still believes the USA is a free country. Think about it. No-warrant wire taps, indefinite detention of citizens without charges, approval of rendition of prisoners and torture, stop and frisk without probable cause, search and seizure without a warrant, no-knock entry, confiscation and destruction of cameras that might have been used to film police acting illegally, police brutality, police shootings that go without investigation, managed news, and the civil-rights destroying "Patriot" Act.

In addition, the USA, with 5% of the world population, has 25% f all of the prisoners in the world. That means the USA has the most people in prison of any nation in history. EVen by percentage of residents incarcerated, not just sheer numbers. USA is # 1

Does any of that sound like a free country?

Posted: Jul 26 2014, 2:15 AM

67168 When I lived in Minnesota, my husband had a habit of beating the crap out of me almost daily. Eventually, neighbors started calling the police. When they showed up, I usually was bleeding a lot, or collapsed in a pool of blood. The husband got consoled. I got told I was going to jail if I ever touched him again. Say what? I do not trust peace officers. Not one bit.

Posted: Oct 07 2014, 2:23 PM

6485 Half of these posts are horsepoopy, and the other half are bullpoopy.

Posted: Oct 15 2014, 12:53 PM

24192 @InformedReader

Frankly it doesn't matter what the two guys did. Short of defense against physical harm, there is no legitimate reason for the off duty officers to beat these men. It doesn't matter what snide comments or nasty insults were offered, if their ego was so fragile that they take the bait they probably shouldn't be cops. No matter how rude someone is it doesn't justify the committing of a felony, especially in the eyes of the law. This incident really just higlights the cowardice and lack of discipline on the part of the local DA and police officials.

Posted: Dec 10 2014, 10:17 PM

59167 If this ever happened to me, my next act would be to blow the fucking police station up.

Posted: May 23 2015, 12:03 PM

24228 It's 2015 in NYC, and I should NEVER have to fear for my life anytime I see a gang of police officers. But that's the reality in this city, especially for a guy like me. Black? Check. Male? Check.

It's infuriating, it's demeaning, it's dehumanizing.

The worst part is, I feel like there isn't much that can be done

I can't imagine where we'll be 10 years from now.
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