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Article posted Mar 22 2010, 12:10 PM Category: Health Source: YouTube Print

Healthy without health insurance in America

I couldn't agree more, I don't want their garbage products, god forbid I get in a car accident (an actual threat), that is covered by car insurance. I don't want their garbage chemical "cures" and I don't want their unnecessary surgery. I don't go to the doctor and I have no need for their services, I eat almost all organic and drink as much good clean water as I can. The better I eat the better I feel. That's my health insurance. - Chris
We don't have health insurance -- and we don't want it! Why? Because we are part of a growing number of Americans who take care of their own health and don't want more pharmaceuticals, surgery and vaccines forced upon us by sick care corporations and nutritionally illiterate lawmakers. Learn more at

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Posted: Mar 22 2010, 9:57 PM

68200 Nutrition is the most important factor in health. Western medicine is a business that runs on treating symptoms without curing disease. I do not go to the doctor, despite the fact that my law school forces be to buy health insurance. My daughter was born at home, has never been to the doctor, and has never had a health problem. She also starter walking a 7 months. I see her excellent health as directly related to her lack of vaccinations, breastfeeding and her mother's diet which is rich in fresh (uncooked) fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. On the other hand many of her cousins are often sick and some are developmentally delayed. It is never too late to regain your health, and a raw food diet, or at least a diet with a lot of raw food, is the best way to let your body heal naturally...

Posted: Mar 22 2010, 11:01 PM

17363 if you want to see a Matrix-like agenda look at health and nutrition.
It is a Hegelian Dialectic of the supplier's of shit selling you down the river with cheap subsidized food while Corporate God Hand's push a whole idea of quantity over quality, even though people can still provide enough food for everyone in the world, if it wasn't overly made, and improperly distributed,
Greed takes president. (Vulture''s) Look at the "food-pyramid" WTF!?, Shit-Pushers, Drug-Pushers, People get paid, others get fat/sick, cycle of external confidence and demotivate. Than they sell you a "Cure"
"They" want us to be fat, dumb, apathetically ignorant or an intellectual immobile, slow, un-happy, consumer's and workers bees with no imagination,
Brainwashed by religion, sex, tv and all the "little comforts".
It is really up to ourselves, I spread the Word, but alas "we" are the KooKs.
I am waking up, I am rubbing my eyes, and I am seeing it all, I fall but I get back up,
I said in the wake of the New Year I don't have a New Year Resolution, I have a New Moment Resolution which All Life is.....Don't sell your moments...your health...your soul..yourself. "Brainwash your Mind Control" "Detoxify your body, mind and soul, THINK-FAST, I.E. Feel the Hunger with a 24-36 Distilled Water fast, or a TV fast, or a Whatever Luxuries "WE" have fast"

Posted: Mar 22 2010, 11:06 PM

Hey Charles, sounds dreamy! ;) I love to hear stories like that!

I too try to follow a similar diet, I went totally vegan for a year or so (eating only natural organic foods of course, no processed organics beyond whole wheat noodles and some bread etc.) and it was a good experience overall but I was losing to much weight at the end (I wasn't having enough fats I think) so I ate a big steak dinner with potatoes and sour cream ;)

I've been eating less strict for the last year or so, for a while I was eating a good amount of beef/chicken etc, definitely too much imo.

Well one day a few months ago I got food poisoning from some questionable organic chicken from whole foods and I felt almost at one point like I was going to die! I have a huge tolerance for pain too and I didn't want to be driving in a car to the hospital so I was trying to tough it out. Well after an few hours of barely being able to talk or move things hit a crescendo and I fell to the floor with the most overwhelming "head rush" sensation I've ever felt, after that point I started to feel better. I think it was my immune system waging an all out blitzkrieg to kill all the sickness and viruses ;)

Well, needless to say I didn't want to touch any meat after that! ;) I eventually started to have a bit again (just because it was around) but I have been transitioning back to a raw based diet because I can feel my health is not as great as I'd like it to be. So now I have a nice fruit smoothie every day and try to eat a lot of apples and oranges and lettuce and raw cashews in between all the beef stews and homemade macaroni and cheese and whatnot ;) I'd like to find a nice balance with lots of raw but still something w/ fats in it, I am not sure that nuts and avocados etc. contains enough, when I was eating mostly raw/vegan I many times felt like it wasn't quite enough.

If anyone has any advice or can recommend some nice raw stuff I'd love to hear it!

Posted: Mar 22 2010, 11:16 PM

Hey gofreeurself! I agree, it's such a cyclical scam, the garbage food justifies the drugs and the drugs the death care schemes etc, it just keeps perpetuating the endless sickness and misery! It's crazy too when you talk to some people they're basically experiencing a slow death and they don't even want to hear it!

One thing I noticed was how in the drug ads they always say "when eating right and proper diet isn't enough" (take our drug), well what's the message in that?

"EATING RIGHT AND DIET ISN'T ENOUGH"! Which is of course a total lie! Every drug commercial hammers that idea into your brain though! The deepest propaganda is always in the underlying messages, they just want you to buy into a premise, they don't really care if you think their drug is great, they win if you just think that drugs are needed.

Posted: Mar 24 2010, 12:30 PM

98219 The problem is that most Americans think they ARE eating right. (Even as they are plopping foods with all kinds of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives into their grocery carts.) Here in this country, people get their food education from the TV, instead of the garden. :- *sigh*

Posted: Mar 24 2010, 2:09 PM

206173 Breakfast @ McDonald's

Lunch @ Taco Bell

Dinner @ Pizza Hut
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