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Article posted Dec 14 2009, 4:07 AM Category: Resistance Source: Climate Depot Print

ClimateDepot's Marc Morano Destoys Fake Environmentalist Fearmongerer

Winston: "I don't know how many scientists your holding up, however many you tell me."

Obrien: "Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five thousand. Sometimes they are twenty-eight hundred. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane."

Climate Depot's TV Debate in Copenhagen: UK Warming Prof. falsely claims '5000 leading climate scientists' in UN IPCC -- Morano Counters: 'You need to apologize and retract that immediately'

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Posted: Dec 15 2009, 10:50 AM

The hierarchy is essential for the control con (source of power). The system was designed to fail, it is being failed and being failed to protect the con.

To avoid injury people try to adjust to changes in law, conformity is politically compensated for by raising the bar, the law now extends as per ingsoc into thought crime, it being a crime to think.

To avoid injury people try to adjust to new taxes, conformity is politically compensated for by raising taxes until everything is tax.

The whole political game is maxing out, the solution, ingsoc everything, make insanity mandatory, vaporise people who are sane, create a vast army of mind busted power crazed psychopaths to leave a new train wreck like the one that is our inheritance.

I scratch my head. All this to protect the con. By way of example, the city of london, the square mile, their secret societies, their queen, their bank, their treasury, their parliament, their media, their commerce, their police, their military, their courts, their society. The llst goes on and on, this is the elephant in the room. Government installed by revolution, never once an election for their existance (no legitimacy) and from democracy to ingsoc, black white, everyone a basket case, the ultimate in denial. Did all intelligent life vacate this island?

Posted: Dec 15 2009, 10:56 AM

So what is life like in the party? We had a british mp in a video here, any reality, any facts, completely invisible, only the official nonsense could be seen, black was white, nothing else existed.

In 1984 which is how it is with several examples on this site:

"A Party member lives from birth to death under the eye of the Thought Police. Even when he is alone he can never be sure that he is alone. Wherever he may be, asleep or awake, working or resting, in his bath or in bed, he can be inspected without warning and without knowing that he is being inspected. Nothing that he does is indifferent. His friendships, his relaxations, his behaviour towards his wife and children, the expression of his face when he is alone, the words he mutters in sleep, even the characteristic movements of his body, are all jealously scrutinised. Not only any actual misdemeanour, but any eccentricity, however small, any change of habits, any nervous mannerism that could possible be the symptom of an inner struggle, is certain to be detected. He has no freedom of choice in any direction whatever."

Officialdom, company wide, is policy. That world is nonsense, I have therefore chosen not to talk about the weather, I would like to talk about people. For people to be enabled they must be free to speak.

Posted: Dec 15 2009, 11:01 AM

What about pub-lick opinion:

"... in the past no government had the power to keep its citizens under constant surveillance. The invention of print, however, made it easier to manipulate public opinion, and the film and the radio carried the process further. With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to receive and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end. Every citizen, or at least every citizen important enough be worth watching, could be kept for twenty-four hours a day under the eyes of the police and in the sound of official propaganda, with all other channels of communication closed. The possibility of enforcing not only complete obedience to the will of the State, but complete uniformity of opinion on all subjects, now existed for the first time."

Posted: Dec 15 2009, 11:08 AM

"complete uniformity of opinion on all subjects"

oh i get it! like a brainwashed cult. they always say that, that everyone agrees with them. kinda like how creationism vs evolution brings out the stupid in people, kinda like the climate change people, on both sides of those arguments, arguing over whose brainwashing is better. how silly.

Posted: Dec 16 2009, 4:01 AM

70178 chris is brainwashed, that's for sure

now he's gone and claimed that carbon credit trading isn't a scam

Posted: Dec 16 2009, 8:49 AM

"chris is brainwashed, that's for sure"

we all have been. we live in a world that is run on such nonsense. it's everywhere. and it is the nature of the brainwashing to deny that it exists. we are brainwashed into picking sides in battles designed so we all lose. we pick our side, and it's real easy to see the brainwashing it takes to belong to the other side, but not our own.

Posted: Dec 16 2009, 8:54 AM

yes, I notice how the law doesn't mention psychological assaults as that is how the law works, how society works, by design an alienation system, 'a lien', ie rights over other than protection of rights of the individual which legitimacy would require.

if people cared about al gore, cared enough to free him from the hierarchy, free him from the brotherhoods, if not a politician i suspect he would like to tell people the truth, lying is stressful. people believe in image, we would rather hurt each other than admit we are not coping and are hurting. the world is ruled by shame, shame is the denial of truth when without blame it can be so easy.

Posted: Dec 16 2009, 8:59 AM

i have seen people's troubles and fears. i was talking to someone not long ago, they knew i was telling the truth but found it uncomfortable and said '...yes, but look what happened to you'. It was seemingly a fair comment, i do get targeted by the company, a company for which the state is something of an alien relations part by design. My name is david stanley, just a name, with al gore it is a public name, an image, image that is used to control him and public opinion and he has clearly been tasked to take the fall. for him it must be much harder if not impossible to say anything helpful, the posts i made in this thread help explain that.

Posted: Dec 16 2009, 10:27 AM

I looked out my front door today I saw some vehicals go by spluttering their shit.
Later I went to the supermarket to catch up on the latest GE products they have on offer.
As for the weather it was more or less the same as it was twenty years ago, cold, if not colder than usual.
The only change that I have noticed are the new forms of cloud-cover.
I must admit, being an artist it helps a lot that the clouds are now uniform and don't have to do much interpretation.
Nature's clouds used to be so beautiful compared to their new mechanical aspect.

Its funny how its stated that all GWD's are schizophrenics and GWA's are sane,
Well I think it should be the other way around as GWA's are the only ones capable of seeing the hallucination.

Keep up the good work Chris, don't let the shills give you chills, leave that to global cooling.


Posted: Dec 16 2009, 1:22 PM

206173 Marc Morano:

Marc Morano runs the climate website for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a conservative environmental think tank. Until spring of 2009, Morano served as communications director for the Republicans on the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Morano commenced work with the committee under Senator James Inhofe, who was majority chairman of the committee until January 2007 and is now minority ranking member. In December 2006 Morano launched a blog on the committee's website that largely promotes the views of climate change skeptics.

Morano is a former journalist with Cybercast News Service (CNS), which is owned by the conservative Media Research Center. CNS and Morano were the first source in May 2004 of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth claims against John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election [1] and in January 2006 of similar smears against Vietnam war veteran John Murtha.

Morano was "previously known as Rush Limbaugh's 'Man in Washington,' as reporter and producer for the Rush Limbaugh Television Show, as well as a former correspondent and producer for American Investigator, the nationally syndicated TV newsmagazine."[1]...................................

More on Morano here:


Posted: Dec 16 2009, 5:15 PM

70178 thank you 206.173

in other words: morano is a complete shill. and chris is his biggest fan.
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