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Article posted Nov 24 2009, 2:12 PM Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions Source: Infowars Print

Lord Monckton: Prosecute the Climate Change Criminals

Kurt Nimmo

Lord Monckton, who challenged Al Gore on man-made climate change and was rebuffed by a gaggle of peevish Democrats, wants the climate “scientists” caught red-handed fiddling with climate stats prosecuted.

“They are not merely bad scientists -- they are crooks. And crooks who have perpetrated their crimes at the expense of British and U.S. taxpayers,” writes Monckton. “With Professor Fred Singer, who founded the U.S. Satellite Weather Service, I have reported them to the UK's Information Commissioner, with a request that he investigate their offenses and, if thought fit, prosecute.”

Monckton does not hold out much hope for that, however. “But I won't be holding my breath: In the police state that Britain has now sadly become, with supine news media largely owned and controlled by the government, the establishment tends to look after its own.”

The corporate media is doing its best to downplay the story. “Revelation of a series of embarrassing e-mails by climate scientists provides fodder for critics, but experts believe the issue will not hurt the U.S. climate bill’s chance for passage or efforts to forge a global climate change deal,” reports Reuters. Anthony Leiserowitz, the director of the Yale Project on Climate Change, said the release of the emails will be remembered mostly as “embarrassment” to the researchers. “But there’s no smoking gun in the e-mails from what I’ve seen.”

No smoking gun? The so-called researchers colluded to modify climate data in favor of their man-made climate change fairy tale.

“The tiny, close-knit clique of climate scientists who invented and now drive the ‘global warming’ fraud — for fraud is what we now know it to be — tampered with temperature data so assiduously that, on the recent admission of one of them, land temperatures since 1980 have risen twice as fast as ocean temperatures,” writes Monckton in a bog entry today. “One of the thousands of emails recently circulated by a whistleblower at the University of East Anglia, where one of the world's four global-temperature datasets is compiled, reveals that data were altered so as to prevent a recent decline in temperature from showing in the record. In fact, there has been no statistically significant ‘global warming’ for 15 years "” and there has been rapid and significant cooling for nine years.”

Russia Today reports on the CRU emails.

Instead of demanding researchers answer questions about inventing and fiddling with data, the University of East Anglia has asked the cops to investigate the hackers who revealed the bogus work of “our globally-respected Climatic Research Unit” that supposedly produces “research [that] is, and has always been, fully peer-reviewed by the relevant journals, and is one strand of research underpinning the strong consensus that human activity is affecting the world’s climate in ways that are potentially dangerous.”

In other words, fake data used to impose a one-world government and global serfdom is “fully peer-reviewed.”

“In addition to supporting the police in their enquiries, we will ourselves be conducting a review, with external support, into the circumstances surrounding the theft and publication of this information and any issues emerging from it,” states a CRU update posted earlier today.

"It's definitely a crime to do that in the U.K., and we have reported it to the police," said Simon Dunford, a spokesman at East Anglia, which is conducting an internal probe.

The University of East Anglia should be consulting lawyers. Antonio Regalado, writing for Science Magazine, notes that “university researchers may also find themselves in legal jeopardy if they deleted emails requested under the U.K.'s Freedom of Information (FOIA) legislation, a crime under U.K. law.”

Professor Phil Jones, for instance, apparently engaged in a criminal conspiracy to destroy evidence formally petitioned under a Freedom of Information request. “Can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith re AR4? Keith will do likewise,” Jones emailed Michael E. Mann, a climatologist and statistician at Pennsylvania State University, on May 29, 2008.

As noted above, deleting emails subject to a FOI request is a criminal offense in the United Kingdom, punishable with a fine.

The “arrogant fraudsters,” Monckton continues, “have refused, for years and years and years, to reveal their data and their computer program listings. Now we know why: As a revealing 15,000-line document from the computer division at the Climate Research Unit shows, the programs and data are a hopeless, tangled mess. In effect, the global temperature trends have simply been made up.”

Meanwhile, over at the Huffington Post, Katherine Goldstein and Craig Kanalley dismiss the CRU scandal out of hand. It provides ammo for the right-wing nuts who are — according to the ADL and the Department of Homeland Security — a threat to the nation.

“Despite the lack of evidence of some sort of conspiracy in the scientific community, this criminal activity has created fodder for right-wing groups and websites to promote their own agenda that global warming is not real. This comes at a time when international attention is more and more focused on the climate crisis in advance of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen in December,” they write.

Naturally, the climate change “progressives” — and the globalist foundations that support and nurture them — are worried about the CRU scandal because the United Nations conference on climate change is right around the corner. In December, the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will meet in Copenhagen to work on a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol.

As Lord Monckton explained in October, a realized Copenhagen treaty will establish a “one world Marxist government.”

On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN on the subject of climate change.

“The second purpose is the transfer of wealth from the countries of the West to third world countries, in satisfaction of what is called, coyly, ‘climate debt’ -- because we've been burning CO2 and they haven't. We've been screwing up the climate and they haven't. And the third purpose of this new entity, this government, is enforcement,” Monckton warned. “They are about to impose a communist world government on the world. You have a president who has very strong sympathies with that point of view. He's going to sign it. He'll sign anything. He's a Nobel Peace Prize [winner]; of course he'll sign it.”

Replace “Marxist” with “bankster” and you get a better idea of what our rulers have up their sleeves. Moreover, wealth is never transferred to the third world. It is transferred to the global elite. Feel-good palliatives about feeding the poor are merely a parlor trick to steal your money and reduce you to indentured servitude.

Alex Jones on the CRU emails and the globalist plan to use the climate change hoax to impose one-world government.

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Posted: Nov 24 2009, 6:14 PM

5896 I want to know how the fake emails can make the antarctic sea ice - which was previously said to be growing - start to disappear now at a rate equal to the sea ice retreat up north. Very clever writing indeed.

Posted: Nov 24 2009, 7:25 PM

Well, the global warmists (aka NWO globalists) would say the carbon emissions from the computers servers exchanging the emails is causing the temperature to rise by .0000000001% and that is in turn triggering the antarctic sea ice to melt.
(Source: )

In other news, the antarctic sea ice is growing. I know you are not familiar with it but there is something called winter, I know you think I made that up but in actuality somethings called "seasons" exist, the ice sheets melt in the summer and grow in the winter, I realize that makes me a conspiracy theorist but hopefully you won't hunt me down and have me burned at the stake for saying it.

Here you go from back in April, don't let the facts get in the way of your belief system though!:

Revealed: Antarctic ice growing, not shrinking
Greg Roberts, The Australian, April 18, 2009

Spin from Reuters: Over 500,000 square kilometers gained is just “a bit”; while 55 square kilometers broken away was “huge”
Tom Nelson, Sep 20 2009

Posted: Nov 24 2009, 10:55 PM

5896 ohh ho ho what a very snarky, condescending reply... ( you think youre a wit? - i think you may be half right )

this just in..,8599,1942828,00.html

dont let the facts ruin your life.

Posted: Nov 25 2009, 12:36 AM

72181 i am getting really sick and tired hearing people say, well if there is no global warming then why are the ice sheets melting? THEY AREN'T MELTING.

Are some of you people really at the point where you can't discern truth from reality?

Greenpeace Leader Admits Organization Put Out Fake Global Warming Data

Posted: Nov 25 2009, 1:07 AM

5896 Im getting really sick and tired of hearing people say, the ice sheets arent melting. They are melting idiot! just because you say they are not, doesnt make it a fact. all you have to do is look at pictures from ten years ago, compared to today..

but if youd rather believe the likes of lord dipstick, go for it.


Posted: Nov 25 2009, 4:50 AM

"Almost all anonymous people are cowards".

"The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting". "The ice sheets aren't melting".

I bet you are feeling really sick now, ask one of your handlers for an aspirin, lie down and go back to sleep.

By the way "The ice sheets aren't melting".


Posted: Nov 25 2009, 10:38 AM

Sir, I've posted multi-year satellite videos from youtube showing the expansion and retraction of the ice in Antarctica, nothing is out of the ordinary, they are fear-mongering you, it is no different from George Bush saying give up your rights or the terrorists are going to get you. Now it is give up your rights and be taxed into poverty or global warming is going to get you. It is the same exact thing just a different external made up threat. I realize that might be hard to understand because you don't want to accept it but even the "scientists" in their private emails whine that the earth is getting cooler and they are blatantly fixing the data left and right. The game is over, the whole thing is a hoax, you've been lied to, get over it, wake the hell up, join the resistance and stop standing on your head.

Posted: Nov 25 2009, 11:56 AM

7523 I can't believe people will quote a corporate MSM source, let alone let them do their thinking for them...but I can see how people are so confused about Climate Change. Is the earth warming? Yes, but so is the rest of the planets in our solar system. Is man causing this increase? NO. So how come all the misinformation? Because the concern is not about the earth heating up, it's to use it as a catalyst while creating their One World Government.

Climate Change, along with the deliberate financial collapse, the Swine Flu hoax, War on Terror hoax...these are all ploys to unite the world under one "communistic" government. As with the War on Drugs, it's not about smoking the plant, but keeping competition away.

Weathercaster Rob Marciano remarked on "Larry King Live" "You know, as weather forecasters, we can't get the five-day forecast right. We're going to bank - put all of the money in the bank on a 50 or 100-year forecast, that is probably the thing that's most concerning, especially to meteorologist that forecast on a daily basis. You know how difficult it is to do that?"

In 1975 we were told to "get our heads out of the sand" and accept that Global COOLING was scientific fact. WTF?

NASA head Michael Griffin says he regrets voicing his views on climate change. Griffin had told Morning Edition he wasn't sure global warming was a problem. On Monday, he told a gathering of scientists and engineers that he had tried to keep his opinions separate but that got "lost in the shuffle."

Google Saturn, Mars and Global Warming

Check out this site...some documentaries that have been made outside the US on climate change. Trying to whip people into hysteria over global warming isn’t any better than news outlets like the New York Times assisting the Bush administration in convincing people there’s a connection between Iraq and 911

I believe that our planet is warming, and with the use of Hegelian Dialectic, they are trying to convince me that I'm the cause of that warming? So now we're going to have the UN placing sanctions on people, all in the name of Climate Change, so we can make Al Gore a trillionaire? Without the media doing its job, the criminal leaders of Washington and the world will continue to show us that Orwellian world we so missed in 1984.

Posted: Nov 25 2009, 5:03 PM

19275 Well said Alex,

There is already an article in written by George Monbiot who was a pro climate-change author but upon seeing these emails he is shocked and takes a complete 'U' turn.

However, he says that the genuine emails hacked from the university may damage the reputaion of only 3 or 4 and is not enough proof for a conspiracy but the ONE EMAIL that he was passed on is the real email that proves beyond doubt that there is a conspiracy. This email is addressed to 'The Knights Carbonic' and was supposedly written on 29th October 2009. However, in the list of emails that are stolen from the CRU, there is not an email that has a date stamp of 29th October.

I think this is a first step to Controlled Opposition rather than I should believe Mr. George has repented for being mislead all these years by the climate-change clowns.

Posted: Nov 25 2009, 6:08 PM

5896 I have never been knighted, so theres no reason for that sir crap. Still, standing on my head, I can see better than having my head up my arse. I will continue to trust reports from credible climate scientists, who release reports that can be checked and counter checked, rather than a few paranoid denialists thinking its all to do with some sort of global new world governments tax grab. You dont fall for bushs war on terror fear mongering - but youll believe the scare campaign about being taken over by ( ??? who is it this week ) all the while tellin g me im a victim of fear mongering .. lol nice one. keep up the good work.

Posted: Nov 25 2009, 7:00 PM

5896 al gore must be as clever as l ron hubbard, to come up with a new religion just so he gets billions.. and complaining about the source of a news report is pathetic..i couldve posted to the same article from a hundred sources.. its the point the article was making thats important, what does it matter who hosts it?

anyway.. its probably a useless/pointless argument, going back and forward exchanging insults, standing on head/head up arse.. my belief can beat up your belief.. everyone loses, but as you like youtube

and i actually hope I am wrong, and there is no such thing as planetary warming caused by humans, but its a but much to suggest our climate isnt changing. Unless any money from tax is spent on research and infrastructure for renewable energy, which i doubt, I doubt a tax will fix anything, as much as i doubt the war on terror makes us safer, and agree its probably a rip off, but at the same time i dont want people to just carry on polluting the planet as if it has no consequences. its only us humans that shit in our own nest. and whats wrong with renewable energy instead of propping up big oil?

if i am wrong, in 50 years time i will come back and apologise profusely because you had to pay a new tax ( but youre going to be taxed anyway, regardless of the weather ) - but if you are wrong, what are you going to do about it in 50 years time?

those emails still dont prove the climate isnt changing, and wow, to suggest such, really brings out the aggression in people who have a different opinion. enjoy your anger and apathy, and see you in 50 years, if were lucky.


Posted: Nov 26 2009, 2:41 PM

70120 no one wants to pollute the planet! except the people who are funding this movement!

cant you see that they are using human weakness for caring about the planet to get you scared and active for them?

we all agree we should get new energy but that same people who are funding the movement are the ones holding back all the new technologies! why? because it is making them RICHHHHHHHHH
Comments 1 - 12 of 12 Page 1 of 1

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