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Multimedia posted Sep 30 2009, 12:04 AM Category: Brave New World Source: InformationLiberation Print

The Swine Flu Conspiracy

Worked for days on this video with my brother, it fully exposes the entire swine flu scam and the MEDIA'S COMPLICITY in the con, I have shown this to many friends who know nothing and it left them all completely shocked, this video is powerful as hell and we put a massive amount of work into it. All over the world they are saying these toxic vaccines will be mandatory, we must expose this conspiracy as widely as possible, we can't stop the entire NWO takeover but this is one place where we can absolutely savage them. - Chris, IL
Are you ready to roll up your sleeve?

Reuploaded here and here and dailymotion here to fight YouTube stat counter rigging! (Please click them all) I will be uploading this vid to multiple accounts to fight YT rigging, the views shot up to 315 in 3 hrs time and then the counter froze for hours, they only added 50 views in the last 9hrs, I will not let them rig this and I will be uploading it to many accounts just to stick it to em!

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True Skeptic

Posted: Oct 19 2009, 5:28 PM

87118 To the author of the letter quoted in the previous post from IP: 24.39.XXX.XXX:

Please could you provide some evidence to support your claim that the benefits of vaccination " far outweigh the risks".

Please cite some cases where “communicable diseases have come roaring back” after “communities in the U.S. and the U.K. …have foregone vaccinations in large numbers.”

I do not believe there is any such evidence.

You state:

“…the idea that dozens or hundreds pharmaceutical executives, AMA directors, CDC doctors, and corporate CEOs could pull off a conspiracy to keep us all sick in the name of money and power makes about as much sense as believing that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their bureaucratic apparatchiks planted explosive devices in the World Trade Center and flew remote controlled planes into the buildings.”

I notice that you do not claim that either theory is impossible or even improbable. I am sure you agree that both theories also make as much sense as the theory that the ruling powers of Nazi Germany conspired to murder millions of their own people and that thousands of scientists, business men, academics and media personal knowingly played along.

Do conspiracies such as these never happen? Must we always trust that the people pulling the strings have our best interests at heart? Perhaps their aim is not money and power, but a more “benign” motive of population reduction – to save the planet and save the living standards of the survivors. Or maybe the philosophy of today’s power elite is indeed similar to that behind the 3rd Reich.

Personally, I want to understand the agenda of the vaccine pushers inside-out before I allow them access to my veins.

Posted: Oct 22 2009, 10:38 PM

17323 polio, real disease
small pox, real disease
measles, real disease
whooping cough, real


and it is believeable that your list of medical execs, dirs, drs, CEOs,
could pull off this conspiracy. they don't have to talk to one another. they all just stand to profit greatly every time they create a new "disease" (cause you know you can make a new drug to sell for every new disease)

not paranoid here...just not gullible. I am almost 50 years old and have never in my life met or knew anyone who had the "regular" flu.
So I am not convinced that this swine thing really is that big of a threat.
just my opinion.

Posted: Oct 29 2009, 9:12 PM


-- Baxter admits flu product contained live bird flu virus --

-- Virus mix-up by lab could have resulted in pandemic --

"It's emerged that virulent H5N1 bird flu was sent out by accident
from an Austrian lab last year and given to ferrets in the Czech
before anyone realised. As well as the risk of it escaping into the
wild, the H5N1 got mixed with a human strain, which might have spawned
a hybrid that could unleash a pandemic. "

--When a pandemic isn't a pandemic--

" Until Monday morning, the WHO had a definition on its Web site
saying that a pandemic flu causes "enormous numbers of deaths and
illness." After a CNN reporter pointed this out, WHO spokeswoman
Natalie Boudou called back to say the definition was in error and had
been pulled from the WHO Web site.

"It was a mistake, and we apologize for the confusion," she said.
"(That definition) was put up a while ago and paints a rather bleak
picture and could be very scary.""

Posted: Nov 06 2009, 8:00 PM

747 So, you worked on that for days . . . what a waste of your time.

Posted: Nov 10 2009, 6:04 PM

142152 You. Are. All. Retarded.
notepad publishing

Posted: Nov 13 2009, 8:22 AM

By the way, where's Joseph Moshe?
Ukraine, politics, chemtrails, plague, Baxter and Joseph Moshe.

Has anything happened in the last few hours?
Has somebody been able to visit Joseph Moshe at Patton State Mental Hospital?
Has anybody been able to talk to his mother who is apparently living in LA?
Has any LAZY journalist read this or any other of the ten tousands of blog entries, posts etc. on the web about Joseph Moshe and finally decided to add any to the pittiful <10 news articles on google about Mr. Moshe?
Is there any news about this person apart from the same info over and over?

I believe whoever Joseph Moshe is and whatever Joseph Moshe tried to warn the worlds public about, this is a HORRIBLE advance example at how powerful the worldwide media control is.

No wonder people don't buy Newspapers anymore.

PLEASE, help find and interview Joseph Moshe:

ALIVE - for interviews

Joseph Moshe, 56
Of Los Angeles, former Israeli Mossad agent
specialized in biological warfare who would like to warn people about a biological weapon that was being prepared by Baxter International’s Ukraine plant.
notepad publishing Switzerland

Posted: Dec 30 2013, 4:10 AM

101169 Love this!! I watch it over and over and use it to spread the word! Extremely well done, good work!
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