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Article posted May 30 2008, 12:07 AM Category: Brave New World Source: The Scotsman Print

Working classes are less intelligent, says evolution expert


WORKING-CLASS students have lower IQs than those from wealthier backgrounds and should not be expected to win places at top universities, an academic has claimed.

Bruce Charlton, an evolutionary psychiatrist at Newcastle University, has written a paper asserting the reason why fewer students from poor families are admitted to Oxford or Cambridge is not because of social prejudice, but lack of ability.

He suggests that low numbers of working-class students at elite universities is the "natural outcome" of "substantial" IQ differences between classes.

He told The Scotsman yesterday, in an interview conducted by e-mail at his insistence: "Poor people have lower average IQ than wealthier people... and this means that a much smaller percentage of working-class people than professional-class people will be able to reach the normal entrance requirements of the most selective universities."

Dr Charlton said the average child from the highest social class is up to 30 times more likely to qualify for admission to a highly selective university than the average child from the lowest social class.

His claims could trigger an outcry similar to that faced by the Nobel prize-winning geneticist James Watson, who was forced to apologise after claiming that African and Caribbean workers were "demonstrably less able" than white ones.

However, Dr Charlton argues it is precisely the fear of creating controversy that prevents other academics taking the same line.

He said: "That is why such obvious scientific truths have not so far been stated clearly, or have actually been denied.

"(This theory is] accepted among those who know and understand the research."

He goes on to question the government's drive to get more students from poor backgrounds into top universities.

"The UK government has spent a great deal of time and effort in asserting that universities, especially Oxford and Cambridge, are unfairly excluding people from low social-class backgrounds and privileging those from higher social classes. Yet in all this debate, a simple and vital fact has been missed: higher social classes have a significantly higher average IQ than lower social classes."

Ministers insist the debate should be focused on helping young people realise their potential. Bill Rammell, Westminster's higher education minister, said: "These arguments have a definite tone of 'people should know their place'.

"There are young people with talent, ability and the potential to benefit from higher education who do not currently do so. That should concern us all."

Sally Hunt, general-secretary of the University and College Union, warned: "It should come as little surprise that people who enjoy a more privileged upbringing have a better start in life."


IQ, OR intelligence quotient, measures the ability to perform abstract reasoning and speed of learning.

But a debate rages over whether IQ tests are completely accurate and if their results are a reliable indicator of somebody's true level of intelligence.

Although tests may assess analytical and verbal aptitude well, they are not an accurate test of creativity, practical knowledge and other skills involved in problem-solving.

Many see IQ tests as an assessment of an individual's problem-solving ability, rather than general intelligence.

Others argue that they just show how good the individual is at IQ tests, especially during childhood.

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Posted: May 30 2008, 7:53 AM

6967 >>from poor families are admitted to Oxford or Cambridge is not because of social prejudice, but lack of ability>> or hhuuuummm maybe hhuummm money!!!

Posted: May 30 2008, 5:13 PM

I presume this is politics to protect the unusual selection systems that operate through these universities which provide the feedstock of US presidents (Rhodes Scholars), British Intelligence, people not distinguised by high intellect and I state that including knowledge of people who went there. I have known high academic achievers go there but not in one instance people of a good IQ.

When I went to school something like 2% of the UK population went privately (oddly called 'public' schools in the UK). Recognising that education provided certification to get up the ladder, many people were sent there by poor families whose parents made every possible sacrifice that their children had that start in life.

I don't know if IQ is now 'reformed' (politically shafted), but although IQ can be enhanced and retarded, I have noticed genetic traits. I didn't have a large data pool, but I noticed bright children emerging from people whose genetics were very different. The last time I saw an IQ test it asked the name of the prime minister which is a test of knowledge rather than intellect so I strongly suspect the IQ test is corrupt.

A number of NWO people discussed on this site for the damage they have caused on a vast scale historically and right now were students and/or lecturers at Oxford. So great was the damage I was thinking only recently, no matter the academic merits of these universities, the greater good to all mankind would be best served if these fronts were closed down.

Posted: May 30 2008, 6:59 PM

<Bruce Charlton, an evolutionary psychiatrist at Newcastle University>
'Evolutionaryiary psychiatrist', I wonder how Tavistock people talk to themselves!

It used to be that London was the world centre and organisations be they commerce or over covert commerce as 'state' would have their headquarters in London. A massive amount of money was diverted with Newcastle, the proof of the politics was this included state department headquarters. For an example Social Services is a NWO front and that relocated headquarters to Newcastle.

To see how far Bruce has evolved in his thinking I have a question for him. Why Bruce is 'Hotel California' a favourite CIA song?

I suspect Bruce is in an alternative world so if someone else would like to give one of the answers please jump in.

Posted: May 30 2008, 7:10 PM

<The Modernization Imperative
a systems theory account of liberal democratic society

This book argues that contemporary society in Western democracies is generally misunderstood to be a pyramidal hierarchy dominated either by government or the economy. Neither view is correct.

We live in a fundamentally pluralistic society divided into numerous ‘modular’ social systems each performing different functions; these include politics, public administration, the armed forces, law, economics, religion, education, health and the mass media. Because each is specialized, none of these systems are dominant and there is no overall hierarchy of power. Modernizing societies are therefore structured more like a mosaic than a pyramid.>

This is Dr Bruce at work. the title itself I would suggest is propaganda and after the first paragraph the nonsense begins in earnest.

Posted: May 30 2008, 7:20 PM

There are actually some very apt comments if you visit the Scotsman link (people are awake), I chose not to join in there as it required agreeing to missuse of your contact details.

One supportive comment of this revolutionary psych was:
<all to the benefit of the British Empire and the UK>
The UK being a corporation which is the empire, a direct threat to Scottish people, English people and the world over, NWO psychiatrists included.

Posted: Jun 01 2008, 3:51 PM


Posted: Jun 01 2008, 7:39 PM

He fucked his dad. Natch.
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