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Article posted Mar 01 2008, 7:47 AM Category: General Source: The Onion Print

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

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Posted: Mar 06 2008, 10:41 PM

Chris, This is like welcome to shill-ville. I like the part at the end where she says there's a cure for awakeness. It's probably the TV she is referring to so as to lull you back to sleep. And the assassination mentioned is a nice touch. Keep up the good work and don't let the police state get you down LOL..............................

Posted: Mar 10 2008, 2:20 PM

7163 Since I was the first poster, regarding The Onion, or "Allium cepa" as it is known in some circles, I thought I should chime in. (Neat, huh? That's the new Word-play/Latin-plant-name translator plugin, DoD issue!) By the way, aren't those letters at the bottom supposed to protect you from the MadLib bugs and Viagra ads?

In my original post, I didn't want to be verbose and waste cyber-space, but the can of worms is still open, so everybody grab a fork...

I posted the originial comment that the Diebold story was fake/comedy news because unlike other sites, there was no indication on this one as to whether or not the poster knew that it was fake news. Whether or not you trust your readership to know the difference isn't the point. Anyone who watched the clip and speaks English could probably deduce in 5 seconds that the film was a parody (eg. flames shooting out of the White House), but then wonder to themselves why you posted it along with all of the other stories of pants-shitting terror, with no clue as to whether or not YOU, the poster knew it wasn't real news. Like it or not, that DOES call into question the rest of your content, or at least whether or not you screen your content before linking it. It's categorized as "General", not "Satire/Comedy/Funny". Click on the link for "General" and see what other stories comes up. You've got like 20 "serious" stories to every 1 "comedy". Get the picture?

The other motivating factor for my posting was that this web-site, while a fine source for alternative news, occasionally prints things that are misleading, even if unintentionally so, such as running year-old stories as if they were recent events, again without indication that you, the linker/poster, knows it's a re-post. There are also links from "news" sources that at first glance don't sound like news sources to begin with, but are, and vice versa. Which sounds most like a reputable news source to you, "Boing Boing", "NewsMax", or "The Onion"? Small points, I know, but your site description/subtitle reads "The NEWS you're not supposed to know..." So, is commentary "news" too? (FOX News thinks so) The devil is in the details, folks.

Since I've got the "talking feather" here, I want to point out some other things. For claiming to be a bunch of emancipated minds here, you all sure do some odd things:
Firstly, in this series of comments, you call anyone who points out a simple, easily correctable error/oversight like this, a "Shill", as if that alone clears you of any wrong-doing. I am not a government or any other kind of "shill", a word that has shown up in this comment thread 5 times, the first 2 by the moderator! That's right, name-calling: the quickest, easiest way to identify people in an US vs THEM environment. All I did was tacitly suggest you re-label it "comedy" or "satire" or SOMETHING. How does that make me a "shill"? And if only I could get $10 every time I said "by the way, goober, you know this isn't REAL news, right?"
Second, if you're going to own up to it as a mistake, do it in an adult way. Yeah, you didn't label it, no big deal, but don't go saying "well, it's because I respect my readership THAT MUCH, and you, corporate/govt shill commenter, obviously think that we, the great emancipated minds, are a bunch of sheeple idiots," or spin it like it was some grand social experiment that my pea brain can't understand.
Third, for as much noise as there is on this entire website against the BigBrother/Nanny/RFID state, you have a good number of comments about "these guy's IP addresses" and what parts of this website I/we look at, and at what frequency. I understand the role and responsibility of a net admin, and the need to monitor IP's and traffic, but you're using that info as fodder for your argument in a public forum. I find that VERY RICH indeed. You have a problem with it until you can use it on other people, then it's OK, right? FYI, I don't spend my entire day reading every word of your web-site because many of your stories are linked or re-linked on other like-minded websites, so I've already seen them by the time I visit. InfoLib usually only posts new stuff every 3 days or so anyway, so what's your point? The "puppy throwing" video, for example, was almost a week old when you finally posted it. Also, I have a JOB and a LIFE.
Finally, when you step back and take it in, you seem vehemently against a small thing that could lend, if nothing else, MORE credibility to your site. You have stories on here that are hard to believe just by virtue of how scary they are, if indeed true. How does it help you to publish fake news, that you apparently know is fake, without letting us know that YOU know it isn't fake? If it's unclear whether YOU, the poster can tell the difference, why should anyone trust you when you say it isn't fake?

Can I go back to one-line comments now?

Posted: Mar 10 2008, 4:02 PM

My comment was not directed towards your post, but I'll respond to the points you made anyways.

(Each line is a response to each paragraph)

The verification code is anti-spambot, not anti-shill.

Trust in the readership is the point, unlike most other sites on the internet we do not spell things out for people. We let them think for themselves and come to their own conclusions about what they read/watch. If you love someone let them go, I live my life by that principle and I try as much as possible to leave people to decide things for themselves. It is a fundamentally different approach to dealing with people. There is a line in a Zen text, "don't change your words to suit the person", I try to live my life by that principle, I try to be myself and not who others want me to be, even if part of me thinks being someone else would help the other person. There were reasons for posting it as is, I discussed them in previous posts.

As to the categories, that's a valid point, in the future we may make an entertainment category.

I responded to the shill thing earlier, I was just pointing out the similarities, and like I said it was not directed to you.

I explained why I didn't label it, it was not a mistake, there is nothing to "own" up to.

As to the IP tracking, It is part of our stats counter we use to see how many people are visiting the site etc. It is possible to manually look a persons IP up and see what articles they've viewed. The only times I've ever used it to track an IP is when I suspect someone of shilling, I check to see if they're actually a regular or not. I use it sparingly for moderation tasks, not spying. Again, my comments were not directed towards you.

Sorry we don't update often enough, we used to update daily. The focus of the site changed the more my brother and I learned. We've gotten more away from the daily blow by blow and try to focus a little more on topics of deep significance. Hence the focus on psychology, philosophy, and less transient commentary. As I've said before, popularity, credibility, etc. is not important to me, I used to care about those things, no longer. This site is for those who want to know.

Posted: Jul 07 2008, 7:41 PM

It seems that Onion know more than what they are telling us.
It'll be too much of a coincidence if Mccain wins.
Which is clear as day that he will.
Perhaps their news on this subject was quite legitimate.
It may look like satire but maybe its their way of creating attention without creating any adverse attention.
That kind of news would never be seen on FOX or CNN even though they know that voting machine fiddles have existed for years.
Obama is losing ground, fast now, as predicted since the freindship between BUllSHit and McCain started, Mcain would be the sure winner.
And there aint no machine on earth that is going to say otherwise.

Posted: Jul 08 2008, 3:13 PM

206173 If voting changed anything, they`d make it illegal!

-Emma Goldman
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