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Article posted Dec 13 2007, 3:33 PM Category: Commentary Source: Project for a New American Revolution Print

Dystopian Madness

By Tom Blanton

I am disturbed by a certain madness that has taken hold of a significant number of Americans. Jingoism bordering on nationalism has always existed. So has the mindless materialism and conformity to a rigid standard of media induced normalcy. The fact that many people have been dumbed down to a point that renders them child-like, both intellectually and emotionally, is so common that it no longer seems particularly disturbing.

This new madness that I find so disturbing centers around the callous disregard for the individual. It is though people have become so dehumanized that the most blatent incarnations of evil are accepted as normal. Influential people who hold positions of leadership routinely make despicable statements and ordinary people cheer them on instead of being shocked.

Where a beautiful sunset over majestic mountains might have once been described as glorious, now it is the mangled corpse of a young American lying in a Baghdad gutter that is described as glorious. People who hold themselves out as highly moral Christians advocate torturing human beings for no reason other than that they are different, and therefore suspicious.

Many people experience a perverse pleasure when others are thrown into prison for some minor infraction of the law. Many of these people assume anyone charged with a crime is guilty until proven innocent and they will rally to the defense of police thugs who kill innocent citizens by mistake.

It is not unusual to turn on the radio or television and hear someone casually calling for genocide by turning an entire nation into a "glass parking lot" with nuclear weapons. This type of statement is usually based solely on paranoia about what someone might possibly do at some time in the future. A foreign policy advisor to Rudy Giuliani, Norman Podhoretz, claims that he prays Bush will attack Iran. One wonders to what god Mr. Podhoretz is praying, yet he is taken seriously by many people.

The process of catagorizing people has divided America into many groups and has resulted in the dehumanization of everyone. Politicians have divided us into voting blocks and corporations have divided us into catagories of consumers. Yet, there is no concern over the general welfare of individuals. Instead, we are taught to distrust each other while government provides benefits and privileges to specific groups. Foolishly, the government and corporate hacks who catagorize us seem to believe that every individual in a given catagory thinks the same.

We have been divided into groups by age, sex, wealth, religion, location, political beliefs, race, education, and lifestyle. Individual rights have been cast aside in favor of group rights and special rights are granted to those groups with political clout. It is no wonder that society has become dehumanized as we are no longer identified as individuals but only as a part of some group.

The communitarians of the right and the collectivists of the left no longer view the individual as having any rights or dignity. We are merely pawns that consume products, generate tax revenue, and vote. That one individual or one group must suffer for the "greater good" is accepted as desirable by many. I believe it is this mindset that has led to the dehumanization and the total disregard for the human rights of individuals.

We now have a society where war is glamorized as being glorious and righteous. This extends to a militarized police force that is deemed heroic even if they gun down someone by mistake when they raid the wrong house over an illegal substance that is less harmful than many legal substances.

We live in a society where privacy no longer exists. The practice of warrantless searches or wiretaps is excused with the bromide that if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. While the crime rate decreases in America, the prison population has grown to become the largest in the world. Meanwhile, police continue to fill prison cells - often in an attempt to prevent crimes while people who have committed actual crimes are released from prison to make room for new arrivals.

The notions that government and corporations can create the utopia they often promise have proved to be false. Humans cannot be transformed to perfection through laws or products. The idea of a democracy where 51% of the voters can impose their vision of perfection on the other 49% has also proven to be unworkable. Instead of the utopian vision promoted by television commercials and the platitudes of pompous politicians, we now have a dystopia. A dystopia embraced by those afflicted with a certain madness.
Tom Blanton runs The Project for a New American Revolution, a site dedicated to promoting peace, freedom, prosperity and truth.

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Posted: Dec 13 2007, 5:48 PM

76119 >>>>We have been divided into groups by age, sex, wealth, religion, location, political beliefs, race, education, and lifestyle<<<<<

Then you go on to state:
>>>>The communitarians of the right and the collectivists of the left no longer view the individual as having any rights or dignity<<<<

In this last statement, you, sir, yourself catagorize and divide by using the terms "right" and "collectivists left." This is even more abhorant to me.

>>>>That one individual or one group must suffer for the "greater good"<<<<
Now this "greater good" is a sure sign toward Fascism. An excellent book on this is "The Ominous Parallells" by Leonard Peikoff.
Quote: Although it was mediated by crises, Peikoff demonstrates that German Nazism was the inevitable climax of a centuries-long philosophic development, preaching three fundamental ideas: the worship of unreason, the demand for self-sacrifice and the elevation of society or the state above the individual." (collectivism vs individualism)


Posted: Dec 14 2007, 3:20 AM

58104 if everyone in New-York flushed their toilets at exactly the same time one day I'm sure the US federal government as well as numerous other local gov ts would all sit up and take notice..... it doesn't take violence to affect change

would you flush your toilet to save not only your life but your future generations? think about it

Posted: Dec 14 2007, 7:12 AM

wow. rather convincing charade...
nice choice of words. evokes strong emotions from the get-go

"This new madness that I find so disturbing centers around the callous disregard for the individual. It is though people have become so dehumanized that the most blatent incarnations of evil are accepted as normal."

I want to agree with what he's saying, I just can't. It's the way he's saying it. I do not like this feeling of emotional manipulation that reading the above article raises. We must be careful to not get caught in such traps.

Posted: Dec 14 2007, 3:36 PM

There are many accurate and truthful observations in that article. As for emotions, although they can be manipulated they are one of our greatest facets. I have noticed my own reaction to atrocity is sometimes muted when it should not be and in order to recalibrate I look back in my mind for events when my emotions were appropriately elevated by outrageous circumstances. It is human to have emotions and to show them, the danger would come from being ruled by emotions, which is a game the controlled media play with people.

Not all of that madness mentioned is real. There are many orchestrated postings, some have been made on this site, but when taking over a nation it is normal practice to create a thug caste. Many people have had disadvantaged lives in a manner which has no justifiable reason, many that have been raped by the US DOJ are mad but far from insane. In a society that promotes division, there is a natural pool of people who have anger they seek to vent.

Overall I think a very accurate report, except for the fact that this is reporting that which is seen. Humanity is under attack but it hasn't gone away. The dissent, despair and conscience of mankind are working flat out, it is simply suppressed by the jumping jack media.

Posted: Dec 14 2007, 4:09 PM

I had a look at Ominous Parallels by Leonard Peikoff and I think I would describe it as superficial despite the parallels between life under Hitler and Bush. Bush and Hitler were trained by the same organisations for similar roles.

WWII was immensely successful, much of what is happening now is because of that success (I use the term success in terms of what it was created for and achieved).

"We are drifting to the future, not moving purposefully," Peikoff warns.

I can't agree, the big events and directions are orchestrated. To attempt to seperate the Nazis from the powerbases making their presense felt in America, Britain or the world over would not be possible. Not only are many of the puppeteers the same, the CIA, NSA, NASA are sample but significant extensions to the Nazi regimes. Not just by phylosophy, the Nazis were given leading and foundation roles in these organisations.

Bush & Hitler are not just relatives, they share the same reporting lines, same emblems, and though different battles they share the same war.

Posted: Dec 14 2007, 4:09 PM

Really well said, Dave.

I think this article is very truthful, hits the nail on the head IMO. Certainly some of the media hysteria about people is overblown, some is outright fantasy, but some of it is also true. It doesn't take the media to show you what Tom is discussing, with many people, is true. As to the article being emotionally manipulative, I have read a lot of Tom's writings, I have never read anything of his which would lead me to believe he is anything but genuine.

Posted: Dec 14 2007, 4:39 PM

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Posted: Dec 14 2007, 5:50 PM

I had accepted many accidents only to find out they were planned years in advance. Finding truth is quite some enterprise, the difficulty one has is often relevant to the nature of the truth. Conveying truth is also a difficult enterprise, if you add evidence people don't read it, some evidence would put the website at risk.

I see no hidden agenda in this report, I think refreshingly accurate. To give people a gentle shake is genuine, many people out there mistakenly think they are the only ones who care or are sane so they like to hear someone speak up once in a while too. I don't think one can write a perfect account, if one wrote something that could not be re-interpreted it would if anything abscure the points being raised.

Posted: Dec 15 2007, 1:48 AM

Tom Blanton, truly, spot-on eloquent analysis concerning our current state of affairs. Madison Avenue and the MSM have turned Americans into mindless, consumeristic, less than discerning cattle for the most part.

It's been stated that a people end up getting the government they deserve. How true! When I witness the ongoing criminality committed by our nations leaders with both sides of the aisle seemingly complacent as well as complicit, it confirms my belief that we are witnessing the birthing of an "Empire of the Rising Scum"...!

Carl Nemo **==

Posted: Dec 16 2007, 10:49 AM

Winston Churchill wreaked cataclysm in Britain and the world over to such an extent that so many deaths since can be linked back to his name. Britain's own bombs delivered the blitz of London yet history books accord him hero status and this is reflected in the minds of people who cannot remove the fog of war to see the agenda and supporting conspiracy at work on the world stage.

Nuclear weapons are dropped on Japan which the public could believe was an end to the war rather than continuation of perpetual war. Bernard Baruch with the assistance of the FBI gives the plans to Russia, supplies them with materials setting up the cold war. He was officially globally in charge of preventing proliferation of nuclear weapons and as spokesman for America used the very carnage and murder he worked on as the basis of his argument to engineer overt totalitarian control of planet of earth.

Pointing the world at the devastating potential of nuclear weapons, Bernard Baruch's argument was: 'one world or none'. After George Bush plays his part in 9/11 he says 'you are either with us or you are with the terrorists'. It is worth pausing for thought as considerable thought went into that expression.

Both Bush and Baruch had their lives chosen for them before they were born. To a lesser extent this is true of all people, the 'Dystopian Madness' on public display is a war against them.

Posted: Dec 16 2007, 9:22 PM

<a certain madness that has taken hold of a significant number of Americans>

I read a number of reports of people claiming to be subject to remote psychological harrassment by the FBI, MI5 and unknown or other agencies, particularly those protesting at illegal or dangerous activities by the state. I was reading a chap's account in the US courts and at the point the harrassment included hearing voices in his head, I was left wondering if the report was truthful; the public saying goes hearing voices in your head is the first sign of madness. Further research found such reports from whole groups of people, one group of protestors at a US military base for example.

Full spectrum war against the people is in play and the level of technical capability includes the ability for remote induced psychosis, voices in the head and far more sophisticated manipulation of the human mind.

Some people will be more susceptable to this than others, many of the defences against this impractical. One of the defensive measures is truth. The more uncontestable truth you have, the less easily you be vulnerable to outside influence no matter how it manifests.
Comments 1 - 11 of 11 Page 1 of 1

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