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Article posted Sep 17 2007, 7:44 PM Category: General Source: Henry Makow Print

Movie "Zeitgeist": Illuminati Critique or Psy Op?

Henry Makow Ph.D.

The word 'Pagan' was originally a slur used by the elite to describe the masses, the term means "people of the earth". Additionally, the word 'Religion' means "to bind." To be bound is the opposite of being free. - ChrisThroughout history, paganism and true religion have struggled for the soul of mankind. This age-old battle is drawing to a close with a magnificent victory for paganism.

For the naÔve populace, this collective deathmarch is masked as "secular humanism," and "modernism."

It is directed and financed by Illuminati central bankers, who are the leaders of cabalistic secret societies associated with Freemasonry and Communism.

Their aim is to redefine reality so that the human race will serve them instead of God. This is the essence of the "New World Order."

In this perspective, it is hard to decipher the movie "Zeitgeist" which has received wide exposure on the Internet reaching beyond the conspiracy conscious.

The film is divided into three parts.

Parts II and III are generally excellent exposures of the Illuminati-controlled banking system and the Illuminati-instigated 9-11 attacks. The film shows how the latter provided the excuse for fascism and how the Illuminati intend to enslave us.

The puzzle is Part I: a vicious, gratuitous attack on Christianity comparing it to the frauds of 9-11 and the Federal Reserve. The film argues that Christ was created in the mold of numerous pagan sun gods that predate him, and the historical Christ never actually existed.

Citing Achaya S, Rimpoche and John Lennon, "Zeitgeist" intones a New Age mantra: "Religion divorces man from nature. It is slavery. They use religious myths to control and manipulate society."

This is essentially the pagan message. [This is not true, just because someone is against religion does not mean they are "pagans", this is a false dichotomy] Since they want God's job, the Illuminati's primary goal has always been to destroy Christianity. Another recent psy-op is Mother Teresa's confession (in letters) that she had grave doubts about her faith for most of her life. This story was front-page news in the Illuminati Zionist press where the Catholic Church is always fair game.

Is "Zeitgeist" also a psy-op? Why not hide an Illuminati message in an excellent anti-Illuminati documentary? After all, the 9-11 and Fed information is already out there. What better way to turn the young generation against religion?

I donít think this is deliberate on the part of the filmmakers. The Illuminati generally fund people who already are unwitting agents of their agenda.

More interesting to me is why so many smart people have such a problem with Christ's teachings. Why does the Gospel of Brotherly Love arouse so much hate?

Yes the church has been subverted and has discredited Christ. But surely we can separate Christ's teachings from the people who fail to represent them.


Christ's teachings give the lie to Zeitgeist's claim that he is another pagan symbol. Unlike Christ, Horus et al did not express the Spirit of God.

Millions of people experience the spirit of God directly. They can confirm that Christ indeed is a messenger of God. I am a (non observant) Jew and do not belong to any Christian church but even I can see this. So can Muslims and Hindus who also honor Christ.

Before I talk about Christ's teachings, I want to speak about religion in general.

Try not to zone out as you've been programmed to do.

True religion differs from paganism in that it is essentially moral in character. It is concerned with what is true and good, what is right and wrong. It worships (serves) God; not nature, not the sun. It is basically a spiritual discipline designed to attune us to God's presence and will. By necessity, it is otherworldly, i.e. it rejects the priorities of this world, mainly power, money and sex.

Instead it teaches us to aspire to spiritual ideals such as truth, justice, peace, love and beauty as the ultimate reality. Love of God makes us seek these ideals.We know God when they are self-evident to us.

(The popular image of God -- a Santa Claus who watches over us and answers our prayers -- is the straw man atheists create. How easy to reject such a juvenile concept.)

Whether we are atheists or not, we cannot escape God. God is NOT nature. God is a moral dimension. Everything we do, everything that happens to us, falls along a spectrum of good to evil. We can't escape that. In fact, we are always striving for some kind of ersatz "good" (usually leading to some very real evil.)

We were put on earth to do God's will, i.e. discern and implement what is genuinely Good. If we donít, we bear the consequences and have only ourselves to blame.

We have no trouble recognizing when we are hungry. Our stomach tells us. But when we are despondent, we cannot seem to trace the problem back to our soul because we're not supposed to have a soul.

The soul is as real as the stomach and the proof is that our hunger for purpose, harmony and meaning is just as great, and much more durable than our hunger for pizza.

Spiritual hunger is what defines us as "human." Without the ability to distinguish right and wrong, we are little more than animals. The Illuminati want to define us as animals, so they can exploit or destroy us.

When a culture no longer fosters a free discussion of what is true and good; when there is no longer a consensus and desire to achieve these ideals; it is marked for extinction.


"Zeitgeist" says that Horus and numerous other Sun Gods were born on Dec. 25, died on a cross, had 12 disciples, rose after three days etc. etc.

Did they also teach us to love our neighbor, that God is Love, that all men are brothers, and to treat others as you would have them treat you? Did they teach:

"No man can serve two masters...Ye cannot serve God and Mammon." (Matt 5:24)

"Be ye therefore perfect as your Father who art in heaven is perfect." (Matt 5: 48)

"God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24)

"Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.." (Matt 5:44)

Did they teach worldly denial and escape from the prison of the ego?

"For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Matt 16:27)


"Zeitgeist" seems to disguise an essentially pagan New Age message in a credible attack on the Illuminati. While decrying two Illuminati frauds, it is perpetuating a third one. Along with religion, it also assails nation and race in passing, 3 out of the 4 on the Illuminati hate-list. (No mention of family.)

Just because we reject the juvenile concept of God, we still have souls that intuit immanent Truth and Purpose. Hopefully viewers of "Zeitgeist" will recognize that faith in God answers a very real spiritual hunger.

"Seek and ye shall find."

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Posted: Dec 15 2007, 9:32 AM

71126 Wake up, sheeple! Christ is NOT the creator of all. Dinosaurs, cavemen and others have been PROVEN to have been around millions of years Before Christ.
Christianity is nothing more than a cult, something to control the people. Remember mom and dad putting the 'fear of God' into you? Much like the losers in Washington constantly using FEAR of attacks to control Americans.
The bible WAS interpreted from an Astrological Guide. How can anyone believe someone rose from the death after 3 days, and all the other BS they expect you to believe. What a bunch a naive fools. No wonder Bush & Cheney continue to get away with the crap they do.

Posted: Jan 16 2008, 10:56 PM

68146 Perhaps we should stop thinking that debunking religion is debunking faith. You can still believe in a "God" or eternal spirit, energy, whatever, without subscribing to oppressive organizations...

Posted: Feb 04 2008, 3:37 PM

74193 totally agree with the guy above me, to find yourself is to find your eternal self, to find that is to find your own, personal religion therefore after you find that then you wont fear the end. HOWEVER we still need to stop the corporate masses and wake them up to the truths of our government, and the whole population.

the collective conscious is the most valuable thing that we arent trying to hinder for the good of the whole, humans dont have to be a pestilence to the world, they do have potential, the only way to reach the respect of the POTENTIAL of your fellow man is to get past ignorance, teach yourself and THINK!

Posted: Feb 07 2008, 12:17 PM

7082 The Mayan "calender" has never actually been deciphered, they don't even know if it is a calender. Basically the whole subject is just "mystery-mongering" to get people chasing a futility.

WTF so much ignorance here! Mayan? ha ha
I can read a bunch of arrogant comments...

Learn HISTORY! Mayan? stupid!
Mohamed Yousry

Posted: Feb 24 2008, 5:09 PM

41234 this is the fact Zeitgeist is the real face
Zeitgeist is the fact
Zeitgeist is the fact
Zeitgeist is the fact
Zeitgeist is the fact we r all livin'
Anonymous ape

Posted: Apr 07 2008, 2:44 PM

82217 Zeitgeist was a great movie. It makes you wonder who really runs this world.

In nearly all discussions about this movie people are fighting over religion. I am not religious, if people want to believe thats fine by me. But thats the whole point, believing. I like facts, especially those that can be verified. Now science has given me a lot of answers to some of the questions of life and how it came to be, and i can recreate some of the tests that led to these conclusions myself. God however has shown me no proof at all of his existence, all i have been given are books and rules not written by god but by men. They even have the guts to publish books with enormous translation errors. If god exists why doesn't he let us know? or am i supposed to follow his followers blindly... Ok thats fine by me But which of the 784946 different types of christianity should i follow? or should i be a muslim? because who tells me his god is right? only that follower's god.

So now for some fun:
i do not believe, if you do thats fine by my, do not bother me with it.
I do not believe, you do! so i go to hell?!!

Oh my god the muslims are attacking america!!! (headlines you might find in a newspaper)
Oh my god christians invade iraq (never saw this headline when afganistan and iraq were invaded)

would be nice if an asteroid hit the bible belt real hard...
when will we invade the vatican, rob it dry of its stolen wealth and feed some people in africa...
People in africa are dying of aids!!! we can prevent a lot of pain, suffering misery, and sorrow by the distribution of condoms... But the pope wont let us cause its against gods will? so what he sais is: God wants them to die? i hate this god or better:
Man i hate organised religion!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE FOR YOURSELF!!!! ABOLISH CHURCH/MOSQUE/SYNAGOGE ETC!!!!!

Posted: Aug 04 2008, 11:57 PM

70251 this movie was a complete joke! no one could ever believe that the government had anything to do with such horrible acts of violence and corruption on their own people!!!!! clearly whom ever created this movie and its believers are just trying to stir up controversy amongst americans in order to cause a complete frenzy and blame the government for shamless acts that has struck our nation over the past years!

Posted: Aug 05 2008, 2:51 AM

8558 70.251.XXX.XXX
We dont blame the government, it goes without saying.
We blame people like you who suck up to them because you are frightened of them.
We are all dead meat, you included!!!

Posted: Aug 05 2008, 2:58 AM

There is only one government, and that is the one that runs all governments.

Todays God is a figment of the imagination created in us by jewish story tellers.
God was created by man to control man.
God robs from the poor and gives to the rich.
Before man, there was no god.

We as individuals, are God. the individual is the centre of all things. Whatever happens around the individual is of the individuals making.
We are told in the bible that "god only helps those (individuals) who help themselves".
The result of that equation is, if you don't help your self, then God wont help you.

Another thing we are led to believe is that we are made in Gods image, does that mean that God is mostly dumb? because thats what most of us are. (francis vincent zappa).

For me,there is only one God and thats me!!!!!

All religeon aside, does anyone have the date of the next RED FLAG day? It must be quite near.

Posted: Aug 26 2008, 7:08 AM

14097 Have any of you 'God people' ever heard of Mememtics and evolution of the propaganda (memes) - the story of pagan gods has been evolved to what you call 'true religion'. I cannot believe this constitutes an argument:

"Millions of people experience the spirit of God directly. They can confirm that Christ indeed is a messenger of God. I am a (non observant) Jew and do not belong to any Christian church but even I can see this. So can Muslims and Hindus who also honor Christ. "

'They can confirm'???? How? By the wind's whispers! .... I can confirm that no serious argument is to be had with 'God's people'.

The sense of morality is an evolutionary fact for the social animal that is a human being - read on 'game theory'.

As for the conspiracy, is there a bigger conspiracy than the story of God!?!?! Not religion but GOD - the 'sense of' and all other subjective mental disorders that are brought about by the hype - social animal simply cannot resist this.

In GNOM I trust,

Posted: Feb 27 2009, 9:18 AM

17316 Throughout all time everyone has had their different perspectives, regardless of religion we are put on this planet and given life for whatever your respective belief is. I cannot say that I am a Christian but in no way shape or form do I deny the possibility of a 'God', the link between Horus, and the thousands of other God's in my eyes brings one point alone, that if there is a God, then there is no set religion, and while the Bible may be a very good 'rule-book' on life, there have been others. The Bible, a man made, doctrine book is only a rule book on how to live life, people blow this out of proportion and say that it's all just some game to control people, and who is to say that it isn't? We are desensitized to be forced to believe whatever is being told to us, we accept it, we don't fight back, if there is a God, don't you think he would WANT us think? Don't you believe that he wants us to have our right as human beings? He is said to be all-loving and all-powerful. By definition an all loving person can't watch another suffer, the lover will feel remorse, and want to undo the bad things, it is seen commonly among 'good nautured' people that live on this world. Don't say that God gives us this choice as a test of faith (provided he DOES exist), that's just ignorant. Instead, allow yourself to think, maybe we all DID come from cosmic dust, and maybe we did evolve from the earliest single celled organisms on this earth. But maybe there is some cosmic entity that created as all, but to tell me that he is an all loving creature (as Elie Wiesel concludes at the end of his book "Night") then he is by no means all loving. We are too convinced that what we say whether we are dogmatic, atheistic or just straight up don't care, that we are correct, abolish that thought, allow possibilities in life, we all have the opportunity to do something great with our lifes and that's our choice, stop arguing about if God's real or not, as far as I can see he sure as fuck isn't here on this world, but if he is there, then he is giving us the opportunity to enjoy our life as a (somewhat) sentient being. There is too much time and ability wasted on arguing whether this entity exists or not. Regardless of if he does, we are here, lets make this world the best that we can given the situation that we are already in, we are the only ones who can do it, as 'God' proved in the holocaust, the inqusition, the crusades, world war 1, world war 2, and every other war that has been on this planet in the time we have been alive and before. He has only shown that if he is there, he won't waste his time to come to this God forsaken land and say "Hey, this is all fucked up, stop fighting, if you don't you're dead and I'm sending you to hell.", if he is there, he is behind the curtain, accept that, and move on.
James Jesse

Posted: May 27 2009, 4:07 PM

70249 Fire, and Pain, and Burning, and anguish, and hatred, and crying, forever and ever until the end of time. but really religion isn't worth talking about. Those that worship the earth or the sun seem to me to have a greater connection with reality than anybody thinking that there is an old guy in the clouds watching them. After all, it is the perfect balance and buoyancy of The Moon, the sun and the earth that allowed us to grow into existence in the perfect shade of our atmosphere. However al gore wants to exterminate all of us in the name of the earth. don't trip man they are going to outlaw nutrients in food at the end of 09'. Codex alimentarius is a WHO by-product that will starve us and neglect us all to death. They are going to have a fake revolution and announce the earth more important than humanity in their new "Global Religion" Al Gore is a Pawn, or maybe he has been promised the world, he will be one of the 500 Million People that gets to Inherit the Earth. Their is nothing that we can do. Sure the net is a haven for information - or maybe it's a radical's den for conspiracy lunatics that need put down, whatever they want the media to say is what the people will consider, what will be ingrained into their minds. you are nut, for not wanting to be controlled, a crazy, you need to be institutionalized if you think Congress should print money. The Banksters are in control. of the media, the economy, politics, and our lives generally. The FIRST amendment Has Been Thoroughly Subverted. we have now only number two to stop them with. I Mean this. The Only thing that can Now stop the Banksters, the New Old World Order, is Vigilante Justice.
James Jesse

Posted: May 27 2009, 4:35 PM

70249 There is only Existence, what evolution has granted us is power, power to perceive the world in five different ways, power to contemplate reality and fiction, deities and Nature, to contemplate our own existence and understand that death is the end of our existence. it's just like the 12 steps or whatever much of humanity is still in the first step (denial) of death. Much of us simply cannot accept that our world will draw to a close at the end of our life, we will stop receiving the world through our senses Five when our heart stops, our brain shuts down, and our nerves stop sending signals through our spine. You see Children We are all being controlled, continually kept down, we could all live to be 350 years old and without disease if our state would function in our interest and utilize technology to the fullest extent to make the world better, we, humanity are kept ignorant to the true state of technology, our necessities are kept falsely scarce and the shit we buy is meant to break. For Profit. we are living in a society meant to consume everything as quickly as possible for profit, monetary gain. Now I don't Know Pete's True intentions, but yeah, he didn't mention the Illuminati, it was implied, he didn't Say "New World Order", But he Protested Global Government, He Protested the actions of the state on 9-11 and 7-7 madrid and so-forth - and then it gets confusing is he promoting an earth with 500 Million people??? i'mmh pretty sure,.. nooooo. He's Promoting a Debt Free Society With Technological innovation and Progress and Human Necessity The Goals of the Society instead of Monetary Gain. but,... there is no movement, they have the media -->>NCMR<<-- 1st Amendment-thoroughly subverted we r in a dangerous world run from, by and for, satanistic control freaks, their tentacles of control wrapped around everything with monetary, political, social, and informational subversions on all levels of society, and they only want more.
James Jesse

Posted: May 27 2009, 5:08 PM

70249 the pope is a globalist too man,.. depopulation of the third world is necessary for them
James Jesse

Posted: May 27 2009, 5:26 PM

70249 people think far too little these days man, we are not patriots, or humane human beings, we are a radical sect of right wing conspiracy theorists that threaten society and the american way of life, that's the Bullshit the consolidated media will feed the masses. no nation in the history of the earth has ever been so diluted, so ignorant, and so misled on so many subjects as the american people. They control What everybody will talk about from conan and jonstewart to lou dobbs, Rick sanchez and oreilly. They Control the Newspapers, The TV the Radio and much of the Established web news sites. What they Couldn't Control were intellectual and Humanistic Figureheads of our Society like Martin Luther King Jr. Like John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon. They Kill the Best of Us. They Dilute and Spin Information and Control our Ideas. They Keep us and our Nation Down They Halt Progress in Every area of our society through Economic Manipulation and Have Over Hundreds of Years, have convinced our Leaders to Sell us Out For Loose Change.
james jesse emery st.louis

Posted: Jun 26 2009, 4:29 AM

70242 what's this about expressing the spirit of god? is that what was at question? the sPirit? i don't know any Spirits man. you have to come to the understanding that a preacher, a reverend, a pastor, he's, a special kind of salesman, selling redemption, salvation, and infinite existence. Anybody that believes in a god or creator or a devil or anything believes also that he or she we live forever. forever. in a blissful existence of clouds of love and happiness, but even if you go to hell, you're still gonna live forever, hell is better than nothing, i would think. maybe you can work you're way up.
james jesse emery st.louis

Posted: Jun 26 2009, 4:32 AM

70242 yeah man, i heard that worshiping yourself is satanism, satanist's worship themselves not satan.
james jesse emery st.louis

Posted: Jun 26 2009, 4:39 AM

70242 i'm pretty sure Peter Joseph is not a fucking globalist you assholes, check out Questions and answers with Peter Joseph on you tube. he answers a lot of questions in london after showing them all addendum. they ask a lot of good questions too. i think you tube has been fudging all numbers regarding how many people have seen this shit.
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