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Article posted Jul 11 2007, 4:28 AM Category: Commentary Source: William Norman Grigg Print

Praying for a Terrorist Strike: The GOP's Newest Political Strategy

Nuclear terrorism: If it happens, it will be an answer to Republican prayers.
by William Norman Grigg

Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum made the grand crusade against “Islamic fascism” the central focus of his unsuccessful 2006 re-election effort.

On numerous occasions the preening Keystone State solon – who couldn't glance at a mirror without seeing Churchill's bulldog demeanor glowering back at him – insisted that it was the “destiny” of “this generation” to fight an apocalyptic war against radical Islam. Unlike his more equivocal comrades in the Republican branch of the War Party, Santorum made it clear that his preferred “exit strategy” for Iraq would be to invade (or at least bomb) Iran.

After long acquaintance with, and scrutiny of, Mr. Santorum, Pennsylvania's voters decided he was more Church Lady than Churchill,* and gave him a chance to pursue new opportunities in the private sector. So Santorum delivered a suitably melodramatic farewell address and retreated into a comfortable sinecure as a Washington lobbyist.

Despair not for Rick Santorum during that bleak season when he, like Churchill before him, toils in the exile into which he was cast by an ungrateful electorate. He has never abandoned the hope that the American public will come to embrace the wisdom of a generational war. It's just that Santorum has now invested that hope in the murderous intentions of the Islamic fanatics he has warned about. To put the matter bluntly, Santorum is obviously hoping, and perhaps even praying, for Americans to die at the hands of Jihadists.

How else are rational people supposed to understand the following remarks offered by Santorum during a July 7 interview on Hugh Hewitt's syndicated radio program:
“[C]onfronting Iran in the Middle East as an absolute linchpin for our success in that region.... And while it may not be a popular thing to talk about right now, and I know public sentiment is against it [namely, the war in Iraq and expanding the conflict to Iran] ... between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen, and I believe that by this time next year, the American public’s going to have a very different view of this war, and it will be because, I think, of some unfortunate events, that like we’re seeing unfold in the UK. But I think the American public’s going to have a very different view....”
As others have pointed out, Santorum is not the only prominent Republican figure to predict that wayward Americans, having allowed themselves to doubt the divine insight of the Dear Leader, will soon be smitten by the chastening hand of history.

Just weeks ago, Arkansas Republican chairman Dennis Milligan, who describes himself as “150 percent” behind Bush and his Iraq war, said in an on-the-record interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [Sept. 11, 2001], and the naysayers will come around very quickly to appreciate not only the commitment for President Bush, but the sacrifice that has been made by men and women to protect this country.”

Both of those abhorrent comments are riffs on a familiar Rovian theme: Vote Republican and support the Dear Leader, or die. Speaking of Rove: In the current issue of American Spectator conservative actor and economist Ben Stein, a long-time war supporter who now considers the Iraq venture to be “an unmitigated disaster,” describes a recent dinner at Rove's house with GOP adviser Aram Bakshian. Both Rove and Bakshian were “very upbeat about the GOP and the war,” which to minds as cynical as my own suggests that something Santorum would consider usefully “unfortunate” may soon transpire.

People like Santorum and Milligan (and Dana Rohrabacher, the stupidest consequential public figure not named Bush or Hannity) ache for disaster. They pant after it with vulgar, undisguised lust. They are tremulous with unconsummated desire for validation in the form of dead Americans and ruined cities.

Revolting and vile as this is, it is not unique. In fact, these repellent people are firmly and squarely in the interventionist tradition of American politics, in which cheerfully anticipating the death of Americans has a long and venerable history.

Writing in Foreign Affairs a dozen years ago (excerpt), the late Establishment historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote that “it is to Joseph Stalin that Americans owe the 40-year suppression of the isolationist impulse.”

Stalin's regime slaughtered scores of millions, helped precipitate the Second World War, and (thanks to the connivance of Washington) acquired thermonuclear weapons capable of incinerating much of the world – but at least he wasn't an isolationist. Stalin and his successors were immeasurably useful allies for the American Power Elite against their common enemy – Americans and others who wanted to cultivate their own gardens and live in freedom and peace.

In 1947, Senator Arthur Vandenberg described Washington's foreign policy at the beginning of the Cold War as that of “scaring hell out of the American people.” In the same year, Senator Robert Taft, who yielded to nobody in his detestation for Communism and other forms of collectivism, described himself as being “more than a bit tired of having the Russian menace invoked as a reason for doing any – and everything that might or might not be desirable or necessary on its own merits.”

By 1950, American public sentiment was fiercely anti-Communist and just as passionately opposed to the interventionist foreign policy “consensus.” It was at that moment of crisis, recalled former Secretary of State Dean Acheson in 1954, that the Korean war “came along and saved us.”

Some scenes from the Korean War, also known as "Saving Secretary Acheson (and his Interventionist Buddies)."

Saving the plans of Acheson and his comrades cost the lives of more than 50,000 Americans in a war that has never formally been brought to an end.

Interventionists have always known that Americans aren't naturally inclined to go abroad in search of monsters to destroy, unless the monsters in question kill a suitably large number of Americans. That's why FDR, Dean Acheson, and people of that ilk offered a prayer of gratitude for Josef Stalin six decades ago, and why the likes of Rick Santorum are praying for Jihadists to strike today.

*I do not want to leave the impression that Churchill himself was an entirely commendable figure.

July 11, 2007

William Norman Grigg [send him mail] writes the Pro Libertate blog.

Copyright © 2007 William Norman Grigg

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Posted: Jul 12 2007, 2:16 AM

So the lives of our young and brave have no more worth than to promote war according to the twisted mind of Dick Sanitarium. Well I personally wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire. I hate fear mongers especially elected one's. Only the truly twisted logic of the neo-cons would come up with a hair brain scheme to bomb Iran as a way to exit Iraq.

The term Islamic fascist is a contradiction of terms like saying I am a republicrate or I have and appleorange to eat. Besides, most of these idiots neo-cons don't know the difference between a Sunni or a Shiite

The American public must come to realize that all this is hype and a huge lie. That Oklahoma, Ruby Ridge, Waco, 9/11 the phony war on terror and drugs, the open borders, the NAU, along with the wars in Iraq and Iran are ALL part of the same agenda and by the same people.........the globalist Nazi corporations and World Bankers. They have been slowly cooking you to death as the proverbial frog in boiling water

There has never been an attempt to capture Osama and there never will be and he did not commit 9/11 in fact the only enemies we have to deal with immediately is our own criminal government. This is what the citizens of this country should be focusing on right now. Focus on getting criminals like Dick Sanitarium and Dick Cheney and dictator Bushwacko out of office. The list of names is too long to write out but we know whom they are. Sure there may be terrorist out there as there has always been but they aren't coming into an armed society and trying to invade and destroy us as the globalist want you to believe.
Do you seriously think that 19 cave dwelling Muslims with box cutters can take on the most powerful nation on the planet and get away with it? That just by chance the entire military force accidentally missed this one? That 9/11 wasn't important enough for Bush to stop reading stories to some grade school children? That one instance alone is in violation of his oath of office...............

If you care enough to turn off the trollup tube to read or watch the videos on this site about the Bush families involvement with the Nazi's, the Bin Ladens, and the Kennedys then things will start to crystallize for you and you will begin to see the real evil facing this country that has been lurking in the shadows for many years waiting for this day.

It's bootlicken, goosestepping megalomaniacs like Dick Sanitarium, Bush, and Nazi death skull belt buckle wearing governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cover of TIME with criminal major Bloomberg,(the best the mafia can buy for NY) that have fooled this country into an unjust war and to giving up this country to the Neo-Nazi party.

The only just war, the only winnable war, the only good war is one that is fought and won in defense of our sovereignty and our people.
But now we have become the aggressors and so we will never win.

Contrary to popular belief we did not have an Islamic terrorist attack on this country nor did we go after the responsible parties to 9/11 for if we did than Bush and his cabinet along with the Rockefellers and other globalist would be in prison and we wouldn't have to deal with our brave citizens dying in vain.

Dick Sanitarium the Sanitarium has a new look for you in the form of a new jacket that ties in the back and is making a comeback just for you, you cowardly pathetic traitor.

Posted: Jul 12 2007, 5:12 PM

Things are never as extreme as they appear to be. How they appear is subject to mental state of the person viewing... as much as the state of the person reporting.

Therefore, the best way to look at things is to take into account multiple sources of information and find a middle ground that makes sense.

No, the government isn't out to get you. Yes, the war on Iraq was for the personal gain of a select special interest. And most certainly, the White House would love to have the support of Americans in their endless war of terror.

Although to be honest, I've seen it too. If something happens this fall, like Chertoff's gut suggests, then perhaps the extreme is correct.
David Stanley

Posted: Jul 12 2007, 6:12 PM

9016 > Things are never as extreme as they appear to be.

I think globalstomp has made the point, made it often and made it well, things are very serious and that is well demonstrated. I cannot speak for globalstomp but I presume he has made the point strongly because they are so serious.

In terms of information it is important where possible to identify false information, find the truth and where possible evidence of the same. This site evidences the manipulations by the media, the reporters mind doesn't come in to it, they sell what they are told to sell. A number of journalists have strayed from the official stories and suffered considerable consequences for so doing.

> No, the government isn't out to get you.

Ignoring preparations like rex 84, the process of targeting innocent American civilians started quite some years ago, it may surprise you as much of this is not covered by the media, but the systematic prosecution of innocent Americans on a nationwide basis is something I can evidence.

Posted: Jul 13 2007, 1:24 AM

"No, the government isn't out to get you". The hell their not! What in the hell do you call Rockefeller funded eugenics programs that continue today that Hitler got from us to exterminate 6 million Jews or the Patriot act or the John Warner act or the MCA military commissions act? Read them! It's not just me but every citizen of this country and about 80% of the worlds population, you included.

I have been researching the globalist and the Nazi's since 1978 when I left the Marines in the low tech way (library) and since the computer and the FOIA it's been a lot easier to find government documents that spell it out for you. The evidence is so overwhelming that you have to take a break and consider the implications before you continue. Google "Quiet wars silent weapons" I have an actual copy of this top secret government document from the bilderbergs before it was declassified so I know it's real but that's where you can read it for yourself. The info on how it was found is a story to protect the innocent. I think I know good and well how to disseminate information and how to find the truth. When you do look at all the evidence it's a sure bet I'm right about all this sick shit going on. My opinions are not baseless as you suggest and I'm a college graduate with a degree in applied sciences that knows how to research info. If you knew how to find the info you would be agreeing with me but since your not I take your advice with a grain of salt.

If you even consider anything the mainstream mouthpiece media says your sadly misled. I go on the governments own documents and web sites, news articles from from credible sources, and info from some friends on the inside in fact I probably forgot more than you know so don't try to diminish the fact that it's all real. IT"S REAL MAN! If you can't see it then you are blind to your own demise as some people prefer to be. I don't prefer to live in fantasy land and I will be ready to fight for my country again. First with peaceful demonstration and local action and with news paper articles and judicial action and as a last resort with defensive force and a gun. As the Talking Heads Band said, "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around!"

Oh and one more thing when it comes to the government it's always worse than they tell you that's a fact Jack!

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