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Article posted Jun 20 2007, 3:57 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: Stephan Orsak Print

Man Arrested for Riding His Bike Home From an Airport

by Stephan Orsak

Here are the salient facts of this case:
I was leaving MSP airport by bicycle after a flight from California. I was legally operating my bicycle completely in accord with MN statutes and MAC airport ordinances. I was following all posted signs. There were NO signs at that time prohibiting bicycles. I was rudely accosted by an officer in a passing squad car, came to a stop, and was immediately threatened with mace and taser if I didn't get off the bike and up on the curb. I did not understand the reason for this outrage.
I calmly yet firmly protested the threats, and said that I was happy to abide by all laws that applied, but asked what I had done wrong and why the process was so immediately belligerent. Officer Wingate said 'You can't ride here'.
I asked where that was posted. Officer Wingate made a vague gesture in the direction of the Lindbergh terminal and angrily said 'back there'. I asked for specifics of where it was and what the sign said, and tried to explain that I had been to the airport many times and had never seen such a sign. Officer Wingate became more angry at this questioning of his authority, and burst out 'I'm *telling* you you can't ride here'. I never raised my voice, used profanity or made threatening gestures yet I was threatened again: 'I'm going to mace you, I'm going to tase you!'.

I told Officer Wingate that he was being rude to me, and as I said that, I read his name clearly aloud off his shirt and asked to speak with his supervisor. At this, he took a step back and changed his tone for the better. He asked if I worked at the airport. I answered 'no' and explained that I had just come in on a NW flight from California. He asked where I was going. I said I was on my way to St Paul to see my family. He asked how I planned to get there. I explained my planned route out of the airport that completely avoids the highway, using the service roads, connecting to Post Road and then the bike trails in Fort Snelling State Park. Officer Wingate said, 'Well, I see you've done your homework. *Just this once* I'll let you ride out along here', referring to the one-way service road that parallels the main airport egress, but traveling against the marked flow of traffic, and that connects to Post Road, Fort Snelling, and so forth.

I replied 'OK, that's fine, but what do I do the next time I come to the airport, because I don't want to go through this again?'
The notion that I was even thinking of ever operating my bicycle again at the airport brought back Officer Wingate's anger in full force. He vehemently replied, 'NO, you're going to *WALK* your bike to Post Road'. I asked what had changed all of a sudden. The one way service road is rarely traveled, a walking cyclist is twice the width of a riding one and with more limited control and you would be on the road 10 times longer. I stated that I saw no problem with doing what he had just said, as there was no traffic at all on the road. Officer Wingate then blurted, 'NO, you're going to *walk your bike back to the terminal and take public transportation*'.
This last order was clearly not in the interests of my safety, but was delivered in a vindictive and punitive way. I would have become a pedestrian (illegal), double the width of a normal cyclist, walking back against 2 to 3 lanes of oncoming traffic on the main airport egress road with no sidewalks, blind walled curves allowing no margin of safe retreat from the road, and regular posts and pillars along the small curb that is there. I stated what was obvious: 'that's ridiculous, that would put me at risk'. Officer Wingate then ordered me to 'get on my knees'.

I replied that that was absurd, that there was no basis for that as I wasn't doing anything threatening to him. I stated again, 'You are being rude to me and I want to speak to your supervisor'. Officer Wingate then said, 'Look, you're wasting our time. We were on a call to the Humphrey Terminal for a runaway teenage girl, and we would have been there by now.' I completely agreed that it was a waste of time for everybody. I noted that I was not being cited for any violation, nor told any statute that I had violated. I explained that I would follow the first and most reasonable, safety-wise, of the conflicting orders given to me, and then said 'I'm going to wish you both a good evening, and hope the rest of it goes better than this has gone.' I then got on my bike and began to leave.

I was instantly and with absolutely no verbal warning whatsoever attacked from behind and thrown to the ground. I received wounds to chin and arm. The impact put a new casing crack on my helmet. My glasses were thrown off by the impact and bounced several feet away. The bicycle continued to roll forwards a few feet, coming to a stop in the center of the road. (A gold van would later have to stop, because the bike was crumpled in the middle of the one lane road.) Officer Wingate then came up behind me and jerked me up into a standing position. I then heard him yell an order to Officer Bryant- 'Shoot him!'. Officer Bryant then shot me with the taser. I fell uncontrolled to the pavement for the second time, experiencing the full force of a weapon that can only be considered barbaric. (There are many documented deaths by taser. For this reason police departments do not consider it a 'non' lethal weapon, but a 'less' lethal weapon. It was developed to be used in lieu of a gun, as a weapon of last resort when a person is seriously threatened. Needless to say, I did not give permission for this to be used on me as part of the exercise, nor was I asked in advance if I had any medical history that could have led to my death. Only after the fact, in the hospital, was I asked my medical history.)

As I lay still on the pavement, Officer Wingate walked over to my glasses and smashed them into the ground with his boot. I was handcuffed, body searched and baggage searched. Reinforcements were called in, a total of (4) squad cars and a paramedic unit.

Officer Wingate said, 'Well, you wanted to speak to my supervisor, here he is'. I then asked Sergeant Karsnia 'What in the world is going on here?' He also wanted to know from me what had happened but said 'first, I'd like to speak to my officer, and then I'll get back to you'. He had a private conversation with Officer Wingate, came back, asked what had happened but immediately interrupted me and said 'Look, I'll do the talking here because you tried to take a swing at my officer'. At this point the collusion was clear. I then had no reason to believe that the brutality was over. As I stood on Outbound Rd next to the squad car, handcuffed, I called out 'Help!' to all passing traffic, hoping to draw attention to the situation, and in hope of a witness. No cars would stop. When ironically asked to 'calm down' I explained to Sergeant Karsnia that I wanted a third party present, as I no longer had reason to trust the police. At no time did I physically resist arrest.

After being taken to the hospital, I was again in the squad car. At this point Officer Wingate was calm. I asked him if he *really* thought that I was going to take a swing at him. I think this caught him off-guard, and he replied, a bit hesitatingly and somewhat sheepishly, that in police work any gesture has to be interpreted as potentially aggressive. In demonstration he put his fist to his chest, and said 'you never know when someone could put their hand like this, and then suddenly strike out'.

My California driver's license passed with flying colors- I have no criminal record, and no recent moving violations. The Minnesota test also passed with no violations or adverse history of any kind.
I was put in Hennepin County jail, and on the entry form the box was checked that I should be detained WITHOUT bail, because I was 'likely to commit another crime'.
I was thus held without charges and without bail. The admission process was intentionally made to take over 8 hours, so I could legally be held through the long weekend to an arraignment on Monday. Everything was taken from me. I could only make collect calls to numbers I had remembered. It was impossible with this arrangement to even leave a message on a message machine.
Police photographs were made that night of a series of 'NO PED XING' signs and a lone 'AUTHORIZED VEHICLES ONLY' sign that is buried in the transit hub, and not even visible from the road. That is the photo 'evidence' against me.
24 hours later I was released on a negotiated $2000 bail, reduced from an intermediate $10,000. (note- Vikings player Travis Taylor in an incident earlier this year, was released in 45 minutes on a $50 bail.)

Sergeant Karsnia had by now reviewed the CCTV video evidence and made a margin note ordering the video evidence from 5 cameras burned to disc. My personal request for video evidence was never answered by Airport Police. There are over 800 CCTV cameras at MSP Airport. The system was substantially upgraded after 9-11. Police are now claiming through the prosecution that I didn't show up on any camera.

I was kept in limbo for one month, then finally charged with (6) counts, including a Gross Misdemeanor of Obstructing Legal Process 'with force or violence or threat thereof'. (see the CASE SUMMARY link for details on all the counts).

Four months later, new signs prohibiting bicycles are installed by police without the knowledge of the Metropolitan Airports Council.

I think the underlying circumstance of the incident is clear. I later learned that the threatening officer, Officer Wingate, had taken his oath of office less than 3 years previously. The squad car driver, Officer Bryant, had taken his oath of office less than 3 weeks before. To begin with, Officer Wingate probably doesn't like cyclists. He was also likely showing off to the younger recruit, using me as ready educational fodder, demonstrating how immediate threats of violence can quickly force the compliance of a suspicious person. He became angry when I legally questioned the legitimacy of it all. Is this what his education taught him? Is this courtesy, respect and professionalism? Hubris and unchecked authority are a volatile combination, and should have no place in a peace officer who has taken an oath to 'serve and protect'.

An altogether illegitimate police stop cannot trump our Constitutional Rights. If this is not the case, then any officer for any whim whatsoever could blurt out (4) warnings to anybody's grandmother that they 'will be tased', and then do it if they don't like being disagreed with. It would be hard to imagine a clearer definition of a police state.

At the very least MSP Airport Police are in violation of the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights Amendments IV and VIII, Metropolitan Airport Council Ordinance 58, discrimination and profiling of a cyclist, flagrant violation of the MN police policy manual's stated force continuum policy, collusion and embroidery of police narratives to support a Complaint against an innocent person supported by spurious and irrelevant evidence, posting of new signs without due notification of the appropriate authorities and the likely destruction of key CCTV video evidence that would make the truth of what happened clear to all.

I remain committed to the peaceful and lawful resolution of these issues. For whatever reason I am truly glad to have no anger over the matter, but this is fully replaced by a heightened concern for everybody of what the precedent could be from the outcome of this case. On one level this is a personal case for me, and an important test of cycling civil rights, but at an even deeper and more profound level it is about the Constitutional Rights of all of us and whether we will allow them to be trod upon.

With thanks to the many voices of support,

Peace and best wishes to all,

Stephan Orsak

More complete details may be read in the CASE SUMMARY.

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David Stanley

Posted: Jun 22 2007, 7:29 AM

86213 I asked a UK police officer what his views were on the new powers they have and he replied: 'I don't know what people are complaining about, they never had any rights'. The UK is a police state now, it is a dangerous place where, like in this instance, the public are in need of protection from the police.

If one has a heirarchy, I take that to mean that those who have the highest rank have the greatest responsibility. Rather than focus the blame on these police officers who were given unaccountable powers and the weapons to impose any will, I would challenge most whoever is in charge of this force.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

Posted: Jun 22 2007, 8:31 AM

90240 I sorry this happened to you Stephen. Your lucky to be alive. UK here the poilce behave the same way. They can bully lie kill and know they will get away with it. Same as NZ & Austrialia.

It is the system that creates bully's like this from the top down.
When politictions can escape responsiblity the lower forms of life aka police officers learn this is acceptable behaviour. Judges turn a blind eye to maintain thier own personal power over thier courts.
This IS Big Brother.
Daring to complain will have you marked for life as a 'terrorist'
Welcome ye all to the New World Order, thing is its always been like this!
The rightous few do as they like, and we pay for it.

Posted: Jun 22 2007, 8:52 AM

121112 i agree the officers were way out of line, no excuse for that no matter how much of a bad day they've had or how much they hate guys that look like u. BUT... when a police officer tells u to do something, it's not open to debate, he's not ur dad or ur teacher or ur boss, he's a police officer and u must do as he instructs u. he was wrong yeah, but the time to deal with that is the next day, u could've avoided the whole nasty incident by walking for a bit then writing a letter to the commissioner when u got home.

Posted: Jun 23 2007, 3:55 PM

7117 Did you really think that you don't live in a fascist police-state and that the constitution is more than a "damn piece of paper"?
Duae Quartunciae

Posted: Jun 23 2007, 6:58 PM

220233 Mr Orsak's account is incomplete, or glosses over some details. I was initially sympathetic on reading; on checking the details I have changed my mind. There's enough information there to get most of it, and in other places Mr Orsak has described his proposed route.

The road Mr Orsak was feeding into a freeway. There was nowhere to go legally on a bike from that point except maybe a flyover ramp back to to the terminal. But as it turns out, his plan was apparently to leave the start of the flyover and walk to a point were a service road allowed legal bicycle exit from the airport -- not something anyone could have anticipated. The police stop was fair enough. I've put pictures of the airport and the route Mr Orsak describes on my blog.

The account indicates that there was an extended argument on legalities of different routes and that Mr Orsak himself chose to stop talking with the police on his own initiative and ride away from them going the wrong way up a one way service road, despite being told specifically to walk his bike on that road. He was roughly 400 meters walk from where he could have started to ride legally again. It was after he took this illegal and foolhardy option and started riding away from the police on foot that he was brought down off the bike. A taser was probably excessive, but given Mr Orsak's self-serving and inaccurate description I can't be confident on that.

The police may well have been abrupt and abrasive. They were apparently on the way to check out a missing teenage girl at another terminal, and just wanted the cyclist off the freeway access road. They gave him an option to leave with only minor inconvenience (a 400 m walk in the direction he was going anyway) and he decided to argue law with them, and then to break off the discussion and ride away illegally. Police might have handled it better; but the lion's share of blame is on Stephan Orsak, who handled it with cement headed stupidity and passive belligerence, even by his own account.

Posted: Jun 24 2007, 3:48 PM

207200 Personally, for those of you who are telling him where and how to ride a bike in the state of MN should stfu. You have no idea what these cops in this state get away with. It is a crying shame that we pay these bastards to humiliate and torture us. It is amazing that more people don't file lawsuits for police brutality. I live in MN and the cops are f****** egotistical bastards, who feel that they can do anything they want to anyone because they have a BADGE! WELL WE HAVE RIGHTS.................So, I would go after the police for Brutality...........harassment and undue stress. Keep an eye out. That officer will have his day. Something will happen to him or his family/friends to make him realize that he can't treat people like that. Or better yet...GET HIS STINKING ASS FIRED AND SUPERVISOR TOO..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Jun 24 2007, 6:36 PM

6715 Duae, if you are suggesting that a gunman may justifiably assault someone with a deadly weapon for the "crime" of riding a bike, then I consider you more dangerous than the gunman.

Stephen, the only reason you're alive today is because the Public Servant Wingate apparently didn't want to bother blowing your brains out. Maybe he thought wiping up the blood would take too long, or perhaps cause his tv dinner to burn. You should be thankful. Many others are not so lucky.

To those of you who shamefully diminish what Stephen has gone through, you are an embarrassment to your own country and you clearly have no idea how horrible the experience truly is.

But don't worry... you'll get your chance. The USA imprisons more of its own citizens than any nation one earth... your name just hasn't come up yet.

Maybe you'll get Michael Nifong for a cell mate.
AnonymousDuae Quartu

Posted: Jun 25 2007, 12:59 AM

220233 Anonymous; you are not reading what I have said, nor even Stephan's own account.

He was NOT tasered simply for riding a bike. By Stephan's own account, the bike riding brought about a stop, and verbal instructions for how to proceed more safely in the estimation of the police.

Stephan decided to argue with the police over what was legal and what was safe. Then -- according to his own account -- he decided "on his own initiative" to terminate the discussion and leave by riding the wrong way up a one way street. THAT was was lead to the arrest and use of the taser.

OK? Give up this self serving twaddle about being tasered for the "crime of riding a bike". Any legitimate case you might have about excessive force and unwarranted restrictions on a bicycle is lost if you can't get the basic facts of the case right.

I am inclined to think that a taser was excessive. But he was definitely riding illegally when he left police. He was riding away from police on foot, in direct and deliberate conflict with clear instructions, in a manner which was plainly and obviously illegal. There is no way that can end gently. Police on foot will rightly do what it takes to stop him. The crime at the point where he was brought down off the bike and tasered was NOT simply riding a bike.

Posted: Jun 25 2007, 2:49 AM

24155 It is quite obvious from reading your story that you have
more education than the "officers" you dealt with.
You should keep in mind that even though you are on the
wrong side of the law in this situation you can still fight
I have had many times when I have had to deal with
the cops some of which were almost as bad as your's.
You are in a position of power though you don't know
it, you should contact your local news stations and
tell them your story they might be willing to put it on
the news.
I would definitely say that you should contact a lawyer,
you have a good case to not only get the two cops
in trouble, with the right lawyer you could easily
get them fired, too bad Cochran is not still around.
Moral to the story, cops are assholes, you should
always be polite and expect the cops to ruin your
Michael D

Posted: Sep 05 2007, 8:35 PM

72192 My advice is simply this: if you're into retribution like I am when it comes to the pig
fascists, find one thats alone and shoot him/her with a powerful tranquilizer
enough to drop a Cape Buffalo and take the little piggy to a quiet place and
visit the same treatment on him.

thats the best way to get through to these meatballs!!
Trust me, they'll remember and possibly even learn not to mess with US

Posted: Dec 11 2007, 11:43 AM

76169 I used to wonder why random people would shoot cops when they were pulled over or stopped, now I know why.

To the morons who state that cops have a right to engage in this sort of behavior, read the constitution you fucktards, they don't.

To the moron who doubts that tasers are lethal, read the fuckin news you fucktard, they are and more cases are coming to light everyday.

I would love to read a news story of a vigilante hunting those cops down and tasering them to death for their violations of their oaths to the public. It would be poetic justice. I'm surprised the officer didn't ask you if your last name had, "like 3 Rs and 5 As" and then arrest you because a book you were carrying, "looked like a gun".

My suggesting during any police stop is to immediately call your own voicemail, be sure you have it password protected, and make it clear that you're recording and continually ask if you're free to go. Officers will make comments to the effect that you're not allowed to record, which are hogwash as 99% of the time you're stopped in a public area with no expectation of privacy and 99% of cops now carry tape recorders that they use during 'stops' to collect evidence against you (which also happen to disappear when supeonaed as evidence). If you want you can also record the conversation without the officers knowledge and use this against him later.

Posted: Feb 02 2008, 12:42 PM

24244 that is why the assholes are cops and hide behind their 89 cent tin badges because that is about all they are worth. they become pigs because they are to yellow to steal and to lazy to work for a living

Posted: Apr 13 2008, 11:41 PM

68230 Get your lawyer to entrap the bastard. Have, say, a pretty blonde ride her bike around the airport -- and make sure you have plenty of hidden cameras of your own watching (with audio pickup if possible) all along her route. When the cop comes to put the squeeze on her, get it all in living color. Keep a copy for the trial, and "leak" another to the nearest major TV station. Then, of course, your own case has some serious backup -- and of course the girl can sue.

--Leslie <;)))><

Posted: Sep 25 2008, 3:40 AM

68150 You should have told him to fuck off and drove him in the face. Sure, you would have got tazed and beaten, but if everyone fought back instead of smiling and playing nice, they would think twice before trying that again.

Posted: Oct 12 2008, 4:25 PM

207161 that cop deserves to die
Aaron James

Posted: Oct 23 2008, 2:37 PM


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*Prejudicial Demographics and Atmoshphere of MN: Minnesota Judicial Corruption Prejudice In Minneapolis exposed by Council on Crime and Justice for targeting of blacks/ Muslims , Victims of police brutality (*RNC-notice this affects ALL of us!)- and the poor. There are 21blacks for every one white imprisoned in Minneapolis, and according to the Council on Crime and Justice and Communities United Against Police Brutality head Michelle Gross, the highest rate of over prosecution of blacks and minorities in all of the United States.
***Consistent with the above is the association between Northwest Airlines, Tim Pawlenty, and McCain's political camapaign, all equally charged with the elements of racial prejudice and related odious actions.

*re FBI/Northwest Affliation : FBI are well known for targetting blacks, muslims and political dissenters (ex FBI/MN police joint task force at RNC attacked head of Communities United Against Police Brutality Michelle Gross Aug 29/08 of this year)
FBI Co-Intel have been known for attacking the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the Water Gate scandal, the deaths of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton, the abduction of American Indian movment member John Graham and the kidnapping to torture of Canadian citizen Maher Arar (

*FBI/Northwest Air Ties Spawns 9 day detention no miranda/ FBI interrogation attempting to link me to radical Alquaeda/ Jihad.
Later radical Jihad / Alquaeda Websites found online -spoof sites with my name and URL at the top in attempt to falsely implicate me.
*FBI, NSA, Northwest Airlines presence on a fixed jury pool, prejudicial pernicious tribunal court persecution June 19/2006, complete with a criminally charged X-U.S. marine as judge (*Admiral Law) presiding, Judge David S. Doty, who would threaten to send U.S. marshals to harm our family at the close of trial.- In the absence of felony level charges against an individual, their is no legal jurisdiction for U.S. authority in Canada for them to act under any capacity. There are no such charges and I have committed no crime regardless. His statement was criminal.

* FBI/State persecution /threats ongoing, family friends associates terrorized, sabotaged legal mail , voice line tapping, FBI cyber threats, in response to online Youtube/Website broadcast of our ordeal, stalking, silent listener phone calls,etc.

*Kidnap attempt Oct 27/07 no warrant-no charges raid of my home-at commencement of McCain Campaign Oct 27/07 by Winnipeg police followed online FBI cyber threats and odd ominous activity ongoing. Winnipeg Police chief Keith McCaskill is an FBI asset, president of Northwest Chapter of Associates FBI, with affiliation to Minnesota law enforcement. Police stated "OUR BOSS SAYS Minneapolis has unfinished business with you...says maybe we should lock you up here long enough for one of them to come up and GET you-would you like that?! WE HAVE MINNEAPOLIS POLICE COME UP HERE TO TRAIN ALL THE TIME!" Multiple attempts have followed one of which witnessed by bystanders (Video Herein at top). Of course they were referring to FBI ASSET MINNEAPOLIS AFFILIATE Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill, our local Canadian police chief.
***Notice Minneapolis FBI/ McCain/ Republican Parities resurfacing:
*Minneapolis FBI affiliated Police chief in Canada referenced in initial kidnapping attempt
*Minneapolis Governor Tim Pawlenty with McCain in splash inline photo of Northwest Air's inflight magazine World
Traveller reading "The Republicans are Coming!" as further attest to their mutual corporate monitary and campaign affiliated
*Northwests' FBI affiliation via the 6000 CD release to the FBI of illegal PNR's.

FBI/CIA/RCMP X-Border Collusion Kidnapping Precedent EXPOSED:
The Maher Arar ( is a stunning case and admission of FBI/CIA/ RCMP X-Border Collusion Towards Kidnapping/Torture Exposed in the Maher Arar Case- a case of Canadian kidnapping to torture in Syria (*Syria has 32 known methods of *torture):
"Ottawa sacrificed Arar to save face with U.S., Syria" The Globe and Mail; August 10, 2007 at 3:23 AM EDT Article:
"WASHINGTON The (Canadian)federal government fought like blazes to keep the fact that the CIA sent Maher Arar to Syria from you - they fought so hard that it took a court order for you to hear it - because Ottawa doesn't want to lose face with the Americans, or the Syrians for that matter...Foreign Affairs, CSIS and especially the RCMP were simply trying to keep hidden their incompetent, duplicitous, disgraceful handling of the Arar file. And they're still at it...." Article:

Both Canadian and U.S. Government, with above history of kidnapping /torture related x-border collusion have wantonly failed to assist us In our plight :

*FBI Co-Intel Pro Character Assassination Turns to Identity Erasure to facilitate Kidnapping:
U.S. Department of Justice, rather than assist, placed my name on, as their response to our request for assistance! Moreover, despite the fact that as cover up for the profiling attack upon us, I was FALSELY framed with a misdemeanor/ MINOR offense, I would later find my name not only on, but also under MAJOR crimes.

(*My name was removed from on Oct 6/08 - the same date on which our previous website, was removed by government (Our vetted journalist and N.G.O. contacts on this webpage will assure you the entry of my name on has been present for almost 3 years since its inception following the attack upon us)

***FBI asset Wpg Police Chief Keith McCaskill had police come back to make further attempts at kidnapping on Oct. 10 and 13/08 only a few days following the attack upon our online voice, exploiting the fact that they had temporarily removed our ability to broadcast their assaults online.

*Our Complaint to local Manitoba Minister of Justice David Chomiak was deflected and sent to the very perpetrators of our ongoing afflictions within FBI asset Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill

*Foreign Affairs/Canadian Consulate, ACLU, Canadian Human Rights, and local MP's including Liberal MP Annita Neville, Raymond Simard, and Pat Martin, have failed to assist.
*Canadian Consulate member Estelle Arnud -Battahdier "Let us know if they torture you or ask you to commit indecent acts- still we will not be involved - this is a U.S. affair"
*Lesley Hughes journalist for Canadian Dimension magazine, found online material outlining mandatory provisions to be provided
Canadians abroad in times of strife or difficulty- none of these provisions were provided.
*Canadian Human rights has just been exposed through a criminal complaint for stealing Wi-Fi signals to assume people's identities while placing racist entries on White supremist/ KKK affiliated websites
"Criminal complaint filed against Canadian "Human Rights" Commission: Many CHRC employees Stealing nearby WiFi signals in order to spy on Canadians and to post racist messages on websites under others' identities
Notice the parity: 21blacks:1 white imprisoned Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, also accused of overt racism in his political campaign, and Minnesota Human Rights of course would not assist as it has now become so apparent that Pawlenty and associates (McCain, Northwest Airlines, Norm Coleman, FBI, CIA etc) have other objectives and mandate towards our harm.
The Minneapolis police under Tim Dolan are currently undergoing heavy law suit against them for KKK threats sent interdepartmentally to all of their black police officers and systemic demotions of minorities on the force. In Keeping with this trend, Minneapolis Police officer Robert Krull, is named in the civil suit as having called Black &Muslim Minneapolis Congressman Keith Ellison "a terrorist!" amidst other hostile remarks.
Again, the Minneapolis statistic of 21blacks:1 white, a judiciary "Corrupt with collusion between prosecution and judges targetting blacks, victims of police brutality and the poor" (Council on Crime and Justice report) and the highest Somali population in all of the U.S., the motivating factor for the racial profiling pioneer project within Minneapolis that afflicted us in 2006, are all poignant corroborating details supporting an aura of racial tension non acceptance and hostility in Minnesota-
...and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as we have seen, given his racially charged political campaigning, is no exception to the rule.
...KKK FBI affiliations are very prevelant and have been exposed add nazeum amidst many writings on the FBI Co-Intel Pro division, targetting primarily Blacks, Muslims, and any political dissenters amongst the majority (Water Gate for example), again, responsible for the deaths of many renown black activists amongst the civil rights movement including Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, while also involved in the kidnapping to torture of Muslim Canadian Maher Arar, American Indian Movement member John Graham and that same intent currently towards Gary Freeman, a black civil rights activitst during the 60's having sought refuge in Canada.
...KKK/FBI/Winnipeg Police/MN Police Connections Continued:
...Police Agencies Linked through Both Affiliation and Prejudicial Mandate:Canadian Winnipeg Police have in their capacity not only FBI asset and Minneapolis police affiliate Chief Keith McCaskill acting illegally and covertly on behalf of the U.S., but kindred with the KKK Law suit against MN Police, Winnipeg Police have been publically denounced by the Manitoba Human Rights Commission investigations/report citing Winnipeg Police brutality and systemic persecution unto Natives and Blacks, complete with brutal tasings rapings and murders amidst starlight tours beyond the city limits!
...Tamara King of the Canadian Press cites unprecedented corruption within Canadian law enforcement with record numbers of charges for violations brutality perjury and even gang affiliations pouring in!
Police Trying To Protect Self Intererests Via Our Kidnapping: Four of the 10 Winnipeg police involved in ongoing kidnapping attempts are currently charged via independent investigation, and amongst them is Jess Zebron , step son of the former Winnipeg Police Chief Jack Ewatski, who left in disgrace Dec 2007 amidst scandal facing corruption issues.

Bush Administration Makes Argument for Legality of Kidnapping in a British Court
The London Times Online is reporting that a Senior British lawyer (Alun Jones QC) hired by the Bush Administration is arguing in a British court that the US has the right to kidnap anyone from any foreign country (INCLUDING CANADA) it merely suspects MAY have broken its laws- without the dreary formality of extradition and haul them back to America to stand trial. (Via Libby at The Reaction.)
and_americas/article2982640.ece "Legal experts confirmed this weekend that America viewed extradition as just one way of getting foreign suspects back to face trial. Rendition, or kidnapping, dates back to 19th-century bounty hunting and Washington believes it is still legitimate... ...Jones replied that it was acceptable under American law to kidnap people if they were wanted for offences in America.
The American government has for the first time made it clear in a British court that the law applies to anyone, British or otherwise, suspected of a crime by Washington.
Alan Jones(quote): "The United States does have a view about procuring people to its own shores which is not shared," he said.
...Shami Chakrabarti, director of the human rights group Liberty, said: "This law may date back to bounty hunting days, but they should sort it out if they claim to be a civilised nation." The US Justice Department declined to comment."
***It is illegal under Canadian Law or any other country's law for non U.S. government or law enforcement to participate in this odious barbaric legislation yet this covert action is being undertaken by local "police" with ties to the U.S. and the Maher Arar torture kidnapping is a precedent setting case establishing a pattern of this kind of activity pervasive and ongoing.

*FBI AGENT STEVEN DAVIS Further McCain-Incriminating -Insight RE McCain Implicated in EMAIL THREAT/ :- in threats sent by FBI agent Steven Davis, March 2007 threatening harm to come upon us Davis had referenced by phone a close friendship with John McCain in the context of these threats while stating
"We keep wondering how it is you manage to keep getting away..."
His email was cc'd to Senator John McCain, U.S. Attorney's office and 2 other FBI.
***FBI have used all manner of covert ploy towards my kidnapping in ongoing attempts including but not limited to:
*.Infiltration of activist groups surrounding me for my protection in attempt to lure
me back to my apartment.

*Impersonation of apartment complex personnel, posing as caretaker.

*Monitor of my website to track my habits (Agent Steven Davis admits that
numerous FBI and U.S. Marshals having been tracking me online to gleam
information and opportunity towards kidnapping.

As example, I had stated once on now - downed, that they seem to always come at
the same time at 10:30 AM on a Saturday giving them 2 days grace to kidanpp me
before I could reach legal council on the monday
... they then came for the first time, came, during a weekday two days
consecutively on July 9th and 10th/08 and at a differrent time of day, hoping to
catch us off guard.

*Mimicking of my mother's knock pattern- On the July 10/08 kidnapping attempt,
Winnipeg police mimicked the special knock pattern my mother used when
coming to the apartment to identify that it was she and not Winnipeg
police. Given the time of day, I was suspicious and did not go to the door,
calling her on her cell to discover she was AT WORK!

*Spoof Websites for entrapment as stated earlier

*Assets in local police as stated earlier
*FBI agent Steven Davis Implicates Canadian and U.S. govt in X-Border Kidnapping Collusion via U.S. Marshal Kelly Meutschler: Agent Steven Davis mentioned Minnesota U.S. Marshal Kelly Meutschler also in the context of these threats stating "U.S. Marshal Kelly Meutschler is eagerly working with the Canadian Government to see about your ''rendition"- Given there is no legal ground this behaviour is illegal covert activity-
>>Winnipeg Police notes in Canada reveal intent towards harm upon us and a sinister string of calculated entrapment: : Police notes procured by our attorney Adam masiowki, revealed the name U.S. Marshal Kelly Meutschler in the police notes along with innapropriate ominous references and threats towards U.S. marshal and FBI intervention/ "investigation"
...Radical Jihad Websites Resurface in Police notes from Oct 27/07 Kidnapping Attempt-along with threatening detail Of U.S. marshal Kelly Meutschler & FBI intervention: A sinister string of collusion had FBI interrogation at the time of the attack and accusations of Alquaeda affiliation, followed by FBI presence on our "jury pool" in turn followed by kidnapping attempts by FBI/MN affiliated Winnipeg Police. Within the Winnipeg police notes procured by our attorney were found these same websites listed along with all of my actual websites complete with threats referencing U.S. Marshal Kelly Meutschler - the SAME U.S. MARTIAL REFERNCED BY agent STEVEN DAVIS along with John McCain amidst threats towards our kidnapping and harm.
Subsequent police notes procured have referenced THREATS UPON MY MOTHER aswell.
I had the forsight to report these spoof sites to International Civil Liberties monitoring group Roche Tasse and Communities United against police brutality Michelle Gross-particularly because these sites also mentioned "killing Bushites". The entrapment was obvious and in contacting them, I also let them know we were expecting a possible imminent attack upon our persons as result. That first attack of now many, was soon to come on Oct 27/07 only several weeks after having discovered these sites online and having immediately reported them!

FBI asset Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill and Winnipeg Police Attempt to Deny MN Affiliation/ X-Border Collusion
They cannot deny their collusion: Dec 21/07one of the Winnipeg Police not 'in the loop' made the mistake of reading to our attonrey, at police headquarters from the computer screen file "Aaron James' belongings have been seized and sent to Minneapolis". Coming back for these files 6 days later on Dec 26/07 in unprecedented manuever, Winnipeg police denied him access to the files!
Also, again, U.S. Marshal Kelly Meutschler's name present in Winnipeg police notes correlating to FBI agent Steven Davis' mention of this same man in reference to cross border governmental collusion towards our kidnapping and related threats sent via email referencing McCain and FBI are incriminating factors.

FBI asset Winnipeg Chief McCaskill/Police Stall Court to Occlude Collusion/ Bide more Time for Kidnapping Ploy
Police Hiding from the Court and the Law:
As of Oct 3/08 Winnipeg police are IN VIOLATION OF COURT ORDER FOR THE RETURN OF PROPERTY seized during the initial kidnapping attempt Oct 27/07 and the unlawful no warrant no charges raid of my home. Intellectual property papers and possession seized have not been returned as ORDERED by the court, and police have kept secret from the court the fact that property was sent to Minneapolis- problematic for police is the fact that their X border collusion was exposed given the incriminating admission of the officer in the presence of our attorney Dec 21/07 regarding the transport of my property to MN. I am a Canadian citizen. Their agenda is to stall hearings long enough to bide more time for a successful kidnapping.
To this point the crown/police have stalled hearings in any number of fashions including but not limited to
*changing the court room, time and day of hearing with no notice to our attorney
*failing to produce documentation and reports
*faining that perhaps no police notes from the Oct 27/07 home raid and kidnapping attempt exist at all
*promising on the return of property to avoid a formal hearing than failing to abide by court order for the return of same.
The kidnapping attempts have continued while FBI Asset Chief McCaskill has REFUSED ALL TALKS WITH CITY COUNCILOR Harvey Smith whom we have approached
with our deep concerns.

Canadian Government FBI U.S. Marshals All Exposed in Illegal X-border Collusion/ Kidnapping Ploy via Steven Davis' admissions and threats
Extradition is illegal unless felony charges exists.

>>McCain's Northwest Airlines monitary and political interests finally make clear, why McCain was CC'd this email.
McCain is known very well for his Freddie Mac Savings Investment and Loan scandal, Keating 5 Scandal in the 80's and his war mongering oil profiting mentality in the East, consistent with his desire to finance the oil moguel Exxon Oil with 4.3 billion in tax benefits as part of the bailout plan, and leave the middle class in the dust-
Our lobbying against Northwest Air is a threat to his and Republican corporate and political interests and we are bearing the brunt of resultant retaliation.

I am a Canadian citizen and have no political motivations herein-this man and his co -consorters are coming after our very lives!

DEEPER IMPLICATIONS: make no mistake this is not just a race issue this AFFECTS ALL AMERICANS :- Operation Falcon *televised mass arrests of ALL citizens (white black -EVERYONE) operation TOP OFF 4 recently with large numbers of arrests, the extension of FISCA bill 2008 by Bush, RNC, do you see a pattern? . Go and see and - he is actually SINGING ABOUT BOMBING IRAN! So what? This iis how YOU will be directly affected: On May21/2007 Bush gave himself self imposed dictatorial powers to be used at his discretion during a "state of national emergency" which he could arbitrarily declare. War with Iran would suffice. Also, under the Security Commissions act and Bill HR1955 and 1949 YOU can be arbitrarily detained as an enemy combatant simply by professing ideology which is in contention with state agendas. RNC is just one poignant glaring example with much more and much worse yet to come. ALL AMERICANS MUST HERE OUR MESSAGE- WE ARE ALL AFFECTED. Martial Law is no longer a fantastic machination of our imagining but perhaps very close on the horizon if current trends hold.

Lesley Hughes Canadian Dimension Magazine Journalist 204 275 5757 e: lesleyhughescanada(at)yahoo(dot)com, Roche Tasse International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group Coordinator 613 241 5298 e: rocht(at)iclmg(dot)ca; Michelle Gross Communities United Against Police Brutality e: mgresist(at) ph 612 703 1612

U.S. Northwest Airlines Attack upon my mother and I and extensive extrajudicial persecution (framed, covert tribunal, threats , stalking, sabotaged mail etc) prompts us to expose their crimes on line. This spawned repeated attempts via cross border collusion towards our kidnapping or murder by *criminally charged local Canadian Winnipeg police (acting covertly without warrant or charges) on behalf of U.S. judicial and corporate factions including FBI CIA and NSA, in attempt to silence us. Local Canadian Winnipeg police remain motivated by a close affiliation with Minneapolis Police: Winnipeg Police Chief Keith Mc Caskill is president of North West Chapter of Associates FBI with Minneapolis Police affiliation and was referenced by police upon the first kidnapping/murder attempt. Family Friends Associates threatened, terrorized now 3 years ongoing as police use many covert tactics in order to effect attempts at kidnapping, havening necessitated my going into hiding in remote locations for extended periods of time. Family and I have been traumatized, I with 12 trips to hospital with Heart Attack symptoms via combination of the effects of the tasing attack and ongoing persecution and my 64 year old mother's health rapidly deteriorating.

Our Contact Information:
Aaron James 204 296 6497; Linda James 204 509 9144/ 204 889 9134
e:, gmail: ;

Posted: Oct 25 2008, 11:15 PM

99237 Frederick Douglass:
Where justice is denied, where poverty is
enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any
one class is made to feel that society is an organized
conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither
persons nor property will be safe.

Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642) Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

These Cops need to be taken for a long drive to a place where its just you and them, then treated by someone like they treat us.
Then implanted with an internal tazer.
Then from time to time press a remote control button that activates this internal tazer.
After that you can use your imagination.

Posted: Oct 28 2008, 10:00 AM

207229 The really sick part is how many people will simply accept this behavior. Our countries greatest weakness is the complacency of it's citizens and their willingness to sacrifice their liberty and freedom for no actual return. So long as it isn't happening to them it's not their problem and in some instances even when it does happen to them it's simply an idea of what are you going to do about it. We are behaving as sheep to the slaughter and at the end of the dance we will have to accept full responsibility for the fact we allowed this to happen to ourselves.

Posted: Nov 07 2008, 10:03 AM

199233 You were on a private road that you were no authorized to be on (self admitted going the wrong way). When advised of this you were initially given a break and advised you could continue. Instead of thanking the officer for his generosity you try to act as if you aren't doing anything wrong and that the officer never should have stopped you in the first place. Then you choose to leave. You don't have that right. You are being detained. You should have left when the officer initially told you to continue on. Why do you think you can treat an authority figure with such disrespect?
John Michael

Posted: Nov 09 2008, 1:27 PM

6881 Power Currupts, all across the board.
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