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Article posted May 07 2007, 8:31 PM Category: Economy Source: Reuters Print

Average-gasoline prices hit all-time high: survey

U.S. average retail gasoline prices rose to an all-time high over the past two weeks, due to a number of refinery outages, according to the latest nationwide Lundberg survey.

The national average price for self-serve regular unleaded gas was $3.0684 a gallon on May 4, an increase of 19.47 cents per gallon in the past two weeks, according to the survey of about 7,000 gas stations.

The prior all-time record was an average price of $3.0256 per gallon, that was reached on August 11, 2006.

However, the current price is 6.4 cents short of the inflation-adjusted high that was reached in March of 1981, at that time regular grade self serve gasoline was $1.35 per gallon, but on an inflation-adjusted basis today that would translate into $3.13 per gallon.

Survey editor Trilby Lundberg said the recent spike is related to refinery issues and is not related to issues with crude oil supplies.

"In the past two weeks alone there have been at least 12 refinery incidents, mostly in the U.S.," said Lundberg, in an interview.

"All the incidents combined, served to push U.S. gas prices even higher by tightening supply, at a time of rising demand," said Lundberg.

The survey found that at $3.49 a gallon, San Francisco had the highest average price for self-serve regular unleaded gas, while the lowest price was $2.80 a gallon in South Carolina.

So far this year the average price of regular unleaded gasoline has surged more than 88 cents per gallon, said Lundberg.

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Posted: May 15 2007, 8:29 PM

207200 WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO BELIEVES THE LIE THAT ANYONE CAN BECOME PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A.? The Illuminati rule America! Who are the super rich "elite" Illuminati and their associates? The Queen of England, her husband Prince Philip and the Royal House of Windsor, the hierarchy on the board of directors of the Vatican, including the Pope; the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Duponts, Fords, Carnegies, Melons, Bush's etc.

To get the details of who the Illuminati are, put Illuminati in It is not the American people who choose the President and Vice President of the United States of America, but rather the super secret "shadow government" called the Illuminati/New World Order who choose them!

Various researchers, including, David Icke in his book "The Biggest Secret", point out that all 43 men who were Presidents of the U.S.A. are related, and that 33 of the Presidents can be traced back to the bloodline of Charlemagne, who in the year 800 was crowned by Pope Leo III to be Holy Roman Emperor, the first head of an empire that would last over 1000 years!

This should be setting off major alarm bells in your mind. Like this is no coincidence. The odds of all 43 Presidents being related, and this just randomly happening, are billions (trillions) to one. Democratic and Republican candidates are "chosen" by the "Elitist" super rich organization called the Illuminati. Democrats and Republicans and the Illuminati would not want you to believe any of this. They don't teach you this in schools and for good reason: the Illuminati want to stay hidden.

They do not want the masses to know that their small secret organization even exists so they can covertly continue their rule. This farce called an "election" shows that America is a one party state. Both Democrats and Republicans work for the agenda of the Illuminati. They create a charade that looks like each party is different, but in the end the Democrats and Republicans vote for anything the Illuminati want in order to push forward the Illuminati agenda for "total world domination". This is why actors make such good politicians because this whole covert political charade at this time is an "act" being played out to control all the people in a so-called democracy.

If you'd like to know who is going to win the U.S. Presidential election, just call up super wealthy David Rockefeller and he can tell you today because it's all a "staged event". This may be challenging for most people to believe, but it's true and if given the chance and enough money to fund a proper investigation, this can be proven. There is no "true" democracy in America, only an illusion that looks like a supposed democracy.

Currently democracy is imprisonment disguised as freedom.

A true democracy is not a two party system. It is many parties with different ideas that represent the will of the People, not the will of a few very rich individuals and the corporations that they own. Why weren't members from other political parties, who have candidates running for the Presidency, allowed to participate in the Presidential debates? Because the Presidential debates are a "staged Illuminati event" that's why. They would not allow any other competing candidates to participate, just like they don't allow any of the Illuminati controlled mass corporate media to cover and interview the other smaller party candidates. By suppressing any competing candidates outside of the Illuminati controlled Democratic and Republican parties, the Illuminati eliminate the possibility that someone might actually tell the American people the truth about 911, the war for oil in Iraq, the unconstitutional income tax, the private banking cartel, called the Federal Reserve that controls the money in the U.S., Patriot Acts 1 & 2, etc.

Did you see any of the Conventions of any other party besides the Democrats and Republicans on T.V. or in any other major mass media? Do you see media coverage on a daily basis of any of the other Presidential candidates and what they stand for? You rarely see or hear anything in the Illuminati controlled mass media about any other candidates, you only see and hear Bush and Kerry! Is this what you call "democracy"? No, it's called brainwashing and mind control. If Bush and Kerry are the only candidates the Illuminati controlled mass media shows everyday, and they both lie about the war in Iraq, the war on "terror", Social Security, the budget deficit, unemployment, the economy etc. without any real challenge to what they are saying by other candidates or independent journalists, than the masses conclude that what Bush and Kerry are saying is the ONLY "truth".

If you tell people the same lie over and over again and it goes unchallenged, that "lie" becomes the people's "truth". Hitler was very successful at using this technique. Bush Jr. has been extremely successful with this technique over the last four years of his Presidency. And Bush Sr. summed it up when he once said "don't confuse the People with the truth". Could you imagine Jeff Rense, David Icke, Sherman Skolnick and some of the other truth seeking journalists and writers being at a Bush or Kerry news conference and being able to ask them their questions? Better yet what would it be like if these same men were able to pose questions to Bush and Kerry in a prime time nationally televised debate? There would probably be a People's revolt in the streets!!! Starting to get the picture? Another subversive thing that has been done in the U.S. "Presidential elections" is that the Republican and Democratic parties have made laws that "qualify" a political party to get tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars if they meet certain "criteria". So the Republicans and Democrats and Illuminati blatantly screw the People even more by using the People's own tax dollars to keep out any legitimate candidates, who don't qualify for this money, but who do really and truly desire to work for the benefit of the people.

The Republican and Democratic parties spend billions of dollars on the Presidential election, so if you can't get together a billion or two billion dollars, you don't have a chance! Who could even afford to run in a Presidential election? If you only have two parties, then rich people and the Illuminati through their Fortune 500 corporations can make large contributions to both parties and thereby control both parties. So no matter who wins the election, these corporations and a few rich people get special favors and laws passed to make themselves even richer.

Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it , that ye may keep the Commandments of the "I AM" your God which I COMMAND you.

The most blatant example of this was the $1.3 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich. Only approximately 43,000 rich families, including the Bush and Cheney families, got to share over $1.2 of the $1.3 trillion dollars from this HUGE tax cut, and these rich families each got millions of dollars. Each of the over 100,000,000 American working "slaves" got a measly $300 or $600 check. Did your President or any Senators or Congressmen who voted for this tax gift to the rich tell the American citizens this? Of course not! And even though the U.S. is running up huge budget deficits that could lead to a 1929 style depression, Bush and the Democrats and Republicans will not rescind this huge tax cut for the rich that would help balance the budget. Bush and Kerry are Illuminati "puppets"* and the Illuminati's ideal ticket. No matter who wins, the Illuminati rule. Kerry's voting record is similar to Bush's on many issues. Even President Bush points out that Kerry voted for and supported Bush's war in Iraq. How much more blatant can they be than that? When is the last time you checked out the voting record of the candidate you support? The citizens are too lazy to check out their candidate's voting record. They've been brainwashed to trust their politicians who lie, lie, lie, all the time.

* The fact that Bush wears an ear-piece and is told what to say by his puppeteers is proof that the so-called most powerful man on Earth is only a puppet who does and says what he is told JAH.

The People won't take the time to check out the voting record of their favorite candidates and the Illuminati know this, so the Illuminati can easily continue to con the people. If you would take the time to check out your candidate's voting record you would see this truth. You'll be amazed how they don't vote for the people's interests, Republicans and Democrats vote for corporate and Illuminati interests!

Both Bush and Kerry are fraternity brothers in Skull and Bones, a super secretive neo Nazi fraternity at Yale University that covertly supported Hitler and the Nazis in WW ll. Many American Presidents, government and top business leaders have come out of Skull and Bones, without the American people being aware of this. Both Bush's father, Bush Sr., and Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, are and were Skull and Bones men. Prescott Bush put up millions of dollars to help put Hitler {another Illuminati "puppet"} into power. The Illuminati always fund both sides in every Illuminati generated war in order to achieve their "control of the world agenda", and make billions of dollars for themselves in the process!. For details about this read David Icke's book " ....And The Truth Shall Set You Free",

Here you have a situation where out of ALL the possible people who could qualify to run for President of the U.S.A., you wind up with two Skull and Bones men. This is no accident. The chances of this "randomly happening" are millions to one! Skull and Bones was founded by the Russel family, who made their huge fortune illegally smuggling opium to China in the 1800's, thereby causing another war called The Opium War. The flag that was flown on the Russel ships that were smuggling dope was the Skull and Bones emblem, hence the name of the fraternity. So now you have two men who are fraternity brothers in a super secretive fraternity that was founded by a drug baron! Seems a little strange doesn't it? To this very day the Bush family, along with other "families" continue to make billions of dollars smuggling and selling illegal drugs all over the world. They are assisted by the C.I.A, which Bush Sr.once headed, and by a few of Vice President Cheney's companies. Books and articles have been written exposing all of this, but the Illuminati corporate controlled mass media do not report this secret. If anyone could survive and not be murdered attempting to expose this, and get the facts into a court of law, the Bush's and Cheney et al would be finished!

The Bush and Cheney Drug Empire

Both Bush and Kerry are sworn to secrecy and do not talk about Skull and Bones. Is their personal allegiance to Skull and Bones or to the American people? Should Bush and Kerry be allowed to be members of a highly secret organization, where many American Presidents and other high government officials and key business leaders come out of, without the American people knowing what this organization stands for? How can this be? Shouldn't the media be intensely questioning both Bush and Kerry about Skull and Bones, especially in the Presidential debates? Shouldn't the FBI, CIA and every other intelligence agency be investigating Skull and Bones on behalf of the American people to see "what is going on here?" And while they're at it, they could investigate the other connected "elite" secret societies, who have an agenda of "total world domination" and who exist all over the world >>>Illuminati, Bildebergers, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, Round Table, Club of Rome, Council of Foreign Relations etc. Forget that idea because the C.I.A., F.B.I and every other U.S. government agency is controlled by the Illuminati also. And to anyone who cannot bring themselves to begin to believe any of this, please take the time and put the names of each of these organizations into and read about them to your amazement. Yes these connected "elite" secret societies of of a few extremely wealthy individuals really do exist and meet on a regular basis to pursue their quest for a One World Government, organized as a global fascist police State, ruled by a so-called "elitist" dictatorship!

Now let's take a look at the Illuminati "staged" Presidential debates and see how the American people allow themselves to be conned to believe that these debates are so important and have so much relevance to the outcome of the "election".

First and most important of all, the main question that the American people, the media and the moderator of the Presidential debates should be asking President Bush is: "who currently controls the multi-trillions of dollars of Iraqi oil?" We're talking about trillions of dollars here, a super amount of money that most people cannot even begin to comprehend. After all the war in Iraq is about oil.. Both Bush and Cheney are both oil men and are very closely connected to the major oil companies. Within a few weeks of Bush and Cheney taking office in 2001, Vice President Cheney was pushing forward for regime change in Iraq! After the U.S. military invaded and conquered Iraq, it was reported that Vice President Cheney's Haliburton Corporation was given control of all the Iraqi oil. How the trillions of dollars of Iraqi oil is being divided up amongst the major U.S. oil companies, while thousands of U.S.servicemen and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children are being killed and wounded in Iraq should probably be the main campaign issue. But the Illuminati "puppet" John Kerry in his campaign does not say ONE word about this criminal conflict of interest.

In early 2001, before 911, Vice President Cheney had secret meetings in his office with his "energy task force" and senior American oil company executives. To this day, Vice President Cheney has fought every court attempt to have him divulge the names of the people he met with at those meetings in 2001. This is not only suspicious, this is preposterous that the American people have not even been made aware of the seriousness of Cheney's actions, which more than likely was a catalyst for the war in Iraq! Cheney is suppose to be working for the best interests of the American people and not for the interests of a few huge oil companies. If Kerry was a "legitimate" candidate, this would be one of his main campaign issues>>>bringing this ridiculous situation to the attention of the American people and getting Cheney to divulge not only the names of the people he met with, but also what they were discussing? The price of OIL is in the news everyday. Oil just went to over $50 a barrel. There are actions that the President could take to help bring the price of oil down, like allowing millions of barrels of oil to be released from the hundreds of millions of barrels that are held in U.S. government reserves for national emergencies. Or whoever controls Iraqi oil could be pumping large amounts of Iraqi oil and shipping it to the U.S.A. or other countries to help bring the price down. Kerry could easily make this a campaign issue since Bush is not doing anything about this situation because the higher the price of oil, the more billions the Bush/Cheney connected oil companies make!. You cannot get anymore blatant than all of this to show you that Bush, Kerry and Cheney et al all work together for the benefit of the Illuminati/New World Order.Agenda.

In addition Kerry could say that he will hold investigations to see how Vice President Cheney's Haliburton Corporation was given control of the trillions of dollars of Iraqi oil. and also given billions of dollars of no-bid contracts during the "rebuilding" of the Iraq that Bush and Cheney destroyed. How sick can they be? Kerry could also say that he is going to have Bush's father's Carlyle Group and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's Bechtel Corporation investigated for potential "conflicts of interest" for the multi billions of dollars in contracts that these companies have also received from the war in Iraq. Carlyle Group is one of the largest war companies in the world. The more war Bush Jr. makes, the more billions that Bush Sr.and the Bush family makes, which is a criminal conflict of interest.

Let's look at another important issue that Kerry could raise in his campaign, but doesn't In his campaign and in the debates, Kerry could point out that Kofi Anan, the Secretary General of the United Nations has recently declared the horrendous Iraqi war to be illegal. Kerry could be bashing Bush for illegally lying to start a multi-billion dollar "war for profit" in Iraq that has cost the lives of over 1000 American servicemen and over 7000 wounded, plus the killing and maiming of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi men women and children. This is treason and crimes against humanity on the part of Bush, Cheney et al., which Kerry or any courageous U.S.politician could point out, but they don't. If the war has been determined to be illegal, Kerry could be calling for Bush, Cheny et al to be removed from office for lying to the American people and the World in their quest for personal financial gain from the trillions of dollars of Iraqi oil and multi-billion dollar military and "rebuilding" contracts.

Kerry could say that if he's elected, he will call for an immediate "cease fire" and work with the Iraqi leadership all over their country along with other connected Allied Nations to stop this 'illegal war" and the killing asap and bring the American troops home within 6 months or less. With the billions of dollars that are being wasted and "stolen" in Iraq, this could be done, especially since the Iraqi people would love to see peace and an end to the occupation and killing of their family and friends by the American troops in their country However, remember as pointed out above, there are trillions of dollars of oil and billions of dollars of military and rebuilding contracts at stake here, so even if Kerry got elected, you will probably not see any pullout of American troops in Iraq anytime soon!

Kerry could be pointing out to the American people that it is very risky and not too smart to have a President who lies to start wars and who is in control of thousands of U.S.Weapons of Mass Destruction, more WMD's than all other Nations in the world combined. Kerry could say that there is the risk that Bush could lie again and again and start more and more "wars for profit", where you'll need so many soldiers to be used as " war fodder" by wealthy owners of oil and war corporations, that the U.S. will have to reinstate the draft. This could cost the lives of tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of American young men who really don't want to die so Bush Sr's Carlyle Group and Vice President Cheney's Haliburton Corporation and other Bush government connected corporations could make even more multi-billions of dollars from more Bush wars!

But Kerry would never say any of these things because he's just another Illuminati "puppet" doing exactly what he is told to do. Plus after the fiasco in Florida in the 2000 election, many States rushed to buy billions of dollars of electronic voting machines to be used in elections. These electronic voting machines can be programmed to change votes with the click of a mouse and leave no paper trail showing this fraud. Hardly any States have put into place laws or safe guards that would prevent this potential criminal action. Since the election has been purposely maneuvered to be so close, it's even easier to control the outcome of the election in the U.S.A.! With a click of a mouse, the Illuminati could put in place whichever candidate they have already "chosen". There's only two possibilities, Bush or Kerry. This method is a lot less "messy" than what happened in Florida in the Illuminati controlled 2000 election.

Unfortunately for America and the world, the Illuminati win very election no matter which Democratic or Republican candidate wins. Both Kerry and Bush will do what they are told to do by the "elite" super rich Illuminati. It should be noted that the Illuminati use similar or other tactics in other Nations, in order to control those Nations too in the final quest of their "Great Work Of Ages" for total world control!

Lie, cheat and murder on a global scale - this is the satanic Illuminati way, unfortunately for humanity.


Hopefully, more and more people will be able to see this blatant Illuminati manipulation taking place right in front of their very eyes? Only then can we stop them!


The ONLY remedy is to enforce The Plan against the Illuminati/N.W.O. perpetrators of these crimes:-



Posted: May 15 2007, 8:35 PM

207200 Still Think The Afghan And Iraq Wars Weren't About Oil?
By Michael Shore
Hardly any American, or almost anyone else in the world for that matter, would believe that there is a small group of individuals in the world who have BRILLIANTLY created the organization structure it takes for this small group to MANIPULATE events all over the world in order to control the masses and achieve their agenda, whatever that agenda is. The ultimate goal of this very small group, called the Illuminati, is to create a one world government and a global fascist police state that would COVERTLY allow them to control the masses of the over six billion humans currently on this planet and thereby eliminate ANY dissent and opposition to their RULE!!! This organization structure was NOT created overnight. It has taken hundreds of years to put this structure together, but it REALLY exists.If one opens his/her eyes and his/her minds and looks at what is currently going on in the world arena, you can easily see this possible TRUTH.

Who are the KEY members at the top of the pyramid??? The Rothschild's and the Queen of England along with her husband Prince Philip, to name a few.Yes, the Queen and the House of Windsor. The Queen is a lot smarter and has a lot more wealth and power than people are told. The Rothschilds control banking and money systems all over the world, including those of the USA, England and Europe. The hierarchy behind the Pope, who control the Vatican, also are a part of this very POWERFUL GROUP. {type in Illuminati in to get the details}.This ruling "Elite" group has intermarried and passed on their rule from generation to generation for hundreds of years.The British Monarchy, the Rothschild family and the Vatican control UNFATHOMABLE WEALTH all over the world, but they don't publicize this fact, because if the SLAVES knew how much wealth is controlled by such a few people and how this effects their daily lives, they would REVOLT immediately.

If you don't believe anything that has been said so far, then go back to watching the latest saga of the Michael Jackson pedophile story or have a few beers, watch another baseball or football game and debate who is going to win this years "election".The people living in so-called "democracies" believe that they "elect" the President, Prime Minister etc. , when in reality, this small group of "Elites" CHOOSE the person who will be the next President, Prime Minister etc. and they put up the millions or billions of dollars it takes to get their CHOSEN candidates elected to these top positions.

It's no accident that both Bush and Kerry are BOTH members of Scull and Bones, that "Elite" fraternity at Yale University. Scull and Bones is one of the SECRET organizations connected to this group..If you would like to know who is going to be "elected" President in the USA, call up David Rockefeller, who is a part of this "Elite" group and who already knows. We're not going to take the time and get into the details of how this group rigs supposed "free" elections in so-called "democracies", but one only has to look at the fact that there are mainly only TWO major "political" parties in "democratic" governments, so if you give the millions or billions of dollars to BOTH PARTIES, that it takes to run a candidate in a "free" election, then you can control both parties and the outcome of any election. This group also controls the mass corporate media, which is used to promote and support ONLY the candidates of their choice.If you can't bring yourself to see the brilliant "ELECTION CON JOB", just ask yourself why aren't there many more members of DIFFERENT POLITICAL PARTIES ,other than Democrats and Republicans, Labor or Conservative etc,.that get elected to office in your so-called "free democratic" societies? The Elite PUPPET leaders of Nations use the words "freedom' and "democracy" in ways that benefit the Elite's cause , when in reality the Elite's version of "democracy" is a way for the Elite to imprison the SLAVES and disguise what they're doing through their corporate controlled media, so the people won't be able to see what is REALLY going on. If the people "believe" that they're free, from what they read and see in the media, then they won't revolt against the Elite Rulers.

Now that you have a brief back round of some of the few people who manipulate and control the world, let's get back to the question originally asked in this article "$40 A BARREL AND YOU STILL THINK THE AFGHANI & IRAQI WARS WERE NOT ABOUT OIL???" First if one can begin to THINK FOR THEMSELVES and ask the simple question "why are American troops still in Afghanistan and Iraq", and not believe the "OFFICIAL" government story line about being there fighting to "free the people", then you will begin to understand the con and manipulation that is taking place, so this "Elite" group can INCREASE THEIR WEALTH AND POWER.

We won't get into a discussion about 911 which was an event that this Elite group orchestrated,manipulated and perpetrated as part of their agenda to control the world, BUT IT REALLY WAS!! Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq had any Air Force, Navy or any Army of substance to go up against a superpower like the USA.".By this Elite group creating 911,their NEW PEARL HARBOR, they had the excuse to invade these two poor third world countries and get control of the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Iraqi oil and the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of oil in the Caspian Sea near Afghanistan. The Elitist oil company's multi- billion dollar Trans Afghani Pipeline is currently being built to bring the Caspian Sea oil to market, which is the MAIN reason US troops are in Afghanistan, but President Bush doesn't mention this important fact to the American citizens.You DON''T "win the hearts" of the Afghani and Iraqi people by UNNECESSARILY dropping tens of thousands of bombs on them and killing their children and family members.Would you LOVE the people who invade and destroy your Nation and kill your family members and your fellow countrymen??? This same Elite group is also benefiting in additional ways from these wars, because they control the war corporations that are making billions of dollars from these UNNECESSARY WARS FOR PROFIT.

Your tax dollars are being ripped off in EVERY war for profit, but by this group also controlling ALL the world's major mass media, you are not going to EVER GET THE TRUTH.The major corporate mass media all over the world is controlled by just TEN MAJOR MEDIA CORPORATIONS, that in turn are controlled by the "Elite" members of these secret organizations, such as the Illuminati etc, who pull the strings of their PUPPET leaders of Nations and their associates who are in power positions. Since they control the ten major media conglomerates all over the world that in turn own and control every major television and radio station, every major newspaper, magazine, book publisher,movie and music company, it is very difficult for the people to get the TRUTH.These media companies spew out the propaganda and the stories that the "Elite" want you to see, read,hear and believe in order for them to achieve their sick agendas, whatever they decide their agenda to be.

It should be noted that after the US superpower invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan, there were little or no Iraqi or Afghani troops that surrendered to the US forces. Shouldn't there have been tens of thousands of troops surrendering to the US forces, if these poor countries really did have a military??? The people in Afghanistan were starving and didn't have food to eat let alone have the billions of dollars it takes to have a military. They didn't have any tanks or ships or war planes or anti-aircraft guns, etc. NOTHING...THEY WERE SLAUGHTERED. If you can recall, the US superpower dropped tens of thousands of bombs on Iraq, another poor country that didn't have any war planes,war ships,missiles or any real meaningful,strong, large standing army, nor ANY WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. When the US ground forces entered Iraq, there were no soldiers to be found. How could that be after what the American people were being told in the media about that big bad Saddam Hussein??? Because the Iraqi soldiers saw what happened to the Iraqi soldiers in Gulf War l, when US troops slaughtered tens of thousands of surrendering Iraqi troops unmercifully. Americans were never told about THE HIGHWAY OF DEATH IN IRAQ, where thousands of surrendering Iraqi troops and innocent civilians were blown to bits by pilots on American war planes, who dropped bomb after bomb and shot round after round of bullets at thousands of defenseless Iraqis who were lined up for miles on an Iraqi highway just trying to get home.How sick and heartless can you be?? So this time around the Iraqis, who were in the small Iraqi army, got "smarter" and took off their uniforms and and put on civilian clothing and disappeared into the crowd of regular civilians as soon as American troops landed on Iraqi soil.

Now about the $40 a barrel OIL that this same group controls.Every dollar INCREASE in the price of OIL means billions of ADDITIONAL dollars for the oil conglomerates, who donate millions of dollars to getting "their oil man" Bush re-elected to the Presidency.

Let's go back to the Yom Kippur war in Israel in 1973, so you can have a better understanding of just how ruthless this "Mafia" gang is and how much controlling power they have.There are just SEVEN major oil companies that control all the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF ALL THE OIL IN THE WORLD. The inner circle of this group refers to these corporations as the SEVEN SISTERS. Even though America is suppose to be a "free market, capitalistic" Nation, they allow an Arab oil cartel called OPEC and these seven oil companies to "SET" THE PRICE OF OIL AT THE HIGHEST PRICE THEY CAN GET, WITHOUT THE PEOPLE REVOLTING. This is called a MONOPOLY on oil because there is no real competition here.

Five months before the Israeli/Arab war in 1973, there was a meeting, on a Swedish island, of the Bildeberg Group, another one of the secret organizations connected to this web of "Elitists". Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a founder of the Bildebergers, brought together 84 key leading financial and political manipulators, whose main agenda was TO INCREASE THE PRICE OF OIL BY 400%.

At this meeting were Henry Kissinger {one of the most ruthless manipulators and killers of human beings in the world today}, Robert O Anderson, owner of Atlantic Richfield, Sir Eric Drake, the chairman of British Petroleum, Gerrit A. Wagner, president of Royal Dutch Shell, Lord Roll of Ipsen from the huge old established S.G. Warburg banking interests.and of course one of the Rothschilds, Baron Edmund de Rothschild. just to name a few. You probably never heard of these very wealthy men before and this important meeting was never reported in the corporate controlled mass media. At this meeting a presentation was made that was to effect the ENTIRE WORLD. Within five months after this meeting, Syria and Egypt unsuccessfully invaded Israel. It was the "excuse" given by the oil companies to raise the price of oil by 400% because of the Bilderberger member's"manipulation", whereby the Arabs cut production and announced an oil embargo against the USA for supporting Israel. The oil companies at the Bildeberger meeting had someone to blame for this extremely high rise in the price of oil -- the Arab oil producing countries. The architect of the Yom Kippur War was the US National Security Adviser and Secretary of State at the time under Nixon,Henry Kissinger. All of this, including the Yom Kippur War, had been planned well in advance.The poor countries of the Third World were devastated, as is happening now with oil over $40 a barrel With domestic supplies so low, the US economy collapsed immediately following the 1973 war.This scenario is being repeated again today right in front of the American people and the people of the world without them seeing this CON.

It should be noted that one of the main reasons that the Rothschilds supported and created the State of Israel was to allow this group of very wealthy "Elitists" to protect their multi-trillion dollars of OIL In the Middle East. The Israeli army is used to provide CHEAP labor and a means of security for the Elitist's OIL interests in the Middle East. EVERY ONE of the over 5,000,000 Israeli men and women living in Israel is made to serve in the Israeli military and they are paid very little money to UNKNOWINGLY risk their lives for the "Elitist''s OIL companies. In order to keep this SCAM on the Israeli's and Arab's going the "Elitists " COVERTLY give billions of dollars to BOTH the Arabs and Israeli's. Yasser Arafat and his Palestinian Liberation Organization receives billions of dollars in "AID" from the European "Elitist's and Israel receives billions of dollars in weapons and "AID" from the American "Elitists". In fact Arafat and the Palestinians were GIVEN the guns and weapons they use to kill Israelis BY THE ISRAELIS as part of the FAKE Elitist manipulated Oslo "Peace" accords -- how's that for a major manipulation? The Elitists create perpetual war in Israel in order to keep Israelis in FEAR so they will continue to UNKNOWINGLY keep GIVING their sons and daughters to the Israeli Defense Forces, which keep the Elitist Middle East OIL secure for the Elitist OIL companies. The Elitists, with their PUPPET leaders of both the Israeli and Arab Nations, COVERTLY manipulate the wars and the terror in Israel and the Arab Nations on a daily basis.

The Elitist's always COVERTLY FINANCE AND CONTROL BOTH SIDES IN ANY WAR so they can KNOWINGLY manipulate who will "WIN". WAR IS THE MAIN MEANS THAT IS USED BY THIS ELITIST GROUP TO MAKE THEIR FORTUNES AND ACHIEVE THEIR AGENDAS.{including WW ! and WW ll} Sounds too far fetched and just another conspiracy theory??? This is exactly what the Elite want you to believe.You can choose to believe or not to believe that a small group exists that has the power, wealth organization, knowledge and the means to manipulate world events to control the masses of over six billion human beings living in the world today.A must read for everyone that explains and documents this Elitist WORLD WIDE MANIPULATION, which has been going on for HUNDREDS of years, is author David Icke's two books "and the Truth Shall Set You Free" and "The Biggest Secret".You won't find these books on the Elitist's "best seller list" because these books historically document and expose the Elite's game and explains in detail how they successfully execute their manipulation..

As a result of the US invasion of Iraq and the conquering {theft} of all the Iraqi oil, US Vice President Cheney's Haliburton Corporation now controls the trillions of dollars of OIL in Iraq, which has the second highest oil reserves in the world, after Saudi Arabia. If Americans were able to think for themselves, they would be thinking that the price of OIL should be going DOWN instead of UP, because America could substantially increase the flow of Iraqi oil that was limited under the Embargo placed on Iraq while Saddam Hussein was the Iraqi leader..Right now the price of oil is soaring and going UP to $41 a barrel, the highest level it has ever been! How can this be??? Because the Elite Group"s plan on their quest to total world domination is to create a major global financial crisis, that will give them the opportunity to increase their wealth and power even more. It will also create a MAJOR financial crisis that will devastate third world countries. Overnight America, Europe, Britain and every other Nation in the world could find themselves in a very serious financial crisis, which is part of the Elite agenda.

If you remember a few years ago aftter the Enron scandal, Vice President Cheney refused to give the names of the individuals who attended his energy policy meetings in Cheney's office in Washington D.C. He also refused to turn over the information about what was discussed at these meetings.He was even taken to court over this incident and the "Elite" controlled judges ruled in Cheney's favor. America is a supposed "democracy". The American people have the RIGHT TO KNOW what the energy policy of their government is. They have a right to know who their Vice President was meeting with to make the US energy policy.What has Cheney got to hide??? Now that Cheney's Haliburton Corporation controls the trillions of dollars in Iraqi oil, the American people should be asking Cheney " why isn't he and Haliburton exporting millions of barrels of Iraqi oil to the USA in order to bring the price of oil DOWN???" The answer is really quite simple. Cheney is one of the Elite puppet leaders and he is doing exactly what he is being told to do, which is to do NOTHING in this case and NOT ship millions of gallons of Iraqi oil to the USA to help bring oil prices DOWN. Cheney is helping the Elite to achieve their agenda of a global financial crisis that works AGAINST the American people's best interests and works in favor of the the Elitists and Cheney's Haliburton Corporation!!!. THIS IS A CRIMINAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Come on America, can't you see this??? Can anyone imagine what happens if oil hits $50 a barrel???

Since oil is used in so many different industries and products, including the food industry, inflation will soar. Individuals could find themselves in a desperate survival situation, that comes on so fast and unexpectedly,they wouldn't know what hit them. This is what the Elite are doing NOW, right before your very eyes!!! All this could easily be avoided if a few simple things were done, but you won't find any leaders doing anything to STOP this unnecessary financial crisis, because this is exactly what the Elite want. For example, if the US President wanted to, he could declare an emergency situation NOW and sell on the US market some of the millions of barrels of oil that the US keeps on reserve for a crisis like war. This would give the signal to the oil cartel that the President is taking steps to REDUCE the price of oil. As another possible scenario, the President and the leaders of every Western Nation could call for an EMERGENCY meeting with all the world's oil producers to see what is causing this situation to happen and work TOGETHER to overcome whatever it is that is causing oil prices to rise so rapidly. Quite simply they could get some of the oil producing Nations to INCREASE THEIR DAILY PRODUCTION, WHICH WOULD DRIVE DOWN PRICES. To date, what steps have you seen Bush and every other leader of a Nation in the world doing to avoid higher oil prices and thereby avoid a major devastating financial crisis??? NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Because every leader of a Nation is nothing more than a PUPPET figurehead, who do the Elite's bidding and the Elite want and are organizing a worldwide major financial crisis to secure and control the remaining PARTS OF THE WORLD THAT THEY DON'T ALREADY HAVE!

So, what can humanity do to get out of the control of this Evil, sick, perverted small group of Elitists??? Number one we have to open our eyes and our minds to see that there is a REAL manipulation like this happening on such a grand scale.There are only a few Elitists and a few hundred "connected"" Elitist controlled leaders of Nations and heads of major banks and corporations, and there are over six billion of us. Therefore if we can ALL see this manipulation, then the GAME OF THE MANIPULATORS IS OVER. Who wants to live in FEAR AND PERPETUAL WAR that the Elitists use to CONTROL HUMANITY AND THE WORLD??? Step number two is to START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. We've got to give everyone an education of how to do this, because the Elitists have brainwashed and propagandized humanity for so long to get the people to HATE and kill each other in UNNECESSARY WARS FOR PROFIT!


Posted: May 25 2007, 11:46 PM

152163 this gas prices are abusive, the gov is evil. this may be the end of time. the richer get richer and the poor more poor. one day these illuminati will pay in the fire of hell, life is no for ever to anyone.

Posted: May 29 2008, 1:59 AM

196201 Thankyou very much for this information.Unfortunately most people do not see it.And those who see it cannot do anything.Unfotunate that we are waiting for the illuminati to take over.Only God can help us.We are cornered.

Posted: May 30 2008, 6:53 PM

Yes, of course. That's why we pay $10 per gallon for gasoline and why it costs me $60 per week to fill up my tiny, 1000cc car.

Americans are SO SPOILED. You need to learn what it is like to pay out of the nose for gas and then get a grip with what the next 100 years are going to be like.

Just wait until it's water, bitches.

You will be so unhappy.

Posted: May 30 2008, 6:57 PM

Oh, and the guy who wrote that mental rant above....

Chill out, mate.

Store water, rice, wheat, beans, and corn. Keep them dry.

You're a mentalist, but you might just survive if you come to your senses.
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