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Article posted Jan 17 2007, 7:45 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: LiveLeak Print

Soldiers taunt crippled dog in Iraq

"Listen, little man! Every single one of your petty misdeeds throws a light on the wretchedness of human life. Every one of your petty actions diminishes the hope of improving your lot just a little more. That is ground for sorrow, little man, for deep, heartbreaking sorrow. To avert such sorrow you make silly little jokes. That's what you call your sense of humor." - Wilhelm Reich - Listen, Little Man!

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Posted: Jan 19 2007, 7:44 PM

76184 Wow, I never thoguht John Kerry's "get us stuck in Iraq" quote could actually be truthful...

inbreds. should be shot in the fucking head. Support our troops? not these guys.

Posted: Jan 19 2007, 7:45 PM

206126 All you animal lovers out there, rest assured, those soldiers are dead by now.

Posted: Jan 19 2007, 8:52 PM

71169 So I see that there are several new comments, most of which focus on the fact that people have compassion about animal cruelty. Mistaking compassion for the dog does not mean that we do not support troops, these however are good examples of the troops in Iraq that contribute to the already poor world view of the US.
These troops are in the same grouping of those who kill innocent bystanders, accidently blow up hotels with news correpondants and they are only a few steps from going down the dark road that leads to raping and killing 14yo girls only to afterward kill the family and burn down the house.
These are NOT what we expect for our troops. These "men" and I use this term very loosely for the only thing that qualifies them as that is their biology are the very reason other countries do not want us in their countries or their lands.
Can you actually blame them? I wouldn't those men living next door to me let alone have to rely on them to do the right thing.
All the comments about people dying in Iraq, soldiers dying in Iraq (which is a much smaller number then the innocent civilians dying) really have no value in regards to this article. This is about troops who lack moral fiber and lack in character taunting an obviously crippled dog for their own sick enjoyment.
They do not deserve to die but, they do deserve to be discharged from the military.

Posted: Jan 19 2007, 9:18 PM

7051 To the fucking morons that keep insinuating that an animal's life is not that important.. you don't understand what's really going on here. The reputation of the United States of America, is at an all time low, lower than a pile of shit infested bodies that're rotting in Iraq's streets. Your pure image is being soiled by your superiors, you think the rest of the world is not watching? You really think you're safe from the Middle East? Who are so unbelievably fucking pissed off at you? Good god man, you and I both know that a human being can set his or her status to lower than dirt if he or she wanted to do so, but this.. videos that are pretty much proof displaying your power beyond ignorance to the media, which is causing more shit to hit the fan.. this is your wake up call.. grow the fuck up and take appropriate actions.. the sand box you're pissing all over is not yours.

Posted: Jan 19 2007, 10:49 PM

24152 They were not throwing the rocks hard, they were just getting it's attention. Who cares what they say about the dog, IT CAN'T UNDERSTAND. Now I could see if they were running around kicking the dog and actually hurting it but they are not.

Posted: Jan 20 2007, 6:44 AM

24253 What the fuck does "support our troops" have to do with throwing rocks at a deformed dog you fucktard

Posted: Jan 20 2007, 1:40 PM

8242 I am very appauled at what I saw in that video, but fuck it them soliders are going to die in iraq anyway fucking retards. Its cruel and shows they are fucking cowards they should do that to iraqis not innocent defense less animals.

Posted: Jan 20 2007, 2:33 PM

66167 This is part of the reason, US needs to pull outta Iraq

Posted: Jan 20 2007, 4:26 PM

68226 I think that everybody needs to take a step back and look at the big picture. Those soldiers that you are calling douchebags and such are responsible for the country that you live in. They themselves may not be totally responsible but they are a soldier none the less and yet they are still human. for those of you that say the are inbred freaks that just like to shoot stuf i would like to see ou get the balls to sign your life away. when you are in the military you sign almost all your civil rights away you don't even have freedom of speech or anything and yet you people jeer at them as soldiers maybe you should me a little more specific and refer to only those who are doing what is wrong and not talk shit about soldiers in general you people don't deserve to live in this country if you are gonna talk about the soldiers like that

Posted: Jan 20 2007, 4:30 PM

68226 you people talk about animal cuelty and at the same time you talk trash about the soldiers. it is you who are bing cruel. these men and women give their lives to protect yours and to make yours possible. if your so good and have never made a mistake then you go overthere and take up their weapons and do the fighting oh and don't forget to take some extra underwear you'll need it if you have to sit here and post negative comments about our troops if it offends you so much get off you fat lazy ass and go join the army as an officer and make a difference otherwise shutup

Posted: Jan 20 2007, 4:33 PM

68226 for those of you that are callling the soldiers cowards and retards i would ask you that next time you see a soldier go up to them and say this and see what happens becuase it is you who is the coward you are still here in the united states doing what mommy says.

Posted: Jan 20 2007, 11:58 PM

72161 Not In A Million Years Would I Support Troops Who Taunt , Torment & Stone A Defenseless Animal Who Was Clearly Lying Down & Giving No Cause For It's Treatment... This Is How We Are Treating Innocent Human Lives In This War As Well Which Makes It Clear As Day Why Every Other Country In This World Hates Us.. Why Should They Love America Or Take On Our Ideologies When What They See Is The Worst We Produce?? I Am Proud To Be A True American, Caring & Considerate Of All Living Creatures & Not Some Animal Torturing Psycho Bent On Inflicting Pain On Something That Can't Fight Back.. These Soldiers Should Be Severely Punished In The Public Forum For Other Countries To See That We As Americans Do In Fact Have A Sense Of Humanity & Are Not Murderous Thugs As We Have Projected Ourselves To Be For Far Too Many Years Now.. As One Person Mentioned Before, I Am Ashamed To Classify Myself As The Same Form Of Species As These Degenerates. As For You People Who Refer To Those Of Us With A Soul & A Conscience As "Fucktards" & The Like, Maybe You Should Further Your Education Or Better Yet, Jump Off A Tall Bridge Onto A Frozen Lake & Die.. It Would Be Doing The World A Favor To Have Fewer Of You Evil, Degenerate, Hellbound Nut-jobs Here Anyway... You Are The People That Are A Primary Reason For The Degredation Of A Once Great Society.. God Bless The Troops Who Are Doing A Noble Duty & Satan Welcome These Idiots..

Posted: Jan 21 2007, 3:06 AM

67183 that is truly sickening...people like that need to know the value of life.

Posted: Jan 21 2007, 4:40 AM

2480 Wow- what a dichotomy- you Americans - how can you be so split- the evidence is overwhelming- is it that most are scared ( RED states) - I don't understand how they can be fooled into such a phony war on terror. I can write this because I don't live in the U.S. where you basically have NO rights any longer.

Posted: Jan 21 2007, 5:34 PM

8241 I just watched this vid, those utter scumbags are not fit to wear the uniform. I hope their platoon mates punch their lights out

Posted: Jan 22 2007, 9:33 PM

6875 Dear Jan 19 2007, 5:02 PM, and Jan 19 2007, 5:06 PM:

You and people like you are a big problem with the American anti-war movement. Yes, the troops are behaving in a disgusting manner. Yes, you're right to point that out. Yes, it's disgusting and loathsome et. etc. etc.

That being said, you have no right to call people "yahoos", or "jeds", or "rednecks", or "inbred". Those are racial and class-based slurs that upper-class people use against lower-class white people. It smacks of arrogance and total stupidity. Also, it makes people hate you, and not without reason.

By the way, in a country based on democratic principles, it's neccessary to convince people of your way of thinking. If you were reaching out to these people, you might actually be making things better. Instead, you're insulting them and insuring that more people will die.

Real mature.

The war sucks, but holier than thous like yourselves are causes not solutions.


Posted: Jan 22 2007, 9:42 PM

2416 I hope these soldiers get caught and tortured and beheaded slowly. I will not shed a tear

Posted: Jan 22 2007, 11:48 PM

6875 Of course you won't shed a tear, anonymous. That's because you aren't close to anyone in the services. War is wrong, and the troops are over there killing people for fun, raping women, torturing animals, etc, all this is true, but I daresay they didn't all spring from the womb as rapists, murderers, and torturers. Most of them were poor and wanted a better life. Instead, they got sent out as cannon fodder, and war has been turning people into animals since time immemorial. Maybe you'd be a little bit better served to focus your hate on the people that caused the war. Actually no. People who express attitudes like yours are usually quite well-off financially. It's likely that your Daddy's money has connections to the war and that bloody dollars finance your vapid lifestyle.

PS: no-one thinks you're particurlarly tough or rebellious because of your comments. you come off as immature and spoiled. work on that.

Posted: Jan 23 2007, 5:00 PM

58108 These are not solders that did this they are boys. stupid & cruel. the real soldiers would not be filming this evil act.

You have disgraced the uniform you wear. I hope you get your just deserves. You all that laughed & did this are cruel. You have made headlins around the world & showed up your country. I bet your family are so proud of this.

Such a big ACT OF BRAVERY !!!!

Posted: Jan 24 2007, 5:52 PM

216173 I can't, and I donít understand, how some insensitive low lives posting comments have no compassion for this unfortunate creature (That says a lot about these individuals, and it is a red flag about their characters). This dog had a bad life, and is obvious he is in pain, and the last thing he needed was for these bastards to torture him. I support our military in Iraq, but not these soldiers taunting the animal. I hope there is an investigation, and they are given the punishment they deserve. I truly wish for accountability.
Comments 21 - 40 of 96 < Page of 5 >

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