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Article posted Jan 09 2007, 1:45 AM Category: Occult Source: The Daily Mail Print

The PM's wife, the Druid priestess and the no-sex guru


Cherie Blair found herself being steered through the audience towards the back of the room. She had just finished speaking about the 'empowerment of women' and was smiling, in her bashful way, at the enthusiastic applause.

Julia Hauserman, her host that night, barely allowed the Prime Minister's wife to pause to acknowledge familiar faces.

Instead she delivered Mrs Blair straight to an exotic blonde woman standing, incongruously among 70 or so lawyers and human-rights activists, with her pop-star husband. Mrs Hauserman, whose charity was hosting the function, announced that the woman, Dwina, was someone Cherie simply had to meet.

As she predicted, they got on famously because - although the reasons may not seem immediately clear - they had 'a lot in common'.

And so began, a year ago almost to the day, Mrs Blair's extraordinary friendship with Dwina Murphy-Gibb: erotic artist, one-time fetish- magazine model, part-time Druid priestess and bisexual.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Mrs Blair's association with Dwina, the wife of Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb, extends way beyond their much publicised festive holiday in Miami.

They have grown close over the past year and are understood to have met several times at Downing Street.

In fact, it would appear to many in Mrs Blair's circle that American businesswoman Martha Greene - her friend, agent, travelling companion and 'fixer' - has been usurped by Irish-born Dwina.

Sources close to Mrs Greene play down these suggestions but there is no denying that, where the former advertising executive was once a ubiquitous figure at No10, she is now seen much less frequently at Mrs Blair's side.

To add further weight to Dwina's 'lady-in-waiting' status, callers enquiring about Mrs Blair's public speaking engagements, who were once referred to Mrs Greene, are now told to write instead to 'the Prime Minister's office'.

Even by the standards of some of Mrs Blair's previous friends - former glamour model Carole Caplin, for instance - Dwina's past is colourful almost beyond belief. But there is something else - potentially dangerous - that yet again places a question mark against Mrs Blair's judgment and the almost kamikaze, ill-advised way she embarks on certain friendships.

It is Dwina's close involvement with Brahma Kumaris, a women-led spiritual organisation that, while striving for world peace, has allegedly used 'pernicious' methods to control its followers.

The group is led by 90-year-old Indian spiritualist Dadi Janki, a woman Dwina regards as her guru and whom she consults, according to a source close to her, 'about everything'. Both Dwina and Robin make regular donations to Brahma Kumaris, which translated means Daughters of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation.

But besides its concern for world peace, the organisation is also notable for its sex ban. "Former members and the families of members have told me that Brahma has driven a wedge between husband and wife,' said Graham Baldwin, a cult expert who has counselled former Brahma members.

"There have also been complaints that it encourages single women and widows to donate property and savings to Brahma and move into a group house."

Brahma Kumaris demands celibacy because 'sexual intercourse, while capable of being an expression of love at the human level...pulls our consciousness firmly into the material domain'.

Ian Howarth, of the Cult Information Centre, said: "I have the same concerns about this group that I have about the Moonies. People have come to us complaining that some loved ones who have got involved with it have undergone personality changes and have become alienated from their families."

The organisation confirmed to The Mail on Sunday that Dadi Janki had met Mrs Blair at a function organised by the charity Rights and Humanity UK. Both are patrons of the charity and Dwina is also closely involved.

It was Rights and Humanity, led by Julia Hauserman, that hosted the meeting Mrs Blair addressed last January. It describes itself as a multi-faith international movement that aims to protect human rights and dignity. Mrs Blair is its Women's Human Rights and Empowerment Network Patron.

Lynne Franks, the former PR queen on whom the Bollinger-swigging Absolutely Fabulous character Edina is based, also has close ties to both Brahma Kumaris and Rights and Humanity.

Now a self-styled lifestyle guru and 'visionary', she is the founder of a network called SEED, which runs 'empowerment programmes' for women. On at least one occasion SEED has jointly staged an event with Brahma Kumaris, which Dwina attended.

Asked exactly what Mrs Blair and Dwina have 'in common', Mrs Hauserman explained: "They are both very committed to the rights of women and empowering women. They have since become good friends and both have spoken at a number of our events.

"Dwina has even read some of her poetry, which has been much appreciated by our audiences. Mrs Blair, as our chief patron, has also hosted a number of meetings in Downing Street."

The most recent, classed as a private discussion, took place in December and 53-year-old Dwina was one of the guests.

"They really do have a lot in common, and as friends they speak to each other often,' said Mrs Hauserman, who founded Rights and Humanity 20 years ago.

She knew in advance of the Blairs' controversial stay at the Gibbs' £5.2million beach house. And she confided that the arrangements had been made by Mrs Blair and Dwina, making it clear it was not the Prime Minister's friendship with Robin Gibb that brought the Blairs to Miami.

The Bee Gee is also a follower of Dadi Janki and credits her with helping him overcome the death of his twin brother Maurice in 2003. Both he and Dwina wear red lapel pins with a tiny diamond to represent the point of light Brahma Kumaris members use as a focus for meditation. Once asked what she thought of the "BKs', Dwina replied: "They are living, walking angels on this earth. They can help us become angels too."

A spokeswoman for Dadi Janki confirmed that Dwina had been a regular visitor to the Brahma Kumaris global retreat in Oxfordshire, but was unaware of her ever being joined by Mrs Blair. Speaking from India, the spokeswoman added: "Dadi Janki briefly met Mrs Blair at a function organised by Rights and Humanity, but as far as we are aware Mrs Blair has not expressed an interest in meditation.

"Mrs Gibb, however, does. She has met Dadi Janki on a number of occasions."

Is Mrs Blair, perhaps under the influence of her exotic friend, in danger of being drawn into the world of Brahma Kumaris?

It does not require a great leap of imagination to see this as a possibility: her fascination with alternative therapies such as crystal healing and 'thought field therapy' is well documented, as is her interest in India, particularly its female population.

No doubt Dwina would be delighted to recruit her. And if Dwina has been successful in displacing Martha Greene, it would represent another remarkable milestone in her life.

She has come a long way from the modest bungalow in a remote Northern Irish village where she was born and raised. Her elderly widowed mother Sarah still lives in the house in Kilskeery, County Tyrone.

Undoubtedly, the more outrageous aspects of Dwina's lifestyle would raise eyebrows among the strict Catholic community.

"I'm not going to talk about her - I'm not that kind of person at all, at all,' said her mother with a chuckle. Asked about her daughter's association with Cherie Blair, she would say only: "They're just friendly, that's all. They do charity work together."

Dwina left Kilskeery in the early Seventies, moving to London where she was free to indulge her outlandish tastes. By the mid-Seventies, she was an established fixture on the capital's 'alternative' scene.

Gillian Lee, a friend from this period, told The Mail on Sunday: "I first met Dwina at the flat of an accountant called David in Belsize Park. David was teaching people Kabbalah, and Dwina was interested in learning as much as she could. She used to wear her hair dyed all the colours of the rainbow in concentric rings.

"I was given the impression that she was having a sexual relationship with David. At the time I was also studying Kabbalah. Together with David and a number of other people we frequently met for Kabbalistic study and the practice of magical ceremonies.

"Later she moved to a house in Plumstead which she shared with a man called Andrew, who was also into Kabbalah. He grew Psilocybe magic mushrooms and believed he was the anti-Christ. He also built a dome inside his house in which he and Dwina inhaled oxygen.

"At the time her cousin was working as a bodyguard for Robin Gibb, and he arranged a meeting for her."

According to Dwina, who was then trying to make it as an artist, she impressed Robin with her drawings. The couple married in 1985 and have an open relationship.

"I knew Dwina was gay when we married but that doesn't matter because I was in love with her,' Robin has declared. "And, anyway, she is bisexual with me. She's the best wife any husband could want."

Asked about the allegation that Brahma Kumaris has wrecked marriages because of its sex ban, a spokeswoman said: "This is very much a minority thing. In any organisation there are people who gain a huge amount and that is what you need to focus on."

She declined to comment on allegations that it encourages followers to donate property and savings.

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Posted: Jul 24 2008, 10:45 AM

7059 This is a great source of inside news. I just read several articles from priests on the illuminati, bohemian club, and freemasonry, knights of templar. You might be interested in the covenant of the Bohemian club. My sentiments about certain things were already set in before I read it. poison on food, air, and water, the medical industry poisoning the public, and much of what 911 reports. But here is what you do to survive it all. Evil is evil regardless of the time. The presentation is different, but the result is the same. So rather than continue focusing and putting your attention only on the problem you see. Acknowledge the problem, spread wide and far, always support it with substantiated facts and evidence and then provide several solutions to the problem that will terminate the evil being done and pray to God who is all powerful and will triumph over all evil. Instill the fear of God into those who practice evil.

1.Recognise the problem: spread it wide and far.
2.Provide a handful of solutions that will stop the problem. You are not making choices for people (this what evil does, they only porport the problem and no solutions, they also say you can't do anything about) That is just as sinister as the one who says there is no problem and there is the, the consequence is the same)
3. Focus on the God. God is all good and all powerful. You know when it exists because there is balance. If you forget what balance is look at nature. (make sure the evil doers don't turn it all into strip malls, parking lots and concrete buildings, because you will loose the one thing God has created that is the living example of his power nature).
4.Focus on solving the problem and not perpuating it. Big difference. If you are legitimate and indeed want to stop all evil. You will focus on the solving it.
5.Carry the constitution and bill of rights with you everywhere.
6. Carry the exorsisism prayer with you as well. But this will only work if you yourself are not engaging in evil (the demise of nature and man).
7. Say the Our Father and Hail Mary prayer too. every day and every time you feel inclined too.
GOD will triumph over all evil.

Posted: Jul 24 2008, 8:13 PM




Posted: Dec 03 2009, 12:44 PM

242 To anomynous #1 / you are as they. Illiterate and a praticer of evil.hail mary is man made not BIBLICAL, and if you pray the our father which father are you praying to? The real FATHER OF LIGHT - YHWH [ the TETRAGRAMATON] is YAHWEY, JEHOVAH, YASHUA,JESUS. He is only obligated to those according to HIM that call upon His name to be saved. nature is not a god but a false god to the pantheists which is occultic. YAHWEY is FATHER CREATOR, not gaia trash false goddess worship, an extension of feminism, a creation off of hinduism,nazism and anti-male, anti-Heterosexual destructionism. In the beginning HE created them MALE AND FEMALE. HE SAID BE FRUIFUL AND MULTIPLY. In address of the malls and such - they are a reproach and yes we are to be good stewards of the earth. We are to till the soil, put in compost and good nutrients[Green Manure, Straw and Horse and Cow Manure] so the earth can be fruitful and multiply a greater abundance of Healthy Vegetables, Fruit off the Trees and Vine, and feed for the animals that provide additional sustenance to the YAHWEY ordained Humam Race. If you want the solution to our problem, SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF YAHWEY AND ALL OF HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL OF THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. What are all of these things added unto you, Understanding,Wisdom, Truth, Insight, Purpose, Vision, Answers of how to deal with and defeat this Beast System from the pit of Hell, Solutions to your own Life problems in the immediatte vicinity of your Family, Relationships, Work, managing your own affairs and money. Much more could be said, but this enough to get anyone started in the Right Direction. To # 2 - you are correct - satans spawn. Interesting how they push global warming and a man sows what he reaps. These people are going to HELL and that without REMEDY. They like the rich man and LAZURUS n THE NEW COVENANT, they have thiers now and this is as good as it will ever be for them and if you are SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB- [ ACTS 2:38} - This is as bad as it will ever be for us. This season we are in will grow worse and bring about a time of tribulation such as man and this planet has never seen. It will be worse than the world wide flood because it will be a slow, difficult, long suffering destruction. This will be the last time such a thing will happen on the planet and afterwards the MILLINEUM KINGDOM where YAHWEY will REIGN on Earth 1000 Years. After that is the Great WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT. Hope you who read this have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Posted: Dec 03 2009, 2:23 PM

206173 The Ruling Elite
Crazy & Evil
They all belive in Black Magic and the Occult.
Blair and Bush were on a mission for the Queen of England
To retrieve Saddam’s magic stone!!!!!

The Magic Stone of Saddam Hussein:
Tyrants create their own twisted reality, and force their people to live, as it were, inside the dictator’s skull, and inside his own private drama, endlessly re-enacting it. So complete can this process be that it gives an occult impression: that of a spell cast over an entire country by a master sorcerer. When the tyrant is overthrown or dies, it is as if an entire population is liberated from the spell—there is much relief, but also much surprise—and shame—at being held in thrall for so long.

But the tyrant as sorcerer isn’t just a metaphor borrowed from fantasy. Astonishingly, many twentieth-century tyrants have used magical powers and psychic tools not only to control their people, but to gauge and manipulate their own destinies. Tyrants are instinctive manipulators, but not necessarily analytical. So they tend to place a great deal of stress on the notion of ‘ Providence’, which has ordained their destiny, and protects them, but which must also be placated.

One such tyrant was Saddam Hussein. You are probably familiar with the details of the repressive state apparatus and vicious practices by which the dictator of Iraq and his cronies kept their hold over the country. But did you know that that Hussein, his family and his circle not only believed in magic, but used it, both to promote superstitious fear in Iraqis, and to also try and ‘second-guess’ their opponents and protect their own destinies?

Magic has a strange place in Muslim countries. Its practice, but certainly not its existence (as it’s mentioned several times in the Koran), is reviled by fundamentalist Muslims. However, many ordinary Muslims frequent magicians, faith-healers, fortune-tellers, and many other practitioners of magical arts. Of course there is a distinction made between good and bad magic, and most magic is carried out using the intervention of either angels or jinn(genies)—the latter being seen as much less reliable than angels, being habitual liars and mischief-makers. Nevertheless, jinn (who can be compared to both fairies and demons in Western imagery—some are good, some bad, some merely highly unpredictable) are considered to be easier to use by ordinary magicians.

Saddam Hussein, whose peasant mother Sabha sometimes worked as a fortune-teller, has always believed in magic. He himself was reputed to have had some success in ‘studying the sands’ and summoning jinn to do his bidding. It was believed that he had seven jinn to protect him, and that he spoke daily with the king and queen of the jinn, who advised him. He also ordered Baghdad University to set up a department of parapsychology, to investigate methods to use in the Iran-Iraq war, and later to ‘mind-read’ UN inspectors searching for WMDs in Iraq.

Saddam personally patronised a rotating circle of favourite magicians—not only Iraqis, but a French Arab, a Turk, a Chinese, a Japanese and an Indian magician, and—wait for it—a beautiful Jewish witch from Morocco! His personal magician, interviewed by a reporter from the Washington Post in Baghdad in 2003, before Saddam’s capture, said that his work for the Hussein family involved ‘mostly issues of love, faithfulness and sexual prowess.’ Saddam’s son Uday—who was also a firm believer in magic—scouted through his TV station for magicians and other psychics to come and work for the Hussein family. Brave was the psychic or magician who took up such an offer--if Uday or other family members took exception to a prediction or a spell, you might well be imprisoned or even executed. ( The magician interviewed by the Washington Post was imprisoned for six months because Saddam suspected that his own wife, angry with his womanising, had paid the magician to cast a spell to hurt the dictator’s leg.)

It was said that one or more of these sorcerers had made Saddam a special talisman, a magic stone which he wore either around his neck, or had had implanted under the skin of his arm, depending on who you listened to. This stone made him invulnerable. The fact that the dictator survived several assassination attempts (including one by Mossad, which is regarded in almost supernatural terms by many people in the Middle East), countless plots, the Iran-Iraq war, the first Gulf War, and even the second Gulf War, could only add fuel to the image of Saddam the Sorcerer, arch-manipulator and master of all kinds of forces, historical and parapsychological, whose destiny was protected by dark and dangerous forces, and best not meddled with.

Many believers in Saddam’s magic powers were profoundly shocked by the TV images of the Master of Magicians being pulled, haggard and dirty, from his hiding place last year . But others believe he is still protected. Saddam’s own delusional demeanour at his pre-trial hearing suggests the old fox still thinks he is the darling of Providence.



Posted: Dec 03 2009, 2:46 PM

206173 Illuminati Use "Magick" Against Us

The Illuminati and their minions enjoy the certain knowledge that the spiritual realm not only exists and at all times interpenetrates our phenomenal world; they also know how to manipulate elements of these spiritual dimensions to make things occur at a given place and time according to their wishes.
On the more mundane level, they know how, through the manipulation of words, sounds and symbols, to change people and the flow of events of the world in which we all move.
If Magick can be defined as "The Art and Science of causing change (in our world) to occur in conformity with Will" , then the Illuminati, who know with a certainty that the spiritual realm exists as a part of our "ordinary" sensory reality, have also learned how to bend, shape and manipulate that reality and the people within it to affect change which will benefit them.
They may do this through elaborate ritual, or by simply imposing their Will upon another through the strength of their thoughts. However, it is often desirable, and sometimes even necessary, to acquire the actual physical excreta of a person they wish to control. Therefore, strands of hair, one's fingernail clippings or a jot of blood will provide the "physical-spiritual link" between the one they wish to influence, and the controller...............
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