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Article posted Jan 01 2007, 5:54 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: The Newspaper Print

Missouri: Police Roadblock Harassment Caught on Tape

St. Louis County, Missouri threaten to arrest a teenager for refusing to discuss his personal travel plans.

A teenager harassed by police in St. Louis, Missouri caught the incident on tape. Brett Darrow, 19, had his video camera rolling last month as he drove his 1997 Maxima, minding his own business. He approached a drunk driving roadblock where he was stopped, detained and threatened with arrest when he declined to enter a conversation with a police officer about his personal travel habits. Now Darrow is considering filing suit against St. Louis County Police.

"I'm scared to drive for fear of being stopped at another checkpoint and arrested while doing nothing illegal," Darrow told TheNewspaper. "We're now guilty until we prove ourselves innocent to these checkpoint officers."

On that late November night, videotape confirms that Darrow had been ordered out of his vehicle after telling a policeman, "I don't wish to discuss my personal life with you, officer." Another officer attempted to move Darrow's car until he realized, "I can't drive stick!" The officer took the opportunity to undertake a thorough search of the interior without probable cause. He found nothing.

When Darrow asked why he was being detained, an officer explained, "If you don't stop running your mouth, we're going to find a reason to lock you up tonight."

The threats ended when Darrow informed officers that they were being recorded. After speaking to a supervisor Darrow was finally released.

"These roadblocks have gotten out of hand," Darrow told TheNewspaper. "If we don't do something about them now, it'll be too late."

A full video of the incident is available here. A transcript is provided below as the audio is at times very faint.

Article Excerpt:
Transcript of audio made by Brett Darrow:

Officer #1: How are you tonight sir?
Brett: Hi.
Officer #1: Can you put your window down for me.
(I roll the window ALL the way down.)
Officer #1: Do you have a driver's license and proof of insurance?
(I begin to get my information out of my wallet)
Officer #1: Where you headed tonight?
Brett: I don't wish to discuss my personal life with you officer.
Officer #1: Alright, come on up here.
(I start to move my car)
Officer #1: As a matter of fact, just stop your car right here and step out.
(I stop the car, roll up my windows, pull up the emergency brake, and shut the car off)
Officer #1: Leave your car runnin with the keys in it.
Brett: What's that?
Officer #1: Leave your car runnin with the keys in it.
Brett: I don't want it to roll away officer.
Officer#1: Turn the car on.
Brett: It's a manual officer.
Officer #1: Okay. That's fine, then leave it off. Just leave it off. You're right, that's dangerous.
(I step out, and lock the doors.)
(He then calls another officer over)
Officer #1: Give me your keys.
Brett: Why officer?
Officer #1: I need to move it out of the street.
Brett: Can I move it?
Officer #1: No.
(Officer #1 takes my keys)
Brett: Why are you moving my car?
Officer #1: Because I'm going to talk you--I'm going to interview you because you didn't want to interview. You didn't want to sit down and have a talk with me.
Brett: I do not want to talk about my personal life.
Officer #1: Okay.
(We walk to the side of the road)

(Officer #2 then unlocks my car and looks around inside of it. You can see his flash light moving around in the car.)
Officer #2: Hey uh, I can't drive a stick. (laughs about it) I can't drive a stick.
(Officer #3 enters my car and attempts to move it. He stalls it once. He then lets it roll back down the hill before giving it a lot of gas and ridding the clutch while trying to move it forward. He then exits the car 62 seconds after entering.)
(While the officers are trying to move my vehicle, this audio not heard)
Officer #1: Where are you headed tonight?
Brett: I don't want to talk about my personal life.
Officer #1: Have you had anything to drink tonight?
Brett: No.
Officer #1: Alright, I'll be right back
(Officer #1 then calls 2 other officers (Officers #4 & #5) to stand by me as he goes to a patrol car to check my license)

Brett: Why am I being detained officer? (directed toward Officer #4)
Officer #4: You better stop runnin your mouth or the other officer will find a reason to lock you up tonight.
(Audio can now be heard again)
Brett: You're saying you're going to make up a reason to arrest me?
Officer #4: No I didn't. I said we would find a reason.
Brett: Okay. I just want to let you know all of this is being recorded.
Officer #4: That's good, we're recording it too. Do what he tells you to do--
Brett: I don't have a right to talk right here in a normal voice?
Officer #4: Yes you do.
Brett: You're saying I'm going to be arrested.
Officer #4: I'm just saying...
Brett: You just said you‘re going to find a reason to lock me up.
Officer #4: I said do what he telld you to do.
Brett: You said if I keep runnin my mouth, I will be locked up.
Officer #4: I said he'll find a reason.
Why are you going to find a reason to lock me up when I'm only asking why I'm being detained in a normal voice?
Officer #4: Do what he tells you to do.
Brett: Am I being detained?
Officer #4: Yes you are!
Brett: May I leave?
Officer #4: No, you may not.
Brett: Why am I being detained?
Officer #4: Because you don't have a driver's license.
Brett: I do have a driver's license. I gave it to the other officer.
Officer #4: When the other officer comes back--When he comes back--When he comes back you can talk to him about it.
Brett: Why are you saying I don't have my license?
Officer #4: Nineteen years old and you know everything.
Brett: Yes sir.

Brett: I'm being detained because I didn't tell the officer where I was going?
Officer #4: I wasn't here, you can talk to him when he comes back.

Brett: What was your name.
(Officer #4 ignored me)
Brett: Officer how do you spell your last name?
Officer #4: It's right there.
(points to chest, but his name is covered by the traffic safety vest. He then moves it so I can see.)
Officer #4: Hallquisd.
Brett: H-A-L-L-Q-U-I-S-D?
Officer #4: Yep.

(I then turn toward the other officer standing by me. Officer #5)
Brett: And what was your name officer?
Officer #5: Schmit.
(Officer #5 then talks to Officer #4 about stopping someone that had his last name)

Brett: Are you stopping everybody and getting them out of the car?
Officer #4: You can talk to the other officer (Officer #1) when he comes back.

(Officer #1 comes back and hands me my license and insurance card)
Officer #1: Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your time.
Brett: Why exactly was I detained and why did you get me out of the car?
Officer #1: You didn't want to answer my questions.(unsure of the rest of his comment)
Brett: Where does me having to go have anything to do with a DWI checkpoint. I don't have the right--
Officer #1: I was trying to have a conversation.
Brett: I didn't want to have a conversation. You stopped me officer in the middle of the road.
Officer #1: I was trying to have a conversation with you (unsure of the rest of his comment)
Brett: Do you stop everybody and get everybody out of the car? Or you did that just to me?
Officer #1: (unsure of audio)
Brett: Is St. Louis County Police going to pay for a new clutch, after he just killed it here and burnt up my clutch.
Officer #1: Would you like to talk to a supervisor?
Brett: Yes I would.
(Officer #1 goes across the street to get the supervisor.

(Supervisor comes over)
Supervisor: How you doin?
Brett: Hi.
Supervisor: I'm sergeant (unsure of his name)
Brett: I'm Brett Darrow
Supervisor: Brent?
Brett: Brett.
Supervisor: What's the problem tonight?
Brett: I have a problem because I was stopped here and uhh I offered to move my vehicle. The officer said I could not move my vehicle to park it. He told me to leave my keys in the car. I got out. Locked the door. He took my keys. Uhh. And they attempted to move my car here. They stalled it a couple of times. Burnt up the clutch. I mean it's all on tape and video. Now I'm going to have problems with my clutch. Who's going to pay for that?
Supervisor: How do you know they messed up the clutch?
Brett: I saw it right here. I saw smoke coming off as he tired to take off. It's a pretty easy way I guess for you guys to get inside a vehicle on a DWI checkpoint and that's where I have a problem.
Supervisor: Well, DWI checkpoints are authorized.
Brett: I understand they are authorized, but drug checkpoints aren't and you know when I see a K9 unit over here--
Supervisor: That's not the point.
Brett: Well why would there be a K9 unit?
Supervisor: The dog is part of the police department.
Brett: That just happens to be at a checkpoint. I know, I know you get a lot of drug busts off DWI checkpoints.
Supervisor: Actually the dog comes out very rarely. He's not walking by every car.
Brett: Not tonight he's not?
Supervisor: I'm at most of these checkpoints--
Brett: Okay.
Supervisor: And you can't walk the dog by every car. He just physically can't do it.
Brett: Okay
Supervisor: As far as your clutch--I have no idea what kind of damage was caused.
Brett: It's obvious it caused some damage. I mean you could see smoke and he killed my car and I don't know what other problems I'm going to have from that and if I do have problems, I'm going to be coming to the St. Louis County Police and I just want to let you know that tomorrow--this next week--
Supervisor: Do the officers have your name?
Brett: Uhh, I don't know.
Supervisor: Did they give you your ID back?
Brett: They gave me my ID.
Supervisor: Let me copy done your information. The issue obviously is, how do I know you didn't have clutch problems before because you're not driving a newer car?
Brett: That's correct.
Supervisor: What year is it?
Brett: It's a 1997.
Supervisor: So it's an older car?
Brett: Yes.
Supervisor: And you didn't have issues with the clutch before?
Brett: No, probably because I've had it replaced recently.
Supervisor: Well if that is an issue that actually does happen, you'll have to file a complaint with our insurance department.
Brett: Okay
Supervisor: The officers do have a right to..(unsure of audio)
Brett: I understand that, but I don't think they have a right to drive my vehicle.
Supervisor: Well we can't leave it in traffic.
Brett: Well I offered to pull it over here and the officer declined.
Supervisor: When were conducting an investigation. We can't say, oh you can drive your car and then that person takes off and runs over someone, we'd have a problem.
Brett: We'll I'd expect them to pull me off the road originally and not stop me in the middle of traffic.
Supervisor: Here ya go.
(Hands me my license)
Brett: Okay.
Supervisor: Anything else I can do for you?
Brett: No, I mean I just don't understand why I had to get out of the car because I didn't want to tell the officer where I was going. I think that is my own personal business and that has nothing to do with this.
Supervisor: And the officer said because your not telling him where--
Brett: Exactly, that is exactly why he asked me to step out of the car. Because he asked me where I was going and I told him officer I don't wish to speak with you about where I'm going tonight and he said get out of the car.
Supervisor: Okay, I'm sure there was something else besides that.
Brett: That's exactly it and you can bring him over here right now and actually I would like if you would so we can talk about this.
Supervisor: We're not going to do this on the side of the road.
Brett: Okay, and what was your name?
Supervisor: (Unsure of audio)
Brett: And how do you spell it?
Supervisor: (Unsure of audio)
Brett: May I leave?
Supervisor: Certainly, the officer said you could leave before.

(I get in the car, turn the video toward the officers and then behind me at the supervisor. I then drive off.)

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Comments 1 - 20 of 59 Add Comment Page of 3 >

Posted: Jan 01 2007, 10:58 AM

7532 Nothing to see here. If you seek trouble, trouble is what you will find.

Posted: Jan 01 2007, 3:22 PM

205134 This snot nosed little sheite was asking for trouble and was damn lucky you didn't get it.

Posted: Jan 01 2007, 3:32 PM

20846 you are absolutely in the right to question the actions of the police. I don't care to be asked where i am going either, as it is none of there business. This is not NAZI Germany yet, even though many in this society want to take it there. I say stick up for your rights!

Posted: Jan 01 2007, 3:36 PM

froggy and anonymous are full of shit this guy was not looking for trouble and he had every right to refuse to tell the officer where he was going. It's none of their fucking business unless they put him under arrest and then he has the right to remain silent. Check points are unconstitutional and the officers are clearly harrassing this man and conducting illegal drug searches as well. Froggy and the other communistic asshole anonymous poster should blow me. I think this is just another Nazi illegal check point and those officers should be repremanded for harrassment of an innocent citizen. they have no right to detain him unless he has committed a crime. The officers didn't even sound professional at all. they sounded like Nazi's! Who the fuck do you posters think you are saying nothing to see here? You sound like a nazi pigs and your too yellow to post your name anonymous asshole? This Vietnam vet hates the likes of yellow bellied cock roachs like you. Fuck off and die

Posted: Jan 01 2007, 3:41 PM

Excluding anonymous poster no. 2 of course I think these previous posters froggy57 and anonymous #1 are provocateurs because they sound like their from Nazi germany. QUESTION AUTHORITY ALWAYS!
rob wilson

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 1:02 AM

2487 The first question was" where are you going tonight." At a DWI checkpoint, the first question should have been: Have you been drinking tonight? The teenager was right to question authority based on this sequence of events. Please everyone remember that famous quote: Those who give up freedom for security will end up with neither.

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 2:30 AM

6749 You run your camera.
You went out for a hunting trip.
Mature man knows when it is wise not to confront authority directly .
You did it.
You are not mature yet.
To be a revolutionary.
Not yet.
b wiggins

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 2:49 AM

69108 im not about telling cops every detail. but it still seems like the boy could have avoided trouble. you at a dwi checkpoint. the cops want more then a one worded answer. they're paying attention to every detail of how you talk, react, look, put your words together (converstae), etc. you act all secretive, what the cops going to exspect. how hard is it to say you're going home, or wherever, unless you really going to do some illegal junk. you're at the airport, the people want your pockets emptied going through the metal detector. what you going to say? "I have peronal items in my pocket". nope.

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 3:24 AM

74135 I think the boy was harrassed cops have no right to detain you for no apparent reason and search your car without probable cause the first 2 posters can suck dick for all i care

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 4:58 AM

B wiggins you sound like you will make a good slave by saying to just bow down and avoid trouble. Just because they are authority that doesn't make them right. dwi check points according to the CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS ARE ILLEGAL and the cops took it one step further by seaching illegally looking for drugs also. iT'S NONE OF THE COPS DAMN BUSINESS WERE SOMEONE IS GOING! Anybody should be able to carry a camera and film anything they want including the illegal actions of the dwi check point. This story is just evidence of an upcoming police state and citizens should be outraged but NO you have these sheeple condoning their actions. Those people are not being good citizens and questioning authority is always the duty of a good Americans. Like our forefathers said "we must be diligent in our citizenship"

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 8:31 AM

643 To anyone who justifies this as a legal search is as unamerican as you can get. All civil servants have to serve under a sworn oath. I guess these days integrity is just a word.

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 12:03 PM

69125 Cops do not have the right to just go ahead & do whatever they like. You have no obligation whatsoever to answer any cop questions that you don't feel like answering.

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 12:11 PM

490 Way to go!!! someone has to police the police. Remember we hired them to serve and protect us. Not to set up Soviet style checkpoints and make un-reasonable requests.

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 12:13 PM

490 We need more video camando's out there protecting our freedom!!!

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 12:34 PM

He's lucky they didn't beat the $hit out of him, plant a gun, some drugs, and marched him off to lockup for 3-5.

When they're not busy busting kids who smoke joints, they're proving their manlyhood by power tripping at checkpoints, when they're not running checkpoints, they're beating up poor people and peace activists, when they're not beating up poor people, they're handing out parking tickets....

...and if they're not doing these good things to protect the community from all the evil doers...they're usually running rackets with the local mob. Can you say "rendon group"...I knew that you could.

The FBI just busted a sherriff and his crew of 16 in NC or VA, they were stealing drugs and then selling them back to the drug dealers they stole them from, along with a "protection" fee....for about 2 decades.

Cops are great to have around though, everyone should own one.

The US is turning into a third world banana republic, crooked judges, crooked politicians, and crooked talks in these types of societies, the rest is just noise.

Truth and justice? LMAO at American naivety.
heading there ...

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 12:37 PM

8510 way to go USA

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 12:48 PM

72199 i have gotten into a similar situation. You should all know, that it is psychologically proven, that when given the authority to control, human beings will eventually abuse the power. I am talking about many if not most of the police force and many of our own government and, the governmental system created by them.
In my opinion, I think that there are many many police officers that just plainly want that EXTRA POWER over us, aka power trips, and others wanted to make the world a better place, yet when they put on the uniform, they believe they HAVE to act a certain way, which makes them act like the officers in this incident. Don't get me wrong i still believe there are officers trying to help out the country.

This is all proven by a research done by i think Freud during the early 1900s, i cant recall exactly who it was, but basically, they made a couple of normal citizens participating for this experiment to dress like "officers", and the other half to dress like prisoners and keep the experimentees dressed as prisoners in a mock prison environment. After a couple of days of this, the "police officers" became more and more angry and mean to these "prisoners" making them do push ups, and random "torturous acts". The "prisoners" then become more and more sickly, weak, and became completely obedient to these abusers. THIS experiment concluded that HUMAN BEINGS ACT THE WAY THEY THINk THEY SHOULD IN CERTAIN ENVIRONMENTS, WHICH EXPLAINS ALOT ABOUT THESE OFFICERS THESE DAYS.

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 1:10 PM

20994 The officer asks a simple question, and the kid answers like he needs a lawyer to answer the question.

The officer does not know if there's a gun under the seat of the car.

Q: Where you headed tonight?

Answer: heading over to a party in Louisville.
Or Answer : Louisville.

If you're at a bus stop or something and somebody makes conversation and asks "So, where you headed?", do don't have to make a speech of "I do not wish to discuss my personal life with you, Stranger". Heck, just say "Going to the MALL" or "Going to Wallmart".

Well you probably would not say "Going to the Liquor Store" if you get stopped at a DWI checkpoint, but geezzzzzzzzzzz; you don't start sounding like you have something to hide.

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 1:28 PM

24238 People who think, a citizen "should not question authority or save themselves all the trouble". Are cowards, and deserve to live in a nazi like society. Because these kind of flunky cowards, are the enemy of any free society. They are so willing to give up freedoms, so many have given their lives for.

Posted: Jan 02 2007, 1:34 PM

65102 Good job, Brett. Anyone who is a real man or wishes to become one must always stand up for himself. Don't listen to the sheeple here who chastised you for thinking for yourself and standing up for your rights. You did the right thing.
Comments 1 - 20 of 59 Page of 3 >

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