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Multimedia posted Sep 13 2006, 11:55 PM Source: In The Wake Productions Print

911 Mysteries

What really happened?

90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with staggering witness testimonials. Moving from "the myth" through "the analysis" and into "the players," careful deconstruction of the official story set right alongside clean, clear science. The 9/11 picture is not one of politics or nationalism or loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics. How do you get a 10-second 110-story pancake collapse?

911 Mysteries

In The Wake Productions

You can purchase this excellent film here.


"Excellent. The best of the 9/11 movies." --David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor

"WOW! is my reaction to this movie. Great insight into demolitions and what really happened on 9/11/2001." --Steven E. Jones, physics professor, Brigham Young University

"An outstanding contribution to understanding 9/11. Simply superb." --James H. Fetzer, founder, Scholars for 911 Truth

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Posted: Oct 03 2006, 7:38 PM

68161 I dont believe any of it. giive me a break

Posted: Oct 12 2006, 5:32 AM

8263 It seems that the only thing we know for sure is that there is still an awful lot that we don't know and can't explain, and that the official explanation does not go anywhere near answering the huge questions that are being asked.

We DO have to consider the twin towers, building 7, the Pentagon, and the other flight that went down, all together - they are all parts of the same event.

The most crucial point that has not been addressed in these comments is the question of whether the fire was hot enough to melt, or cause a structual failure in the steel. If, as it has been suggested, it was not - then what other possible theory can explain the sudden and total collapse?

Posted: Nov 11 2006, 7:50 PM


Posted: Nov 15 2006, 7:11 PM

62254 For JUST THINK.

Man, you're from Israel. Then you've no right to talk about brainwashing. Your government has managed to manipulated the Jewish mindsight to such an extent that you manage to justify what you have done in Palestine. Just like American settlers you take no consideration for the land you take or the people you kill. In my opinion Israel is the modern day Nazi state, placing the people of Gaze and West Bank in ghettos, economically strangling the country while continuing to blame them for the situation.

When you pronounce disgust at some Muslim cleric calling for the end of Israel, you must understand their situation. That is exactly what you have done to their state. I recently read an article about the establishment of the Israeli state. Numerous potential sites were examined including Texas yet you proclaim that you have an historic claim on the land. Well then the Aborigines and Native Americans should be entitled to their land considering it is much more recent claim. American and Israel are continually in cahoots considering they follow the same agenda - taking what is not there's, be it land (Israel) or oil (America).

Therefore I will end as I began - You have no right to discuess such issues.

Posted: Nov 19 2006, 3:45 PM

6699 If you are brought into the police station for question in a murder and you are caught lying, that's enough to chrge you with murder.
Covering up a murder and destroying forensic evidence is enough for a death penalty case. Let's proceed with a death penalty case against all of 'em, Gulianni, Bushes, Cheney, Chertov, Rice, Bloomberg, Roemer, Ben-vanista, Big Jim Thompson, Gorellik,
Powell, Zelikow, Tenent, and on and on

Posted: Nov 24 2006, 7:36 PM

80216 Very Interesting documentary. Horrific (and true??) speculations, when will we ever know the truth? This film should be spotlighted by tv-companies worldwide, or is it flamable material?
I think itīs not - Go for it!

Posted: Nov 26 2006, 8:45 AM

8383 I just had a look at this stunning documentary. It's a documentary about steel construction, large building demolition techniques, physics about large steel constructions and other engineering aspects. The problem with terrible things like 0911 is, that we are talking about a very complex mixed bag of facts and emotions. To me, this documentary clearly shows that from a technical point of view the impact of the two entering planes could never have caused the fast complete and almost flawless collapse of the two towers. In other words: this tragic event must have been very well prepared and has taken a lot of expertise knowledge to 'realize'. At the time all this happened the world was really shocked and as such governments made use of the emotions of people to approve actions against the terrorist forces. As people were still in shock, the decision to attack Iraq was easily accepted. However, if we look at things today, the world has not become a better or safer place. Iraq and other countries in that region have become more unstable than ever before. 0911 is a single event, but ignited and approved all the geopolitical and military events afterwards. Therefore it is important to understand how 0911 really happened and why so many important questions seem to be unanswered or at least are not clear. I fear that if finally the truth might be revealed, this could have severe consequences about world politics and global stability (especially when the truth would reveal some kind of conspiracy or intended setup). We can only make our world a better place, if we put geopolitical thinking in a completely different perspective: a world where trust, integrity, honesty and long term sustainable policies are introduced. I hope, that mankind once will understand that the old fashioned way of 'power-thinking' is not a valid structural solution anymore to deal with the problems we have in our 'highly sophisticated' world today. As long as were a willing to understand and accept, that we and our systems are far from perfect and that our social, political and economical systems need constant attention for further improvement on a long term scale and as such we are willing to discuss these imperfections openly and globally, we might have a chance to really change something for the better (instead of the other way around as we are seeing today).

Marcel / The Netherlands

Posted: Dec 12 2006, 3:22 AM

211223 A video showing the building to collapse in ten seconds could
easily be made from an original in which it collapsed over
a period of much longer. Digital technology is so simple nowadays,
available for example in Movie Maker which comes along with Windows XP, that literally everything shown in this video is subject to serious doubt.

Try it yourself: take a 10-second segment of a video and remove every other frame. Bingo, a 5-second speeded up version that cannot -- without some additional velocity-known material in the same frame -- be detected from what would have recorded had it occurred at double speed. Even such additional velocity-known material could be doctored into the image, though it would be very time consuming.

Likewise (but more difficult) you can create a morph of each two adjacent frames and stick them between. Bingo -- a 20-second version that cannot (without TREMENDOUS difficulty, way outside the capabilities of all but a few) be distinguished from what it would have recorded had it actually taken place over 20 seconds.

Now, if we had the originals -- but who among the general population would know the difference? We'd just have to trust the official version.

Which is what I do.

Posted: Dec 12 2006, 10:11 AM


Posted: Dec 27 2006, 11:54 PM

81107 To JUST THINK and anyone else.
> Speed of falling.
Floor hitting on floor breaking it and falling on another would take some time - each time new floor is broken. It would increase over all fall time. Increase it noticeably above free fall time.
> The core.
Where is the core? That question means - where has it disappeared in the falling of floors. Core didn't have normal floors that could crush one another. Therefore this issue is not explained by official version neither you mate. Cos lets remember - the core was massive steel structure that couldn't be shattered just like that. If damaged top bit had really collapsed, it would have very likely just fallen off the side of the building.
> Whole floors collapsing theory.
Do you really think that ALL those floors would just keep collapsing in orderly fashion onto one another ALL the way down maintaining perfect direction, force and speed? Don't you think that irregularities in this chaotic process would cause the floors to deviate from perfect vertical direction and cause them to start falling sideways all around the tower? And eventualy stopping progress of this collapse well before the ground floor? How can you not see this mate? You say "the core is keeping the debree from falling sideways". How? When you cut trunk of a tree, it tips over, because it's quite rigid. And if you have standing rigid core surrounded by "softer" floors structures, the core would stay in its place with "soft" stuff falling which ever way around it, OR the core it's self would collapse by tipping over at particular point (plane & fire damage?) and "soft" stuff falling which ever way around it. Things in real situations usually break at weak point. Demolitions experts are experts because they know how to create numerous weak points through the whole structure so that it breaks as they want it to. In real world things don't break this way. They don't disintegrate in mid air mate ;-)
> Why we cant see full floors?
You say "Pressure!!! The building IS HUGE all thet debree couses HUGE pressure breacking everything in to little pieces". You can't be serious. For the pressure generated by weight to become huge and to have possibility to shatter things into little pieces it would have to be focused. Fall of a building is nothing but focused. Falling mass would be full of spacial irregularities - here a brick, here a wall, here a table, here an empty space, here a piece of core, there anothere edge of another thing.. There is no place for focused pressure here mate. Yes, floors and stuff would breake - but certinly not into little pieces.

> Why did debris fly so far?
You say "if you look at the video when they crashh it seems dbree flyes upword and it does becouse the inner mass is falling pushing aside at vast speeds it flungs chunks out becouse they have no more room." So even you are admitting that chunks would have no more room as they all keep falling down. And it's very likely that most chunks would not have room and they would behave as describer above. Furthermore according to your theory fall of the floors would have to be FOCUSED down. And it would have to be really seriously focused to make them all just free fall STRAIGHT (not all around) down ;-) So the building is collapsing. At incredible speed. Actually free fall speed. Straight down. So how can chunks fly up? And quite high? Are we loosing our focus now mate?

> Many many many other examples?
Not explained by you. Try this one - what about the explosions visible just bursting from sides of buildings BELOW the fall line?

What you say doesn't make sense mate. You dismiss presented evidence, giving your own explanations, when actually you are totally wrong AND what you dismiss has truly been explained by the video creators already! You are actually ignoring what they said and this way you are just confusing other people.

Shame on you mate.

To Eugene
Mate, the video was compiled from news and other filmmakers' sources. Countless people have this stuff recorded on their VCRs originally from 9/11. The beauty of it all is that it draws on these sources in particular. There is no secret tape, newly found source. Media them selves have supplied this material ;-)

Posted: Jan 03 2007, 7:56 PM

21391 please, somebody, where can i find english subtitles for "911 mysteries" ?
please help me! Because i can't understand all just listening.
Thank you in advance!
Happy new year from Bulgaria

Posted: Jan 06 2007, 10:12 PM

91127 to Bulgaria

English transcript of 911 Mysteries available here:

To get slovak/czech subtitles in .srt format, google "911 mysteries subtitles", 3rd result
a small frog

Posted: Jan 07 2007, 12:28 AM

7413 Well, I just saw the documentary and I'm quite joyfull to see several groups of US citizen awakening from huge holywood-media manipulation. Even french citizen are impacted by this propaganda. It's a good thing to be a patriot, to be proud of our land and values, but beeing proud of real facts is one thing and being proud of a mirage is another, it's called pride and that's the best way to hit the wall at full speed !

Just an example :

WWII number of deads approx : 54.600.000 (18.000.000 civilians)
WWII number of US deads : 300.000 (almost no civilians)
WWII number of Jews deads : 3.000.000 (almost all civilians)

But almost all the media production relating this war shows americans blood or jews blood, not so much about the "others" !!! France lost as many soldiers as UK and US, did you think they just falled-back ? History has been so often disguised, that truth has nothing to do with what masses consider beeing true.

World-wide media propaganda is our modern world's cancer, in most countries, the education system reinforce this mass manipulation by distorting real facts, this is the new age power-tool, initiated by Hitler, Staline and Mao. In those nazi and communism systems, parents were discharged of childs education, don't you see this gradually appearing in our western countries ?

Lots of people think that hiding or attenuating facts is not a sin. That's a very big mistake !!! A lie is a lie, nothing else. Exagerrating or attenuating facts is the best lying system ever used because you can't immediatly see it as so. If you see 100 movies showing US soldiers fighting and dying during WWII and only 1 movie showing Chinese or USSR soldiers dying, you'll probably consider US beeing the main actor/victim in this war. You are very far from truth.

I personnaly think that all the atrocities committed during WWII by all involved forces (not only the axe forces), are now used as a reference by current leaders to attenuate nowdays exactions ! And I also think that the obsession to memorize these facts make us inable to react or to have an objective sight on present crimes and scandals...
a small fried frog

Posted: Jan 07 2007, 1:19 AM

7413 I'm also an engineer frog...

Planes explosions occured mainly on the periphery of the structure.

According to what the civil eng. said, the core structure was the main "bone" of the tower, so I agree it's really strange that this bone and the floors collapsed together. This would only be possible if the core beams had serious weaks at every floor level...

Imagine it's not a conspiracy :

Steel is a very good heat conductor. While floors were burning at the top of the tower, the whole steel structure started to warm up. One thing the engineers didn't say is : was all the structure made of the same metal ?
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE if the bolts were made of another metal with a smaller dilatation ratio, they could brake apart under pressure of beams dilatation.

All materials or gas expand when warmed, so a structure made of different materials (aluminium, iron, steel, concrete) may undergo very strong pressures and torsions that are very hard to predict without simulating tools.

Also, any closed volume containing gaz (air or anything else) will expand and explode or break its container, so explosions may occur in any of these cases.

The only very strange things is about the insurance policies changes made before this tragedy.

Another very strange thing is : why did they collapsed vertically ? There is no symetry in the impacts and I believe the heat core was not at the center of the core... this is strange.

Maybe all the bolts breaking quite simultaneously but from top to ground (warmer to cooler) would explain the speed of collapsing !


Posted: Jan 23 2007, 10:18 PM

69221 I love my country, but I fear my government. Those out there who refuse to use the grey matter that God has given us, and learn from this horrible past, and do something about it, are doomed to let those who inflicted this on the American people, to repeat it.

Henry Ford was right. He said \"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it\".

Think people, Think! It\'s always those of us who ask questions, who are labeled conspiracy theorist. When everyone is thinking the same thing, no one is really thinking.

We can\'t allow those who perished to die in vain. They speak to us from the grave. If we do nothing, their blood are on all of our hands.
discusted american

Posted: Feb 11 2007, 9:00 PM

6880 after everything i have seen and read on these sites i just CAN NOT believe that the american people have just sat around and turned a blind eye to all that this government of money hungry war mongers are turning our country into ! people would well if you dont like it then you should vote... well you have all herd that saying one vote can make a difference (bullshit) if the votes favor the wrong person they (ie the money hungry war mongers) will just pull another florida screw up election ! but ill tell you what i think. if we the people dont do something and fast we will see this administration drag us into another world war and for what? them to gain more power over us and line there pockets with more money. what do you think this government has done to make us safer. i think nothing. if a person or persons are willing to give up their life for a cause and are not afraid to die well it would be very hard to stop them from carrying out their plan. the government has us believiing that we need to give up some of our freedom to be safe (more bullshit) we need a government that looks out for our country by improving our way of life HERE for all not just the for the people who have. if you have looked through all the sites on the web about what this government and others before it have been hidding from us as they start their own secret little wars and lie to us like we are children. i would think that anyone with half a brain could figure out we are being used by the government to pay for all thier activities with our hard earned money. and while some of us have been reduced to having to deciede weather we want to heat or eat they are taking home six digit
pensions and health care benifets fit for kings.


Posted: Feb 19 2007, 11:28 AM

19593 Behold The Truth Is Here

Posted: Apr 11 2007, 5:08 PM

216191 umm...

I think the collision of the airplanes into the towers was a little more than "a fly puncturing a mesh"...


Posted: Jun 11 2007, 7:21 PM

A good follow up to this is "September Clues" recently just out on and You won't believe what your seeing and will probably watch it several times. (can you get it Chris?)

It has become painfully obvious that we now have a missile fired into the second tower that was hit (tower1) and one into the Pentagon with a drone firing it and crashing into the pentagon at the same time, hence the one small drone engine found and the debris picked-up by employees violating laws that govern a crime scene which by the way they are all guilty of a felony, so who else other than the MIC would have the ability to fire missiles within our airspace? No one!

The passenger manifests for the imaginary planes (Tower one, Pentagon and Shanksville) should reveal that these people are alive or died in a different time line or are completely made up and never existed just like some of the hijackers that have been found alive and were nowhere near the US on that day and had nothing to do with 9/11. Also what military craft were in the same airspace that day may produce fruitless searches.

It's all unraveling on the globalist with a mountain of evidence against them, they are going to start panicking themselves into mistakes that will blow their whole set of plans that has taken many decades to put in place. No amount of money can hide these global criminals from the worlds justice as the hunt goes on for more damning evidence to present to a World Tribunal court for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Say good-bye to your son George papa Bush from the cell next to his.

Thank god they built those FEMA camps because we will be needing them for overflow of prisoners in our prison system or better yet we can tear down the FEMA camps and just hang the traitors.

The media (ABC, CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, including the BBC) were right in on the whole plan for 9/11 from the beginning as many have suspected, they were all part of the cover-up and without ALL the media's cooperation this couldn't have been pulled off by the controlling globalist bankers and corporations. So far, besides the globalist bankers and corporations we have the MIC and the CIA, MI5 and MI6, the Israeli government criminals, The governor of New York Gouliani, the Mob, the FBI, state and local police, this administrations top criminal people including the President and VP are all conspiratorial in the grand illusion of 9/11.

The second revolution can be fought and won without our citizens ever firing a bullet just by exposing them to the light of truth and scrutiny and prosecuting EVERY complicit criminal traitor to the fullest extent of our constitutional laws. Our next move among many is to make sure Ron Paul gets elected.

Posted: Jun 11 2007, 7:59 PM

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