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Multimedia posted Jul 31 2006, 6:29 PM Source: InformationLiberation Print

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

This is the first half of the shocking but extremely informative video documentary "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" (1998) where 15 people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, and parents' experiences, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines.

The Hidden Truth

With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, ironically, the important facts presented here come from the orthodox medicine's own peer-reviewed research. The result is a damning account of the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often harmful effects.

It shows that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that "It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people."

Find out how vaccines are proven to be both useless and have harmful effects to your health and how it is often erroneously believed to be compulsory.

Many people simply refuse to believe the truth regardless of how clear it is, but the impeccable documentation presented in this amazing video has changed the minds of many who have seen it.

To view or purchase the whole DVD/video, go to

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Posted: Jan 12 2007, 2:31 PM

24234 "were F#$@'d"

Posted: Feb 03 2007, 11:56 PM

They know exactly what they are doing and there is no mistake being made by the doctors as this is what they plan. It's called eugenics, or genocide or population control however you want to look at it. They knowingly kill our children or at least knowningly put them at risk for a life time of misery. DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN IF YOU LOVE THEM AND IF YOU WANT THEM TO BE HEALTHY FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES YOU WILL LOOK TO BUILDING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AND NATURAL REMEDIES.

Posted: Feb 25 2007, 3:49 PM

24234 Bring back the plague! Bring back polio! Bring back smallpox! I demand that my children get the same rights to contract lethal and debilitating diseases as our ancestors of old. Only by moving the average age of death back down the 33 yrs old can this planet support the human population.


Posted: Jul 15 2007, 6:30 AM

60234 Swine Flue, the swine would always have to be President Ford, and the drug companies, they were going to make a lot of money. Great film.

Posted: Jul 16 2007, 9:03 AM

I'll admit I didn't watch the video. I personally know all too well the dangers of vaccine injury, having been affected by it myself, and then to see my oldest child suffer same as i did (before I found my voice and put a stop to it). Vaccines do not protect us from disease, ask any pediatrician or go to the CDC website and see for yourself the statistics of vaccinated children contracting diseases they were vaccinated against. Vaccines work in conjunction with artificial infant formula and/or early weaning to weaken the immune system by introducing toxins into the system that can and will cause lifelong problems. It took me so long to recognize the truth simply because the anti-vaccine information was so alarmingly sensationalistic. Seek the truth and you shall find it. Don't believe either side of the story, as they both have an agenda.

Posted: May 11 2008, 1:10 PM

2464 It is no accident that the governments of the world have been enforcing this and doing so under the guise of helping us. The true intention was never to aid us. Rather we are living subjects in their laboratories. Nothing is as it seems in our world/society.
Bronwyn Hancock

Posted: May 31 2008, 5:25 AM

122109 Dear friendstacy, I am the producer of "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth". It is unfortunate that you did not watch the video, because had you done so you would, I hope, have seen that the truth about the dangers of vaccination is not presented in an "alarmingly sensationalistic" way. It just states the facts. Many might say that the truth itself is alarming and sensational, but that is not the fault of how it is presented and it does not make it untrue. It is how those people react to the truth.
Also vaccines weaken the immune system regardless of whether the child is on formula - they do not work "in conjunction with" formula - they just both weaken the immune system, be it alone or together.
Finally, I can see that you are aware about vaccination but I wonder why you say that both sides of the story have an "agenda" that has the potential to distort what they say away from the truth. What agenda could anti-vaccinators possibly have? I give my time, my money, my life, to bringing awareness about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccination as far and wide as possible, and the same goes for many others, yet despite being on our side, you say that we have an "agenda"? What benefit could this work bring us, other than the reward of seeing unvaccinated children, who are (alive to start with! and) so much healthier, happier and brighter than their peers (and adults potentially saved from debilitating health problems)?

Posted: May 31 2008, 4:39 PM

The vaccination (inoculation) argument has been raging since the 17th century in Europe. I'm sorry, vaccination haters, but they DO work, and they have saved millions upon millions of lives since their introduction. The dangerous practice of excluding your children from vaccination regimes endangers thousands of children a year. Vaccinations carry some risk, and very very rarely there are serious side-effects. (Autism is NOT one of them). However, if you drive a car, or put your children in a car, they are much more at risk EVERY DAY than they ever are from the side effects of vaccines. I am very very very very very glad my son can be vaccinated against these child-killers, and I have gladly taken him to every appointment to be vaccinated.

He has had no problems, and the fact that he is less likely to die of measles, meningitis, polio, and other childhood diseases makes me so relieved. I pose the same challenge here that I pose on other websites...

ANYONE who is willing to take homeopathic nosodes and then be exposed to the Smallpox virus (I am immune through vaccination) with me... let's do it. Are you brave enough???? Would you do it to your kids??

If you study the risks and benefits, the benefits win out. Simple truth.

Posted: Jun 01 2008, 8:26 PM

691 Bronwyn...first of name. Are you Welsh? Sorry, I'm into names, etc. Our granddaughter, we suspect, may have a mild form of autism. She is very bright, but very unsocial - almost in her own world. My wife could explain her behavior better than I...Some of it may be genetic because both parents are, how shall I say??? - to themselves. But there is a noticible difference. Great film. I'm watching it now.

Posted: Aug 01 2008, 10:38 AM

24255 Dear phaedra108, I'm curious to know if you watched the video. It is full of documented, verifiable, undeniable facts. Not someone's beliefs, dogma, or feelings.
When I first started to study this information, I was still convinced that vaccinations worked (my children were vaccinated). I have been persuaded by the EVIDENCE that this is not the case. I'm throughly puzzled as to why, in the face of clear and convincing EVIDENCE some choose to, in robotic fashion, repeat the mantra that "vaccinations have saved millions upon millions of lives since their introduction". This simply isn't true. And saying it or believing it doesn't make it true. You need to show us the EVIDENCE and it simply doesn't exist.
I don't suggest you should believe me because I say so. I suggest you should look at the EVIDENCE. Likewise, do not believe your doctor or health care practitioner just because THEY SAY SO. Study the EVIDENCE. Don't be emotional about the issue. USE YOUR HEAD. Study the EVIDENCE and REASON it through. Lives depend on us being rational about such an important topic.
"The fact is that, except in rare cases, man is not a reasoning being. He is dominated by authority, and when the facts are not in accord with the view imposed by authority, so much the worse for the facts." William H. Bates, MD.

Posted: Aug 04 2008, 2:11 AM

8558 PHAEDRA108. Obviously you havnt studied the risks and benifits.
My suggestion to you is, that if you and your family have not developed any of these serious viral infections its because of the scarcity of those said virus. Its well known that virus infection was on its way to its erradication until the vaccination programs came into being, from then on, the trends of cases has gone up.
In my mind, the vaccination programs are to boost the dwindling mortality rate.
As for saving millions, it all depends on your point of view. Those that they have killed through vaccination have been saved and not the other way around.
Like the soy and other GM foods these are being developed not to feed the world, but to cut its population.
Talking of deaths of children in cars and accidents is just bad luck and natural until proven otherwise.
Vaccination is deliberate!!!!!.
They want us dead!!!!!

Posted: Aug 04 2008, 2:49 AM

8558 People like Phaedra are the group that have no intention of facing the truth. They are frightened of it. They are unable to accept because its been drummed into them that everything is hunky dory.
Knowing the truth sometimes extracts the reason to live, out of us.
Its normal to think that if by any chance that Phaedra wakes up there is a possibility that he or she, like hundreds of others will take his or her own life.
And its called "WTF are they doing to us" sindrome.
The only people who can override that solution are the ones that admit they were wrong and have agreed to fight the virus which is epidemic in the government.

"if you have to die, be it of your own hand and not the hand of others".

Posted: Aug 10 2008, 10:06 AM

19845 yall are crazy. the government probably put up this site to watch ya. or maybe not.

Posted: Mar 29 2009, 9:06 AM

81132 It is honourable to try to warn the world about this agenda.
I am just wondering what to do after refusing these vaccinations for our children, if they catch any of these disease is there anything we can do to avoid death?
Is there any alternative way to vaccinations?
I really need to know asap as I am due to a vaccination in few weeks...
Thank you.

Posted: May 05 2009, 3:28 PM

76122 I'm debunking this garbage in a video series. I'll post it when I finish.

So much disinformation and misrepresentation of facts. It's sad. People will actually watch this 20 year old garbage and get their kids killed by not getting them vaccinated like they should.
Bob Catalano

Posted: Jul 19 2009, 2:17 PM

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In the mid 1950s, Robert Catalano was working as a pharmacist and drugstore manager for Robertís Drug in Oklahoma City, and began to see some truth in the late Dr. Henry Lindlahrís findings. After many years of his own private study and observations, Catalano has concluded that the use of drugs and vaccinations should be completely abolished as a giant fraud. The Great White Hoax, (published by iUniverse) is the result of many years of close observation, and amounts to an enlightening assault on the pharmaceutical industry.

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About the Author

Bob Catalano, present owner and operator of New England Singles Dances of Eastern Massachusetts, at age 16 was introduced to the research of Dr. Lindlahr, who had performed cancer studies at his own clinic in Chicago in the late 1800s. Lindlahr found that drugs and surgery did more harm than good in the treatment of cancer. His findings were rejected by his colleagues.

The Great White Hoax

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Posted: Jul 19 2009, 7:37 PM

20483 Be aware of disinformation agent comments.

Posted: Sep 01 2009, 6:20 AM

81165 " Vaccinations carry some risk, and very very rarely there are serious side-effects. (Autism is NOT one of them") @phaedra108: liar, my son is diagnosted with autism after inoculation, I know parents who've lost their child through that poison so keep on sleeping, money is all that mathers to farmaceutical multinationals NOT the health of the people. As a parent it's your DUTY to protect your childeren from hoaxes wich tell you to slowly let them kill your childeren! WAKE UP, dummy

Posted: Oct 10 2009, 5:55 PM

87217 @Darwin: The "33 years old" was a random choice, or not? I don't think you have to be Christian to believe this, though it seems to help. (Personally I am as unqualified as the "PhD researcher" from the film, so I don't know whether vaccines help or not. The "PhD researcher" has a PhD in geology, nothing related to medicine or even biology, but that's apparently a detail not worth mentioning.)

Posted: Oct 20 2009, 5:54 AM

41208 What can I do counter the effects of vaccination.
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