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Article posted Jul 09 2006, 8:38 PM Category: Politics/Corruption Source: The Times-Picayune Print

U.S. to investigate witness rape charge: Chief homicide investigator raped a witness he was assigned to protect

DA's investigator is focus of FBI probe

The U.S. Attorney's Office has issued grand jury subpoenas as part of a federal civil rights investigation into a complaint that Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan's chief homicide investigator raped a witness he was assigned to protect.

Federal agents started the investigation last week after meeting with high-ranking New Orleans Police Department officials and Jordan, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said Friday.

An unidentified woman in the state witness protection program told the NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau that Dwight Deal, a veteran homicide detective who joined Jordan's administration in June 2003 as the chief investigator for murder cases, raped her while she was under his watch.

Deal, 50, worked for more than 20 years with NOPD and at one time was among the most senior of homicide detectives, known for cracking murder cases and making them stick in court to win convictions. Deal played a key role in helping police solve and bring to court the culprits behind the 1997 triple murder at the French Quarter's Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, a case that sent Phillip Anthony to death row.

In June 2003, Deal retired from the NOPD and joined Jordan's staff. Deal was placed on paid administrative June 30, a move that adheres to the office policy, said Jordan spokeswoman Leatrice Dupre.

Jordan declined to discuss Deal, citing privacy laws that hinder employers from discussing work records.

A message left on Deal's work-issued cell phone was not returned immediately Friday.

In his announcement of the federal probe Friday, Letten made reference to the recent conviction of Henry A. Dillon III, the former New Orleans assistant city attorney convicted on federal civil rights charges for raping two young women who crossed paths with him while dealing with traffic tickets in 2004.

Dillon is "a serial rapist who abused his position as a public official in exploiting and brutalizing young women," Letten said in a statement. "In (the Deal) case, our federal civil rights investigation, consistent with federal law and policy, will be fair and even-handed, but also swift and decisive."

At trial, Dillon, 48, a politically connected lawyer with longtime ties to former Mayor Marc Morial, said that he had sex with three of the four women who testified but said they pursued him. The jury called it rape, and federal prosecutors lauded the verdict as a message to public officials.

Dillon is due in court Sept. 21 for sentencing before U.S. District Court Judge Lance Africk.

Letten would not give an exact date of when the Deal investigation started, but said it began after his office met with NOPD brass.

The witness who made the complaint was immediately relocated under the federal protection program, where she remains in a secret location, Letten said.

Letten said he told Jordan that his office would start a federal civil rights investigation into the matter.

"I welcomed his intervention in this matter and further noted that my office would be fully cooperative with his investigation," Jordan said in a statement Friday.

Special Agent in Charge James Bernazzani of the FBI said that anyone with information about this or any other civil rights matter can call the FBI at (504) 816-3000.

The case is being investigated by the FBI and the NOPD Public Integrity Bureau. Assistant U.S. attorneys assigned to the case include Mark Miller, supervisor of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Strike Force Unit, and veteran prosecutor Mike McMahon.

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Posted: Jul 10 2006, 2:35 PM

Rape... what a joke.
Now any woman who has sex with a man to get what she wants, can stop payment on the check by yelling, 'Rape'.
It has gone to far in one direction. Time for the pendalum to swing back the other direction.

Posted: Jul 10 2006, 4:21 PM

It is sickening when such a (get real) credible victim (witness protection program?) can obliterate an exemplary career and outstanding citizen, in a matter of minutes. Perhaps he didn't want to play ball with her and so she pulled out the rape card. Not the first time that the crying wolf routine has been used to benefit the wrong person. Poor guy! His family will go thru hell, and his career face will have been forever smeared with this. Doesn't the proof have to come first - before the censure? How sad that society will jump when a civil rights case is presented, but is loathe to intervene, and takes an act of congress to move, when a child is endangered or worse.

Posted: Jul 10 2006, 6:14 PM

It might actually be true, you know. Women do not report rape as often as it happens. We have become a victim blaming society.
Barbara Allen

Posted: Jul 10 2006, 6:30 PM

Unlike the previous "commentators", I am not ashamed to use my name. Rape is NOT a joke under any circumstances. For the "pendulum to swing back the other direction" would not take very long since women have been the most oppressed segment of society since the beginning of time. You are both very quick to criticize the victim. Do you know her personally? Were you there? Do you know the officer? How do you know he is "outstanding citizen"...not just because he wears a badge, I hope. Both are suffering, and will suffer, because of this. Without a jury trial and without being an eye witness, I would say at least that both parties of guilty of using poor judgment. FYI, rape and sex are not the same act whatsoever. Sex is a physical act of intimacy between two consenting adults; rape is an act of hatred and violence using physical strength and intimidation.

Posted: Jul 10 2006, 10:26 PM

Anyone who has been a part of a rape, on either side, knows it's no joke. It's so easy to judge either way if you have no idea what really happened. People who have been affected by a rape, either themselves or seeing what it does to someone you know, would know it's something that should be taken very seriously. Just because someone seems "upstanding" doesn't mean they are. A very good friend of mine growing up had an uncle who lived with her family for years. She tried to tell others he was abusing her. He was a very influential man in the community and did a lot of good for the town, so nobody believed he could do such a thing. This very good man repeatedly raped her so badly she could never have children.

Posted: Jul 10 2006, 10:59 PM

Hey Ms Barbara, Im with you on that, but I will remain anonymous. Practice what you preach. I dont think you know them to suggest they are ashamed of indentifing themselves. Everyone has good points, but you come closiest to an unbias opinion, which is in fact all we can share at this point in the case of Mr Deal. As everyone know opinions are like, you get my drift. However, Mr Dillion has had a fair trail in a court of law, and now we all must live with the decision. In a nut shell its not what anyone knows; its what one can prove, and with that in mind we all must keep the faith.
Patriarch Verlch

Posted: Jul 10 2006, 11:56 PM

Far too many men are in prison on she said convictions. In fact ladies and Gentlemen 85% of men in prison on rape charges are on she said convictions.

Do women lie? For what gain? Perhaps $$$$.

I guess it's ok for the so called largest oppressed segment in history, American women, whaa wha, is ok to get sex from young boys and not get in trouble for it. See, women are just as capable at comminting crime, they just expect to be treated like ladies, and get off easy. Men are taught a lesson.

What is the song and dance feminist lie, 1 in 4 oppressed women are raped? Do the math gentlemen, why are there no female math wizards, grab your calculator, punch some numbers. That would be 90 million rapists. With rape getting the lowest conviction rate of any major crime, it still comes in at 40%. That would mean there are 75 million rapist men in America that got off the hook. Where are the prisons for all this men, I mean propaganda?

Is looking after, tending to, ministering to, and caring for the offspring you produce, oppression. Stay at home mothers would say motherhood is the most rewarding career in the world.

The website below talks about how destructive the womans movement has been, and how fatherlessness has contributed to 85% of all criminals coming from single parent households, where the vast majority 95% are single mother households, subsidized by the government. Why is the government sponsoring criminality in America? Perhaps we should ask who stands to gain? The State, as they are the third wheel on a marriage certificate, and the bar association and their ambulance chasing staff of $$$ hungry self obsessed bigots.

Women are said to fear criminals.

The crime of the century was allowing women to vote, had we not allowed them to destroy America by unleashing thier chastity, loyalty to one man, their murder of the unborn, and their childlike obsession with taking their children for from their biological fathers. We as Americans would not need a government the size that it is, or the banks that we have sold our souls to debt for.

Woman being allowed to vote actually created the rapists by creating an environment for felony, barbarised criminals to foster in. Poverty, where mommy dearest shuns the father figure, for some perceived slight, and works two jobs to be both the childish mommy and dadda.

Listen, 85% of single mothers live in government sponsored poverty.

Remember 85% of the time, the woman files for divorce. Of course, miss GI Jane can now drown all her children in the bath tube and get the ex a$$hole to pay for it.

Men are not as stupid as we look. What man in his right mind wants to support Mizz sexual pervert and her 3 sperm donors from 3 different thugs? Is that supposed to inspire a man to his mark as a great man? Or mind, flunk him to spin his wheels in quicksand? Only if he is unlucky enough to be labled mr. sugar daddy.

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 5:36 AM

Patriarch Verlch,

After reading your most ignorant post.. All I can think of is that your Mother must have deserted you and/or beat you.

"Men are not as stupid as we look"
In your case, I beg to differ.

Here's a little clue bonehead. Rape, along with everything else you mentioned was going on long BEFORE women were allowed to vote.
Neanderthals like you just got away with it.


Posted: Jul 11 2006, 6:40 AM

I don't know if the detective is a rapist or not. I do know that employees of public agencies are often in a bad situation because people can accuse them of anything and the agency policy is for the individual to make no comments on the matter up to and including proclaiming their innocence. News outlets are interested in patronage and they will grab onto juicy headlines. This means many times only one side of the story gets told but that side gets told very loudly and frequently. I'll reserve judgment on the guilt or innocence of the parties in this case until more evidence is presented.

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 8:00 AM

I was raped and I say NO means NO.I use to secretly see a state police trooper and he never heard the word NO means NO.Anyone can do it...Rape has no instructions but a man does come with instructions,all they have to do is read it..

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 8:10 AM

BTW Patriarch Verlch uses only conservative web-sites with no credibility at all as a respectable news source to push his neo-con agenda at the expense of a rape victim.

Good job you mindless sheep, you obsess and ejaculate so much to your political side (be it liberal or conservative) that when it comes to a non-political issue, like rape, you have no pity for the victim because you disagree with the victims political power.

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 8:37 AM

double yays for Christy and Jeff_chang!
Douglas Fleming

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 9:36 AM

The fact is, the media does a very poor job in reporting these types of stories. They fail to concentrate on the most important part of the story, which is that an innocent woman was allegedly raped. Instead, they mention it in the first sentence and spend the next paragraph putting the accused on a platform of heroism for all the great things he has done for the city. It is not up to any of us on this message board to decide what happened between the officer and the victim, that is to be determined in a court of law. In saying that, I am not trying to take anything away from the serious nature of rape. I am mearly trying to give you a different perspective than that of the story's author. The frightening truth is rape is not going away, the question you have to ask yourself is, what are you willing to do to try to prevent it?

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 10:34 AM

Wow are you people nuts. number one . dont a one of you actually give a shit about her or him . if you did . you would not accuse before any proof one way or another. anybody with a brain in there head , never believes the media .

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 12:01 PM

None of us, not one knows what eveidence the NOPD has against Deal.
When I get arrested I'm innocent until proven guilty, while I sit in jail awaiting trial because I can't afford bail
Deal is innocent until proven guilty, while sitting at home because he CAN afford bail
O.J gets away with murder because he can afford a multi million dollar defence. I would get convicted, because I am poor and get a public defender.
Wacko Jacko gets aquited because he can afford a multi million dollar defence, a poor man/women gets arrested for a sex crime, then the charges get dropped and he/she can't adopt a child because of the ARREST.
Perhaps we should trust the system that put Wacko Jacko back in his children's beds, the system that puts thousands of poor, uneducated Americans on death row while allowing the rich to get away with murder to find "justice" for Deal's victim.
I'm sure this prick cop will get his day in court, and when all is said and done he will walk.
THEN society can say that his VICTIM got justice, while Deal writes a book about the injustice he suffered. (SIC!)

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 12:22 PM

Attention All:

please learn to spell and punctuate properly when commenting on other people's actions!

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 1:26 PM

I Just have one thing to say what is this world coming to.

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 3:37 PM

You know what it's always easy for us to have an opinion about something that we did not witness. I don't care wether your a homeless person on the street or the president anyone at anytime can cross over that line and do wrong. Remeber Bill Clinton and also if it was someone in one of our families their would be no doubt in our mines that this happened. I wasn't there and you wasn' t the only two who really knows what happened is them! And think about what does she have to gain, everyone is always trying to make everything about money and as far as the person who claims alot of men are in jail for rapes that they didn't do, were you there and did you witness the the female giving the man permission, again the only two who really know are them. And would a man who raped a woman really admit it knowing that he's going to get some serious jail time, think about it, I don't think so! And for the record we just had a officer jailed for rapeing a 17 year old girl he pulled over for a traffice voliation so i guess she's lying and trying to get money to. Remember this no matter your job or title we are still all human and prone to mistakes and things that may be against the law.

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 3:51 PM

"And would a man who raped a woman really admit it knowing that he's going to get some serious jail time, think about it, I don't think so!"
"jailed for rapeing a 17 year old girl he pulled over for a traffice voliation so i guess she's lying and trying to get money to"

.......Stoopiditie has reached a new level.

Posted: Jul 11 2006, 4:42 PM

Thats not nice Jeff!!! Maybe you were blessed with a good education, and perhaps that person wasn't, besides who's checking for grammar this is an open dialogue. Think about it!!!
Count your blessing buddy, not their misfortune and mabye you'll make more friends.
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