Meet "The Liberator," The World's First 3D Printed Pistol
YouTubeMay 06
3D Printing's First Killer App. Download at

This Is The World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun
ForbesMay 05

Google announces open source patent pledge, won't sue 'unless first attacked'
The VergeMar 28

"Piracy Is Progress" Billboard on Times Square Divides Artists
TorrentFreakMar 27

Free Access To Dozens of Anonymous VPNs Via New University Project
TorrentFreakMar 24
This is pretty epic. I got a VPN service just the other day, been using it all week, it's superb. It was only $40 for an entire year and I get speeds of 36mbps down as opposed to 46mbps down without it, I barely even notice it's running. You can torrent freely, also you can connect to euro servers to get around YouTube copyright blockades. Also your ISP doesn't see anything you're doing, just a stream of encrypted bits. It's quite nice. - Chris

Websites Can Legally Pirate Porn Movies, Prosecutors Rule
TorrentFreakMar 24

Anti-drone devices for sale: military contractor claims to have counter-UAV technology
RT USAMar 18

Don't Download That Bro, You're Going to Get Busted!
TorrentFreakMar 18

"Pirate Bay" Billboard Hackers Rewarded for Exposing Security Flaw
TorrentFreakMar 18

3D printed plastic implant replaces three-quarters of man's skull
Science NewsMar 14

DefDist Creates New 3D Printed AK Mag, Names It The "Feinstein"
YouTubeMar 08
Long Live the Feinstein AK Mag. Coming soon.

VPN Services That Take Your Anonymity Seriously, 2013 Edition
TorrentFreakMar 04

3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production
WiredFeb 28

Google Refuses to Index Huge Streaming Movie Portal Homepage
TorrentFreakFeb 21
Looks like a sweet site, bookmarked!

CNET Doesn't Have to Ban BitTorrent Clients, Court Rules
TorrentFreakFeb 21

Patent Troll Says It Owns Podcasting; Sues Adam Carolla, HowStuffWorks
TechdirtFeb 08

Pirate Bay Founder Helped Wikileaks On Several Fronts
TorrentFreakFeb 06

Why Do Copyright Monopolists Think They Can Just Take Somebody Else’s Work?
Rick FalkvingeFeb 04

Feds stumbling after Anonymous launches 'Operation Last Resort'
ZDNetJan 31

Latest Uphere magazine: Polar bear invasion; "There aren’t just a few more bears. There are a hell of a lot more bears"
Tom NelsonJan 29

Antigua’s Legal “Pirate Site” Authorized by the World Trade Organization
TorrentFreakJan 29

Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the Internet to end government surveillance
YouTubeJan 25
he United States government says that Kim Dotcom, a German millionaire formerly known as Kim Schmitz, masterminded a vast criminal conspiracy by operating the file-storage site Megaupload. Dotcom, on the other hand, begs to differ. One year after the high-profile raid of his home and the shut-down of one of the most popular sites on the Web, Dotcom hosted a launch party for his latest endeavor, simply c
... (more)

Court Refuses To Allow Copyright Troll To “Ensnare” Innocent Subscribers
TorrentFreakJan 25

Indicted Megaupload founder opens new sharing site
Associated PressJan 21

Dotcom's Mega Launches To Unprecedented Demand
TorrentFreakJan 21
Video: Kim Dotcom Mega Launch Press Conference (FULL)

U.S. Judge Dismisses “Copyright Shakedown” of Foreign Video Sites
TorrentFreakJan 12

Move Over 'TacoCopter': Here Comes The 'Internet Of Drones'
TechdirtJan 09
As we know, the Internet works by breaking digital information up into IP packets which are then routed independently over the network, and then re-assembled at their destination. Anything made up of 0s and 1s can be sent anywhere with an Internet connection in this way, but that isn't much good for physical objects.

It's true that we are fast approaching the day when we will be able to use a 3D scanner to send a digital file representing an object across the Internet so that i
... (more)

AlGorjeera -- It's Official: Al Gore is by far the most lavishly funded fossil fuel player in the global warming debate today
Climate DepotJan 07

Unmanned drone buzzes French police car
YouTubeJan 01
Imagine the possibilities for copblocking from the comfort of your own home! - Chris

Study Says Carbon Nanotubes as Dangerous as Asbestos
Scientific AmericanDec 31

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