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Category: Geopolitics - Browse by Category - News - Analysis - Highlights - Multimedia - Latest Comments Page 2 Wednesday April 1st, 2015
Japanese politician calls wartime sex slaves 'necessary' posted 05/14/2013, 9:17 PM (CNN)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Japanese officials have distanced themselves from comments made by a prominent nationalist politician that suggested women forced to become prostitutes to entertain Japanese troops during World War II were "necessary."

Toru Hashimoto, who serves as the Mayor of Osaka, told reporters at his weekly press conference Monday that "anyone would understand" the role of "comfort women" when soldiers were risking their lives and you wanted to give them "a rest."
... (more)
When you're serving the state, all crimes are excusable.

Wednesday May 1st, 2013

Mexico to Rein In US Agencies in Drug War posted 05/01/2013, 12:19 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
In a sharp break with the policies of his predecessor, recently installed Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is moving to restrict the open relationships US law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies have developed with their Mexican counterparts as the two countries attempt to repress violent and powerful Mexican drug trafficking organizations, the so-called cartels.

The move was hinted at broadly in the Washington Post Sunday and confirmed by the Associated Pres
... (more)

Sunday April 28th, 2013

Political Assassination Prevented In Rome As Unemployed Man Tries To "Shoot Politicians" posted 04/28/2013, 10:34 PM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Geopolitics]
While suicides out of desperation had long been a tragic, if recurring, staple in depressionary Europe, so far popular anger had been directed at within, with few if any murderous outbursts targeted at other people, and certainly not at politicians (or financiers). This obviously has been a critical aspect of the current economic collapse in Europe - one needs but recall that it was a political assassination that sparked World War I in Sarajevo, and indirectly, via the Weimar collapse of Germany... (more)

Wednesday March 6th, 2013

Hugo Chavez, Fiery Venezuelan Leader, Dies At 58 posted 03/06/2013, 1:58 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: Geopolitics]
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- President Hugo Chavez was a former paratroop commander and self-styled "subversive" who waged continual battle for his socialist ideals. He bedeviled the United States and outsmarted his rivals time and again, while using Venezuela's vast oil wealth to his political advantage.... (more)
Chavez was a good example of the tyranny of good intentions, I think he actually did want to help people, yet he did it through stealing stuff and "nationalizing" industries (stealing more stuff), the country was ruined under his rulership with 30% inflation year over year, food prices skyrocketing and going to rot en masse in government warehouses. Contrast his good intentions with the evil intentions of Chile's Pinochet, the murderous dictator who embraced semi-free markets in order to enrich himself and get more tax revenue, the country is doing great, relatively speaking, despite his intentions being evil. - Chris

5 Best Countries to Move to Before Collapse of the West posted 03/06/2013, 1:58 AM (Activist Post)
[Category: Geopolitics]
That which mathematically cannot continue will not continue. Western countries, led by the United States and Europe, are in deep economic trouble. Massive debt levels are strangling their economies, and once great nations like Greece and Spain have been reduced to third-world status with staggering unemployment levels and almost daily violent riots.

Those that say it can't happen in the US are dead wrong. The value of the dollar has been slowly eroded over a century, but now that
... (more)

Wednesday February 20th, 2013

Pirate Party Threatened With Lawsuit for Hosting The Pirate Bay posted 02/20/2013, 4:23 PM (TorrentFreak )
[Category: Geopolitics]
For several years the Swedish Pirate Party has provided hosting services to The Pirate Bay. One of the main reasons for the BitTorrent site to team up with the political party was because it wouldn’t easily cave in to pressure from the entertainment industry. This promise will now be put to the test as the Swedish copyright watchdog “Rights Alliance” threatens to sue the Pirate Party next week if they refuse to pull the plug on TPB.... (more)

Monday February 18th, 2013

Pirates and Wikileaks Share Battlefield In Aussie Election posted 02/18/2013, 4:13 PM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Wikileaks loves to share secret documents and pirates are all for sharing culture, but can these movements share voters in the upcoming Australian elections to ensure at least one of them gets elected?

In September, debutante parties representing both will face off at the Aussie ballot box.

In the purple corner, the Rick Falkvinge inspired Pirate Party. In the black corner, the newly formed Wikileaks Party with Julian Assange himself running as candidate-in-chief fo
... (more)

Wednesday February 13th, 2013

Iran Drug Execution Frenzy Continues This Year posted 02/13/2013, 1:59 PM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Last Wednesday, three men convicted of drug related charges were hanged in the prison in the Iranian city of Isfahan, state media reported. The prisoners died unnamed; only the charges and the fact of their execution were mentioned.... (more)

Thursday February 7th, 2013

Iraq Takes Steps Toward Revoking Cybercrime Act posted 02/07/2013, 5:51 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Following the events of the 'Arab Spring,' numerous countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa have begun assessing—or reassessing—their regulation of the Internet. Last April, we criticized Iraq's attempt at legislation: a heavy-handed bill that, if passed, would impose life imprisonment for vaguely-worded "crimes" such as promoting "ideas which are disruptive to public order" and lesser sentences for a range of other offenses.... (more)
Sounds like the USA turned them into a thriving free democracy!

Friday January 25th, 2013

Tina Turner 'to become Swiss, give up US passport' posted 01/25/2013, 5:29 PM (France24)
[Category: Geopolitics]
AFP - US pop legend Tina Turner, who has been living in Switzerland since 1995, will soon receive Swiss citizenship and will give up her US passport, Swiss media reported Friday.
... (more)

Thursday January 24th, 2013

Mali: French soldier pictured wearing 'Call of Duty' grinning skeleton mask posted 01/24/2013, 3:20 PM (The Daily Mail)
[Category: Geopolitics]
A French soldier has sparked outrage after being pictured wearing a grinning skeleton facemask like one featured in the ultra-violent computer game Call of Duty while serving in Mali.... (more)

Thursday January 17th, 2013

U.S. to recognize Somali government, opening door to new aid posted 01/17/2013, 1:55 PM (Reuters)
[Category: Geopolitics]
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States will on Thursday officially recognize the Somali government in Mogadishu, ending a hiatus of more than 20 years and opening the door to increased U.S. and international economic help for the violence-plagued African nation, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday.... (more)
God forbid a people be allowed to govern themselves!

Monday January 14th, 2013

Armed Vigilante Groups Policing 2 Mexican Towns posted 01/14/2013, 10:36 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: Geopolitics]
ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) -- Several hundred civilians have taken up arms in two towns in a southwestern Mexico state and are arresting people suspected of crimes and imposing a curfew, leading authorities to promise to reinforce security forces in the area.... (more)

Wednesday January 9th, 2013

Singapore Death Row Drug Defendants Can Now Seek Review posted 01/09/2013, 6:12 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Drug traffickers and other death row inmates in Singapore can now seek review of their death sentences after changes to the island city-state's mandatory death sentence went into effect with the new year, the anti-death penalty group Hands Off Cain reported. Some 32 people whose appeals had already ended sit on death row there; it is unclear how many are drug traffickers.

Last month, ame
... (more)

Wednesday December 19th, 2012

Don't Like The Government? Make Your Own, On International Waters posted 12/19/2012, 12:40 PM (NPR)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Almost all of us have complaints about the government, which probably range from high taxes to too much bureaucracy. Periodically, we get to take our frustrations out at the voting booth. But no matter how unhappy you may be, you probably never thought, "I'm going get out of here and go start my own country."... (more)

Tuesday December 11th, 2012

US Defense Contractors Training Syrian Rebels to Handle Chemical Weapons posted 12/11/2012, 5:23 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
The US and some of its European allies “are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria,” according to “a senior US official and several senior diplomats,” CNN reports.... (more)

Monday December 10th, 2012

Pirate Bay Founder Released From Solitary Confinement posted 12/10/2012, 5:05 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Geopolitics]
After three months in solitary confinement Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm will be released from custody. The prosecutor suspects Gottfrid of being involved in several hacking and fraud cases but he has yet to be charged in any of these cases. The Pirate Bay founder will now be transferred to a new prison which he will leave as a free man in five months if no new charges are brought against him.... (more)

Friday December 7th, 2012

John McAfee Detained in Guatemala, Denied Asylum posted 12/07/2012, 2:59 AM (VICE)
[Category: Geopolitics]

About an hour ago John McAfee was picked up by the Guatemala special police task force for questioning about his illegal entry into the country. His lawyer, Mr. Guerra, accompanied him to Emigrason Albergue in Guatemala City and he is attempting to get John out before his press conference tomorrow. Updates to come.

Updates coming soon. Subscribe now:
... (more)
McAfee hospitalized after being denied asylum

Wednesday December 5th, 2012

North Korean prisoner escaped after 23 brutal years posted 12/05/2012, 1:24 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Geopolitics]

Born in a prison camp, Shin Dong-hyuk describes how three generations of a family are incarcerated if one family member is considered disloyal. Anderson Cooper reports.
Must watch.

Monday December 3rd, 2012

Police: Tech mogul John McAfee still on the lam, despite blog's claim of capture posted 12/03/2012, 12:21 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Internet security mogul John McAfee, wanted by Belizean police in connection to the murder of a U.S. expatriate, has not been arrested despite a post on McAfee's personal blog, according to the Daily Mail.... (more)
Check his blog for the latest, they say they have lost contact with him...

Thursday November 29th, 2012

John McAfee Interviewed on Alex Jones posted 11/29/2012, 12:42 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Geopolitics]

Alex talks with tech industry wizard John McAfee who stands accused of killing his neighbor in Belize.

AP believes it found evidence of Iran's work on nuclear weapons posted 11/29/2012, 12:41 AM (Glenn Greenwald)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Uncritical, fear-mongering media propaganda is far too common to take note of each time it appears, but sometimes, what is produced is so ludicrous that its illustrative value should not be ignored. Such is the case with a highly trumpeted Associated Press "exclusive" from Tuesday which claims in its red headline to have discovered evidence of "Iran Working on Bomb".... (more)

Tuesday November 27th, 2012

Uruguayan Deputies Say Legalize All Drugs posted 11/27/2012, 2:00 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Even as Uruguay considers a groundbreaking proposal from President Jose Mujica to legalize state-regulated marijuana cultivation and sales, parliamentarians from most of the leading political factions in the country are calling on the government to go even further and legalize all drugs in a bid to blunt the power of and threat from illicit drug traffickers.

The comments came in interviews solicited by and published in the Uruguayan news weekly Busqueda and appeared in its N
... (more)

Dutch Plan to Ban Potent Marijuana From Cannabis Cafes posted 11/27/2012, 2:00 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten told parliament last week that the government intends to classify marijuana with a THC content of 15% or more as a Class A drug like heroin and cocaine and bar it from being sold in the country's famous cannabis coffee shops. Opstelten did not say when the new policy would go into effect, although he did say it would happen "q... (more)

Monday November 19th, 2012

Israeli airstrike hits Gaza family's home, killing 12 posted 11/19/2012, 8:50 PM (Los Angeles Times)
[Category: Geopolitics]

GAZA CITY -- An Israeli airstrike here on Sunday killed 10 members of one family, mostly women and children, marking the deadliest single attack and worst civilian tragedy since the current fighting in the Gaza Strip began last week.

"This is a massacre,'' shouted Nasser Dalu, a cousin and neighbor as he watched in anguish as his relatives were pulled from debris. "What did these childre
... (more)

No Country on Earth Would Tolerate It [Pic] posted 11/19/2012, 8:51 PM (r/Libertarian)
[Category: Geopolitics]

Singapore Eases Death Penalty in Some Drug Cases posted 11/19/2012, 8:51 PM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
The parliament of Singapore has approved legislation abolishing mandatory death sentences in some drug trafficking cases. The action came last Wednesday, according to a press release from the Singapore Attorney-General's Chambers.

Under the reform, judges will be able to commute death sentences to sentences of life in prison. Before, judges were forced to
... (more)

Thursday November 15th, 2012

Israel Would Have Us Believe That These People Are Terrorists posted 11/15/2012, 12:54 PM (InformationClearingHouse)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Pictures Of Children Killed and Injured By Israeli Attack On Gaza November 14, 2012.... (more)

Monday November 12th, 2012

Only ‘The Nuclear Option’ Can Work Against Iran, Former IDF Chief Says posted 11/12/2012, 5:36 AM (Times of Israel)
[Category: Geopolitics]
“The only way to finish off Iran’s nuclear program is by using the nuclear option,” said IDF Chief of General Staff Dan Halutz, the only named source quoted by the report. “But I hope Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] is not mad enough to think about it.”... (more)

Iran/USA: Who is Threatening Who? posted 11/12/2012, 5:36 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Geopolitics]

Abby Martin takes a look at US/Iran relations starting with the 1953 CIA backed coup of Iran's democratically elected leadership.

Thursday November 1st, 2012

Incoming Dutch government ditches 'weed pass' plan posted 11/01/2012, 3:23 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: Geopolitics]
AMSTERDAM (AP) — The incoming Dutch government has ditched plans for a national "weed pass" that would have been available only to residents and that would have effectively banned tourists from Amsterdam's marijuana cafes.... (more)

Wednesday October 24th, 2012

American Drones Killing a Generation in Pakistan posted 10/24/2012, 12:41 PM (Daniel Medina)
[Category: Geopolitics]

They are expensive, lethal, and precise in their killing; at least they are designed to be. A creation of the nation's intelligence apparatus, they act as the new soldiers abroad, innately non-emotive machines asked to perform the previous duties of an army combatant more efficiently and free of the inhibitive emotional affects on human cognizance. They kill their enemies but also can miss their targets and a study released last month shows that they miss a lot.
... (more)

Honduras: Free Cities Ruled Unconstitutional posted 10/24/2012, 12:41 PM (UpsideDownWorld)
[Category: Geopolitics]
The Supreme Court of Honduras ruled today that the Honduras legislation establishing charter or model cities was unconstitutional.  A ruling two weeks ago from the constitutional branch of the court established by a 4-1 vote that the law was unconstitutional. Because that decision was not unanimous, the entire Supreme Court had to consider and vote on the issue.... (more)

Monday October 15th, 2012

Amnesty Raps Mexico on Human Rights Abuses in Drug War posted 10/15/2012, 2:01 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Mexico must take decisive action to rein in systematic and widespread use of torture, ill-treatment, and other human rights abuses, which have increased dramatically since outgoing President Felipe Calderon unleashed the military to fight the country's so-called cartels nearly six years ago, Amnesty International said in a report released Thursday.

The report, Known Abusers, But Victims Ignored: Torture and Ill-Treatment in Mexico, documents the increase of cases of torture an
... (more)

Iranians Offer 9-Step Plan to End Nuclear Crisis posted 10/15/2012, 1:59 AM (New York Times)
[Category: Geopolitics]
WASHINGTON — With harsh economic sanctions contributing to the first major protests in Iran in three years, Iranian officials have begun to describe what they call a “nine-step plan” to defuse the nuclear crisis with the West by gradually suspending the production of the uranium that would be easiest for them to convert into a nuclear weapon.... (more)

Monday October 8th, 2012

Iran sanctions now causing food insecurity, mass suffering posted 10/08/2012, 12:32 AM (Glenn Greenwald)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Yet again, the US and its allies spread mass human misery though a policy that is as morally indefensible as it is counter-productive.... (more)

Friday October 5th, 2012

Study Claims Thousands Would Die In Attack On Iran Nuclear Sites posted 10/05/2012, 8:58 PM (Radio Free Europe)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Maryam sometimes thinks about what would happen if there were a military attack on her city's uranium-conversion facility. ... (more)

'It Is Our Soul': The Destruction of Aleppo, Syria's Oldest City posted 10/05/2012, 8:58 PM (The Atlantic)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Warfare and chaos have come to the ancient streets of Aleppo, Syria's largest city. Rebel groups battling Syrian government forces moved into the metropolis in recent weeks. Fierce street battles and air attacks followed, leaving behind a shattered city, strewn with charred rubble and bodies in many places.... (more)

Justice Department Educates Foreign Judges on Piracy Issues posted 10/05/2012, 8:57 PM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Geopolitics]
The U.S. Department of Justice is ramping up its battle against online piracy. Yesterday another $2.4 million was dedicated to the ever-increasing threat, and Attorney General Eric Holder seized the opportunity to gloat about some recent anti-piracy successes. Besides claiming the Megaupload takedown as a clear victory, Holder also noted that the DoJ has trained, educated and met with thousands of foreign judges, prosecutors, investigators, and policymakers on piracy issues.... (more)

Thursday October 4th, 2012

Obama's Libya response highlights his foreign policy mentality posted 10/04/2012, 12:40 PM (Glenn Greenwald)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Extreme secrecy, extrajudicial assassinations, and a self-perpetuating militarism are driving Benghazi responses.... (more)

Wednesday October 3rd, 2012

The true reason US fears Iranian nukes: they can deter US attacks posted 10/03/2012, 12:29 PM (Glenn Greenwald)
[Category: Geopolitics]
GOP Senator Lindsey Graham echoes a long line of US policymakers: Iran must not be allowed to deter US aggression.... (more)

Thursday September 27th, 2012

Living Under Drones posted 09/27/2012, 8:36 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Geopolitics]

Since 2004, up to 884 innocent civilians, including at least 176 children, have died from US drone strikes in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan.

A new report from the Stanford and New York University law schools finds drone use has caused widespread post-tramatic stress disorder and an overall breakdown of functional society in North Waziristan. In addition, the report finds the u
... (more)

New Zealand Prime Minister Apologizes To Kim Dotcom posted 09/27/2012, 8:36 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Geopolitics]
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has apologized to Kim Dotcom after a report from the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security found that the government illegally monitored the Megaupload founder. The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) carried out surveillance on Dotcom, but did not check out his residency status, instead relying on incorrect information supplied by the police.... (more)

Ahmadinejad on 9/11: "In order to avenge the blood of 3000 people 1 MIL shouldn't give their lives" posted 09/27/2012, 8:36 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Geopolitics]

Wednesday September 26th, 2012

Israel Lobbyist Explains How To Start A War posted 09/26/2012, 8:37 AM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Geopolitics]

How do you start a war with Iran? A pro-Israel lobbyist explains how it's done in a shocking moment of candor.

Via Tennessee Sons of Liberty:
“I frankly think that crisis initiation is really tough,” said Patrick Clawson, who also heads the Washington Institute’s Ir... (more)

CNN Interviews Ahmadinejad posted 09/26/2012, 8:30 AM (CNN)
[Category: Geopolitics]

"If a group comes and occupies the United States of America, destroys homes while women and children are in those homes, incarcerate the youth of America, impose five different wars on many neighbors, and always threaten others, what would you do? What would you say? Would you help it? ... Or would you help the people of the United States?"
... (more)

Russia suspends import and use of American GM corn after study revealed cancer risk posted 09/26/2012, 8:30 AM (The Daily Mail)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Russia has suspended the import and use of an American GM corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage.... (more)

New Stanford/NYU study documents the civilian terror from Obama's drones posted 09/26/2012, 8:30 AM (Glenn Greenwald)
[Category: Geopolitics]
New research shows the terrorizing impact of drones in Pakistan, false statements from US officials, and how it increases the terror threat.... (more)

Catalonia warns EU that million-strong march cannot be ignored posted 09/26/2012, 8:30 AM (The Guardian)
[Category: Geopolitics]
The European Union must prepare itself for the breakup of countries within its frontiers, the regional prime minister of Catalonia warned on Thursday, adding that Madrid could not simply ignore a huge independence demonstration held in Barcelona this week.... (more)

Tuesday September 25th, 2012

First Elected Pirate Party Mayor to Rule Swiss Town posted 09/25/2012, 5:22 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Geopolitics]
The Pirate Party movement reached a new milestone yesterday with the world’s first elected Pirate Mayor being voted into office in the Swiss town of Eichberg. With an overwhelming 63 percent of the total vote, Alex Arnold defeated two candidates from the political establishment. The 31-year old software programmer is eager to steer the small Swiss town towards a prosperous future.... (more)

Monday September 24th, 2012

Senate Overwhelmingly Backs New Anti-Iran Resolution posted 09/24/2012, 6:52 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Sen. Paul Casts Lone 'No' Vote, Fearing Bill Will Lead to War... (more)

Honduras human rights lawyer for agrarian groups murdered at wedding posted 09/24/2012, 6:46 AM (Montreal Gazette)
[Category: Geopolitics]
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - A leading human rights lawyer who represented several Honduran agrarian groups in disputes with large landowners was killed by gunmen on Sunday, a land rights organization said.

[...]Trejo had also helped prepare motions declaring unconstitutional a proposal to build three privately run cities with their own police, laws and tax systems.
... (more)

Friday September 21st, 2012

Swiss Move to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession posted 09/21/2012, 3:57 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Switzerland is on the verge of decriminalizing the possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana after the lower house of parliament Thursday agreed to align itself with the Senate's version of the legislation, according to the Swiss news portal A final reading of the bill is expected to happen before the end of the fall session next week.

That w
... (more)

The Neocons' Project for the New American Century: "American World Leadership" – Syria next to Pay the Price? posted 09/21/2012, 3:54 AM (Global Research)
[Category: Geopolitics]
“In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter, who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the people.” (Eugene Debs, 1855-1926, speech Canton, Ohio, 16th June 1918.)

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), unleashed in June 1997, has largely disappeared from the political radar, yet the mire, murder and general mayhem the US, UK and dwindling “boots on the ground” allies find themselves in, are s
... (more)

Sweden Failed To License Photographs On New Currency posted 09/21/2012, 3:52 AM (Techdirt)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Ah, copyright. Back in April, the Swedish central bank announced and showed off its new banknotes, including portraits of "important Swedish personalities." There's just one problem: it failed to license the images before announcing the notes. ... (more)

Tuesday September 18th, 2012

Bolivia, Venezuela Reject US Drug Criticism posted 09/18/2012, 3:50 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
Last Thursday, the White House released its annual determination of major drug trafficking or producing countries, singling out Bolivia, Burma, and Venezuela as countries that have failed to comply with US drug policy demands. That has sparked sharp and pointed reactions from Bolivia and Venezuela.

"I hereby designate Bolivia, Burma, and Venezuela
... (more)

Friday September 14th, 2012

Obama Sends More Drones, Marines to Libya, But Did They Ever Leave? posted 09/14/2012, 12:48 AM (
[Category: Geopolitics]
The Obama administration has ordered military reinforcements to Libya following the attack on the US consulate building this week, but the truth is drones had never left Libya’s skies and US Marines have been carrying out missions on the ground since the end of NATO’s war there last year.

The US suspects al-Qaeda affiliates were involved in starting the attack on the US consulate in Libya, which killed the American ambassador and three others, and has not only started an FBI inves
... (more)

Wednesday September 12th, 2012

Canada to revoke citizenship from 3,100 people posted 09/12/2012, 2:28 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: Geopolitics]
TORONTO (AP) — Canada has begun revoking citizenship from 3,100 people that the government said obtained it fraudulently, the country's immigration minister said Monday.... (more)

Tuesday September 11th, 2012

United States transfers Bagram prison to Afghan control posted 09/11/2012, 2:49 AM (Reuters)
[Category: Geopolitics]
KABUL (Reuters) - The United States handed control of the controversial giant Bagram prison and its 3,000 suspected Taliban inmates to Afghan authorities on Monday, amid concerns by activists over rights abuses and U.S. questions about Kabul's ability to keep key detainees behind bars.... (more)

Monday September 3rd, 2012

Tutu: Bush, Blair should face trial at the Hague posted 09/03/2012, 12:27 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: Geopolitics]
LONDON (AP) — Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu called Sunday for Tony Blair and George Bush to face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Tutu, the retired Anglican Church's archbishop of South Africa, wrote in an op-ed piece for The Observer newspaper that the ex-leaders of Britain and the United States should be made to "answer for their actions."

The Iraq war "has destabilized and polarized th
... (more)

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