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Category: Economy - Browse by Category - News - Analysis - Highlights - Multimedia - Latest Comments Page 2 Saturday March 28th, 2015

Friday January 16th, 2015
Puerto Rico Dumps Traffic Cameras, Orders Refunds posted 01/16/2015, 9:47 AM (TheNewspaper)
[Category: Economy]
The public in Puerto Rico complained so loudly about the photo enforcement program that the territory's government listened. Red light cameras went up at three intersections in October dealing out $250 tickets for making rolling right turns, speeding or having a recently expired vehicle registration. On Thursday, Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla (D) had his transportation department refund every ticket issued.

"Since this was a pilot project, as we've always said, it was subject
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Thursday January 15th, 2015

There's No Such Thing as an Unregulated Market posted 01/15/2015, 9:36 AM (The Freeman)
[Category: Economy]
A big economic problem the world faces is semantic. That is, “regulation” has come to mean “government regulation.” We don’t seem to be aware of the alternative: regulation by market forces. That’s a problem because it leads us to accept so much government meddling that we would be better off without.

We want the aims of regulation — regularity and predictability in markets, decent quality and reasonable prices for the goods and services we buy — and thinking that government regu
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Bitcoin Revealed: A Ponzi Scheme for Redistributing Wealth from One Libertarian to Another posted 01/15/2015, 9:35 AM (Washington Post)
[Category: Economy]
If Bitcoin were a currency, it'd be the worst-performing one in the world, worse even than the Russian ruble.

But Bitcoin isn't a currency. It's a Ponzi scheme for redistributing wealth from one libertarian to another. At least that's all it is right now. One day it could be more. Venture capitalists, for their part, are quick to point out that it's really a protocol, like the early internet, and its underlying technology could still be revolutionary. What are they supposed to say
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Tuesday January 13th, 2015

Free Trade: The Engine of Revolution posted 01/13/2015, 8:19 AM (Wendy McElroy)
[Category: Economy]
Cutting off trade does not punish “the enemy” but strengthens him.... (more)

Monday January 12th, 2015

'Silk Road Reloaded' Just Launched on a Network More Secret than Tor posted 01/12/2015, 6:54 AM (Motherboard)
[Category: Economy]
A new anonymous online drug market has emerged, but instead of using the now infamous Tor network, it uses the little known "I2P" alternative.

"Silk Road Reload​ed" launched today, and is only accessible by downloading the special I2P software, or by configuring your computer in a certain way to connect to I2P web pages, called 'eepsites', and which end in the suffix .i2p.
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Saturday January 10th, 2015

Venezuelans Throng Grocery Stores Under Military Protection posted 01/10/2015, 8:34 AM (Bloomberg)
[Category: Economy]
Shoppers thronged grocery stores across Caracas today as deepening shortages led the government to put Venezuela’s food distribution under military protection.

Long lines, some stretching for blocks, formed outside grocery stores in the South American country’s capital as residents search for scarce basic items such as detergent and chicken.

“I’ve visited six stores already today looking for detergent -- I can’t find it anywhere,” said Lisbeth Elsa, a 27-year-old j
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Friday January 9th, 2015

Bitcoin Jesus Denied Entry To U.S. After Renouncing Citizenship posted 01/09/2015, 7:16 AM (Wendy McElroy)
[Category: Economy]
Roger Ver is a virtual currency millionaire who has been dubbed the Bitcoin Jesus because of his avid advocacy of the blockchain money, which includes his seeding many businesses that use it. Last year, the libertarian-anarchist became a citizen of the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis and renounced his American citizenship. Ver may be a bellwether of how the US plans to treat those who renounce their citizenship or who are otherwise inconvenient expats.

A frequent speaker
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McDonald's Runs Out of French Fries in Venezuela posted 01/09/2015, 7:09 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: Economy]
"Most of the shortages in Venezuela are driven in part by the country's tight currency controls, which make it hard to get dollars at a subsidized rate for imports while creating a thriving black market for currency. As a result, the country either has the most expensive Happy Meal in the world ($27 the official exchange rate) or the cheapest (90 cents at the black market rate)."... (more)

Australia Raw Milk Producers Forced to 'Spoil' Their Own Milk for Sale posted 01/09/2015, 7:08 AM (Activist Post)
[Category: Economy]
The Australian government wants its people to literally "recoil in horror" if they ever dare to have a taste of unpasteurized fresh milk. So much so, they are forcing raw milk producers to contaminate their future milk goods with a bittering agent that would entirely preclude human consumption.

The "spoilage" we're talking about here is to prevent the possibility of people getting around the regulation to consume it or let their animals consume it by...ruining it! Making it not
... (more)
Flashback: The Chemist's War: The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences.

Obama Admin. Unleashes 300 Regulations In The First Week Of 2015 posted 01/09/2015, 7:08 AM (The Daily Caller)
[Category: Economy]
This year is already seeing a wave of new regulations being published in the Federal Register as the Obama administration unveils 300 new rules in the first seven days of 2015, according to federal data.

Federal agencies have published 300 final rules, proposals for new rules and regulatory notices in the seven days since the new year began, according to the website The bulk of these new regulations are notices, which can lead to rulemakings, meetings and othe
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Styrofoam to Be Banned in New York City Beginning July 1 posted 01/09/2015, 7:08 AM (
[Category: Economy]
New Yorkers have fewer than six months to say goodbye to their Styrofoam cups.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday that all plastic-foam containers and packaging will be banned from New York City as of July 1. Restaurants, stores and manufacturers will no longer be allowed to possess, sell or offer items made with expanded polystyrene (EPS).
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Thursday January 8th, 2015

Let There Be Money posted 01/08/2015, 3:18 AM (Robert P. Murphy)
[Category: Economy]
For more than a century, skeptics of government power have rightly focused on the damage caused by interventions in money. As the market’s classic commodity moneys have been displaced by unbacked State-issued paper, libertarians — particularly those versed in Austrian economics — have disparaged fiat currencies and championed commodity-based money, especially gold and silver.

Unfortunately, the complaints against State fiat money can be imprecise at times, leading libertarians t
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Tuesday January 6th, 2015

Oil Falls Below 50 As Global Financial Markets Begin To Unravel posted 01/06/2015, 5:20 AM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Economy]
On Monday, the price of oil fell below $50 for the first time since April 2009, and the Dow dropped 331 points.  Meanwhile, the stock market declines over in Europe were even larger on a percentage basis, and the euro sank to a fresh nine year low on concerns that the anti-austerity Syriza party will be victorious in the upcoming election in Greece.  These are precisely the kinds of things that we would expect to see happen if a global financial crash was coming in 2015.  Just prior to the f... (more)

Receive an Obamacare Subsidy? Surprise! You May Owe Money to the IRS posted 01/06/2015, 5:20 AM (The Daily Sheeple)
[Category: Economy]
Remember those Obamacare subsidies, the ones that were supposed to make healthcare “affordable” for Americans?

6.8 MILLION people received those subsidies under the ACA in 2014.

A nasty surprise is in store for about half of those people – an estimated 3.4 million Americans – when
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Monday January 5th, 2015

11 Predictions Of Economic Disaster In 2015 From Top Experts All Over The Globe posted 01/05/2015, 6:02 AM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Economy]
Will 2015 be a year of financial crashes, economic chaos and the start of the next great worldwide depression?  Over the past couple of years, we have all watched as global financial bubbles have gotten larger and larger.  Despite predictions that they could burst at any time, they have just continued to expand.  But just like we witnessed in 2001 and 2008, all financial bubbles come to an end at some point, and when they do implode the pain can be extreme.  Personally, I am entirely convinced t... (more)

Total National Security Spending Is Much Greater than the Pentagon's Base Budget posted 01/05/2015, 6:02 AM (The Beacon)
[Category: Economy]
In a recent publication of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, "Defense Spending Extends Beyond the Pentagon's Budget," Veronique de Rugy presents a valuable compilation of data for fiscal year 2013, showing how much of the government's national security spending appears not in the base budget of the Department of Defense, but elsewhere in the government's budget. This point is important be... (more)

What True Health Care Reform Would Look Like posted 01/05/2015, 6:02 AM (Mises Institute)
[Category: Economy]
With the relatively recent passing of America’s new healthcare law; the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the topics of healthcare, health insurance, prices and reform have been particularly hot lately. This of course does not mean that the controversies surrounding the American healthcare system are anything new. Healthcare prices are getting higher with many hospital visits for certain conditions totaling bills of millions of dollars. Also, the laws regulating the industry are getting heavier b... (more)

Friday January 2nd, 2015

Salary Info Shows Strength of Union Muscle posted 01/02/2015, 9:53 PM (Reason)
[Category: Economy]
In its 2013 obituary of Nobel-winning economist James M. Buchanan, the Washington Post described him as "the man who got economists to care about politics." I view Buchanan as the man who explained why California has so many long-term fiscal problems even though he didn't specifically focus on our state.

The political system, as described in civics textbooks (to the degree the public schools still teach civics
... (more)

Wednesday December 31st, 2014

Government Spending Does Not Help the Economy posted 12/31/2014, 6:09 PM (Mises Institute)
[Category: Economy]
Some economists such as Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman hold that during an economic slump it is the duty of the government to run large budget deficits in order to keep the economy going. On this score — given that from 2011 to 2014 the rate of growth of real gross domestic product (GDP) hovered at around 2 percent — many experts are of the view that the budget deficit, which stood at $483 billion in 2014, wasn’t large enough.... (more)

Tuesday December 30th, 2014

Marc Faber: Expect Surprises in 2015 posted 12/30/2014, 4:58 AM (Bloomberg)
[Category: Economy]

Dec. 29 -- Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, talks about global financial markets, oil and investment strategy.

Wednesday December 24th, 2014

Expats, Here's the Best Country for You posted 12/24/2014, 1:11 PM (Wall Street Journal)
[Category: Economy]
Want to make lots of local friends during your life abroad? Try Russia. More interested in local food? Japan’s the place for you. But maybe having more cash in your pockets is crucial for your expat adventure? China might merit close a closer look.

That comes from a recent survey of more than 9,000 expats from HSBC which focused on three categories: finances, overall quality of life and raising children.
... (more)

Thursday December 18th, 2014

Cuban Cigars Among Goods Travelers Get OK To Import posted 12/18/2014, 9:39 AM (USA Today)
[Category: Economy]
Cigar-loving travelers won't have to hide their Cubans in their luggage anymore.

Tobacco products from Cuba are among the goods allowed under new trade normalization rules that President Obama announced Wednesday.

The eased restrictions mean that approved travelers will be able to bring home $100 of cigars. (Not a cigar smoker? You can bring back Cuban rum instead.)
... (more)

Monday December 15th, 2014

Man Can't Challenge $280K Tax Bill He Probably Doesn't Really Owe, Pa. Court Says posted 12/15/2014, 9:22 AM (
[Category: Economy]
With undisguised reluctance, Commonwealth Court has issued an order requiring a Philadelphia man to pay a $280,772 tax bill that he probably doesn't really owe.

In fact, city officials acknowledged in court that the tax bill they sent Nathan Lerner was a "jeopardy assessment" based on a fabrication.

The problem is that Lerner didn't follow the right procedural course in challenging it, a Commonwealth Court panel found in a ruling issued this week. And so, the state
... (more)
"Once, I remember, I ran across the case of a boy who had been sentenced to prison, a poor, scared little brat, who had intended something no worse than mischief, and it turned out to be a crime. The judge said he disliked to sentence the lad; it seemed the wrong thing to do; but the law left him no option. I was struck by this. The judge, then, was doing something as an official that he would not dream of doing as a man; and he could do it without any sense of responsibility, or discomfort, simply because he was acting as an official and not as a man. On this principle of action, it seemed to me that one could commit almost any kind of crime without getting into trouble with one's conscience.

Clearly, a great crime had been committed against this boy; yet nobody who had had a hand in it — the judge, the jury, the prosecutor, the complaining witness, the policemen and jailers — felt any responsibility about it, because they were not acting as men, but as officials. Clearly, too, the public did not regard them as criminals, but rather as upright and conscientious men.

The idea came to me then, vaguely but unmistakably, that if the primary intention of government was not to abolish crime but merely to monopolize crime, no better device could be found for doing it than the inculcation of precisely this frame of mind in the officials and in the public; for the effect of this was to exempt both from any allegiance to those sanctions of humanity or decency which anyone of either class, acting as an individual, would have felt himself bound to respect — nay, would have wished to respect. This idea was vague at the moment, as I say, and I did not work it out for some years, but I think I never quite lost track of it from that time." - Albert Jay Nock, "Anarchist's Progress", The American Mercury (1927); § III : To Abolish Crime or to Monopolize It?

Saturday December 13th, 2014

Say Goodbye to the Nation State, This is How the New System Will Look Like posted 12/13/2014, 6:38 AM (Soverign Man)
[Category: Economy]
Doing what has never been done before, the Estonian government has recently introduced an “e-residency” program for foreigners.

The idea is to enable people from around the world to very simply establish a unique digital presence in the country, and then carry the benefits of that with them wherever they go in the world.

[...]Given that corporate income taxes for undistributed profits in Estonia are zero, this is a massive perk to any entrepreneur or anyone interest
... (more)

Thursday December 11th, 2014

$404,155,000,000: Taxes Set Record in First 2 Months of FY15--Deficit Still $179B posted 12/11/2014, 5:57 AM (CNS News)
[Category: Economy]
( - The U.S. Treasury continued to rake in tax dollars at a record rate in November as the federal government closed out the first two months of fiscal 2015 with $404,155,000,000 in total receipts, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today.

In constant 2014 dollars, this is the first time federal revenues have topped $400 billion in the first two months of the fiscal year.

Even with these record revenues, the Treasury ran a deficit of $1
... (more)

E-mails Reveal Obama's Morality Police Are Targeting Lawful Businesses posted 12/11/2014, 5:57 AM (The New American)
[Category: Economy]
It’s an example, in essence, of legislating from the bureaucratic cubicle. A House committee has discovered e-mails showing that officials at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation schemed to destroy lawful businesses they found morally objectionable.

The vehicle through which this is done is Operation Choke Point; this is an Obama administration effort ostensibly designed to “choke off” access to the U.S. financial system to illegal operations, but it’s also being applied to t
... (more)

Tuesday December 9th, 2014

Professor Gruber Strikes Again posted 12/09/2014, 2:22 AM (The Beacon)
[Category: Economy]
According to a recent post by Scott Vorse on Brietbart's "Big Government" website, MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, already in hot water for saying that "the stupidity of the American voter" was politically indispensable in getting Congress to pass the Affordable Care Act, previously had advised former NYC mayor Michael Blo... (more)

Friday December 5th, 2014

Liberty Dollar Founder von Nothaus Sentenced to House Arrest for Counterfeiting posted 12/05/2014, 10:08 PM (Eyewitness News)
[Category: Economy]
A former Evansville businessman is sentenced to six months house arrest.

Bernard von NotHaus was convicted in 2011 of counterfeiting charges for minting and distributing a form of private money called the Liberty Dollar.
... (more)

Tuesday December 2nd, 2014

Income Inequality Is a Statistical Artifact posted 12/02/2014, 6:44 PM (Robert Higgs)
[Category: Economy]
The past year or so has witnessed a tremendous outpouring of commentary about income inequality. Pundits and politicians have huffed and puffed about it, mainly about its alleged evils and what governments should do to diminish it. Mainstream economists have devoted a great deal of attention to dissecting French economist Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, a book focused on income inequality—and also a book whose shoddy craftsmanship would have repelled such attention... (more)

Sunday November 30th, 2014

Ponzi: Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks--To Pay Old Debt posted 11/30/2014, 7:00 PM (CNS News)
[Category: Economy]
The Daily Treasury Statement that was released Wednesday afternoon as Americans were preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving revealed that the U.S. Treasury has been forced to issue $1,040,965,000,000 in new debt since fiscal 2015 started just eight weeks ago in order to raise the money to pay off Treasury securities that were maturing and to cover new deficit spending by the government.... (more)

Wednesday November 26th, 2014

A Golden Opportunity for Switzerland posted 11/26/2014, 11:43 AM (Mises Institute)
[Category: Economy]
The referendum on the Swiss Gold Initiative will take place on November 30.1 The Initiative demands the following: (1) The Swiss National Bank (SNB) shall be prohibited from selling any of its gold reserves; (2) the SNB’s gold reserves must be stored in Switzerland; and (3) the SNB must keep at least 20 percent of its assets in gold (i.e., the “20-percent rule”).... (more)

Thursday November 20th, 2014

American Ranking Plummets in Global Index of 'Personal Freedoms' posted 11/20/2014, 9:18 AM (Common Dreams)
[Category: Economy]
In an age of expanding national security powers, increasing surveillance state, and rolled-back civil liberties protections, Americans' perception of their own personal freedoms is plummeting, according to the annual ranking by the Legatum Institute in London.

In Washington D.C. this week to promote their findings, researchers with the Legatum Institute measure a nation's prosperity on a number of factors including health, safety, education, economy, opportunity, social capital, g
... (more)

Wednesday November 19th, 2014

One Reader's Shocked Response Upon Learning His Health Insurance Cost Just Doubled posted 11/19/2014, 7:24 AM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Economy]
Attached is the ACA notification of next year's price increase. As you can see the cost goes from $281 to $555, a monthly increase of $274, a percentage increase of 97%. ... (more)

Tuesday November 18th, 2014

Your "Children Will Be Fined" If You Fail To Sign Up For Obamacare: People Are Going To Be In for A Shock posted 11/18/2014, 5:56 AM (
[Category: Economy]
Free and affordable health care just gets better and better.

In 2015 the government will be activating some new “incentives” embedded in the Affordable Care Act in an effort to get more people to sign up.

But, as is often the case when the government says one thing, they mean exactly the opposite. In this case, when they say incentive what they really mean is that you are going to be penalized if you fail to acquire government mandated health insurance. But not just
... (more)

Monday November 17th, 2014

25% Of Americans Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism posted 11/17/2014, 6:42 AM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Economy]
Pew Research finds a stunning 25% of Americans do not believe people are better off in a free market system - implicitly preferring centrally-planned lives.... (more)

Thursday November 13th, 2014

"World’s Richest Restaurateur" Sees An Imminent Crash In America's "Crazy" Real-Estate Market posted 11/13/2014, 8:58 PM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Economy]
When it comes to the fair value of assets, especially cash-flow generating real estate, few are as qualified to opine as the man dubbed “World’s Richest Restaurateur”, billionaire Tilman Fertitta, chairman of Landry's Restaurants which counts among its properties such brand names as Morton’s, Rainforest Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., McCormick & Schmick’s, Saltgrass Steak House, Claim Jumper, Chart House, The Oceanaire, Mastro’s Restaurants, Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse and many more.

... (more)

Monday November 10th, 2014

Homeless Woman Fined For Building Her Own Home posted 11/10/2014, 4:26 PM (Yahoo News)
[Category: Economy]
A First Nations woman in Northern Ontario faces thousands of dollars in fines and a stop-work order on the cabin she is attempting to build in the place where she grew up.... (more)

Friday November 7th, 2014

There's Already A Silk Road 3.0 posted 11/07/2014, 5:17 PM (Business Insider)
[Category: Economy]
Hours after the FBI seized the Silk Road 2.0, the deep web's infamous illegal drug marketplace, there's already another version of the site on the internet. ... (more)

Thursday November 6th, 2014

The End of QE Is Not the End of Bad Policy posted 11/06/2014, 2:25 PM (Mises Institute)
[Category: Economy]
Recently the financial press and media has been abuzz as the Federal Reserve moved closer to the anticipated end to its massive bond and mortgage backed securities purchases known as quantitative easing. James Bullard, President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, stirred controversy last week when he suggested the Fed should consider continuing the bond buying program after October. But at the October 29th meeting, the policy makers did as anticipated and "agreed to end its asset purch... (more)

Tuesday November 4th, 2014

Marijuana Profits Up In Smoke Under IRS Rules posted 11/04/2014, 12:54 PM (USA Today)
[Category: Economy]
Voters in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, D.C., will decide Tuesday whether to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. But any new pot shops that voters approve may not be able to survive a drug war-era tax code that already threatens many businesses in Colorado and Washington state.

Under this tax code the federal government stands to make more money from the sale of marijuana than those legally selling it. And that could be enough to shut down many shops.

... (more)
Illegal drugs are bad -- unless we profit off them! Understand?!

Friday October 31st, 2014

Hungary Internet Tax Cancelled After Mass Protests posted 10/31/2014, 1:11 PM (BBC News)
[Category: Economy]
Hungary has decided to shelve a proposed tax on internet data traffic after mass protests against the plan.

"This tax in its current form cannot be introduced," Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

Large-scale protests began on Sunday, when demonstrators hurled old computer parts at the headquarters of Mr Orban's ruling Fidesz party.

The draft law - condemned by the EU - would levy a fee on each gigabyte of internet data transferred.
... (more)

Monday October 27th, 2014

"They Just Want The Money!" - The IRS Can Now Seize Accounts On Suspicion Alone posted 10/27/2014, 9:11 AM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Economy]
"How can this happen?" Ms. Hinders said in a recent interview. "Who takes your money before they prove that you've done anything wrong with it?"

The federal government does.

*  *  *

The topic of civil asset forfeiture has been high on our agenda recently as federal ‘agents’ discover how to steal Americans’ hard-earned cash with zero repurcussions , and decide unilaterally how much cash a ‘common man’ is allowed to
... (more)

Hillary: 'Don't Let Anybody Tell You' That 'Businesses Create Jobs' posted 10/27/2014, 9:11 AM (Breitbart TV)
[Category: Economy]

Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Friday, Hillary Clinton told the crowd gathered at the Park Plaza Hotel not to listen to anybody who says that “businesses create jobs.” “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” Clinton said.

“You know that old theory, ‘trickle-down economics,’” she continued. “Tha
... (more)

Does Ebola Justify the State? posted 10/27/2014, 9:11 AM (Tom Woods)
[Category: Economy]

How could a stateless society deal with a disease like Ebola? Bob Murphy explains.

Hungarian Protesters Urge PM Orban to Scrap Internet Tax posted 10/27/2014, 9:10 AM (AFP)
[Category: Economy]
More than 10,000 people marched in Budapest on Sunday to demand the scrapping of a proposed tax on Internet usage that critics of Prime Minister Viktor Orban call his latest anti-democratic measure.... (more)

Thursday October 23rd, 2014

Low Inflation? The Price Of Ground Beef Has Risen 17 Percent Over The Past Year posted 10/23/2014, 7:37 AM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Economy]
Thanks to the Federal Reserve, the middle class is slowly being suffocated by rising food prices.  Every single dollar in your wallet is constantly becoming less valuable because of the inflation the Fed systematically creates.  And if you try to build wealth by saving money and earning interest on it, you still lose because thanks to the Federal Reserve's near zero interest rate policies banks pay next to nothing on savings accounts.  The Federal Reserve wants you to either spend your money or ... (more)

Silk Road Prevented Violence And Was A "Transformative" Criminal Innovation posted 10/23/2014, 7:37 AM (City A.M.)
[Category: Economy]
The deep web black marketplace Silk Road, which was shut down last year, prevented violence associated with the illegal drug trade and represented a breakthrough in criminal innovation.

So concludes a new study by researchers at the University of Manchester and the University of Montreal.

Dubbed the "eBay" of drugs, the site was not, as many had thought, dominated by transactions between drug dealers and users, but appears to have had a significant level of dealer-t
... (more)

Wednesday October 22nd, 2014

Hungary Seeks Internet Tax Of .60c Per GB in 2015, Tax Plans Show posted 10/22/2014, 6:29 AM (
[Category: Economy]
Hungary’s Economy Minister Mihály Varga has on Tuesday submitted to Parliament a draft on changes to the tax regime to be implemented in 2015. An amendment of the telecom law is also included, according to which the telecom tax would be extended to Internet services. The tax will be proportionate to data traffic and every gigabyte started will cost 150 forints.

Varga has already told a press conference earlier today that the scope of the telecom tax would be extended to I
... (more)

EFF, Internet Archive, and reddit Oppose New York's BitLicense Proposal posted 10/22/2014, 6:28 AM (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
[Category: Economy]
San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), along with reddit and the Internet Archive, today filed formal comments with the New York State Department of Financial Services opposing the state's proposed regulations for digital currencies such as Bitcoin. In the letter, EFF argues that on top of damaging privacy and harming innovation, New York's "BitLicense" regulatory scheme also risks i... (more)

Monday October 20th, 2014

Illegal Copying Has Always Created Jobs, Growth, And Prosperity posted 10/20/2014, 4:13 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Economy]
Throughout history, those who have copied the most have also always been the most prosperous, and for that reason. Bans on copying, like the copyright and patent monopolies, are just plain industrial protectionism.... (more)

Wednesday October 15th, 2014

"Outsourcing" Makes Us Richer posted 10/15/2014, 10:37 PM (The Freeman)
[Category: Economy]
This short video, put out by the Million Jobs Project, currently has more than 3.7 million views. It claims that US producers have been outsourcing jobs abroad in order to fatten their profits. It urges viewers to increase their purchases of American-made products by 5 percent, since this shift would ultimately create “a minimum” of a million new jobs for Americans. Unfortunately, everything about this video is wrong.... (more)

Castro Valley Winery Fined $115,000 for Using Volunteers posted 10/15/2014, 10:36 PM (San Jose Mercury News)
[Category: Economy]
CASTRO VALLEY -- A small-time vintner's use of volunteer workers has put him out of business after the state squeezed him like a late-summer grape for $115,000 in fines -- and sent a chill through the wine industry.

The volunteers, some of them learning to make wine while helping out, were illegally unpaid laborers, and Westover Winery should have been paying them and paying worker taxes, the state Department of Industrial Relations said.
... (more)

Monday October 13th, 2014

Bono: Controversial Tax Laws Have Brought Ireland The Only Prosperity It Has Ever Known posted 10/13/2014, 6:32 PM (The Observer )
[Category: Economy]
U2 singer says capitalism and commerce play a vital role in lifting people out of poverty and that Ireland’s tax policies benefit the country’s economy.... (more)

Monday October 6th, 2014

Who's Afraid of the Workers' Revolution? posted 10/06/2014, 4:05 PM (The Freeman)
[Category: Economy]
It’s finally happening: the backlash against the most impressive features of digital-age economics. I’ve been waiting for this for years, knowing that we can’t smoothly travel from the old world of command and control to the new world of personal sovereignty without engaging in the intellectual argument.

What’s been missing until recently has been the framework these arguments would take. That’s now becoming clearer. The opponents of markets just can’t reconcile themselves to
... (more)

Saturday October 4th, 2014

Sports Stadiums: Temples to Crony Capitalism posted 10/04/2014, 7:20 PM (Mises Institute)
[Category: Economy]
The NFL is running one of its own games on the public, and as one of the most subsidized non-profit organizations in American history, the NFL excels at tackling the American taxpayer. It should be of no surprise that with its religious-like following, the NFL receives the same tax-exempt status as a church, exempted under the IRS 501 (c) 6 code from paying federal taxes. The legislation puts the NFL as a non-profit trade association which it has been under since 1942.

But over th
... (more)

Wednesday October 1st, 2014

U.S. National Defense: Just Another Government Program posted 10/01/2014, 1:16 PM (The Beacon)
[Category: Economy]
The military is not just another government program—it’s one of the largest government programs. The U.S. military faces the same systematic problems as other government activities. The DOD is guilty of the same sins as social security, nationalized healthcare, government-run education, and every other bureaucratic government initiative providing a “service” to the U.S. citizenry.... (more)

Tuesday September 23rd, 2014

Obamacare Architect Says Society Would Be Better Off If People Only Lived To Age 75 posted 09/23/2014, 9:13 AM (The American Dream)
[Category: Economy]
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, says that society would be far better off if people quit trying to live past age 75.  His new article entitled “Why I Hope To Die At 75” has the following very creepy subtitle: “An argument that society and families--and you--will be better off if nature takes its course swiftly and promptly”.  In the article, Emanuel forcefully argues that the quality o... (more)
Compare this to entrepreneur Peter Thiel who's seeking a cure for "the problem of death."

The market creates, the state destroys. - Chris, InfoLib

My Struggle for Braiding Freedom posted 09/23/2014, 9:13 AM (Melony Armstrong)
[Category: Economy]
"In order for me to teach natural hair braiding ... the state required me to endure another 1,200 hours in cosmetology training and then 2,000 more hours to obtain a cosmetology instructor's license. Altogether, that's more class time than what Mississippi demands to become a firefighter, law enforcement officer and paramedic, combined."... (more)

Monday September 22nd, 2014

Elizabeth Warren Says US Has "No Future" If Free-Market Embraced posted 09/22/2014, 11:23 AM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Economy]

If the free market as Ron Paul advocates is embraced, "we will have no future," so says Elizabeth Warren.

Why? Simple, "roads."

Checkmate, anti-statists.

The comedy starts at 4
... (more)

French Farmers Torch Tax Office posted 09/22/2014, 11:20 AM (BBC News)
[Category: Economy]
French vegetable farmers protesting against falling living standards have set fire to tax and insurance offices in town of Morlaix, in Brittany.

The farmers used tractors and trailers to dump artichokes, cauliflowers and manure in the streets and also smashed windows, police said.
... (more)

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